Hung Jury Ch. 03

Hung Jury Ch. 03

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Tanya folded the last table and set it off to the side. Gayle and Heather took the table and put it in the back of Sylvia’s truck. She wiped her hands on her jeans and looked around the sub shop. All of the girls were helping to clean up, and they all had smiles on their faces. They stopped to talk with each other in low voices.

Tanya reached for the broom and started sweeping. She knew what they were talking about. The feeling was contagious, and she couldn’t help smiling herself.

Each girl that came out of the men’s room had the same dazzled look on their faces. Tanya’s smile became a big grin. She knew exactly what they were thinking. She felt the same thing the first time she saw Ethan’s cock. She had heard about guys with cocks that big, and she knew they were out there, but she never thought she would actually see one that big, or that it would make her want it so bad.

Chloe finally came out of the men’s room. She had the same dazzled look on her face. Tanya set the broom against a table and went over to meet her.

“Well?” Tanya said.

Chloe’s eyes got real big.

“Wow. I mean, like wow. I never knew they made them that big. I can’t wait to get myself alone with that beautiful monster of a cock,” she said, and rolled her eyes and touched her hand to her chest.

“But … Aren’t you afraid how much it’s gonna hurt?”

Chloe put her hands on her hips, and her face became very stern.

“You fucked it, didn’t you?”

Tanya shrugged. “Well, yeah. I mean, I had him inside me.”

“If you can do it, I can do it. So, how soon until I get to do it with him?” Chloe said, and rubbed her hands together.

Tanya put the broom in Chloe’s hands and put her to work. Her attention had turned to the door of the men’s room. She frowned. It had been a long time. Why wasn’t Ethan coming out? She wiped her hands on her jeans and headed for the men’s room.

“Tanya? Is everything ok?” Michelle said.

“I’m just gonna check on Ethan.”

She pushed on the men’s room door, and it opened with a squeak.

“Ethan? Are you still in here?” she said.

“Yeah. I’m here,” he said.

His voice sounded strained. Tanya started to say something, but hesitated.

“Uh … We’re all done, Ethan. You can come out now.”

“I, uh … I can’t,” he said.

“What do you mean you can’t?”

He was quiet for a second, then he cleared his throat.

“I’m stuck.”

“You’re stuck?”

She opened the door to his stall. He was standing flat against the wall, with both hands holding the top edge, and was glaring at her.

“Are you serious?” she said.

“Of course I’m serious. It won’t come out,” he said.

Tanya just stared at him, then opened the door to the opposite stall. She blinked. His huge cock stuck through the hole like the trunk of an elephant. She put her hand around it and bent it to the side.

“Oh my God. That’s so funny,” she said, and giggled.

“It’s not funny. It hurts,” he said.

Tanya stopped laughing and cleared her throat.

“What, um, what are we gonna do?” she said.

“I don’t know,” Ethan said. She cringed. The tone of his voice was angry, but she could also hear the pain in it.

“Should I get some grease? Would that help it come out?” she said.

“I don’t know. You could try it.”

Tanya went to the door of the men’s room. It squeaked when she opened it. She called Michelle.

“What’s wrong?” Michelle said when she came to the door. Then her eyes narrowed. “Are you taking an extra turn with Ethan?”

Tanya lowered her voice to a whisper.

“No. Don’t be silly. Look. His dick is stuck in the hole,” she said.

Michelle’s mouth dropped open.

“No way,” she said.

“Forget about that. Look. Get some oil from the kitchen, will you?”

Michelle ran to the kitchen. Tanya waited at the door until she came back with a bottle of olive oil.

“Thanks. We’ll just be a few minutes,” Tanya said, and let the door swing shut.

She cracked open the door to Ethan’s stall and held up the bottle of olive oil.

“I got the oil,” she said.

Ethan nodded, but he just looked annoyed. She nodded. casino şirketleri In the next stall, she opened the bottle and drizzled the oil over his shaft where it was stuck in the hole.

“There. How’s that?” she said.

The oil ran down the shaft of Ethan’s cock. It glistened like it was carved from polished granite. She squeezed her legs together and bit her lower lip. It was so long and so thick, and looked so good. If only she could just …

“It still won’t come out,” Ethan said.

Tanya put her hand around his thick, glistening shaft, and pumped slowly.

“Did you cum yet? Did any of the girls make you cum?” she said.

She let out a slow, ragged breath through her mouth. Her heart was pounding. His cock was hot and hard as a rock in her hand.

“No. I haven’t cum yet.”

“That’s your problem. How about if I make you cum?”

She continued to stroke his beautiful cock. He didn’t answer. Was that a yes?

She sat on the toilet sideways, facing Ethan’s cock where it stuck through the wall. She held it up, stroking it slowly. His heavy breathing echoed off the tiled walls. She wiped a drop of oil off of the fat, swollen head. It was a good thing she liked olive oil.

She licked the head. Her eyebrows went up. She looked at the bottle. That was some good olive oil. She was going to have to find out from Sylvia where she got it.

“Tanya?” Ethan said.


“What are you doing?”

“I’m licking your cock. In a minute, I’m gonna suck on it,” she said.

“Oh. Ok.”

Tanya grinned. She liked this guy. He was so easy going.

She licked the head again. Her hand squeezed the shaft tighter. She stretched her jaw open wide and closed her mouth over the end of his cock. He groaned.

She moaned, too. His cock felt great in her mouth, even though she could only fit the head and the first couple of inches. How cool would it be if she could suck on it all the time?

“Are you sucking my dick?” Ethan said from the other side of the wall.

“Mm hm,” Tanya said, with the end of his cock in her mouth.

Ethan groaned. Tanya smiled, as much as she could with his huge cock stretching her mouth so wide, and moved her head back and forth a little faster. She put her other hand around his shaft. It was going to take both hands to control this beast.

The head of his cock jammed into the opening of her throat a few times and made her gag. Was it going to be to difficult to make him cum with her mouth? And what was she going to do if he came in her mouth? Was he going to drown her in a flood of cum? Besides, her pussy was so wet that she probably wouldn’t need the extra oil to lube it up.

The head of his cock came out of her mouth with a pop and she gasped. Her saliva had run down her chin to her neck, and wiped it up with her hand.

“Tanya? What’s going on?” Ethan said.

She stood up. Her saliva and some of the olive oil had stained the neckline of her shirt. She unsnapped her jeans and pulled down the zipper.

“Nothing. I just decided I’m gonna try something else,” she said.

She wiggled out of her tight jeans, pushed them all the way to the floor and pulled one foot out. She placed her feet carefully at the side of the toilet so she wouldn’t brush against Ethan’s cock and bend it the wrong way. She would never forgive herself if she broke his cock. Hell, the other girls would probably kill her.

She bent way over, with one hand on the back of the toilet. The head of Ethan’s cock poked her ass.

“Tanya? What are you doing?” Ethan said.

There was a touch of panic in his voice.

“Hold on. I almost got it,” she said.

She reached between her legs for his hot, greasy cock. She rubbed the head on her wet slit and sighed. Her eyes rolled shut. Already, it felt fantastic. It was just too bad she had to be doing it with him this way in a men’s room and not in her warm, cozy bed.

She wiggled her hips. The head of his cock felt like it was rooting around between her legs, trying to find her slit on its own. It nestled between the moist, puffy lips of her pussy. She leaned back, and gasped. For an instant, there was casino firmaları a sharp pain of being stretched, like it was splitting her open.

“Tanya? You ok?” Ethan said.

She nodded, with her lower lip between her teeth, but of course, he couldn’t see that.

“Yeah. I’m fine,” she said.

She squeezed her lips together. Her own voice sounded strained. She hoped he didn’t hear it.

She was still, like a statue, with just the head of Ethan’s cock in her pussy. She didn’t remember it being that big. It hurt a little that day when she was trying to fuck him in his dorm room, but not as much as today. Was it even bigger?

The sharp pain had eased a bit. She rocked herself back and forth juts a couple of inches. Her heart was pounding, and she was breathing hard.

“Come on, Tanya. Do it. Fuck me, please. Fuck me,” Ethan said in a weak, choked voice.

Tanya frowned. That poor guy. All he wanted was to get his cock out of that damned hole, and it was her idea to get him to put it in there in the first place. It was up to her to get him out of this mess.

She leaned back, with her teeth clenched. Another inch or two of cock pushed into her pussy. She huffed. How was she ever going to get this done?

She rocked her hips back and forth, and groaned. Her eyes rolled back in her head. God, it felt so good, even with only a few inches of his cock inside her. How good would it feel if she had all of it inside her?

Her hands squeezed the toilet and she pushed herself back. His cock pushed deeper a tiny bit at a time. She groaned. On the other side of the wall, Ethan groaned, too.

Her head drooped. Her hair hung over her face. She was panting and her heart was pounding. Her eyes were on the toilet paper dispenser attached to the opposite wall, but they would not focus. She swallowed. This was going to be harder than she thought. Never before did she feel so filled. How much of his cock did she have inside her, anyway?

She shook her head and took a deep breath. That didn’t matter. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she made him cum, and she had enough of his cock inside her to make that happen. All she had to do now was the fucking.

She rocked herself back and forth to make his cock slide in and out of her pussy. She groaned and her blurry eyes rolled back in her head again. Her legs were shaking. Her arms gave out and she fell forward on her elbows on the toilet seat, with her ass high in the air. It felt so good. How was she going to make him cum before she passed out?

The echo of footsteps on the hard tile floor was like a ringing in her head. Tanya was so focused on rocking her hips back and forth and the incredible feeling of Ethan’s fat cock inside her that it didn’t register on her until the stall door opened and the bright light shined in her eyes. She turned her head up to see through her straggly hair.

“Tanya? What in God’s name do you think you’re doing?” Michelle said.

Tanya brushed her hair out of her face. She grinned. Her face burned.

“I, uh … Ethan’s cock is, well … It’s stuck. I’m helping him, you know, get it unstuck,” she said.

“With your cunt?” Michelle said with her hands on her hips and a snarl in her voice.

“Don’t make her stop,” Ethan said from the other side of the stall.

“What?” Michelle said.

“I said don’t make her stop. She’s fucking me. She’s gonna make me cum,” he said.

Michelle had a strange, confused look on her face.

“You guys don’t need to bullshit me. If you guys wanna fuck, all you gotta do is fuck.”

Tanya was still bent over the toilet at a funny angle, with her ass high in the air. She reached back and pointed at Ethan’s cock, where one end was stuck through the hole in the wall and the other end was stuck in her pussy.

“What does this look like? Do you think if I wanted to fuck him I’d be doing it like this?”

“Come on, Michelle. Just let her finish so I can get out of here,” Ethan said.

Michelle put her hand on the door and pointed at Tanya with her finger.

“Ok. Fine. But when you’re done with him, I get a turn,” she said, and slammed the stall door.

Tanya güvenilir casino was still as a statue again, holding her breath. Michelle’s footsteps echoed off the tiled walls, then the door squeaked and Tanya let her breath out.

“Thank God she’s gone. We can get back to fucking now,” she said.

She readjusted her stance and when she leaned back, Ethan’s entire cock slid into her pussy and her ass smacked against the cold metal wall. The head of Ethan’s cock bumped up against something deep in her belly. Her eyes bulged and she gasped.

Ethan grunted. His cock throbbed inside her. The pressure of his cum shooting into her pussy made her gasp. It felt like someone stuck a hose inside her and turned it on full blast. Just when the first pulse ended, his cock throbbed again and more of it filled her up, so that her belly felt like it was swelling out.

There was not much room inside her for all of that cum, and it gushed out of her pussy and ran down her legs. And his cock was still pumping more of it into her. Was it ever going to stop?

Ethan groaned again. More of his cum ran down her legs to her ankles and soaked her socks and her jeans where they were bunched around one foot. It kept pumping into her. She was afraid if she pulled his cock out of her pussy it would shoot all over the place. She turned her eyes up to the ceiling. How much cum did this guy have, anyway?

It was only a few more seconds before his flood of sperm and juice slowed to a trickle. Tanya looked back over her shoulder, as if she might be able to see Ethan through the wall. She could hear him breathing. His fingers were still holding the top edge of the wall. And his cock was still in her pussy, deep inside her pussy. She hated to just pull it out, so soon, when she just got it there. If only there was a way she could keep it inside her, or at least get him to put it in her again.

“It’s loose. I think it’s loose,” Ethan said.

His cock moved inside her, rocking her side to side. Tanya grunted. It started to slide out of her pussy and she grabbed the toilet before she was sucked with it through the hole in the wall.

The head came out of her pussy with a pop that reverberated off the walls. In the other stall, Ethan let out a deep groan.

“Oh God. That feels so much better. Thank you so much, Tanya. I was so scared I wasn’t gonna get it back,” he said.

Tanya slumped over the toilet. Her long, straggly hair hung over her face.

“Sure,” she said, but frowned.

She couldn’t let it end this way. She couldn’t just fuck him once and let him get away. Hell, it wasn’t even a proper fuck. It was only half a fuck. Who fucks a guy through a hole in a toilet stall, anyway?

She straightened up and put her foot back into her jeans. His cum was still running out of her pussy and she was sore between her legs. It was that good kind of sore. She took a beating with that huge cock, and it was the kind of sore that hurt so good.

Her frown curled up into a grin. No, she couldn’t let it end there. She had to see the Hung Jury all the way through to the end. And in the process she would figure out a way to get him to fuck the hell out of her two or three more times.

“Ethan? Are you all right?” she said.

Her legs wouldn’t close all the way. Her crotch and her thighs were sticky with cum. She hobbled the few steps from her stall to the door of the next stall.

“Ethan?” she said, and pushed the door open.

He was sitting on the toilet seat, holding his penis with one hand. It wasn’t as hard as a few minutes earlier, but it was still long and thick and purplish. Around the base was a painful looking red ring. He just looked at her with his blank eyes.

“Oh, you poor thing,” she said.

She bent down to try to help him, but he held up his hand.

“No. Not now. Just don’t touch it. Not right now,” he said.

Tanya looked up into his beautiful brown eyes. Her heart was breaking. He was sweating. She reached up and touched his cheek with her hand.

“You shouldn’t be alone tonight, baby. Why don’t you come home with me and Michelle? Let us take care of you,” she said.

He was quiet for a moment, gazing back into her eyes. Then he nodded.

“Yeah. Ok. I’m starving,” he said.

Tanya smiled and let her eyes flash at him a few times. She was going to give this gorgeous hunk the best kind of tender loving care he had ever seen.

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Nasty Nancy Ch. 01

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My full name is Nanette Marten-Story but everybody calls me Nancy. I come from old money and I have the bluest of blue blood running in my veins. My ancestors were Cavalier plantation owners from Virginia, Knickerbocker robber barons from Long Island and Yankee traders from Massachusetts. I think I have inherited my sociopathic tendencies from them.

I graduated from the most exclusive prep school in the United States with high honors. I was a good student because I had no social life. All of my free time was devoted to studying. The other students at school thought I was a cold, arrogant, know it all and I thought they were id driven simpletons that would eventually be destroyed by their own greed. I was the only socialist at my school.

After I had graduated from prep school I decided to spend the summer at my step-grandmother’s large Georgian style mansion that was located inside of a gated community out in horse country. That summer I was five foot eight, one hundred and twenty-one pound eighteen-year old virgin with the measurements 34B-24-34. Back then I dyed my hair jet black and I always wore it in a short pixie cut. My uniform back in those days consisted of chuck tailors, jeans and blank t-shirts.

The main reason I stayed over at my step-grandmother’s casino şirketleri house that summer was because I was quiet the book worm and my late grandfather had left behind a very large library. I also hand very fond memories of that house. I had spent my summers there when I was in elementary school. My grandfather used to take me out fishing, and horse back riding. This would be the first summer that I would spend there since my grandfather died mysteriously in his sleep. Staying at that house for the summer also meant that I would be hundreds of miles away from my parents crumbling marriage.

I spent my first three weeks at step-grandmother’s house fly-fishing in a stream that went through the estate, jogging through the town forest, reading books in my grandfather’s library, riding horses on a old cow pasture that was part of the mansion’s property, swimming laps in the pool and working out with my grandfather’s old nineteen seventies era gym equipment. After two weeks went by I started to become bored. I had become restless because my mind had no problems to occupy itself with.

Thankfully I discovered a cure for my boredom while I was watching one of my step-grandmother’s garden parties from the balcony of tone of the mansion’s guest room.

My step casino firmaları grandmother Annabelle was a shallow, vain southern belle from Savannah, Georgia who was obsessed with keeping up good appearances. Part of keeping up good appearances was hosting fundraising events so it looked like she gave a shit about the environment or the less fortunate. Annabelle belonged to a local woman’s charity organization so she was always having cocktail parties in the garden to benefit the latest flavor of the week cause.

These parties were a melting pot of the super rich. You could see new money rubbing elbows with old money and watch the nouveau riche become part of the bourgeoisie. You could see the wives of politicians mix with congresswomen, heiresses, millionaire businesswomen and the trophy wives of rich men. They talked about expensive vacations, over-priced luxury items and stabbed each other in the back to a soundtrack provided by a light jazz piano.

My step-grandmother Annabelle liked playing the part of hostess. She loved the attention that hosting the garden cocktail parties brought here. She would always be parading around the crowd in a pastel colored cocktail dress that showed off her cleavage and she would always be holding a peach daiquiri in her right hand. güvenilir casino Annabelle was a real GILF back then too. My step-grandmother was five foot six, a hundred and thirty-six pound and sixty-two years old. She had a deep bronze tan dotted with sunspots, a cute bouncy ass, a pair of fake double Ds and a pair of sky blue serpentine eyes. Annabelle dyed her hair black and always wore it poofy bouffant hairstyle. My step-grandmother bore a little bit of a resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor and used to joke that she was Elizabeth Taylor’s younger, prettier, southern sister. She was such a vain and shallow woman.

Anyways something snapped inside of me while I was looking down at the greedy, shallow crowd that was below me. I had always looked down upon them but that night I had started to detest them. I hated the self-absorbed hypocrites who were pretending that they gave a shit about the world when the only thing that they really cared about was themselves. I also hated the sense of security that they felt in their fortresses of wealth and power. I decided that night that I was going to take that sense of security of away from them. I was going to dig the skeletons out of their closets and find out all of their secrets. I was going to turn those bitches into dogs and make them eat their own shit. I would turn them into my little playthings and make them beg for mercy. And when they would ask for mercy I would show them none. Picturing those women cowering in fear and crying out in pain brought a smile to my face.

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Hot Anticipation

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Big Dicks

i lie in the bubble bath, softly scented with rose petals. My body feeling all tingly knowing ill be meeting you tonight, my pussy juices already present in the thought of being in your arms. I carefully shave everywhere including my pussy, wanting it to be as smooth as silk for you. After bathing i step out of the bath, gently patting my skin dry, i check myself in the mirror mmmmmmmm good enough to eat!

I fix my hair and makeup then start to dress, i slip on a red lace g-string which is only about 2 inches wide, my legs are tanned so opt not to wear stockings, next a black satin corset and a long black satin skirt with a split up the front stopping 3 inches short of my pussy, the final touch a pair of 6 inch heels. I look in the mirror, happy with what i see i place a small drop of my favorite perfume behind my ears and between my breasts.

checking my watch i will be right on time, as you hate me to be late and could be punished for doing so.

i arrive at the night club, heads turn as i stand a look for you, you are seated at the bar on a high stool, i walk over to you and kiss you gently on the cheek, you look me up and down and smile in approval. I slip up onto the bar stool, spreading my legs just enough for you to get a glimpse of my tiny g-string, in crossing my legs the spit rides up to just below my pussy.

Not knowing what you are thinking or planning makes my pussy wet with anticipation.

During dinner you notice guys staring at the spilt in my skirt, you ask does this turn you on that guys are looking at your pussy nearly visible for all to see? I blush but have casino şirketleri to admit yes it does. You tell me to face you and spread my legs, you slip off your shoe and start to tease my pussy with your toes, you know that with your touch you are making me wetter and wetter, needing you badly i ask if you would stop or i am going to cum, in a forceful voice you tell me, you will not cum unless i tell you too. leaving me sitting there wishing dinner was almost finished.

Finally the bill was paid and we walked out onto the street, you pull me into a side alley and pin me against the wall, forcefully kissing me, your fingers find the split in my skirt and loop your fingers into my g-string and ripping it off, you tell me this is to teach me a lesson as i am your slut and will not behave as one in public. With that you unzip your fly, push my skirt up and drive your hard cock into my now very wet pussy. You tell me under no circumstance am i too cum, you start to fuck me hard, my body screaming to cum, but i dare not! In my mind i am begging you to let me cum, but i know to say it out loud would be useless. I feel your hot cum sporting into me, you kiss me tenderly till your orgasm subsides. You look into my eyes and ask, do we understand each other, in a very quiet voice i reply, yes.

Arriving at your house, i ask if i may go and tidy up a little? you tell me no, take off your clothes all but your shoes and let me see your body. I slowly unclip my corset, letting it drop to the floor, i unzip my skirt, it joins my corset on the floor. My thighs are glistening with your cum. You ask me casino firmaları to bend over and show you my ass, i spread my legs slightly then bend over about 2 foot in front of you, i feel your fingers tracing circles on my ass, then moving to my pussy, you push them deep inside me, you start to gently fuck me, i feel a third finger slip inside then a forth loving the feeling of your fingers moving inside me, surprised i feel a fifth finger and feel you push you fist deep inside me, my knees feeling weak, my body needing release, i beg you may i cum, i need to cum so bad, you say i do not wish it get and for asking again…..slap you bring your hand down hard on my ass your hand print burning into my ass again slap slap slap covering my ass in large hand prints while still fisting me, i cant take it any longer my body starts to convulse in orgasm, cumming hard on your hand. You rip your fist out of me, furious! Did i tell you to cum bitch? i try to apologies but as i do you forcefully pull me to the bed, lie down! now you are going to suck my cock and it better be the best blow job i have ever had. You put me in a position that my head is hanging over the bed, your start to fuck my mouth showing no mercy you shove it deep in my throat, i almost gag at first, you see this but keep fucking my mouth, i move my hands to your ass, i slip my little finger inside, i hear you moan! that’s a good slut, i fuck your ass with my finger matching the rhythm that you are fucking my mouth i feel you cock grow then shooting your cum deep into my throat, i hear you say take it all bitch! don’t dare waste any. Sucking greedily güvenilir casino i devour every drop.

You withdraw your cock from my mouth and lie on the bed, i place a kiss on your lips letting you taste your cum in my mouth, you kiss me back passionately.

Since you have pleased me a little, i am now going to give you what you really need, get on your hands and knees. I move quickly not wanting to upset you again, my ass high in the air. Your cock hard you drive it into my pussy showing no mercy, i hear myself moan, your cock always feels so good deep inside my cunt. fucking me harder and faster i try to match your rhythm, you reach around and start to tease my clit, i know it wont be long before my body needs to explode but i know i must wait for permission. You stop! wondering why? next i feel your cock pressing against my butt hole, now bitch this is what happens when you disappoint me, in one movement you drive your cock deep into my ass, you hold it there for a minute, betting my lips trying not to scream. you start to fuck me, long deep strokes, oh god it feels so good! I try to squeeze your cock with my ass muscles, mmmmmmmm good to see my slut has learnt her lesson, with that you fuck me faster slamming your hips into mine, you tell me to rub my clit. Wetting it first in my pussy, my orgasmic rising with every thrust, i start begging you please may i cum? not yet ill tell you when. It takes everything for me to stop my orgasm but somehow i do, then when i think i can take no more i hear you say cum bitch cum so hard on my cock, make it milk me dry. I feel you explode deep in my ass, i scream out in passion this orgasms taking me to new heights, you slow the pace down as you orgasms starts to subside, then just hold it deep in my ass.

We collapse on the bed, you tell me what a good whore i am, and hold me close.

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Home Late Butt Just In Time

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I was working late, again. The boss was on a tirade about getting out more parts to suppliers and venders. I was already into twenty plus hours of overtime this month, and the month was only half over. I wasn’t a young kid anymore and the late night hours pushed my normal polite ways into a meanness I didn’t like. I would have to be extra careful not to hurt someone’s feelings, or say something I would be sorry for later on. “10:00pm… Hell!” I said out loud. I looked around and everyone was gone, everyone except me. Marie was probably already in bed and fast asleep, my girlfriend, Marie. She was sweet and such a loving person, but she would complain about me working too much, too often.

As I got into my car and headed home I thought what Marie said just yesterday,

“Hun, why don’t you quit that fucking job! Find something less stressful. A job that will let you be off in the evening so you can spend a little more time with me.” Then with that cute little giggle of hers, she said: “Wouldn’t you rather be here with me…huuuummm?”

She could put a big smile on my face anytime.

The traffic was light and I got home in less than a half hour. All the lights were out except for Marie’s gazillion night-lights. One in the kitchen, one in the dinning room, the hallway, and of course one in both bathrooms. I went into the bedroom; she was asleep with just a sheet covering her. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of panties. Not That I could see through the sheet, but that is what she would always wear to bed. Every night like clockwork: 10:00pm in the shower, 10:45 in bed.

I undressed, striped down to my birthday suit, put my dirty clothes in the hamper, and my shoes in the closet. As I walked into the bathroom I felt my dick beginning to become erect. Just the thought of snuggling next to Marie was making me hard. I was imagining her soft smooth legs around my neck and rubbing on my back as I buried my face in her pussy. woo! Goose bumps on my arms. I walked into the shower and got the water as hot as I could stand it. I couldn’t help but get aroused thinking about Marie. I slowly pulled the skin back on my dick slowly forward then back. The soap was helping my hand slide back and forth, oh, it felt so good to jerk off thinking of Marie’s legs and her plump ass, oh and that wet creamy pussy.

“Honey, are you in the shower?” Marie shouted,

“Damn-it… Yes baby, I’ll be out in a second.” I said as if I was caught with my hand in the cookie jar.

I dried off and splashed on a few drops of cologne. Lights out I opened the bathroom door, hurriedly walked to the bed and slipped in under the sheets. Marie wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself next to me.

“Ooo! You’re naked, naughty boy; and you smell good too” Marie said with the sweet almost hungry womanly way of saying she was ready for some hot and wet sex. She had her right arm under my neck and her left hand was wrapped around my dick, and we were kissing like two hormones-out-of-whack crazed school kids.

Marie then said between kisses: “You didn’t jack-off in the shower did you, you saved that for me right? I want to suck on that dick of yours, and I want you to suck my pussy dry, ok?”

I couldn’t hold back any more I went down on her, right casino şirketleri between her legs. As I went down she pulled off her t-shirt top and placed her hands on my head to help guide and move me around and around as I plunged into that beautiful pussy. She still had he panties on. I licked and nibbled on her vulva forcing my tongue to spread it apart and exposing her clitoris to my darting hot tongue.

“Oh hun that feels so good…huummm”

Marie was moaning and moving her hips up and down while she was holding the back of my head pulling and pushing me with both her hands. She had me so hot that I thought I was going to loose my load on the bottom of the bed. I love to hear her enjoying our lovemaking; it would make me so hot. With both hands I reached up and pulled her panties down, she lifted her butt off the bed just long enough for me to pull them all the way down, around her ankles, and then off. I went back for more pussy juice. I couldn’t get enough. I had my left hand squeezing her right butt cheek, and my right hand massaging her left tit.

Marie said: “I’m cuming honey, I cuming…oooo..”

I sucked on her until I could feel her thighs and butt quivering. I quickly raised myself up and got between her legs, I slid my dick into her wet hot pussy and we began to fuck hard. When we were both spent, completely wore out, we rolled over and hugged and kissed until we both fell asleep; Just as we did when we were first met, only now it seemed it was so much better.

With time and with age we began to trust each other more, and share more of what we wanted in the bedroom, and what made us happy as lovers, and sole mates. We were open-minded with how we wanted to experiment with sex and what we wanted to do to be satisfied while having sex. We had tried everything, or so I thought. We were both exhausted, and we fell fast asleep.

We had only been asleep for about two hours when Marie put her arms around me and whispered in my right ear, “Honey, are you awake?”

I half heartily blurred out “yep!”

Then she said: “Hun I want you to fuck me again.”

I said “ok…” almost back asleep.

“No.” She said: ” I want you to fuck me in my ass this time.”

I could feel her hand on my dick, and as she began to rub me my arousal brought me out of my sleep.

We began to kiss and she slowly rolled over onto her stomach spreading her legs toward the edges of our bed. I moved in position behind her and between her legs; with my right hand I rubbed her butt. Slowly I ran my hand down between her legs and massaged her anus inserting my middle finger in and up to my first knuckle. Marie began to move in rhythm with my hand and finger movement. My erection was throbbing.

I removed my finger and slowly I placed the head of my dick just inside of her hole slowly moving around and side-to-side. Marie responded, but she became more aggressive with her movement, pushing back harder and harder against me. Then, in a moment, I was inside her ass. She began thrusting herself back and wiggling back and forth against me. I just followed her.

I let her get the joy and satisfaction of this new and exciting experience. It was immense joy for me as well, but I wanted her to take the lead, since this was casino firmaları her idea.

I reached around her and began to rub her clit and pushing my finger in and out of her pussy. She was so wet and I was throbbing inside her ass. I could feel he begin to quiver and twitch, and I knew that any moment she was going to cum, and I was about to explode. I tried to hold back from squirting inside her but when she began to orgasm, I did too. We both exploded together.

“Well what do you think?” Marie said in a shy voice.

“I loved it honey!” I said with a big grin on my face.

“Good.” She said, “I did too, and I’m going to want that once in a while, ok?”

“Sure hun,” I said, “you won’t need to ask me twice!”

We laughed, hugged and slowly faded off to sleep.

The next morning was Saturday, and to say the least… we had slept late.

The noise of the bathroom shower woke me, I got up and went into the bathroom announcing to Marie that I was in there to brush my teeth and wash up.

She didn’t hesitate, “Come and take a shower with me hun!” she said as she opened the shower stall door.

I slipped into the shower and we spent at least an hour kissing and washing each other. I love that about Marie, she loves attention and caressing and isn’t afraid to ask. Not like some women I have known in the past, some seem to expect attention, but not by asking or flirting, more like demanding and then nagging when their demands are not met. Not Marie, she had such a sweet way of asking or using body language, or even just smiling and flirting with me. Gives me goose bumps just to think of her. I love that lady.

After showering and having a couple of cups of coffee we got dressed and headed out to the movie theater. Marie isn’t embarrassed to hold my hand or to let me hug her and kiss her in public. On the contrary, she initiates it most of the time.

We were watching the movie when Marie leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I sure had fun last night, did you?”

I had a mouth full of popcorn so I nodded my head up and down smiling as best as I could.

“Great, Marie said, “Then I have a surprise for you tonight, ok?”

“Sure” I said looking at that girlishly cute smile of hers.

I said inquisitively, “I’m thinking steak, baked potatoes and a salad, no?”

She giggled and said, “Yeah, that first.”

She immediately turned her attention back to the movie knowing she left me curious to say the very least.

On the way home we stopped by the grocery store and bought steaks for supper. Marie is an excellent cook. She could probably make a great meal out of peanut shells and banana peals. OK… Maybe that’s stretching it a bit; nonetheless, she is a great cook. We ate supper, cleaned the kitchen and then we sat down on the couch to watch a little TV. Nothing much to watch mostly re-runs.

My curiosity got the best of me, “Marie sweetie-pie, what’s the surprise you were talking about today while we were watching the movie?”

I saw her blush, and then smile. “What” I said.

Marie said, “Lets take a shower and go to bed early tonight.”

“O-K” I said, then I added, “What’s this all about silly girl?”

Marie just giggled and said,” You’ll see.”

We güvenilir casino showered playing with each other and kissing and rubbing, as we usually do, we got out dried each other off then went into the bedroom.

Marie lit several scented candles and pulled the covers back on the bed and said, “Hop in dear.”

So I climbed into bed and covered with just the sheet. The anticipation aroused more than my thoughts, I began to get very hard. Marie was getting something from her panty drawer and looked back at me in bed,

“The circus is in town!” She said the referring to my erection holding up the sheet like a tent. We both laughed.

But when Marie turned around and I could see her better, my laughter stopped rather abruptly.

“Well what do you think?” she said.

There she was, my Marie, my honey-bunch, standing right next to me with a strap-on dick.

“I want to return the favor,” she said.

I looked at her square in the eyes as my penis began to soften.

I was able to squeak-out, “Are you saying that you want to use that thing on me?” My voice kind of cracked…

“Well, if you are up for it. I thought you might like to try it out and see if you like it.” Marie said.

I was stunned… the words rolled out with a short pause between each word, “Now wait just one second here. You want to fuck me in my ass with that thing?”

Her answer was a very soft “yes hun, I would like to try it.” Then she said, “I have some KY Jelly.” And another cute little giggle…

“Ok” I said. But be gentle…” She smiled and kissed me hard on my lips.

She said, “Lay sideways on the bed and spread your legs out.”

I did and she bent down cupped her hands under my legs and lifted them.

Marie said, “Now kind of roll back and help me keep you legs up in the air.” She moved in directly between my legs and pushed my legs up and back.

I understood what she was doing because I had her in that very position plenty of times before.

“Ok here goes the KY Jelly…” she said as she started rubbing my hole with the KY Jelly. She inserted her middle finger and began fingering my anus, and at the same time she was rubbing her strap-on against my dick and balls. It felt good, and Marie knew I was enjoying what she was doing.

She said, “Just relax hun and enjoy it.”

Then I felt her strap-on penetrate. It hurt at first but then it felt good. Marie was beginning to pump in and out holding her left hand across my left thigh pulling me toward her and jacking me off with her right hand. I soon relaxed and moved with her back and forth motion. Marie was fucking me in my ass and playing with my dick and I loved it.

“Roll over and stretch out on the bed hun.” Marie said in an excited voice.

I could tell she was getting off to this new love making idea of hers. I repositioned myself lying on my stomach with my legs out the same way she had done the night before. Marie mounted me and began to pump that strap-on in my butt hole, hard. She reached around and started jacking me off again, and with in a few moments I was squirting cum all over the bed.

I could fell Marie’s wetness too as she pulled off the strap-on she continued to hump my ass with her wet pussy.

“Well hun how did you like my little surprise?” Marie said.

I rolled over and pulled her on top of me and gave her a kiss,

“Marie, honey, I love you; and now, I have a surprise for you too.”

To be continued later…

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Home For The Summer Ch. 4

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It must have been well after 2 A.M, before I was home and in my own bed after my delightful tryst with Peg at the bank. I slept late the next morning and it was not until maybe 10:30 or so that I was at the Stockton front door. It was Carol who answered my knock and invited me in. She was cool toward me, not at all unfriendly, but quiet and reserved, and I thought, perhaps a little embarrassed. Peg was waiting by the pool for us and right away she came to the point.

“Have a seat Ricky,” she said motioning to the porch glider chair. She sat down on the couch in front of me where the night before I had pulled Carol across my knees and spanked her bare bottom. Carol sat down beside her there. Both girls were in their bikinis and I would have been drooling even more than I was were it not for the serious look on their faces. Something was afoot, but I said nothing and tried to wait patiently for the other shoe to fall.

Peg began, “Carol and I had a long talk last night after I rescued her from that humbling predicament that you left her in. With your help, she and I have come to an understanding. She accepts that I am not going back to her father. She agrees that I am entitled to a life of my own, and that I am not required to behave as if I was a nun in a convent. I in turn accept that she is a big girl now who is entitled to run her own life without my meddling. We are mother and daughter, and we will talk and communicate, we may suggest and recommend, but we will not try to control each other. Can you guess why any of this concerns you Ricky?”

I was afraid I might, but since I wasn’t at all sure I was going to like the WAY it might concern me, I gave a stammering and non committal answer. “Well… er… not really, No.”

Peg continued, “Well, perhaps the most important part of our new understanding is a mutual promise not to meddle in the relationships, sexual or otherwise, each of us may have with male companions and lovers. Likewise we have promised not to be jealous of each other, or to compete with each other, over our men… even if on occasion, it should happen that we are both attracted to the same one. I don’t need to tell you that last part is already a problem we must deal with, nor do I need to tell you who that man is.”

“Peg, I think that maybe I had better…” I tried to interrupt but my lover cut me off before I could get anything said… which was probably just as well because at that moment, I had absolutely nothing helpful to offer. The truth was I was frantically stalling for time to think, and I hadn’t a clue about what I intended to say after my “…maybe I had better…” opening phrase.

“No, Ricky,” Peg said refusing to waste time with my interruptions, “You have been around here waving that spectacular oversized penis of yours under the noses of a couple of horny females without any appreciation at all of what you were doing to our hormones. Damn you anyway. Man or boy, stallion or not, you have a responsibility to the women you tempt with that thing. You, however, haven’t even considered how you are going to take care of Carol and I now that you have us all hot and bothered, and eager to spread our legs in your bed. We have decided, therefore, since you have no plan about how to deal with us, then we had better make one for you. Tell him Carol.”

“You bet I’ll tell him, the dope,” Carol began. “Ricky, you made me promise to be your whore. O.K. but if that’s what I am, then I expect you to fuck the bejabbers out of me, often and with enthusiasm. As your whore I have a right to expect that even tho you and my mother do have this thing going between you. Like I told you last night, ever since you have been fucking her, she goes around all mushy and satisfied, and you, every time she smiles, or shows you a little skin, you forget I’m even in the room.”

I interrupted. “Now Carol, that’s not altogether true. You may be a little bitch at times, but you are also a lovely and sexy woman that would give any man alive a hard-on.”

“Can it man! I know what the score is around here. I am what the Chinese call a number two wife. I accept that. But even if my seat is at second fiddle, I am still entitled to have my pussy filled more often than just when you are horny and my mother isn’t around. Mother and I have agreed that I am entitled to a fair share of your big cock. That doesn’t necessarily mean that for every time you fuck her pussy, you must dip your wick in mine as well. We, me in particular, only expect you to take good care of each of us sufficient to keep a smile on both our faces. Fairness and equality, those are the things.”

Nor are we are suggesting that the three of us will be carrying on one big continuous orgy. Far from it. My mother and I may be horny and hungry for your cock, but we are not really whores. We are females, and we tend to be romantic about our men. We would therefore prefer that you treat us as ladies first and sluts second, and as a routine, fuck us privately, one at a time. On the other casino şirketleri hand, however, we are very much aware that every man dreams of making love to two women at the same time, and that a mother and daughter team is the adult male equivalent to Christmas morning for a six year old. We would not deny you that male fantasy, because if not overdone, to have you take she and I together in the same bed is certain to be fun for us too.”

Carol was quite serious as she outlined ‘the Stockton Plan’ for sharing Ricky’s penis. Peg, however, was smiling ‘the smile’ at me when she said, “Well, big boy that’s the deal, so enjoy. We hope you’re up to it”

She was quite right! I had no doubt about enjoying myself. I had just been offered the most beautiful woman I have ever known, and her not-to-be-sneezed-at daughter, both mine for the taking whenever I wanted, and actually insisting on being fucked equally. And then there was the delicious mental picture of Peg and Carol together, naked and willing in my bed! It indeed must be Christmas because visions of sugar plumbs were dancing in my head. Surely I have died and gone to heaven, and not the Christian heaven full of chaste and pure virgin angels and heavenly choirs either. No, I was in the Islamic paradise filled with houris and naked dancing girls dedicated to the pleasure of fallen warrior heroes.

The shit-eating grin on my face gave me away. Peg was laughing at me when she asked, “What about it big boy? Think you can handle a couple of horny sluts like me and my daughter?

“Oh Yeah,” I answered. “No sweat! I’ll wear your poor little pussies out.”

“Don’t be too sure,” Peg argued, still giggling. “We’ll see who wears what out, but Carol and I will try to be careful. It would be a shame to have such a big lovely cock worn down to a nub. That would be a loss to females everywhere. Carol and I intend to use it pretty hard, but we wouldn’t want to be responsible for an atrocity like that.”

“Have no fear my sexy lovelies. Exercise only grows more muscle. I expect my cock to be a foot long before I’m through with you two.

“Such arrogance, mother,” Carol piped in giggling. “We ought to send him back to those prissy coeds in Illinois, and I’d vote to do that too, if only the stuck up bastard just wasn’t hung so well. Anyway I need to get even. You know don’t you Ricky Newton, that what you did to me last night was a pretty cruel way to treat a girl. One more hour with that vibrator running in my cunt and I would have gone crazy for sure, and my poor tush is still sore from that spanking. I’ve got a lot of pay back coming to me.

“Act like a bitch…” I started to say when Peg interrupted… to good purpose I think. No sense replaying something that is over and done with.

“Well,” Peg interjected, “time will tell if our boy stallion is up to his task. In the meantime tho, those government auditors are at the bank checking my books, and I must go in to the office this afternoon. I’ll be home about seven tho, and I’ll have the night off. You two can hang around here till then and play grab ass ’til I get home. Have fun Carol, but don’t you dare drain him. Remember you and I have plans for him tonight. I’ll bring home burgers or cuban sandwiches for our supper, and then we can celebrate our new deal mother/daughter relationship an appropriate way… in bed with our boy stallion.”

That sounded just about perfect to me, but I saw Peg wink knowingly at Carol who grinned back at her. These two had something cooked up between them beyond just spreading their legs for a roll in the hay. That much seemed certain, but just what they had in mind, I’d have to wait to find out.

Peg left us then to dress for work. Carol disappeared into the kitchen to fix a couple of sandwiches for she and I, and one to hand to Peg as she went out the door. I grabbed a bottle of beer from the porch bar fridge, and stretched out on that glider couch. Life was good… really good.

After we finished our sandwiches I dived into the pool for what I intended to be a quick dip to cool off from the July heat. Carol followed me in, but she didn’t come in to cool off, quite the contrary in fact. I was no sooner up for air than I felt my swim trucks yanked down to my knees by the teenage shark that was attacking me under the water. Carol came up pressed against my chest with one hand gripping my balls, the other arm grabbing for a strangle hold around my neck, hugging me close, and spewing water in my face as she tried to kiss me.

Now, just in case you don’t already know, it is not easy to tread water with the elastic waist band of your swim trunks binding your knees together. Nor is staying afloat made any easier by one hundred and twenty five pounds of bikini clad teenager locked around your neck, and holding your balls in a death grip. Unable to stay on top of the water, the only alternative is to sink, which of course, is what Carol and I did, in a tangle of arms and legs. While we were under water casino firmaları and struggling, I welded my mouth to Carol’s and gave her that kiss she had been searching for when we were on the surface. A kiss, however, was no way to correct our serious deficiency in buoyancy, and we continued to sink. Eventually tho, my feet touched the pool floor, and I was able to push off with a strong kick that sent us shooting upward back into the world of air and breathing. As we broke the surface, I retaliated for being ‘depantsed’ by pulling her bra off leaving her tits and hard nipples bare and pressed against my chest.

As we struggled, I kicked my swim trunks all the way off, freeing my legs to help keep me afloat. Never the less, I still had this little blond terror with her arm around my neck and worse, that frightening grip on my balls had not loosened one bit. THAT worried me the most. Now at least, however, I was able to tread water, and most of the time I could keep my head where I could breathe. Carol’s head, however, I kept dunking below the surface where her supply of air was decidedly limited. Luckily for me she never used her most powerful weapon… the grip she had on my balls, and eventually she turned me loose and tried to swim away. Fat chance I would allow her to do that. I swam after her and quickly caught her by the legs, stripped her of her bikini bottom, and threw it into away where it joined my trunks and her bra that were already on the bottom of the pool.

We circled each other, treading water, looking for an opportunity to grab a good hold on naked flesh at just the right spot. So she wanted to wrestle did she? Poor Carol didn’t have a chance in that game. Gradually we drifted into more shallow water where my feet could touch bottom but hers could not. With that advantage in leverage, I simply overpowered her, spun her around, seized her around the neck from behind, and pressed her body against mine.

My cock, by now fully hard and erect, slid easily and naturally down the crack of her ass with the tip end probing into the valley between her legs. The big ridge of my cock head punched its way into he crease of her thighs and the tip end came to rest barely short of her cunt. With one arm over her shoulder and around her body, I was able to squeeze her close and at the same time fill my right hand with the firm melon of a teen breast. My other arm was reaching down low, across her belly, and that hand was pushing its way between her legs hunting for her pussy. One finger found the slit it was looking for, and hooked itself inside at the very top end. Above that finger, my thumb, and the butt of my palm, pressed down on her clit.

“Oh God, Ricky, Oh God!” The sound came out of her mouth more as a moan than as words.

“Give it up little bitch! Say uncle!” I asked for her surrender.

“Oh God, Yesssss! Uncle! Uncle! I give up”

“Now my horny little tramp, are you sorry you pulled my trunks down?” I asked.

Despite her distress, I heard her giggle a little as she answered, “Well… not really…”

I didn’t wait for the rest of what she had to say before I increased the pressure on clit by squeezing it with my thumb. “Well then my little girl whore, let me put it this way, you don’t get fucked until you apologize for treating your pimp so disrespectfully.” Whether it was the additional pressure from my thumb, or simply that she wanted so desperately to be fucked, Carol’s moment of good natured resistance crumbled.

Oh, Yesssss, Sir. Don’t tease me. I’m sorry. I apologize. Oh, Please, Please Ricky fuck me now. Your cock is pressing into the crack of my ass… And, Oh God, I can feel its tip between my thighs. You are driving me crazy. I want you in me… Now! Take me out of the water and fuck me… Please.”

When I was about 14, my father insisted that I take a YMCA course on the techniques of life saving. I had always blamed good old dad for wasting my time until I used my best lifeguard carry to haul Carol’s limp ready-to-be-fucked little ass over to the concrete steps built into the shallow end of the pool. I led her out of the water and onto the deck where the air mattress we had used the night before still waited. I laid her on her back there, and gave the single word command, “Spread!”

Carol, however, had something else in mind.

“No, Ricky, not on my back. Last night… it was so awful to be teased like that, and then to be left unsatisfied and disappointed. I swear, I was so hot. I had never before so needed to be filled with cock. Even in my sleep last night I dreamed about the things you did and way you tortured me. What a sight I must have been… spanked, my hands tied behind me, kneeling, my head down, my ass in the air. My God Ricky, it was all so sexy. I want it that way again, but this time, please you must fuck me. Please Ricky, abuse me, then take my cunt while I am helpless and at your mercy.”

“Yes my little whore,” I answered, “I can do that, but what do I tie your hands güvenilir casino with tonight?”

“You whore knew her pimp would ask that. Behind the bar is the same sash from my robe you used last night. I hid it there this morning for you.”

“Why you little tramp. You had all this planned all along. Didn’t you! Didn’t you! Admit it slut and tell me how you want to be fucked.

“Yes, I admit it. I have been lusting for your big cock all morning. I want you to take me like a bitch. Fuck me hard and without mercy. Tie my hands behind my back. Make me offer my ass. Spank me. Spank me hard, then eat my pussy. Treat me like a cheap whore. Make me beg. Hard fuck me. Punish me with your penis. Take me from behind. Dog fuck me. Spank me even as you stick your big cock up my little hole. Make me beg! Shame me! Humble me! Do it! Please! Like a bitch. Fuck me like a bitch!”

Me, I was for damn sure willing. Obviously this little blond teen was up to her pretty little tits in guilt over something. If she wanted to cleanse her conscience with some sensual punishment, well hell, I was her man. I like submissive women, not all the time of course, but they have their place, in bed certainly if nowhere else. The role of master is even more fun when someone like Carol, usually the self assured bitch, unexpectedly turns into a sexy jelly at your feet begging for your cock. This was a first for me then, but in the years to come, this was a feminine quirk I was to see many times .

“Bring me your robe sash,” I ordered Carol sternly. She brought it back draped across both outstretched hands as if carrying a sacred vestment to the altar.

I took it from her. “Turn around slut! Hands behind your back!”

Last night I had tied only her wrists. Today I had a better idea. My first knot was at the elbows, pinching them together, and pulling her shoulders back. There was plenty of sash remaining, and I used it to wrap her forearms tightly before finishing with a second tight knot at the wrists. The effect of the additional restraint at the elbows was exactly what I had hoped for. With her shoulders back, her tits were thrust forward and at my mercy.

“Turn around, Carol. I’m going to punish your tits now.”

She whimpered a little but she turned to face me. WHAP! WHAP! I slapped those teen melons that were so available and vulnerable. I hurt her. I could tell from the tears that came to her eyes. Time for a little tenderness. I cupped her right tit with my hand and stooped to and run my tongue slowly around an nub of a teat that was hard as a rock with excitement. My other hand played with her left tit, alternately squeezing and stroking.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! I spanked her tit flesh again. Her teen breasts with the protruding aureole around each nipple jiggled sexily with each blow. Both tits were turning a bright red.

“Is this what you wanted Carol? To be helpless and forced to do my bidding? Do you want me to hurt you, humiliate you, and make you suffer before I fuck you? That is what You want isn’t it Carol?

Oh, yes! God yessss! You make me so hot. I want our cock in me already, but please don’t take me yet, not yet, no matter how I beg for it. Your whore needs to be disciplined before she is fucked.

“All right whore, over there on your knees, head shoulders down, ass up, you know the drill.”

As she did last night, Carol struggled with her balance trying to assume the required position. It was even more difficult for her today with her elbows tied together as well as her hands. In due time, however, her head was down, her ass was in the air, helpless to prevent anything I wanted of her.

I started her off with a solid spanking, warming her ass cheeks to the same vivid red as her tits. Satisfied with the level of her burning buttocks I crouched behind her and ate her cunt until she gave up the shattering series of orgasms.

“Eat me! Damn you Ricky Newton, eat my cunt. I’m Cummmminnnng. Oh keep your tongue there, for God’s sake eat me… I’m Cummmminnnng. Again! More! I’m Cummmminnnng.

With the tip of my social finger in her ass, and my thumb in her pussy I told her that she must beg for what she wanted.

“God, Ricky, you must already know. I want you to stretch my poor little pussy with your great cock. Make me your whore bitch! Take me from behind, and spank my ass while you dog fuck me. Oh, Damn, fuck me over and over until I can’t stand it any more. Give me your cock you cruel bastard. I have been hurt, humiliated and punished… now… you bastard… shove your cock up inside me.”

I put it to her then, as deep and as hard as I could, and with my every stroke.. with her every orgasm… SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! I spanked her ass, and made her beg for more. Our mutual climax at the finish was unforgettable.

Later the two of us lay still naked and cuddled together, resting on the concrete steps at the shallow end of the pool, cooling off in water up to our necks. For a long time we sat there in silence recovering from the emotions of our turbulent sex. My finger was in her pussy and her hand was gripping my dick, but these were only familiar and reassuring caresses rather than passionate ones. It was Carol who finally spoke first.

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Honey Ch. 4

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I dressed in a short, tight red dress that hugged all my curves. Without a bra my nipples strained against the fabric, and I almost decided to put one on when I looked in the mirror and saw my two little pebbles poking out from the front of my breasts. But they were very perky, and I had decided to be naughty, and they looked very, very naughty. And, I thought, as long as I’m not wearing a bra, I won’t wear undies either. I finished the outfit with red pumps sporting 4 inch heels, a short strand of pearls with matching earrings, then went into the bathroom and brushed out my hair and put on light makeup with bright red lipstick.

I walked back into the living room, where Honey was scrubbing away at the wet spot on the couch. “You’d better hope that doesn’t leave a stain, Honey.” I checked my makeup in the hall mirror. “If it does, you’ll be buying me a new couch, and you WON’T be having any more fun like that.”

“I think it’ll come out just fine, Cyn.” She stood back and looked at the huge wet spot on the center cushion. “It’ll look fine when it dries.” She still wore her red teddy, but she had pulled her panties back up and her bra down. “I shouldn’t have come on the couch, I’m sorry.”

“Well, I hope you had your fun. Now its my turn to get fucked,” I told her. Somewhere deep inside me there was still a person who couldn’t believe I had said what I just said. “I’m going out to find a real man who can fuck me the way I want it. When I get back, I’ll introduce you as my maid, so you might want to dress the part. I don’t think what you’re wearing now will be appropriate.” I put on a shawl, wrapping my bare shoulders and the top of my skimpy dress. “In the meantime, I want you to wash all my laundry, and dust the entire apartment. If you run out of things to do, you might make a snack for later on. Good fucking always makes me hungry.” I grabbed my keys.

“Thank you, Cyndy.” Honey walked over and gave me a little peck of a kiss goodbye. “Thank you so much for making me so happy.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” I replied. “I hope you enjoyed it, because I know I’m going to enjoy mine when I find it.”

And out the door I walked.

************** ************** **************

I chose the bar at the Brighton Hotel as the most likely spot for finding the kind of man I wanted. Being Saturday night, there might not be many business travelers there, but it was a popular hotel for tourists as well, was very upscale, and it was only a few short blocks from the apartment.

As I entered the lobby through the huge revolving door I could feel the stares of the few men milling about. I must have made my mark, because it was obvious that I had their full attention. I made sure to put one foot in front of the other as I sashayed through the lobby, giving the swaying motion of my derriere the maximum effect. I entered the huge bar, paneled in deep, dark mahogany and found an open bar stool at the high, turn-of-the-century, dark wooden bar. Sitting down, I wished I had a cigarette. Not because I wanted to smoke one, but for the dramatic effect of holding it until some gallant gentleman offered to light it for me.

I ordered a gimlet, straight up from the elderly bartender. When he delivered it, I put a twenty dollar bill on the bar and he brought me back my change. I picked up my drink for the first sip and began to look around. Lots of single men. This is good. As I was surreptitiously checking out the men in the bar, I heard a voice right next to me.

“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” the voice said.

I turned to my left, and sitting next to me was a very nice looking man, probably in his late thirties. He wore a dress shirt and tie, which was loosened at his collar. He was tanned, with sun-bleached hair, and looked very outdoorsy. But his best and most impressive feature was his smile, which not only turned up the corners of his mouth, but reflected in his eyes as well. His eyes were smiling at me. Even more remarkable were his teeth; white, straight, and almost gleaming.

“That’s a pretty corny line,” was my witty reply.

“Well, I desperately wanted to start a conversation with you, and it was all I could think of. Guess I’m not very slick, am I.” Again the killer smile.

“Not yet, anyway,” was my come-on line. He smiled again. I think we had an understanding.

The conversation just kind of took off from there. His name was Collin; he had broken up with his girl friend a few weeks before, and had finally decided to get out and enjoy an evening on his own. He said he didn’t want to hit the singles scene, and thought the Brighton would be a nice safe place to enjoy a couple of drinks and relax.

“I certainly didn’t expect to meet anyone like you here,” he said, and then caught himself and blushed. “I mean a woman out on her own, who you wouldn’t expect to be out on her own, er, I mean a woman that…well, you know what I mean!” He looked at the mahogany bar top.

“No, what do you mean?” I took a sip of my drink, and smiled casino şirketleri at him.

“Well, I guess I mean I’m sitting here minding my own business, and this incredibly well-dressed, beautiful, classy woman sits down next to me and, excuse me, but starts flirting heavily with me.”

“Yes, I am.” I started lightly rubbing up and down his calf with my foot. “I’d like another drink.”

“Sure,” he said and called the bartender over and ordered a bourbon seven for himself and another gimlet for me. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence as the bartender mixed our drinks. When he returned with them, Collin paid for them both.

“Thank you,” I said and held up my glass for a toast.

“To us,” he said and we drank.

When we had finished our toast, I took the plunge. “Collin, I live only a few blocks from here, walking distance really. My husband is, uh, away and I have a very understanding maid who is also like a personal assistant to me. She’s the only one home right now, how would you like to come over for some fun and games?”

He picked up his drink and gulped the last of it. “Let’s go,” he said when he had finished.

“Whoa, boy! Let me finish mine!” I laughed, and I finished my drink on the way to the revolving doors.

********* ********* *********

When we arrived back at the apartment, my hair was already a mess, and my dress was askew. Honey was folding laundry at the dining room table when we entered. She got up and rushed over, taking my shawl and Collin’s jacket, hanging them both in the hall closet.

Honey, will you make us a couple of drinks? I’ll have a vodka gimlet, and Collin will have a bourbon and seven. She nodded her assent, and I could see Collin sizing her up. She was dressed in one of my navy blue skirts and a white lacy blouse, with a white apron over the top of both. She wore my pair of navy blue clogs, which I personally didn’t think fit the outfit, but the effect was of a well dressed housekeeper.

I pulled Collin over to the couch, and we sat down. Honey must have dried the spot with a my hairdryer, because the wet spot was completely gone, with not a stain to be seen. “Now where were we in the elevator?” I asked coyly.

“I think we were kissing passionately and I had just taken your left breast out of your dress,” he answered correctly as he moved towards me.

“Like this?” I asked and pulled my left breast from my plunging neckline as I shrugged my dress off my shoulder. It felt heavy in my hand, and the nipple was distended.

“Yeah, just like that. And by the way, that’s a very beautiful breast. I’d like to kiss it, may I?” Again that smile.

Just then Honey arrived with our drinks and began placing them in front of us on the coffee table. If Collin wanted to play Mother-May-I?, I could certainly play along with the game.

“I don’t know, let me ask Honey.” To Honey, I said, “Honey do you think I should let Collin kiss my left breast?”

“If it pleases you, yes, ma’am,” came Honey’s reply.

I pulled Collin’s head towards me and he dove for my breast. He kissed it lightly all around the nipple, then lightly sucked on my nipple while he flicked his tongue back and forth across it. It was driving me mad it felt so good, but I didn’t let on.

“Will there be anything else, ma’am?” Honey was still standing on the other side of the coffee table with the tray in her hand.

“Yes Honey,” I said as Collin sucked at my nipple. “Why don’t you take our shoes off for us and make us more comfortable.”

“Certainly, ma’am,” was Honey’s reply and she pulled the coffee table away from the couch, came around it, got down on her knees, and began to untie Collin’s shoes. Just then, Collin began to pull the fabric away from my right breast in order to turn his attention to it.

“Just a minute there, Collin. You forgot to ask Honey if you could do that. You have to say ‘Honey, may I?’ first.” Again the killer smile as he realized this might be more fun than he originally thought.

Honey was pulling his shoes off his feet after loosening the laces, and he asked her, “Honey, may I kiss Cynthia’s right breast?”

“Honey says no.” came her reply.

“Why not, Honey?” I asked.

“Honey says he hasn’t spent enough time pleasing your left breast.” She knew that my left breast was the one that drove me wild, much more sensitive than my right. I was going to like this game, too, I thought to myself.

With that, Collin went back to kissing and licking my left breast, and it sent electric shock waves down to my pussy, directly to my clit. I was beginning to have little tiny orgasms as I looked down at Honey pulling off my red pumps. When I’m really turned on, I can have little tiny, throbby orgasms from having my breasts licked and sucked. Honey began to massage my feet. This is heavenly, I thought to myself and sighed. My right breast began craving some attention.

“Honey, may I kiss Cynthia’s right breast now?” Collin asked as he licked and slurped my left one, casino firmaları which was beginning to get a little sore from so much attention.

“Honey says yes!” came Honey’s reply, and Collin pulled my dress off my right shoulder and popped my breast from beneath the fabric. I felt another shock wave to my clitty as he began licking and sucking at my right nipple. It may not be quite as sensitive as the left one, but damn, it felt great.

Honey was massaging my feet, taking long strokes up my instep, then using her thumbs across where my toes met the top of my foot. Between the nipple-licking and the foot-rubbing, I was in seventh heaven. After a couple more little throbby orgasms, I pushed Collin away.

“That felt great, Collin, but my nipples are getting a little sore,” I told him. “Honey, why don’t you unbutton Collin’s shirt so I can see his chest.” Honey came over and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it open. I saw his tanned, muscular chest heaving with his excitement. I reached in under my dress and felt my pussy, which was flowing with my juices. Pulling my hand from underneath my dress I held it up.

“Honey, clean my fingers,” I told her, and she began to lick my fingers clean of my slick cunt-juice. I looked down and saw the huge bulge in Collin’s pants, and thought it looked like a big bundle of fun. He sat back on the couch and watched, fascinated, as Honey licked each of my fingers.

“Like I said, Honey’s kind of my personal assistant.” I lay my head back against the armrest and put my feet in Collin’s lap, rubbing his big bulge with my foot. Honey began massaging his stocking clad feet.

“Honey, may I lick Cynthia’s pussy?” Collin asked as he looked hungrily at the hem of my dress, which was riding high up my thighs.

“Honey says no,” came Honey’s reply.

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because Honey says no,” I answered. “If you want to play the game, you have to play by the rules.”

“Well can I at least touch it? he asked me.

“You have to ask Honey,” I answered.

“Honey, can I touch Cynthia’s pussy?” He looked at Honey beseechingly as she rubbed his feet.

“Honey says no.” I was wondering if I had finally gone too far and Hans was chickening out on the whole thing.

“Well what can I do, Honey?” he asked, the frustration becoming obvious in his voice. No reply from Honey.

“I think you can only ask yes or no questions,” I told him.

“Okay,” he said. “I get it.” He paused, then asked, “Honey, can I see it?”

“Honey says yes,” came her instant reply, and I knew that she was going to give me what I often fantasized about: she was going to make him beg for me. Honey reached up and pulled the front of my dress up, exposing my neatly trimmed bush. I lifted my butt off the cushion and she pulled up the back as well. I felt awfully exposed, and a bit embarrassed, but we were playing a game, and if he asked, and Honey agreed, I guess I had to go along with it.

Collin was almost salivating at the sight, and when I realized that he was so entranced with my pussy it made me feel less embarrassed. I reached down and rubbed my pussy lips and up to my clit, feeling my gooey fluid leaking from my cunt. I coated my fingers with it, and held them out towards Collin. He began to bring his mouth towards them, but I snatched them away.

“You forgot to ask Honey.”

“Honey, may I lick Cynthia’s pussy-lube from her fingers?” He never took his eyes off the prize.

“Honey says yes,” she responded and Collin began running his pearly white teeth over my fingers as he licked each one of them, seeming to relish the taste of my cunny juice.

“Honey, may I touch Cynthia’s pussy?” Collin was sounding a bit exasperated.

“Honey says no!” Honey said, and reached down and began seriously doodling with my clit and my dripping pussy. I was so turned on, I started gasping as she rolled my hard bud in between her fingers. She thrust two fingers in me and I couldn’t help but start thrusting my pelvis to meet her fingers each time she buried them in me. I looked at Collin, and his eyes weren’t smiling anymore. He was obviously entranced with watching what Honey was doing to my cunt, but he looked distracted as well.

“Stop, Honey.” I commanded her. I looked at Collin. “Is this too much for you?” I asked him, raising my eyebrows.

He could barely speak, but he managed to get something out. “No, it’s just…different. I mean, this is all just…I don’t know…different.”

“Does it turn you on?” I asked.

“Hell yes!” he answered. I’m hornier than a seven-peckered goat right now, but I can’t seem to get anywhere with you, because this weird-looking chick here, Honey, won’t let me!”

“Well, Collin, if you want to play, you have to play our way. You can go ahead and leave now if you’d like.” I knew he wouldn’t. I was savoring the effect of my sweet indifference.

“I can’t leave,” Collin responded, and I knew I had him.

“Why not?” I queried, already knowing the answer, but relishing the thought güvenilir casino of hearing it.

“Because you’re driving me crazy. You are the most appealing woman I have ever met, and I’ll stick around, and play the game, do anything, in the hopes that it might end up with me making love to you.” He almost flinched at saying it, knowing he had given up his will to me.

“Ok, Collin, sweetie, honey. If you play your cards right, you’ll get everything you want, and maybe more.” I smiled at Honey. “But there’s one thing you should know before you give it up to me. Honey isn’t just my maid and my personal assistant, she is my husband, and she is my slave.”

Collin smiled that killer smile when he heard that. All the pieces must have fit together in his brain. “I thought she looked awfully weird…but hey, he does make a pretty good looking woman for a man!” He laughed, and his teeth sparkled. “Now I get it. Okay. Now I can play the game…now that I know what the rules are.”

“And it doesn’t frighten you?” I asked, surprised that Honey being a man wouldn’t send him running.”

“No,” he said. “I’ve swung that way a couple of times. I can handle it.”

“Okay then,” I told him. “But the rules are that I make the rules, and you follow them. The first rule is that I want you to lick my pussy right now.” I was still laying there spread eagled in front of him, my wet cunt exposed and throbbing.

“Honey, may I…” he began.

“Fuck Honey,” I said. “I want you to eat me now!” As he moved towards me, I said to Honey. “Go in the kitchen and make some more drinks.”

Collin licked up my thigh and began tonguing my outer lips. He’d lick up one side, brush his tongue lightly across my clit, then lick down the other. Then he’d repeat it, teasing me. It felt great, but I was already in a state.

“Don’t tease me, Slaveboy.” I tapped his forehead. “Get busy and fuck me with your tongue.”

Obviously the Slaveboy reference didn’t bother him either, as he moaned and began sticking his hard, long tongue in me, pushing it in as far as it would go, pumping it in and out of me. I was drenching his face as Honey came back in and set fresh the drinks on the table.

“Sit down in your chair, Honey.” She sat in the same chair she had sat in as she watched Jimmy fuck me from behind the night before. Collin was getting me seriously worked up, and I grabbed both of his ears.

“Suck on my clit now, and put a finger in me.” God it felt so good, I knew I was headed towards a serious orgasm. Collin was licking and sucking my clit for all he was worth, running one finger in and out of me.

“Put two fingers in me,” I commanded as I bucked my hips in time to his thrusting fingers.

“Put three in now.” He did as I told him, and the feeling of his fingers filling up my throbbing, pulsing cunt pushed me over the edge. The orgasm grabbed me, and I shuddered and shook as I clasped his head between my legs, swaying my knees side to side as wave after wave washed over me. Just as I was coming down, he started pumping his fingers again slowly, and I after about a minute, I came again, this time being able to feel my juices release in rush and drench his face.

“Oh, god, that was glorious.” I patted him on the head. “You’re a good little Slaveboy. I think I’m going to like you serving me.”

Somehow, we had made the complete transition inside an hour from meeting in a bar to him doing my beck and call. What had I been missing all these years??

Honey, meanwhile, got up and went into the bathroom, returning in a moment with a warm, wet washcloth. She wiped my cum from around my pussy, cleaning me off, then with the other side of the cloth cleaned up Slaveboy’s face. I guess we had established a pecking order.

I felt sexy. I felt powerful. I had a man, and a maid, and I had my man when I needed him. What more could a girl ask for?

“Honey, go get changed into your red teddy. Then get my dick, the harness, and the KY, turn down the bed, and wait for us in the bedroom.” She finished with her cleaning duties and vanished into the back of the apartment.

“Slaveboy…come over here and kiss me.” Collin lay down next to me on the sofa, and we began necking. Just like in high school, except it wasn’t my parents in the other room, it was my husband. I was enjoying the sensation of just making out. Collin was a good kisser, as I had discovered in the elevator. I could feel his hard-on against my leg, and he began rubbing it against me.

“Don’t do that, ” I whispered to him.

“Why not?” he whispered back.

“Because I told you not to,” I whispered back and blew in his ear. His body went limp, and he stopped giving me his attention.

“Trust me,” I whispered. “Trust me, and you’ll get everything you want. Everything.” I paused for a moment, and he didn’t respond. “You can still back out,” I whispered as I pushed my leg against his hard cock.

“No I can’t,” he whispered back. I raised his head with my hands, and kissed him deeply. Kissed him seriously. I had a momentary, fleeting thought of Jimmy for some strange reason. I broke the kiss, licking his eyelids.

“Let’s go join Honey in the bedroom,” I whispered softly. “I have an idea I want to try out.”

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Continuing the Family

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(All characters are adults and over 18 years of age. If you don’t like the fantasy idea of a loving incestuous family, including incest-pregnancy, don’t read this.)

I was just finishing up breakfast when my adult daughter Abigail came downstairs and into the dining room. After she crossed the threshold, she put her arms out, stretching the tiredness away.

“Morning Sweetie!” I said smiling, looking up and taking in her gorgeous nineteen-year-old naked body; gravity defying breasts and lithe figure; flat tummy, feminine hips and prominent pussy lips.

“Morrrrrning Daddy.” She replied yawning.

I pushed my chair out from the table and she knelt down between my legs, taking my erect cock into her mouth and sucking contentedly.

“Oh; you’re down, dear.” Her mother observed, as she walked in. My wife expressed no surprise at the nakedness of us, since she was also in the buff; nor did she regard the incestuous fellatio taking place as unusual, since it wasn’t. Not for our family. “I was just about to call you.”

Juliette sat down at the table too and ate her breakfast and disinterestedly watched our daughter give head to me. She disliked sucking cock herself, so she was glad Abigail loved doing it; it made keeping me happy, much easier.

“Abby, you’re getting almost too good at this.” I complimented, enjoying my daughter’s tongue and lip work on my cock. She smiled brightly up at me.

My wife decided to bring up a pending issue we needed to share. “Abigail, keep serving your father while we talk; we’ve got something we need to tell casino oyna you.”

Abby nodded with her mouth full.

Juliette continued “Since you’re an adult now and you didn’t make the grades for university and you haven’t found a job yet, we’ve decided on a different way for you to be useful in our house.”

Abby’s eyes looked up at me, with a flicker of worry.

I patted her on the head, “Don’t worry darling. It’s nothing arduous, not yet anyway.” The last part I added, looking at my wife who smiled knowingly.

Abby relaxed and focussed on getting her breakfast of cum. I grunted as she took me over the edge, and she bobbed up her head to suck the bulb of my cock as it squirted my semen into her mouth. My eyes were closed as I held on to the chair, enjoying the force of my orgasm.

Abby swallowed her breakfast and then cleaned up my cock. She licked her lips clean and remained on her knees. “What would you like me to do, Dad? Mum?”

I touched her cheek, feeling her delicate youthful skin. “I’m going to breed you.” I announced.

She looked at me quizzically for a second, not believing her ears. “Daddy? Seriously?!”

I nodded.

“Oh. My. God!” Abigail exclaimed, eyes wide, clapping her hands to her mouth in shock. “Really?!”

I nodded again.

She suddenly leapt up and sat astride my legs, frantically kissing my face and holding me tightly. My daughter then pulled back and exclaimed “Thank you Daddy!!! You’re really going to give me a baby? I’ve wanted one for so long! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“No dear, two.” Juliette canlı casino corrected her.

“Mum?” Abigail looked at her mother.

Juliette explained. “Two babies, darling. Your father is going to get you pregnant twice. Or twins the first time would do. We want two more children.”

“Two! Wow. Twins, yes please; I want my belly so full from Daddy’s seed!”. Abigail looked at me coyly, still sat on my lap. “Daddy, would it make you happy to see your daughter with a big fat belly; pregnant with more of your children?”

“Abby, darling; it would make me very happy.” I replied.

Suddenly she stopped hugging me and turned to her mother; “Mummy, why aren’t you getting pregnant instead? Or even too? Imagine us both pregnant at the same time with Daddy’s babies!” She gushed eagerly.

Juliette’s face was a little sad. “I would love that darling; but when I carried you, things went a bit wrong; the doctors saved you, but I couldn’t have any more children afterward. So it’s your duty now.”

“Oh, Mummy, I’m so sorry!” Abigail said tearfully, reaching over to hug her from my lap.

“It’s not your fault, Sweetie” I said firmly. “But now; to the matter in hand. I need to save my cum for your pussy, if we’re going to get you pregnant; so no more oral or anal sex for a while.”

“But Daddy!” Abigail protested.

“No buts, literally. You can suck my cock a bit before we have sex if you want, but all cum from now on needs to go in one place.”

“My pussy.” Abby agreed.

“Exactly. Anal is out too, because of the risk of infection transferring to your kaçak casino pussy once you’re carrying.” I added.

Juliette continued “And once you’re pregnant, you can do anal again, but no normal sex. Then when you’re a few months along, we’ll start fisting your little cunny, to get it nice and stretchy so your baby comes out easily.”

I suddenly realised the weight of my adult daughter on my legs was cutting off the blood supply, but I instantly forgot about that when Abby started rubbing her flat belly as if she was already swollen and pregnant; which was a very sexy sight.

“Daddy’s baby.” Our daughter said to herself. “But what about the pill?”

Juliette answered “You’ll just stop taking them. We start from now trying to get you pregnant so it’s a routine for when you can actually conceive.” Then Juliette, whom I could tell was very horny by now, changed the subject. “Darling, you’ve served Daddy this morning, what next?”

“Mummy; sorry! I forgot!” Abby replied slipping to the floor and kneeling in front of her mother who had opened her legs.

Juliette put her hands on her daughter’s head as the latter licked at her mother’s pussy, which was very wet.

“Oh dear, time’s up for me.” I announced, looking at the clock on the wall. I had to go to work now. I got up and looked at the beautiful sight of my family in sapphic incest. “When I get home tonight, Abby; we’ll make love, start breeding you.”

Abigail lifted her head up from her mother’s pussy. “Can’t wait, Daddy!”

Juliette pushed her daughter’s head back down and smiled at me. “Have a good day, Daddy!”

As I went upstairs to get dressed, I shook my head; there was no-way I could concentrate at work today; maybe I should call in sick and start breeding my daughter now . . .

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My Second Time

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All participants in sexual acts are at least eighteen year old, or older.


Wow! I was her “Boy Toy!” That’s what Claire had called me before shooing me out and home after our evening of torrid sex.

Let me tell you, there was very little sleep for me that night. Jeez, I tossed and turned and fondled an almost constant erection until compelled into getting up around 2:30 to jerk off.

Even then it wouldn’t go down as the thoughts of what had happened to me yesterday and various scenarios of what else could or would happen to me in the future kept me wide awake and horny as hell.

Around four am I reminded myself of the promise of more that coming afternoon and finally dozed off.

The next morning I did show up at school and realized that nobody seemed to think I looked any different or kidded me about the cock-measuring contest I’d been in the day before.

With a start I remembered that none of the guys involved went to my school, and Foxy, the #%$!@&! that got me into it went to St. Michael’s several blocks away.

It was kind of depressing NOT to be able to share the adventures with anyone, but I’d promised Claire I wouldn’t, and wanting more of her, I kept my word.

I did find myself looking at the girls somewhat differently, a little more confidently perhaps, and the first two classes raced by.

I cut my pre-lunch class as scheduled and arrived at Claire’s promptly at 11:30. We were to have lunch together. I was concerned because I had to be at work by three and even though Claire had assured me we had plenty of time I was still nervous.

My erection was harder than Chinese arithmetic, and I had great difficulty hiding it from the moment I left school until arriving at Claire’s.

It may have been my imagination, but I could swear several women stared at my crotch as I walked along the street to Claire’s apartment. In later years I came to learn that some women have perfected the art of undressing a man in the most discreet manner imaginable and have an innate sense of a man’s sexual arousal. In short, it’s very possible they knew I was horny as hell.

I knocked at Claire’s door and heard her call out that the door was open and to come in, which I did. As the door closed behind me, Claire called out a sultry greeting from the bedroom.

I stumbled, tripping over my own feet getting in there. She was fully clothed and gave me a soft, quick wet kiss on the lips and backed away to sit on the bed as I stood in place awaiting instructions.

I couldn’t help but touch myself as Claire raised her leg high and started to remove her black boots. I never thought to wonder why she was even wearing them at the time so mesmerized was I with the generous view up her skirt she was providing.

Giggling, she glanced up at me and chided me.

“Sweetie-pie, aren’t you going to wait until we’re both ready?”


“You’d be ungentlemanly by starting without me,” she continued, her face a mask of seriousness; her lacquered red fingernail pointing at my groin.

I must have blushed scarlet because she looked me in the eye and smiled. The peal of delightful sounding laughter poured forth from her slender, swan-like throat. I managed an embarrassed smile and looked down at my shoes, managing not to look at the formidable bulge in my pants.

“Sit there,” Claire said rubbing her cheek. “I want us to be able to see one another.”

And I sat there, enthralled with her beauty and remembrances of the night before. I gaped at her, wanting to leap across the space separating us and bury her beneath me in a passionate embrace.

“Just open your mouth and let the words come out Frank. It’s easy. Go on, talk to me.”

I was awash in thoughts of tongues and tits and cunts and cocks commingled together. I knew full well that she sensed my desire for I certainly sensed hers. And, there was that scent I was breathing in, unmistakable in its feminine allure. My prick was never harder

(Well, that’s a judgment call, alright?”)

“So talk to me!”

“Err, what?”

“Just talk to me. I want to hear your voice.”

“I… I don’t know what to say.”

“Just open your mouth and let the words come out. Come on Frank… it’s easy.”

“Okay,” I said nervously, “you’re more beautiful today than you were yesterday.”

“Oh! Frank,” she gushed, obviously pleased. I had surprised her.

“How nice,” she beamed, “You’re gonna do just fine.”

Claire’s fingernail traced a circle on my upper thigh, “Keep going,” she said with a wide smile.

“I think I’m gonna cum in my pants before long, I’m very … excited, Claire.”

“Well don’t!” She said, her divine lips forming a pout.

I had a vision of the day before while racing out for condoms; my knees began to buckle.

“I want you to save it for me. For me, understand?”

I knew she wasn’t angry, but she was deadly serious.

“Yes, but how?”

“Concentrate. Think of something different.”

“Like what?”

“Do a math problem in your head. You like baseball, think about casino oyna yesterday’s game. Something like that.”

I got the point. I concentrated on my driving manual’s sample questions and answers. Somehow my prick began to thaw. (This little exercise has helped me numerous times since. Another thank you note never sent.)

“You have such a beautiful face yourself,” she said softly. “Did you know that?”

I could swear she was purring. I touched my face as if to discover it for myself.

“Angelic,” she murmured happily, as her fingernail roamed along the side of my dick.

“But with a cock as formidable as Michael the Archangel’s sword. Oh yes, I’m a lucky girl to be getting fucked by you. But don’t let that go to your head Frank.”

Heaving her hips from the bed and pulling her skirt up around her waist, she asked, “Tell me how you got yourself involved in that weird contest?”

I stared in awe. To this day I can still envision Claire hooking her thumbs under her black tights and pulling them down. Oh, God she was beautiful!

She raised her legs, kicked the tights off, and for the second time in my life I gazed through her revealing panties at the mysterious area withheld from me until yesterday, and marveled at the wonder of it all.

“Come on, tell me,” Claire repeated as that tormenting fingernail circled the head of my cock like a vulture idly inspecting its prey.

So I did. After I finished Clare was silent for a moment.

“With friends like that you don’t need enemies. I’m flattered that I was the lucky one to take you home with me,” she said in a soft undertone, and passed the tip of each middle finger quickly over the tip of her tongue like someone about to turn the page of a book. Then those same moistened fingertips traveled down to the areola surrounding each nipple and moved purposefully round and round causing both to quickly rise up like mini-erections.

Of course, I had never seen anyone do that before, and my own erection loomed forth prodigiously against the fabric of my pants.

Claire looked down at it, and licking her lips, said, “Oh, my! Off! Off! Get them off!” she cried, obviously as excited as I was.

“I want to see. I want to suck!” she grasped her left breast with her right hand and pulled on the nipple with the other as though masturbating.

The only sound in the bedroom was my belt unbuckling, followed by the lowering of my zipper. Then pants dropped to the floor with a thud.

In my haste, I almost ripped my shorts off. Soon afterward, I was bending down and hobbling on one foot as I removed my socks and shoes while standing. Lastly, I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and tossed it casually on a nearby chair and stood there, penis erectus, ready to conquer the world.

Claire put her feet firmly on the floor and wriggled out of her panties. Her dampened pubic hair sparkled from the reflected light pouring in the window. That image is also vivid now, as I pause from my writing … her fingers wandered under the elastic and peeled those lime green panties from her body. She was completely naked now, except for the lime green panties in her hand. I recall envying the shadows hovering upon her skin. I had this overpowering urge to lick and kiss her everywhere, though I still harbored certain reservations about things that were considered taboo by the guys.

Claire’s breasts were full, particularly in contrast with her narrow waist and thin arms, their nipples, still taut from her earlier massage pointed upward. Her pubic hair parted naturally, affording me a glimpse of her vagina whose swollen lips awaited me. Soon, I thought, soon. I took a firm grip on myself.

With a giggle, Claire twirled her underpants over her head on one finger round and round until finally they flew off her hand and landed at my feet.

“Lucky shot,” she said, giggling some more as she sank slowly before me to the floor. I picked them up and held them to my nose and inhaled. The musky odor assailed my nostrils. I closed my eyes and found myself heady with lust.

“Why not wear them over your face?” Claire asked, smiling.

I pulled them over my head.

“Can you smell my pussy?” She asked lewdly.

“Oh yes. Yes I can. And it’s a wonderful smell Claire,” I said reassuringly, surprised that I could see her clearly through the gauze-like material.

“Good, because I smell something good myself,” her eyes gleamed and she licked those wanton, salacious lips of hers seductively.

I was ready to bust a load and began stroking my cock, rubbing the early seepage around and into my purple knob. As I manipulated myself I became aware of her breathing, which had intensified.

Claire moved a couple feet away from me and said, “Now watch me, but don’t touch me, understand?”

I nodded.

“Look at what you did to me Frank.”

Claire’s thumbs were hooked inside her pussy and she was spreading it wide apart. The hot pink color leapt out at me.

“I’m opening my pussy for you to see my clit.” Her voice dripped sex.

My hand froze, my jaw dropped open and canlı casino my eyes bulged out of my head!

“See, Frank, it’s swelling from me touching it.”

I must have been drooling by then, but I still heard Claire whisper huskily; “Look at MY hardon Frank.”

Oh, I did, I did.

“Watch as my finger rubs all around it…” Claire licked her lips. “Mmmm mmmm, I’d love to feel you suck it into your mouth Frank,” she murmured, becoming the siren luring the thirsty sailor.

“Want to feel your tongue pressing and flicking at it …” she hissed snakelike and curled her tongue then pulled it back.

“Mmmmmm, Frank, she croaked, “gimme a lick here baby.”

I dropped to my knees and crawled closer.

“You’re probably thinking that it’s disgusting,” Claire crooned to me as I moved within inches of her. Most guys wouldn’t ever think of doing that … for a girl; although they don’t mind a girl going down on them, do they Frank?”

Mesmerized, I could only nod affirmatively. That’s exactly what the guys had said to me. Somehow it didn’t seem fair to me. I reeled closer, drawing in her pungent aroma, entranced by the liquid covering her fingers, which were now oozing in and out of her tight salmon-colored cavern.

“You know Frank, when my thumb nail rubs against it, like this …” and she flicked it just so. “Mmmmm, it tingles Frank! Oh, and it throbs to … can you imagine how gooood it feels?”

Both my dick and my mouth were drooling as I nodded.

“Frank, if you wanted to you could put your head right between my legs right now … ”

Claire’s thighs parted some more.

“Mmmmm what a wonderful thought,” she sighed.

“Okay,” I whispered hoarsely.”

“Would you?” Her voice grew deeper.

“Wha… What do I do?”

“Mmmmmmm…Frankie baby, I seem to be soaked here.” Claire seemed not to have heard me as she inserted her middle finger and seemed to stir it around. Quivering, she pulled her finger out and offered it to me.

Without hesitating, I accepted it. My tongue licked it feverously, trying to overcome the taboo and assimilate the taste. Slowly Claire withdrew the finger. There had been no awful odor, no repellent taste, rather I found her to be sweet and sour at the same time.

“Watch me Frank, she cooed, and thrust three fingers inside her.

“I can feel them Frank… three fingers… ” she shivered as I placed a hand on her shoulder to maintain my balance.

“Mmmmmm, so tight… why look Frank, they’re… ” she sucked in her breath, “stretching me, Frank. Look how open I am for you baby.”

I inched closer to her, my nose brushed against her pubic hairs.

“I’m rubbing my clit Frankie.”

Oh, yeah, no lie there.

“Oh look at me baby, look at me. I’m so fucking wet baby…”

Another revelation, I loved hearing her say “fuck.”

I kissed her belly surprising Claire, who drew in her breath. My tongue did a lap or two around her belly button.

Claire rasped, “Oh yes, baby! Come on down!”

I began a series of small, light kisses that could only lead to one place.

Her fingers fluttered in front of my face capturing my attention. I paused in my kissing, focused on those fingers. Claire raised herself up slightly and slid one hand under her ass, the fingers of her other hand moved fleetingly upon her clit.

I resumed my nipping kisses. She moaned saying, “Let me tell you about my pussy Frank. There’s a lot to it, ya know.” She was panting hard and I could hear the squishing sound her juices made as she plied those fingers in and out of her cunt. Then I realized fingers on her other hand were moving in and out as well, but from her ass!

I continued my trail of wet sloppy kisses into her bush and then I arrived at her pussy. A tentative lick… a taste bud savoring… and I went for it.

“Mmmmmmm, baby, that’s nice! Claire likes that very much!”

“You taste good, Claire.”

“Ohhhhhh, God, sweetheart!”

“Is it okay, Claire?”

“Of course it’s okay, baby,” she said, lowering her face and kissing the top of my head.

I continued kissing and licking, emboldened now, I took her large lip into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

Claire responded by grasping my head with both hands and holding my face in place.

“Ohhh fuck! There!” she instructed, Right there!”

“Ohhh, do it! Ummmm, yes, yes, yes! Oh, Frankie… there, ahhhh! Right there!”

My prick was so rigid I started to rise to get some relief, but Claire called out in a hoarse whisper, “No, stay put!”

I putted. Sucking her enlarged clit as she’d instructed me.

“There!” She called suddenly. “There! Oh, right there! Oh, GOD that feels so nice!”

I stopped using my mouth for a moment, letting my fingers slip inside her teasing that spot she was raving about. Curious, I spread her legs further apart, to obtain a better view of her pussy.

With the blinds drawn the room was almost dark except for several thin rays of sunlight spilling in and falling across the bed. Two rays highlighted her wet vaginal furrow until kaçak casino I blotted them out by lowering my face once again.

I don’t know how long I pleasured her this way. Claire moaned all the while as I licked her, sucked her, nipped her, and caressed her. My fingers roamed upward, discovered her hardened nipples and plied them, bringing forth even louder moans. Claire’s arms were thrown back behind her head, which was shaking from side to side. Her hands held tightly to the headboard, and when I slowly bit down into the flesh of her clitoris, she screamed and went rigid, moaning, “No more, no more, no more. It hurts. No more.”

I hesitated for a moment then began sucking her clit again.

Claire moaned. “Oh, God. I’m going to come again Frank. Stay there. Watch me come. Watch me now.”

I withdrew far enough to see what she was talking about. Both her hands were working almost frenziedly on her cunt. Her ass rose up from the bed, only to fall back then rise up again. Claire stuck her tongue out trying in vain to lick her breast, but she could only reach the beginning of her cleavage, where drops of her saliva pooled and flickered faintly in the dim afternoon lighting.

She didn’t seem to mind this failure.

Then she was smiling, as she calmly said, “I’m there! I’m there! I’m there! Mmmmmm! So good! Oh, so nice.”

The rest of her words vanished in the scream of joy erupting from her as her body spasmed from the final chords her fingers played out upon her clitoris and cunt. Slowly, Claire came to rest, until finally she turned her hands palms-up upon her thighs and let her head fall back gently on the pillow so she was staring up at the ceiling. She smiled contentedly and purred. Slowly, her chin came down until she was able to look at me again.

She just lay there, looking at me. I glanced furtively at my hardon. The pre-cum was oozing copiously from the tip.

“That was wonderful,” she said in a hoarse voice. “Thank you. You know, for the first time you were… ummm, very, very good. And thank you…” she didn’t finish the sentence.

I must have looked at her questioningly.

“For watching,” she explained. “It was so much better with you watching. I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head. My prick jerked in the air of its own accord and Claire broke out in a gale of laughter. I looked at her pussy, sumptuously wet and swollen, veiled now with tiny ringlets of dampened pubic hair.

Claire spoke softly to me. “Would you like to try it?”

She saw me staring between her legs and said, “Not me silly. You.”

“Oh, I… I couldn’t. I mean… I.”

“Go on,” she said firmly as if knowing I would and only needed to be prodded a bit.

“Really? You really want to watch me jerk off?”

“Yes I do. I really and truly want to watch you do it.”

I stood up and took myself in hand.

“Ohhh, look at you,” Claire cooed. “Can you really grip it in both hands?”

“Uh, yeah, I can.”

With some pride I quickly demonstrated that indeed I could grip it with two hands and there was still about two inches protruding above my fingers.

“I’ve never seen a cock as big as yours,” she whispered, obviously impressed.

“But after the contest I should have known, but still… you make quite an impact on me Frank. Your cock is… formidable. Yes formidable.

I ached for her hand to replace mine, but lacked the courage to ask.

“Go on, Frank, crank it up.”

I leaned back slightly thrusting my pelvis at her face, which was only two feet away and began to jerk myself off.


“Yes?” Her voice already possessed a dream-like quality.

“Can I lick your nipple while I do it?”

“No.” But she paused as if giving my request further consideration. “Oh, all right, but keep stoking and don’t bite them they’re quite sensitive right now.”

She stood beside me and presented a breast to my mouth. She even cupped my balls for a minute or so. But I was thwarted from my blissful sucking as Claire pulled her stiffened nipple from my pouting lips and sat down at my feet.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I can see you. I’ll let you play with them later, okay?”

I continued with my slow, mechanical stroking, occasionally running my thumb across the head of my uncircumcised prick, tickling the sensitive head.

“That’s so beautiful,” Claire husked. “Thank you for letting me watch.”

“Never done this before,” I stammered.

“You’ve never masturbated before?” She asked incredulously.

“No. Had someone watch me. Normally I’d have come by now.”

“I’ve heard guys sometimes form a circle and have contests to see who will finish first and who will be the last to come.”

“Really?” I said. I’d never heard of such goings on.

“Ummm, for sure. But girls don’t do that.”

“That’s strange,” I responded, “I thought both sexes were pretty much alike when it comes to sex.”

“No, not at all. Girls might get down and dirty with one another though.”

I wiped beads of sweat from my eyes and forehead, and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean they eat each other. If the group is large enough, say four girls, and they haven’t paired off, they might form a circle while eating one another. That’s called pulling the train. “

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My Wet Neighbour Ch. 5-6

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This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached, as long as no charge is made for it and it isn’t changed in any way. If it is archived or displayed, it is done so with the understanding that the author will have unrestricted access to the archive or posting.

Disclaimer: This story is a work fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or if reading stories of a sexual nature upsets you, do not read any further! By reading further, you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material wilfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, a law enforcement officer of the United Kingdom, and that, to your knowledge, this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law.

* * * * *

My Wet Neighbour – Part5.

By morning the next day, I had not seen my son and thought it best to leave him to himself. We both needed to think about the implications of what had happened the day before.

I was going about my usual routine. My husband had left for work some two hours before and I had heard Frank leave quietly at around 09.30 to get to college. I was alone in the house and enjoying the quiet and my own thoughts of the previous few days events when I was shaken out of my daydreams by the ring of the phone.

I picked it up, “Hello.”

“Hello Mary, Its Wendy Kent here.”

“Oh hello…Mrs.. Kent,” I said, rather surprised by her call.

“I hope you don’t mind me phoning but Anne said that you might like me to start cleaning for you.”

I was surprised by her coolness after what we had done together with Anne and mumbled, “Erh…Yes…Erh.. yes I think I would.”

“Are you sure? You seem a bit put out by my calling.” She said.

By now I was gaining my composure and replied, “No not at all Mrs.. Kent and yes, I would definitely like to talk to you about you coming to clean for me.”

“Good,” she said, “I can always do with the extra income, and please, call me Wendy. I like to be on first name terms with my ‘ladies’.”

“Okay Wendy it is,” I said, “when would be convenient for you to come round to discuss details”?

“Well how about now. I can be with you in twenty minutes.”

“That would be fine. See you then,” I answered and hung up the phone. God, what was I doing. Did I really want Wendy to start cleaning for me. Did I want to be one of her ‘special’ ladies. What the hell, I thought. Go for it! She is obviously trusted by Anne and if Anne can rely on her discretion then so could I.

I decided, rather illogically, that if she was going to come to my house to talk about cleaning it, then I should quickly rush round and clean it myself. I knew it was crazy but it’s just the sort of thing you do isn’t it. You don’t want your cleaner to see what a mess you live in. I quickly sorted things out and chucked all the dirty crockery into the dishwasher when I realised I had already been 15 minutes. With only a few moments left before Wendy arrived I wanted to be sure I looked okay and dashed upstairs to straighten my hair etc. I wasn’t yet dressed but did have underwear on under my robe and generally looked decent enough to have visitors, I thought.

I went back down stairs just as the doorbell rang. I opened it to a warm smile from Wendy who greeted me with the kind words, “thanks for asking me round. It is much appreciated that you may wish to take me on as your cleaner.”

“Please come in,” I said and showed Wendy through into the lounge and invited her to sit down. “So…Wendy…I’ve never taken on a cleaner before and to tell the truth I don’t really know the drill, so to speak.”

She immediately put me at ease by saying, “Don’t worry about that. Basically I do a few hours a week general cleaning. For a little extra I am also willing to do ironing, if you want.” She paused and then said, “and as you know, for selected clients, I occasionally earn bonuses for special duties.”

“Would I be a ‘selected’ client?,” I asked.

“Oh I think after the other day at Anne’s that you would certainly qualify if you wanted my special services.”, she replied with a smile.

I really did want a cleaner but the thought of Wendy doing other things for me as well was a real turn on. As we spoke about it, even in polite, cryptic tones, I was felling myself getting turned on. As I described before, Wendy was a very attractive woman and I think she knew it.

“So do you want me?” she said, again with a smile but this time a dirty kind of smile.

“Oh yes, Wendy,” I said, “I want you as my cleaner all right and I will most definitely being paying you bonuses casino şirketleri from time to time!”

“Great,” she said, “but there is one thing I would like to understand. When I offer a client special services I have found it best to know whether they wish me to take the lead.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“Well,” she went on, “do you wish me to be submissive since you are the lady of the house or would you prefer me to be more dominant in those situations? I seemed to me that when we met at Anne’s you were at ease being somewhat submissive. Am I correct?” she said.

“Oh, I see,” I said and thought for a moment before answering, “I suppose you’re right Wendy. Yes. I would be happy for you to take the lead but maybe at some time in the future I could change my mind.”

“Of course!” she said in a very up-beat tone, “and when do you want me to start.”

“I looked at her sheepishly, not wanting to appear over eager and quietly replied, “how about today.”

“Fine Mary, just show me where your cleaning stuff is. Is it okay to call you Mary?”

“Yes of course,” I said “and…erh…”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Well, if its not too pushy could you…erh…would you…um… Let me start again,” I said and gathering my courage blurted out, “would you be prepared to start by earning a special bonus, today Wendy?”

“Oh I see, a bonus on my first day,” she said, “you really are keen aren’t you Mary. Well, I don’t see why not. I can always start the cleaning tomorrow.” With that she gave me the most beautifully gentle smile and slowly stood up. The, without saying anything, she undid her jeans, pulled them down and took them off before sitting back down. She now had on a sweatshirt and a pair of black panties. She settled back into the sofa and opened her legs slightly all the time looking me straight in the eye.

I didn’t know what to say or do but just sat in my chair watching her with my gaze switching from her face to her crotch and back again.

The she spoke, “Knell down Mary and come over her.”

I was already so excited, I was eager to do as she instructed and immediately sunk of my chair to the floor. Then on my hands and knees I crawled over to her stopping between her legs and placed a hand on each of her thighs. I then looked at her, as if waiting to be given further instructions.

“Good girl,” Mary, now I want you to use your fingers and tongue on me. You will bring me off and I want you to do it quickly. I like to do these things quick and dirty. You will not speak while you are doing it and you will not touch yourself. Is that clear?”

I nodded and pushing my hands up her thighs, I pulled her panties to one side with my left hand and started to play with her pussy with the other. Wendy laid back and closed her eyes. I started to push my index finger into her and fuck her with it and at the same time dropped my head to her and started to lick at her clitoris. I started gently but remembering her instructions started to speed up my actions as she started to shout at me, “Come on Mary, do it dirty. Fuck me you filthy bitch. Fuck me dirty and make me come…oh god…yes… make me come Mary.

Wendy was obviously as turned on as I was because she started to rub her tits through her top and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth and onto my pumping finger.

“Use more fingers. Fill me up Mary,” she shouted, “Come on, now! Do it now before I come.”

I did as I was told and pushed a further two fingers into her continuing to finger fuck her as fast as I now could.

Wendy started to pant and squeal like a puppy as she reached orgasm. As she did so she clamped her thighs tight against my face and grabbing my head sort of rubbed my face up and down her pussy. I was getting covered in her juices all over my face and into my hair.

As her orgasm subsided she pushed my face away and caught her breath, then looking at me smiled and said, “Very good Mary, very good. I can see that I am going to enjoy working for you. Now stand up and remove your underwear.

I was loving this and stood as instructed eager to please. “Do you want my robe of as well?” I asked.

“No Mary, just your underwear. Leave you robe on for now.” She said.

I did as I was told and having removed my bra and put my arms back in my robe, I then pulled my panties off.

“Give me your panties, Mary,” Wendy said.

I looked puzzled but did as she said.

She took them and placed them in her bag saying, “I like to keep a momento the first time I get a bonus from a client. Now Mary lead the way to your kitchen please.”

I turned and lead her through the hallway and into the kitchen.

As we went in Wendy looked around and then making for the table sat down. I went to join her but she stopped me saying, “You can remain standing Mary. Please go over by the sink and open your robe for me.”

I did as instructed. My nipples were now standing proud and I was so excited I could feel juices leaking from my pussy casino firmaları and starting to rub down my thighs. I wanted so bad to touch myself and was relieved when Mary said, “Now I want to see you pussy Mary. Stand with your legs further apart please and open yourself for me.”

Again I did as I was told and having spread my legs I pulled myself open with my fingers. My own touch made me sigh with pleasure by this stage.

“You are a very good girl Mary,” she said and then lifting the bottom of her sweat shirt pulled it up and over her head to reveal her beautiful large breasts to me. Then standing, she removed her own panties and threw them to the floor as she sat back down.

“Now Mary, I want you to pee yourself.”

“Where?” I rather stupidly asked.

“There Mary, where you are standing but first put your legs firmly together and cup your hands over your cunt.”

I adjusted my stance so that my legs were firmly pressed together, put my hands in front of myself and then, so looking forward to the experience, relaxed my bladder and started to pee. My piss shoot out from me only to be caught in my hands and splashed back onto my self so that it ran down my legs into a large puddle on the floor. As I peed Wendy sat playing with her pussy and pinching her clit between her finger and thumb.

When my pee finished I started to rub myself too but Wendy firmly said, “Leave yourself alone Mary. There will be time for that in a minute. Now I want you to close your robe around you and lay on the floor in your piss.”

I eagerly did so and my robe immediately soaked up a huge amount of my pee such that it clung to me as though I had just got out of the shower with it on. As before at Anne’s I got the impression that Wendy liked to slightly humiliate her ‘clients’.

“Excellent Mary, now come nearer, sit between my legs facing me and open your robe.”

I positioned myself such that I was firmly between her legs, with my face about eighteen inches from her pussy and rested back on my arms. I thought I knew what was coming and hoped I was right.

I was! Wendy parted her pussy lips and started to piss on me. She directed her stream with her fingers so that she first sprayed my breasts and then bought the stream up to my face and hair.

“Open your mouth!” she shouted, “sluts like you like to drink my piss, isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” I whimpered.

“Then ask politely,” she said.

“Can I drink your piss Wendy. Please let me drink your piss,” I asked and opened my mouth.

She expertly directed her continuing stream into my mouth where it landed and cascaded down my neck and onto my breasts. As she neared the end she said, “That’s nearly all for now Mary. Your last mouthful you will swallow. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes,” I said and filled my mouth once again. As she stopped I looked at her with my mouth full and then swallowed it down in one gulp. Mary grabbed my face with her hands and then kissed me deep and hard, as if trying to get a taste of her own pee from me.

Again she congratulated me on my behaviour saying, “now Mary you have earned the chance to relieve yourself. Do you have a dildo?”

“No I don’t.” I said, “Sorry.”

“That’s a shame, Mary,” she said, “I intended to fuck you again myself. Never mind go and get your vibrator.”

“Sorry Wendy,” I said, “but I don’t have a vibrator either.”

“You’re kidding. A lady like you and you don’t have sex toys! This is not good enough Mary. If you want my special services then you had better get some toys for me to use on you. Is that understood?”

“Yes,” I said apologetically, “I will get something sorted.”

“I have a mind not to let you cum at all, as punishment, but since you have been such a good girl today I will be generous.” With that she walked over to the fridge and looked inside. “These will do,” she said bringing out a packet of carrots and a large tub of yoghurt. “Now take off that wet robe and lean over your sink for me.”

I removed the pee soaked robe and dutifully lent over the sink.

Wendy came behind me and pulled my legs as far apart as they would go still allowing me to rest with my elbows on the sink. She then emptied the tub of yoghurt over my lower back and let it run down my arse crack before dripping onto the floor. She grabbed handfuls of the stuff and massaged it into my pussy and all round by arse. Then selecting two of the largest carrots, she lightly pushed one into my cunt and the other into my arse hole where she left them and returned to her seat.

“Now Mary, remain resting on your shoulders and with a hand on each carrot I want you first to pee yourself again and then you will fuck yourself.”

I put my right hand over my back and grabbed the carrot in my bottom whilst with my left hand between my legs I got hold of the carrot in my pussy. Then I relaxed myself and started to let my pee flow. I didn’t need to go a lot but there was enough to put on a show for Wendy and with the carrot in my pussy, güvenilir casino my stream sprayed out in a good shower. I could see by her reaction that Wendy was pleased. Once my piss had stopped I started to fuck myself. Both Wendy and I knew that I was practically coming before I started and that I wouldn’t be long. I started to scream and shout as with only a few pushes of the carrot in my arse I started to feel my orgasm. As it came I sank to my knees so that I could better fuck with the carrots. My juices poured out of my pussy and mixed with the messy yoghurt and piss that covered my thighs and the floor between my legs. I rapidly finished what was the quickest orgasm I could remember in a long time, even quicker than those recently with Anne where I had been so excited.

The strange thing was, once I had come I suddenly felt embarrassed. Here I was sitting in my own cum and pee, covered with yoghurt, still wet with Wendy’s piss, a carrot in my backside and one in my pussy and all in front of a woman who was still a relative stranger. I simply couldn’t believe what I was doing nor did I know how to act.

Wendy saw my predicament and enjoyed it, I think. “God, you’re a filthy slut, aren’t you Mary?” she said. “Look at the state of you. Now go upstairs and get yourself cleaned up.”

“Thank you, I will,” I said as I pulled myself to my feet and wiped as much of the mess of myself as I could and left the room not believing that I was actually thanking her for humiliating me.

I was upstairs for fifteen minutes or so and wandered back down not quite knowing what to expect. When I entered the kitchen, Wendy was dressed and was just finishing cleaning of the kitchen. It was spotless, showing no sign at all of our messy fun. Most surprisingly Wendy had reverted from the role of dominant to that of my cleaner, “Sorry about the mess Mary. I cleaned it all up well and I will get on with the rest of the house straight away. Is that okay?”

“Er..yes, that will be fine Wendy,” I said, “please carry on.”

“Thank you Mary,” she said and gathering her cleaning kit set about her normal duties.

I was really quite bizarre but good to know that there was a definite end to our ‘bonus’ sessions after which it was simply forgotten and normality resumed. This made me feel much more comfortable about the sexual path I was allowing her and Anne to lead me down.

* * * * *

My Wet Neighbour – Part 6.

Two day’s later I was planning to call on Anne again since I had not seen her for a few days. I decided first however to make a bit of an effort and get myself some new clothes and maybe some new underwear. The shopping trip was originally intended to be to a local sex shop to get the toys that Mrs.. Kent had told me to have ready for her next visit; a strap-on dildo and a vibrator. However at the last minute, after a whole day and night talking myself into it, I lost my nerve. I figured I would ask Anne to recommend a web site or two where I could get the toys and where I could be relatively anonymous. So it was new clothes instead for this trip!

I had had a real busy day, I didn’t seem to have achieved much, but nevertheless nearly the whole day had gone by the time I was ready to go out. I left a note for my husband telling him I was going shopping and would be back as soon as possible but was not likely to be home before him. With that I set off to the local town arriving only ten minutes or so, later. I knew I didn’t have long before the shops started closing for the day so decided on a particularly little boutique I had seen on my previous visit but had never been in. From their window display they seemed to have some nice stuff and a little different to what was available everywhere else. Just special enough for the way I was feeling and to celebrate my new sexual confidence and adventures.

The shop was down a small side street and didn’t seem too busy as I approached it. I looked in the window and, confident it would have something to my taste, I entered. As soon as I walked in a woman in maybe her early forties approached me and extremely politely apologised saying, “I’m sorry but you’re a little too late today madam. We were just preparing to close.”

“Oh,” I said, “Sorry, I thought you shut at 5.30.”

“No, I’m afraid not. We tend to close up at 5.00 if possible. I’m very sorry madam.”

“That’s okay,” I said, disappointedly. I was just turning towards the door when another woman walked into the display area from the back stockroom. She was around twenty and with the same petite sort of figure as myself.

“Mum, where are those new ……” She said, obviously not realising there were any customers in the shop, “Oh sorry,” she continued looking at me, “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“That’s okay,” I said, “I was just leaving anyway. I thought you were open half an hour more.”

The young woman turned to the older one, who I now knew to be her mother, and said, “I’ll be around a little longer Mum. If this lady want’s to browse I’m happy to attend to her.”

“Are you sure?” her mother asked.

“Yeah sure,” she said with a smile and glancing between her mother and myself, “I’ll lock up when I finish in the stock room and see you at home shortly.”

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Houston II Ch. 13

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Author’s Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like these stories. What’s good, and what’s not so good. Thank you.

Chapter 13

John’s Turn

A round of polite applause rang out, filling the bedroom and strangely enough, caused Argie to blush. A stranger to Argie approached the bed upon which she and the black Adonis lay. It was the “Voice” who turned out to be a handsome man in his mid-forties, and he took Argie’s hand in his and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the newest member of The Club! Wasn’t she just grand?”

A roar of approval went up from the onlookers, and Argie’s heart filled with pride. She looked frantically about for her husband, and found him standing behind a woman who appeared to be about thirty, wearing a skimpy black cocktail dress. Instinctively, she knew the woman had designs on him. Jealousy flared up for a moment, and then died. She had after all, sucked ten different cocks. John had as yet done nothing. And this was their initiation. ‘Would he be going down on as many women?’ she wondered.

“And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, would you all please join me in the Green Room for the second of this evening’s initiations? Mr. John Franck, will you please follow me?”

“Argie,” Adonis said, taking her arm, “let’s see how good a man you’re married to.”

“He’s good, Adonis,” she replied. “He’s probably too good for his own good.” Then she laughed and hopped off the bed to stand next to him, her breasts jouncing in the process.

“My, I knew you were big, but I didn’t realize just how big,” she said teasingly as she stood next to him.

Adonis made his cock jump, and she recoiled in surprise, and then began laughing. “I hoped you were quick to recover,” she said, taking his ebony member in hand.

“No, don’t start,” he said. “Not until your husband is finished. Then we’ll have the evening to ourselves . . . or I should say to whomever.”

“Are you saying you’ll be sharing me with someone else?” she asked impishly.

“It’s the house rules, my dear. We share and share and share and share. Until dawn’s early light.”

“I like these rules, Adonis, I really do. So, let’s see how my Johnny boy does.”


John and Argie were ceremoniously escorted from the bedroom to an interior room of great size. There was a dimly-lit mahogany bar on the far side of the room. It stretched perhaps thirty feet in length, yet left plenty of room on either side.

John glanced around. He was more nervous now than earlier. This was because it was now his turn to perform and he wanted desperately to do well.

People sauntered up to the bar, but he noticed there was no bartender present. He made a quick mental count and found six men and seven women in various states of undress standing there.

Two luscious, and very young blondes, one completely naked, the other wearing only a skimpy thong, approached him, but halted several feet away from him.

He sensed Argie being steered away from him by her lover, Adonis.

‘It’s coming,’ he told himself.

A middle-aged man, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist, stood a few feet behind the two blondes. He gave the one to John’s right a pat on the rear, and after she turned and smiled at him, let his towel fall to the floor as he turned and went directly to the bar, his semi-erection bobbing merrily in front of him.

Perhaps a minute passed with nothing further happening. Then John swallowed, as a long, lean, sultry looking brunette with a deep bronze richness to her skin placed herself alongside the two young blondes. She was completely naked, and stood there, feet apart, lightly rubbing her pussy as she looked casually around the room, but not at him.

He realized then that none of them had even glanced his way. He swallowed again, and then coughed nervously.

Three more men and three more women, two of each exquisitely gorgeous, and one of each, soft and flabby, joined the others at the bar. They were all smiling at him, or so it seemed. He nodded politely at them, and they nodded back.

To John, it seemed there were many more people in this room. He was certain that several of the men Argie had blown earlier had not appeared as yet, Then too, the blonde haired woman in the black cocktail dress who had dry-humped him earlier was no where to be seen. He knew that he would recognize her nude, or dressed. She had made a definite impression on him.

A man wearing white jockeys escorted an auburn haired female of indeterminate age, wearing casino şirketleri a loose shift, to join the three women standing in front of him, and then left her to stand at the bar with the others.

Seconds later, another woman, with light brown hair, strode into the room and stood alongside the woman in the loose shift. All she wore was a matching set of powder blue bra and panties.

Dr. Coughlin walked past him, and from the side of his mouth whispered, “Make us proud of you, John.” He too sauntered over to the bar, and stood next to Adonis and Argie.

The woman in the skimpy black cocktail dress strolled slowly across the room and joined the women standing in front of him. She gave the woman wearing bra and panties a peck on the cheek, and whispered something in her ear, making her laugh.

Then she began a slow strip tease. Reaching behind her, she unbuttoned her dress down the back. She made a slow pirouette, and he saw that half her ass was clearly visible.

John had to laugh, not at her, but at himself. Here was a woman standing next to several others who were stark naked, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and she was almost fully clothed.

‘I gotta give her points as a temptress,’ he thought, his eyes raking up and down her body.

The top of the black dress fell to her waist when she shrugged her left shoulder from under the thin strap. Her pert breasts were perfect in their symmetry; her nipples like the ripest of strawberries.

John licked his lips.

The black dress lay coiled at her feet after she gave a seductive shimmy with her hips, and she stood there smiling at him. Except for the black garter belt that held up her thigh-high stockings, she was nude.

John looked at her and caught a fleeting glimpse of what had to be her excited state, glistening in the thin strip of pubic hair surrounding her pussy. The woman obviously had a flair for the dramatic as she bent slightly and sucked one red tip at a time into her mouth, sucking each into a rock-hard erection before expelling it with a soft pop.

The other women alongside her were either smirking, or tittering at her antics. He knew that they had seen her do this before.

John tore his eyes from her to glance at the bar. He thought that most of the men that had tendered their cocks to his wife were now with the others.

‘How many more women are there?’ he asked himself.

As if in answer to his question, seven women left the bar and slowly found places in the line before him. Actually the line was now more of a crescent than anything else. He counted them. Thirteen women stood there in various stages of undress.

‘Thirteen, that must be it,’ he told himself and spread his feet just a little further apart as if to brace himself for an attack.

The Voice rang out suddenly and silence prevailed.

Ladies of the line, please remove any impediment that might preclude Mr. Franck’s getting to your . . . ah . . . charms, will you?”

Those women quickly and efficiently removed their outer and under garments. One of the men in jockey shorts went around collecting the clothing, leaving it all in a pile in the corner of the room.

Thirteen attractive women stood waiting.

Dr. Coughlin and Adonis each brought a small, but comfortable arm chair out, placing one behind one of the two blondes, and the other behind the woman with light brown hair. John recalled that she had worn a loose fitting shift earlier. He noted that her pussy was completely shaven.

Another man brought forth a large pillow and laid it at John’s feet. John saw that it was the same pillow that Argie had used with her men.

He looked up and fixed on the voice. “Shall I . . .” he began.

“Ladies, are you ready for Mr. Franck?”

“We are,” they said in unison.

“Please kneel, Mr. Franck. Those ladies presently standing will approach you in turn. As with Mrs. Franck, a certain time limit will be granted you with each of them. The object is to make one of these lovely ladies climaxes. The climax will not be faked. They have all sworn a holy oath to that effect. Mr. Franck, do you have any questions?”

“Um, the chairs?”

“Yes, the chairs. The two chairs are there primarily to afford you some relief in performing cunnilingus this evening. One spending too long on ones knee’s tends to cramp, and that would not do, would it?”

“When approaching the chairs, you may select any position you desire to have oral sex with its occupant. Is that understood?”

“Yes . . . yes it is.”

“As with casino firmaları Mrs. Franck, when the allotted time with your partner is up, I will call ‘Time.’ Is that clear?”

“I stop and move on . . . or my next partner will come to me, yes,” John answered dully.

“Very good,” said the voice. “Let us begin!”

John had thought one of the two attractive blondes would be the first, and was caught off guard when one of the last women stepped forward. She was at least forty, but bore herself regally as she moved in front of him. Her hair was black, or had been before the grey began to creep in. His eyes dropped to her cunt. It was unshaven and the black there was also spattered with silver threads.

She was wet, that was obvious. Her hands went to her sexual lips and she parted them, revealing the coral within. She took another step, bringing her to within inches of his mouth’s reach.

John reached out and cupped her buttocks, pulling her to him and began to suck on her. He was not gentle. He knew he could be as rough as necessary with each of these women. They were, none of them, novices to any form of sexual depravity, or so he told himself.

He was slobbering over her genitals when the voice called out the dreaded word, ‘Time!’ and he hung his head, feeling the shame at not having brought the woman to a climax.

The woman gave him a scornful look as she made her way to the bar and gave a fiftyish looking man with a paunch a little hug and received one in return.

John was still chiding himself about his failure to eat the woman’s pussy properly, when the second contestant stood before him. It was the one with light brown hair. Her entire crotch was clean shaven.

“You do know how, don’t you?” she said in a taunting fashion.

“I’ll certainly do better this time,” he replied quietly.

As before, he clasped the woman’s rear cheeks and pulled her to him. This time he thought about what he was going to do before doing it. He remembered to bring the clit out from under its hooded hiding place, his tongue was strong and supple, for he loved eating out the members of the opposite sex.

And so, John applied himself, and his mouth, to the task at hand. He began by applying a firm, dispersed pressure on and around the woman’s clit. With her first moan of satisfaction, he switched to a series of soft, sloppy strokes, using plenty of saliva. He had used this exclusively on the first woman without success. But this time his technique was more favorably received.

The light brown haired woman now held his head with both hands, and was murmuring softly, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” to just the two of them.

“The ‘voice’ interrupted what was almost sure to be a rousing orgasm for the light brown haired woman. It was obvious to all that she was reluctant in having to make way for another.

John surprised himself and everyone else, by rising to his feet and pulling the woman tightly against his chest.

“Thank you,” he said, “You were delicious.” Then he kissed her on the mouth. She was shuddering and on the brink of cumming when they parted.

“I . . . I hope to see you later,” she said softly, before turning and walking back to the mahogany bar on very shaky legs.

The third woman was the blonde who had been nude as opposed to her partner who had worn a thong. The armchair behind her was brought into play, and the blonde sat down in it directly in front of John, and gingerly lifted each leg over the chair’s arms. This served to expose her pussy’s charms to him to do with as he wished.

As he made ready to go down on the blonde, John glanced over at the bar. Argie stood next to Dr. Coughlin and Adonis. The black man had his arm around her shoulder; it seemed as if they were old, old friends. The middle aged man who had dropped his towel had just started to fuck the first woman John had gone down on. They were going at it doggy-style. Both had their eyes on John and the blonde.

John crouched before the blonde and paused to ask her name.

“Yolanda,” she replied. “Thank you for asking, John.”

He leaned in on her and gave her pussy several long, prolonged strokes with his tongue, starting at her clit and ending at her perineum. She was already very wet. He attacked her clit, delicately sucking, carefully varying the pressure upon it.

She cried out with her first moan, and he let his tongue circle her clit, licking the underside, then directly on the nub itself and closed out by circling around the hood again.

She was moaning continuously now, and he sent two fingers güvenilir casino into her wetness. He remembered to establish a careful rhythm in sucking on her clit.

The blonde’s pelvis was rocking back and forth, meeting his fingers as they surged into her. She was also rolling her hips to make modest adjustments so as to heighten the feel of his tongue on her clit.

“Time,” the voice yelled out.

“No!” The blonde shrieked. “I’m coming!”

“Time . . . Yolanda, remember our rules.” The voice said, admonishing her.

Yolanda refused to comply, and it was John who backed away from her. Yolanda was crying, sitting naked in the arm chair, her cunt dripping with her juices as the edge she had sought so desperately, began to fade.

The long, lean, sultry looking brunette who had been rubbing her pussy as she stood before him stepped forward. John rearranged the pillow in front of her and began eating her immediately.

‘This is number . . . four, I think,’ he told himself. ‘I’m getting closer, and I’m getting better with each one.’

“What’s your name? he asked, tearing his face from her twat momentarily.

“Huh? What?” she said, seeming disoriented.

“Your name, what is it?” John repeated.

“Ivana Rosterserich,” she said with aplomb. “I come from Russian royalty.”

“If I have my way, you’ll come from my mouth too,” he said and returned to her cunt, using his left hand to caress the mound of skin just atop her pubic bone. His tongue teased her clit out from under its hiding place and Ivana’s knees buckled, and she sagged slowly to the floor.

“Time, Time, Time,” the voice called out. “Bring the arm chair over to her. I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Franck. I don’t recall this ever happening before. Ladies and gentleman, shall we start Mr. Franck’s time over again?”

The majority of onlookers concurred, and John was given a fresh start with Ivana. That was in his favor as she was already highly aroused.

John stood this time, and several of the members watching had puzzled expressions on their faces, wondering just what he was up to.

They didn’t have long to wait. John reached out and took Ivana’s ankles, and swung her around in the chair, slowly and carefully, until she was upside down. That is her head was now inches from the floor and her ankles, still firmly gripped in his hands were at the top of the chair.

“Get your back tight up against the back of the chair,” John said commandingly, for the clock was running. Ivana complied, and John parted her legs as one would a wishbone and from his place behind the chair, he dived face first into her cunt. Three seconds later, Ivana gasped, for he had sent his index finger into her ass and his thumb into her cunt.

He started to hum, sending delicious thrills through her clit and out to the other sensitive areas of her genitals.

Ivana began to buck against his face. He left off her clit and sent his tongue into her cuntal cavity as far as it would go. This was about an inch further than the ordinary man’s tongue would travel, and so it was a relatively new experience for the blonde. She shuddered and started to cum.

The voice was about to call ‘Time,’ but held off. He knew that Ivana was entering her climax and let it happen.

John had his tongue and two fingers rampaging through her cauldron hot cunt, and she erupted, shrieking her joy out for all to hear. And were any of the onlookers deaf, they would have known from the copious amount of fluid she spewed forth, covering John’s face and hands.

The woman, who had teased John by stripping off her black cocktail dress, cursed her bad luck at not winning the contest. John would learn later that she had won three of the last four such contests, and had bet a rather large sum of money that she would do so again that evening. The other women all waited for Ivana to recover and then hugged her and offered her their heartfelt congratulations. Then each one approached John and offered themselves to him, before kissing him on the lips.

Argie was the last woman to approach him. “John,” she said, “you were fantastic.”

“I had to be, just to live in the same house as you. You were utterly unbelievable out there. I still can’t believe it.”

“Adonis told me that you broke his record, John.”

“What record?”

“You made the fourth woman cum. The record was six. Or, I should say Adonis ate that many before one came. That makes you the new champion pussy eater. Congratulations, I knew you could do it.”

He wiped his mouth with his arm and laughed. “And what might the record for cocksucking be?”

“I haven’t the foggiest,” Argie replied.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the voice called out in his sonorous voice, “Let us retire to the gardens for libations and games.”

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