Biochem Boys Ch. 02

Biochem Boys Ch. 02

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“Um…Ryan I’m not sure. I’m thinking about it…I can tell you that much.”

Nate hesitated, his words were coming out faster than he could think.

“Jesus! Ryan, anyone would be a fool to pass up their chance to fuck with you…at least…any girl.”

Nate was confused, he wanted to say no and pretend it never happened. At the same time he wanted to say, his growing erection was begging him to say yes. Physically, sexually he wanted it. Emotionally he both wanted it and wasn’t sure if he should. He decided to give in a little, but still be able to back out if it was too much.

“I don’t know though, maybe if I could see you with your shirt off, maybe that would help me decide.”

Nate watched for Ryan’s reaction and Ryan went for the buttons on his shirt more than willing to do what Nate wanted if it was going to get him what he wanted.


Ryan smiled stopping before he undid any of his shirt buttons. He put his hands back down at his sides.

“You can see me with my shirt off. But, only if you take it off. Then I get to take your shirt off and get a look at you.”

Ryan gave another sly smile.

“Alright, just let me do it at my pace…Don’t try and force me into anything. It may take me some time to work up all my courage. You’re asking me to do something I’m not used to… I’ve never kissed a guy let alone sucked, fucked, and got fucked by a guy.”

Nate was very serious but growing more and more excited.

Ryan gave him a look. Ryan look was a look that made Nate weak in the knees. Ryan’s blue eyes widened slightly, his pleasant smile took on an air of sincerity. Ryan’s face conveyed his understanding of Nate’s feelings.

“Nate I’ll do anything for you. Come on over and see what I’m like without a shirt on.”

Nate moved cautiously forward. He started to unbutton Ryan’s shirt. Each button caused a flash of guilt and confusion to run through his mind. But he was so close to Ryan. He could feel the heat gently emanating from his body. He could feel Ryan’s breath on his neck. But the confusion and guilt of his first remotely gay experience was being overwhelmed by the flood of desire to please a work of art. Nate was becoming intoxicated by the moment. The heat, the sweet smell of Ryan filled his nostrils. His senses were bursting. The situation was tense, but the pleasure just from being this close to Ryan had to be unnatural. Nate thought to himself about all the girl’s he’d been with (a modest list when compared to Ryan) and he couldn’t remember ever dwelling in the pleasure like this.

The shirt began separating as more and more buttons were undone. The flow of heat from both men was increasing. When all of the buttons had been undone Ryan gently whispered to Nate only an inch from his ear. “Put your hands on the shirt but let part of them rub against my skin as you slide my shirt over my shoulders and down my arms.”

Both of the boys were breathing so slowly with passion. Ryan stared into Nate’s eyes, both lost in the gaze of the other. Nate caressed Ryan’s smooth skin with the base of his palms as he slid Ryan’s shirt over his shoulders. Ryan’s skin was so milky smooth, Nate was tingling all over at the sensation of touching Ryan in that way. The shirt would have slid down on its own, but Nate continued following it down over Ryan’s firm biceps and on down the forearm. Palm to palm they touched hands as the shirt flipped down. The shirt hung at Ryan’s back with only the tucked in portion holding it up.

Nate thought for a second. He may not have breathed that entire time. The two boys were so close they were practically cheek to cheek. Each listened to the labored breathing of the other as they enjoyed the closeness. Nate stood back to see Ryan in the light coming through the large office window. Ryan was perfectly tan. His chest was defined, not bulging, he had a softened six pack not rigid like a body builder but smooth and defined like someone who took care of himself. Ryan wore his pants low. His defined and muscular hips framed the v-shape of his abs and there was only the faintest trace of blond hair disappearing beneath his boxers which rode slightly higher than the waste band of his jean. Ryan stretched showing Nate everything he had to offer.

Ryan was relishing in the obvious delight Nate had gotten while sliding his shirt off. He had been hard since Nate asked, and was raging now as Nate stared at his torso. Nate’s mouth was open slightly, he knew this was going to be a good day. A thought came to his mind as he watched Nate’s cloudy blue eyes move back up to meet his own.

“Hey Nate, you still haven’t gotten my shirt off all the way. Why don’t you reach in and pull out the parts that are still tucked in. While you do that I’ll work on taking yours off.

Nate didn’t wait for Ryan to ask again. He got close to Ryan again, thankful to be back, thankful to feel his heat and smell his smell. He slid his hands down Ryan’s smooth abs feeling each curve and moaning slightly. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri His hands gently, slowly worked their way under the waistband of Ryan’s boxers. He found the end of the shirt and also felt Ryan’s trimmed pubic hair against the back of his hand. He pulled the tails out very slowly. He put his hands back in after removing the front of the shirt. He caressed Ryan’s abs again and leaned his head back as he slid his hands around over his muscular hips and the top of Ryan’s ass. He found the rest of the shirt, but didn’t pull it out right away. He felt Ryan’s hands on his arms. Ryan was feeling his way up Nate’s arms. Nate had never felt a touch like Ryan’s before. Ryan unbuttoned the top of Nate’s jeans. He unzipped the fly and grabbed the polo shirt by the base and ran his hand and the shirt lightly across Nate’s erection. Ryan quickly looped the front of Nate’s shirt over his head leaving it on but exposing all of Nate’s chest. Nate pulled out the rest of the Ryan’s shirt and stepped back. Ryan stepped forward again. Starting at Nate’s briefs he slowly ran his hands across Nate’s firm abs, and up his smooth slightly tanned but really white chest. Ryan observed that Nate had a great body but it came more from being thin than working out. He was ripped but not huge. His hands stopped on Nate’s hard chest. Ryan gently caressed Nate’s nipples. Then he moved on and one arm at a time slid the polo shirt off the rest of the way. The two boys stood panting and wide-eyed. They had already done and enjoyed more being with each other than they should have, but it felt so good. So much better than any time with a girl.

“That was incredible.” Ryan said. “I never thought you would take my shirt off like that. I thought you were really against being with me. I am so glad you did though. I love this. You do realize it took us half an hour just to get our shirts off. That is passion my friend. We are gonna be so good together. I have never been this turned on. I want you more than any girl I’ve ever been with. I want to be with you so bad.”

“I never thought taking off another guy’s shirt could be that hot.” Nate was relieved to have a little conversation before they continued. The sexual tension in the room was as thick as the air on a humid day in San Antonio. “I’m still not sure how far I’ll go. I just don’t think guys should be so willing to do this stuff with each other. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this stuff for so long already. I’ve never spent this much time with a girl. Hell most of the time I’ve cum by now.”

Ryan stepped up to Nate. Ryan pressed his chest into Nate’s. Their skin was hot to the touch and their breathing in sync. Ryan’s mouth was nearly on Nate’s left ear when he whispered “I want you so bad. We can take it slow if you want, but I’m gonna keep going until you say stop.”

Ryan ran his lips across Nate’s jaw line and gently began licking and kissing his way down to Nate’s collar bone. While Ryan necked with Nate his skilled hands sent Nate’s pants to the floor. Nate was painfully aware of how erect he was, and now there was nothing hiding it but his briefs. He was at his full length, about seven thick inches and Ryan’s hand paused briefly to explore its firm length. A slight wet spot was forming as he began to leak precum due to Ryan’s intense advances. Ryan gently pushed Nate back into his chair. Ryan ran his hands down Nate’s tense thighs, curved under his knees and down his calves. In one swift motion Ryan peeled off his socks too.

Ryan stood between Nate’s widely spread legs. Nate’s erection created an obvious tent, his hands gripped the arms as he looked up to see Ryan. The perfection of Ryan’s upper body was a sight to behold and with one sly smile Ryan removed his own pants. Ryan’s massive nine inch rod forced his boxers straight out almost reaching Nate’s awestruck face. Ryan looked down and saw Nate staring at his prize. He wanted nothing more that to let Nate touch him, let Nate suck him, let Nate ride him, but he knew he must first prove to Nate how dedicated Ryan himself was to Nate’s pleasure. Ryan dropped to his knees. Ryan put his hands on the inside of Nate’s thighs and then started working Nate’s throbbing cock through his briefs with his mouth. Only the feeling of Nate’s cotton covered cock between his hungry lips lasted for a second, much less than he craved. Nate nearly flipped out of the chair to get away from Ryan.

“I’m so sorry Ry, I just don’t know if I can let a guy do that stuff to me. My family is so against it. I’ve been brought up believing that doing this will be an unforgivable sin. I just don’t know.”

Nate fled to the large window looking out over the campus in only his briefs he felt more exposed than ever, though he knew no one could see him this high up. Nate stood by the window with his arms crossed about his chest. His mind was racing he wanted so much for the pleasure to continue. He knew it would be the best with Ryan, but he just couldn’t shake that it was unnatural to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri get this much pleasure from another man. But, Ryan was so much the perfect man.

“Nate, I don’t want to force you into anything. If you want to call it quits, you can, but if you want to continue you’re gonna have to get used to me touching you, and let yourself touch me. The only thing we can do, without having some kind of sex, is kiss and lick. We’ve taken care of the petting and stripping.”

Ryan carefully came up behind Nate. Ryan uncrossed Nate’s arms and placed his hands on the window sill. Nate felt better again, feeling Ryan’s touch, the way he gently rubbed his arms. Ryan’s hands moved up Nate’s arms and onto his chest. Nate felt Ryan’s heat growing more intense as Ryan moved forward and pulled Nate into him; the heat was replaced by the touch of Ryan’s skin to his back. He could feel Ryan’s nipples and his firm chest against his back. Ryan touched his erection to Nate’s butt, gently, almost unnoticeably gyrating their two bodies together. Nate nearly jumped at the feeling of Ryan’s erection against his ass, but maintained. Feeling the rock hard shaft pressing into him, Nate knew just how much Ryan wanted him and Nate wanted Ryan equally. He gave in.

Nate closed his eyes, lost in the passion of the moment. He was enjoying the close contact with Ryan’s body. He felt Ryan’s breathing get closer to his neck until his warm breath was replaced by his hot moist lips. Alarms were ringing in Nate’s head but his body was captivated by rapture brought on by the way Ryan was kissing the nape of his neck. He felt Ryan’s tongue on his skin. Nate’s breath became slow and labored. There were no more alarms in his head, only anticipation. Ryan worked his hands along Nate’s chest, gently playing with his hard nipples. Ryan’s tongue slid smoothly up Nate’s neck, stopping every once and a while to kiss him or suck on his neck in particularly erogenous areas.

Nate let go of the window sill and placed his hands ever so gently on Ryan’s ass. He pulled Ryan closer. Ryan’s clothed covered erection throbbed against his ass. Ryan was bucking into Nate with a little more force now, dry humping Nate’s virgin crack. Ryan’s hands were now frantically exploring Nate’s torso, eagerly learning every inch of his skin. Ryan’s tongue darted out onto Nate’s face on its way to his left ear. He carefully nibbled on the ear lobe, and then ran his tongue up between his head and the back of his ear. He repeated this over and over. Nate let out a soft moan. Ryan was starting to moan as well. He slid his tongue into Nate’s ear. Nate was thrilled. Ryan had never thought his tongue could get anyone this worked up.

Nate worked his fingers into Ryan’s firm ass. Feeling its firmness and even though it was covered by his boxers he knew Ryan fucked like an animal. Ryan’s hands now moved down to Nate’s thighs without Nate so much as flinching. Ryan had now fully licked every inch of Nate’s neck and began to quickly move his tongue down Nate’s backbone. He would stop to fully enjoy the curves and textures of particularly sensitive spots with kisses and gentle sucking. Nate had a taste that no girl could ever have dreamed of having. Ryan’s tongue danced with the flavor of Nate’s sweat. Both young men were covered in sweat, glistening in the setting sunlight while they explored their new lover’s body.

Ryan timed his hand motions well, the further down he moved his tongue, the more toward the inside of Nate’s thighs he would rub. When Ryan got to the waist band of Nate’s briefs, he knew this would be a defining moment in both his life and Nate’s. With one quick move he pulled Nate’s briefs to the floor. Nate stopped breathing, his body tensed.

“No, dude not yet…”

Ryan didn’t want this to stop now. He slid his tongue down and deep into Nate’s virgin crack. He dove in as deep as he could.

“Oh…ahh…ahh…fuck yes…” Nate couldn’t say to stop. He was losing control.

The noises coming from Ryan as his tongue probed deep into Nate’s ass, the feeling of having a man’s face pressed completely into his ass drove Nate insane. He knew this was going to be the best sex he ever had. For the first time there was no guilt or confusion in Nate. He wanted this and he wanted it bad. When Ryan grabbed onto his rock hard seven inches he only moaned more.

Ryan was in heaven. The smells and flavors from his excavation of Nate’s tight hole were sending waves of desire rushing through him. But the feeling of another man’s cock in his hand was the end all. To feel something so hard and smooth, the pulsing heat of the manhood in his hand, and the firm and spongy cock head leaking a stream of slick but sticky precum drove him deeper and deeper in.

Nate was moaning so loudly and on occasion would spasm with delight clenching his cheeks around Ryan’s nose and mouth. When that happened Ryan only worked Nate’s cock faster and forced his tongue deeper into his insides. Nate had braced güvenilir bahis şirketleri his arms on the window sill now and was slightly bent over. Nate was being loud enough that it might be possible to hear him outside of the office, but neither man was stopping now. With his free hand Ryan pulled down his boxers finally freeing his aching erection and low hanging balls. He started pumping his own cock. He could feel the continuous stream of pre-cum coming from both his and Nate’s cock. Ryan was in more sexual bliss than any time before.

The sounds of moaning, Ryan sucking on Nate’s hole, and Ryan’s hands jerking on both of their cocks was filling the room with the heavenly sounds of sex. The sweet aroma of sex was beginning to permeate every corner of the room. Ryan’s hand slid so smoothly over Nate’s precum lubricated erection. He could each of the blood vessels in Nate’s cock filled to the maximum. Each time his fingers jumped the ridge of the cock head and then came back passed it sent both boys further into the sexual frenzy.

“Oh fuck Ry! I’m gonna shoot!”

Nate screamed this at the top of his lungs. If anyone was in the hall they heard it. But he wanted Nate to feel the joy so he kept on moving his hand faster and faster until all Nate could do was grunt out words out of context.

“Hot…fuck…Ry!…my ass…God…so…I’m Cumming!”

Nate’s ass clenched around Ryan’s face. Ryan tongued him as deeply as it was possible. He felt Nate’s body jerk out seven or eight spasms. Nate’s orgasm was powerful. His scream of ecstasy drove Ryan wild. Pools of Nate’s cum were running down the wall just in front of him. Ryan rubbed Nate’s cum from his covered hand on his own cock as he stood. For the first time Nate realized that Ryan was naked too. He felt Ryan’s naked cock against his right butt cheek as Ryan pushed his cock between his hand and Nate’s ass cheek.

“Oh Fuck!” was all Ryan said as he came after only a few thrusts, penetration would have to wait. Nine shots of cum erupted from his nine inch fuck tool. Ryan’s volleys of cum painted Nate’s firm back in hot white cream, one shot even landed in his hair. Ryan licked his cum off of Nate’s back, all the while continuing to work Nate’s re-hardening cock. When he had cleaned all of his cum from Nate’s back he stepped back.

Ryan pulled his underwear back up. He didn’t want Nate to really see his perfect manhood until they were ready to do more. Both men were gasping for breath. Ryan threw Nate his briefs. Ryan collapsed in his chair and told Nate to put on his briefs and sit down with him on the chair. Ryan’s legs were spread wide, his boxers stained with the cum still periodically leaking from his cock.

Nate pulled on his briefs stuffing his newly hard cock away and with a smile, sat sideways on Ryan’s lap. He leaned back against Ryan’s chest. Ryan’s cock was getting hard again, Nate could feel him growing against his ass. Ryan immediately began to neck on Nate while one hand caressed his chest and the other started massaging Nate’s cock through the cotton.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard in my life.” Nate finally said in between his still staggered breaths. “That was so great. You were awesome, I didn’t think I’d let you do that much. I guess you have a persuasive tongue.”

Ryan stopped kissing Nate’s neck for a second. “Nate, that was the best I ever came too. I really can’t imagine ever feeling that sexually driven again, unless it is with you.”

Ryan put his lips on Nate’s chin and gave him a gentle peck. Nate closed his eyes as Ryan pecked his way up to his lips. He felt Ryan’s warm lips on his and spread them. The two boys kissed with a passion they had never experienced before. Nate could just faintly taste what could only have been Ryan’s own cum while their tongues and bodies merged again. After a few minutes of kissing broken only by gasps for air Ryan pulled his mouth back.

“I don’t want to stop. I could love your body all day long, but we have like five minutes before advanced molecular biology.”

“Shit! We better get going. Ryan this was the best. When are we gonna get together again? I mean I still don’t know if I want to be totally gay with you, but I would do this shit again any day.” Nate paused. “I want to do at least this much with you every day.”

Ryan gave him another kiss on the lips. “How about tomorrow morning? Let’s come in early, maybe 6, that will give us three hours or so. We can do some more then. And there won’t be many people around. You are loud as fuck when I make you cum. I’m so glad you want more.”

“Ryan after this I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to think of sex the same again, especially since this was ten times better than anything I’ve ever done with a girl.”

They were both standing now and pulling on their jeans.

“Dude I better clean up that cum on your wall.” Nate stepped toward the now drying cum on the wall.

“NO!” Ryan pulled Nate close to him. “I want to see it there every time I’m in my office. It will remind me of the first time I made you cum, the first of many I hope.”

Ryan and Nate kissed again. Ryan continued by sliding his tongue down over Nate’s chin and down his neck. Soon Ryan was sucking on one of Nate’s nipples. Nate pushed his head off. “Class Ryan…you have to stop.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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İçkiyi Fazla Kaçırınca

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


İçkiyi Fazla Kaçırınca

bu hikaye bana ait değil, çok eskilerden arşivlediğim bir yazı.
Hoşunuza giderse bol miktarda mevcut 🙂


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Eşim hem bana eşlik ediyor içmiyor ama yanımda oturuyordu… Hemde tatlı tatlı sohbet ediyorduk. Böylesi daha iyiydi.

Derken kapı çaldı semtten iki arkadaşım geldi ve beni dışarıya yemeğe davet ettiler. Hemde bir iki kadeh birşeyler içeriz diyorlardı. Eşim bir yere gidemezsin dedi. Içeceksen evinde iç. Arkadaşlarım ısrar edincede sizde gelin burda için. Ama dışarı çıkmayın dedi. Baktılar olmayacak girdiler içeri oturdular masaya…

Başladık içmeye. Ufaktan ufaktan. Evdeki bir şişe içki yetmeyince ben almaya gittim. Arkadaşlarıma siz devam edin ben hemen geliyorum dedim. Çıktım. Yarım saat sonra eve geldiğimde arkadaşlarımda ve eşimde bir gariplik sezdim. Ben yokken ne oldu bilmem ama geldiğimde eşimde arkadaşlarımla tatlı bir sohbet içindeydi. Gülüyorlar espiriler havada uçuşuyordu. Alkolle birlikte espiriler belden aşağıya kaymıştı. Işin garip tarafı eşimde bunlara hem çok gülüyor hemde kendiside acayip şakalar yapıyordu.

Eşim kırıtıyor…
Bir ara eli takıldı ve üzerine sürahi dökülünce eşim üzerini değiştirmeye gitti. Geldiğinde altında dar bir tayt. Üzerindede beyaz gömlek içinde siyah sütyen. Garip şeyler oluyordu. Eşim kırıtıyor, domalıyor eğiliyor, masaya servis yaparken hepimize sürtünüyor. Arkadaşlarımı iyicene azdırıyordu. Gece yarısı olmuştu artık. Biz hala içiyorduk. Müzik çalıp arada oynuyorduk ki bir dans parçası çalmaya başaldı ve eşimle dans etmeye başaldık. Sonra arkadaşım geldi dans edebilirmiyim eşinle dedi. Izin verdim…

Dans mı ettiler eşimi ayaktamı sikti anlamadım. Ahmet önünü neredeyse eşimin önüne gömdü. Eşimde yan gözle bana bakıyor. Arada ahmetin beline sarılıyor bazende sanki siki içine alıyormuş gibi haraketler yapıyordu. Sonra turgayda ayağa kalktı sıra bende dedi. Bu sefer eşim onunla dans-sex karışımı birşeyler yaptı.

Içkinin tesiriylemi yoksa tahrik olduğum içinmi hiç ses çıkarmadım. Öylece seyrettim. Laf aramızda acayip zevkliydi. Ahmet cesur davrandı. Dans işin bahanesiydi. Biz seninle sevişmek seni sikmek istioruz deyiverdi ve turgayla dans eden eşimin arkasına geçti. Eşim arada tost olmuştu. Turgay dudaklarına yapışmış öperken ahmette arkasına geçip sikini kalçalarına dayayıp boynunu ensesini öpüyor belini okşuyordu.

Senden başkasına…
Kaşla göz arasında çırılçıplak kaldılar ve koltuğa oturdular. Karım ortada arkdaşlarım iki yanında. Karım bacağının birini turgayın bacağının üstüne diğerinide ahmetin bacağının üzerine atmıştı. Amı kabak gibi ortaya çıkmış arkadaşlarımda bir elleriyle göğüslerini bir elelriylede amını okşuyorlardı. Karımda boş durmuyor ikisinin sikinide eline almış oynuyordu. Tam karşımdaydılar. Iki çıplak erkeğin arasında iki elinde iki sik olan bir kadın amını kabak gibi açmış duruyordu. Bana gel dedi. Onlara elletirim, okşatırım, hatta siklerini bile okşarım ama amımı senden başkasına siktirmem dedi.

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Meğer ben içki almaya gidince karım onlara bu planını söylemiş. Onlarda kabul etmişler. Içkinin de etkisiyle uygulamakda hiç zor olmamış. Zaten bu olaydan sonrada bir daha evde içmedim. Geçen sefer eşim sağlam kaldı ama bir dahakine eşimi sikilmekten kurtaramam. En iyisi evde içmemek. 🙂

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Butch Ch. 02

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Ryan tipped the cabbie and entered her building in the Mission. She trudged up the steps to her second floor apartment, rubbing her eyes. Goosebumps could still be seen on her arms, damp and chilled from the rain. The Victorian was quiet and Ryan tried to respect the time by unlocking her door without disturbing the silence. She closed the door carefully behind her. In the foyer she removed her shoes.

‘Ry, is that you?’ called Alison, her roommate from behind a closed door.

‘Yeah, it’s me. Sorry if I woke you…” Ryan responded softly, setting her keys onto a mounted hand of a mannequin–all fingers but the middle had been curled under. She could hear giggling behind Alison’s door. This one sounded like Melisa. Guess they were back together…again. They probably hadn’t been exactly sleeping. ‘G’night.’ More giggling followed by a squeal. Ryan hadn’t evoked much of a disturbance after all.

She opened the fridge in the tiny kitchen, and stood staring at her choices. Beer. Mustard. An empty jar of pickles. She pulled out the Brita pitcher–empty, of course–and filled it at the sink. While the water filtered she walked to her room, heels bumping against the hardwood floors. Muffled moaning could be heard from Alison’s room. Ryan knowingly smiled to herself.

Her bedroom was a mishmash of oddities–a Craftsman toolbox in the corner next to an overfull bookshelf. Dirty laundry tossed into a wooden crate in another corner. The walls were all painted buttercream yellow, covered with henna-like drawings done by a close “friend.” A charcoal portrait that appeared to be a cross between Ryan and James Dean was drawn on the west wall. A second mural drawing–a nude woman, with sultry eyes and barely parted lips gazed at the portrait, her intentions unclear. The bed, all memory foam on a simple wooden platform, sat square and stark as a pat of butter. Ryan knew if she were to lie down she wouldn’t get up, so she peeled off her t-shirt, unsnapped her bra and replaced them with a tank top. The jeans and briefs came off next, revealing her lean, muscular legs. A fresh pair of boxers were donned.

She shuffled down the hall to the kitchen. Moans from Alison’s room intensifying, accented with small cries. Ryan bit her lower lip as she stood at the counter pouring herself a glass of water, imagining the scene and aching with longing and jealousy. She became aware of the sound of water dripping, looking down to see the glass overfilling. She sponged off the counter and downed the water. Back in her room, she pulled the chain on the lone lightbulb and crawled into bed.

“Yo, Ry!” Alison called, followed by the sound of her fist softly pounding the door. Ryan awoke slowly, her right elbow bent, forearm across her eyes to block out the sunlight that filtered in through the window. Bamboo blinds aren’t perfect. “Yeah?”

The door opened and Alison came in. She was tall with an athletic frame, a mane of blonde hair pulled back in a simple pony tail, her blue eyes keen. She wore her uniform–tight-fitting pants with a matching button-down tucked in, belted. “DI STEFANO” was embroidered on the patch above the breast pocket. Two identical patches bearing “ALLIANCE PARAMEDIC” sat atop her deltoids. She wore a huge smile.

“Hey,” Ryan muttered hoarsely. “Sounds like you had a good night.” She squinted in the light, smiling up at Alison. Her body lay tangled in the sheets.

Alison smiled, licking her lips. “We were in there all fucking night, fucking.” Alison bahis firmaları had never been one to be shy about her thoughts. “My ass hurts from pumping into her for over a goddamn hour. When my cock wasn’t inside her pussy it was in her mouth.”

Ryan was silent, but didn’t mind this banter. She was used to it. Alison grew up with 5 brothers–all either firefighters and/or paramedics, so sex and gore was considered coffee table chat. As a butch, Alison had quite a way with women and had many lovers. Melisa, a petite Puerto Rican dancer, had been a fling of Alison’s over several occasions. Neither wanted to commit to anything, yet they ended up together often. Fight and fuck is what the cycle amounted to, and it seemed to work for Alison. Ryan enjoyed hearing of her conquests, in part to confirm the suspicions of her imagination, and also to tap into the sexual workings of a fellow butch.

“So I heard,” replied Ryan, who launched into a near-perfect imitation of Melisa’s moans and whimpers. Alison smirked, tossing a dirty t-shirt at Ryan. She eyed Ryan’s pile of growing dirty laundry with a laugh. “Yeah, that’s my day today,” said Ryan.

“I’m on for 48, so I won’t be home tonight. If anyone comes by…” stated Alison.

“I’ll send her over to the station to straddle your face,” interrupted Ryan with a cheeky grin.

“Fuck, I wish,” began Alison. Just then her cell rang. Alison looked at the number, gave a quick “gotta run” and dashed out. Ryan didn’t know what to make of this, as it happened occasionally. She would never be snoopy enough to investigate Alison’s phone. It could be work, family or another rendezvous.

Ryan looked at the pile of laundry and closed her eyes, bringing a pillow over her head. Not exactly how she wanted to spend her day off. She heard Alison grab her keys and the locking of the front door. The sound of steel-toed shoes running down steps marked her departure. Turning onto her side, Ryan licked her lips and closed her eyes, aware of the sound of her door creaking open and the soft pat of bare feet approaching. Soft hands ruffled her bed head, full lips kissed her hair. She felt Melisa’s warm body slide beneath the sheets beside her. Her hand crept up Ryan’s tank top, fingers delicately caressing her back and shoulders. Without a word, Ryan turned onto her stomach, and Melisa began massaging Ryan’s back with both hands–kneading and caressing tight muscles. The tank top was pushed upward and Ryan’s movements assisted in it’s removal. Where only moments ago only hands were caressing, soft kisses began to follow. Melisa’s caresses became more aggressive, now centering along the low back and hips. Ryan’s boxers were inching down her legs.

Ryan sighed slowly, stretching her limbs, lifting her legs so the boxers could be flung to the floor. The kneading continued along her calves, back of her thighs, ass. Ryan reached her hand back and stroked Melisa along her breasts, then turned her head to see Melisa’s face, intent and desiring. Green eyes looked into brown and an understanding was reached as it had been on several prior occasions. Melisa lay down beside Ryan, the sheets bunched at the bottom of the bed, her nude form slim and caramel as cafe au lait. Melisa’s hair splayed around her head like a morning medusa, each strand thick and strong as her resolve. Ryan moved slowly beside her, touching her right thigh to Melisa’s left. Ryan kissed beneath her left ear, a finger along her jaw line, nuzzling into her neck. Melisa kaçak iddaa responded with an audible sigh, eyes closing, her legs parting slightly. A hand along Melisa’s breast, fingers stroking and circling the nipple. Ryan kissed her way along Melisa’s collarbone, down to her breasts, cradling them softly in her hands. Her body positioned between Melisa’s fully parted legs. Ryan could feel how wet she was.

Ryan’s lips parted, kissing a nipple, tongue following to tease and entice. Melisa looked down at this boyish woman, her hand moving to the back of Ryan’s head, rubbing along where her hair faded into her neck. Ryan emitted a low sigh, kissing Melisa’s other nipple more aggressively…a soft kiss followed by sucking and a darting tongue, teeth teasing the sensitive skin. Melisa’s eyes locked on Ryan, holding her head with both hands now. Ryan looked up for a silent assessment. Silently, Ryan lay atop Melisa, holding her tightly, the two women rolling over with Melisa on top. Ryan’s hands caressed firmly along Melisa’s ass, hips, back, shoulders. Her frame was slight but solid. With a swift move, Ryan hands brought Melisa upward, her inner thighs framing Ryan’s face.

Melisa’s hair dangled inches above Ryan, the sweet smell of her shampoo blended with the saltiness of her trimmed sex. Ryan kissed her thighs, hands supporting Melisa’s ass as she straddled the boi’s face. Hands moved upward along Melisa’s abdomen and breasts, a finger placed along her lips. As Melisa accepted the finger into her mouth, Ryan nuzzled her nose along Melisa’s pussy lips. Melisa sucked the finger like a cock, Ryan quickly adding another to her eager mouth. She could feel the tongue gliding along the underside of her fingers, the pressure of suction in her mouth. Melisa let out a soft moan, one Ryan knew so well, and Ryan’s pointed tongue glided along her slit, up and down. Melisa moaned and Ryan placed both hands on her ass, pulling the dancer closer to her mouth. Ryan slid her tongue between wet, parted lips, feeling the soft squeeze of Melisa’s thighs around her head. Moaning continued and Ryan thrashed her tongue inside the velvety snatch. Melisa bucked upward and Ryan pressed her nose against her clit. Melisa stayed here, riding Ryan’s face to her pleasure, moaning in response to the slippery licks and sucks from the boi’s mouth on her cunt. Ryan could feel her climaxing, the grinding on her mouth becoming more rapid, eager. Melisa then backed off as Ryan ducked out from under her, slapping Melisa’s ass. Melisa lurked on all fours, breathing heavily as Ryan approached her from behind, guiding Melisa’s hands against the wall. Melisa stayed there, on her knees, palms on the wall as she heard a series of straps being manipulated and cinched. Ryan’s familiar strong hands were placed on her waist, and Melisa could feel soft kisses along her shoulders and back. With her eyes closed, she could feel Ryan guiding the strap-on cock to her pussy lips. Ryan entered steadily, as Melisa was already so wet, and pinned her body against Melisa. Her hands over Melisa’s on the wall, she began to thrust inside her. Ryan closed her eyes, as she could almost feel Melisa’s cunt squeezing on her cock. Ryan thrust upward, plunging in deep. Melisa cried out as Ryan grabbed her waist and brought her down to her knees on the bed. Melisa buried her face into a pillow as Ryan held her waist and pumped hard and fast into her, using her like a fuck doll. Ryan pushed in hard, bucking into her snatch, feeling her own clit throb with kaçak bahis excitement as the harness pushed against her cunt. Ryan reached around and pressed against Melisa’s low abdomen, to which the girl emitted a low moan. Ryan worked her fingers against Melisa’s hard clit, flicking and circling it as she continued to pump steadily into her. In a flash, Melisa’s moans became muffled cries into the pillow and Ryan could imagine her pussy spasming on her cock, but her fingers felt the pulsation of Melisa’s clit as she erupted into orgasm.

Melisa’s moans faded into heavy breathing as she turned her head from the pillow. Ryan held the cock inside her, kissing Melisa’s back tenderly, still yearning for release herself. Their eyes met again, and Melisa licked her lips. Ryan pulled out slowly and eased her back onto the bed. She lay back with her head propped up on two pillows as Melisa crawled over to the erect strapon between Ryan’s legs. Expertly, she took the head into her mouth, making a show of spiraling it with her tongue. Ryan watched in silent amazement, her desire mounting. Melisa smacked her lips on it, taking inches into her mouth and sucking. Ryan’s right hand moved beneath the harness and began touching her own clit, which was hard as fuck. She rubbed as Melisa’s mouth bobbed and sucked the length of the dildo. Melisa could tell by Ryan’s breathing as she was getting closer, and started adding muffled moans and whimpers to her blowjob. Ryan parted her lips, breathing hard now and thrust the cock into Melisa’s mouth. Barely audible grunts could be heard from the boi, her brow furrowed as if in pain. As her rhythms increased, Ryan grunted hard as she came. Melisa knew not to move the strapon and try to touch Ryan, but kissed her abdomen as Ryan recovered.

The two women lay back on the bed, Melisa curled up against Ryan’s supine frame. The strapon lay on the floor beside the bed. Ryan had her eyes closed, savoring the scent of Melisa’s shampoo or perfume, whatever it was. Melisa kept her arm around Ryan’s waist, amazed at the lean physique of this woman. Ryan awoke to the sound of the shower running and a decent rendition of Ella Fitzgerald’s “Boy Wanted.” She looked at the clock–it was noon–got up and stretched. She went into the bathroom and saw Melisa’s opaque frame in the shower. Just then Ryan’s cell rang.

“Hey. It’s slow here. Did M leave yet?” Alison asked.

“I think she’s getting ready to go now,” Ryan replied. “Sounds like she’s in the shower. I’m waiting.”

“I’ll talk to her about that. She shouldn’t stick around so long and hang you up. Anyway, I left an envelope by the door for Eric. He’ll be coming by to pick it up later.”

Alison’s loser brother Eric was always asking his sister for help with his “rent.” This only made Ryan feel worse. Melisa wasn’t loyal to Alison, and Eric couldn’t tell her the truth. What kind of a friend was she? Ryan pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. “No hang up for me,” Ryan replied, watching Melisa dry off. “I don’t really have much planned today. I’ll be out later, so I’ll leave the envelope under the mat.” She knew this would piss Alison off, but she wasn’t going to stick around for the asshole to show up. “And Melisa’s fine…no worries.”

“Cool. Later.” Alison signed off.

Ryan snapped her phone shut and looked at Melisa, doing her makeup in front of the bathroom mirror with a pair of Ryan’s boxers on. “We should probably stop doing this,” Ryan said. Melisa looked up at Ryan, pausing in her makup application. She laughed and glared at Ryan with mascara and eyeliner that gave her eyes a devilish glint. “Whatever you say, Papi,” she replied with a mocking smile and wink.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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‘Honey, get up!’ Leah repeated as she struggled to wake her lover. Hayley was an adorable little thing, much more so when she was cocooned in their bed covers. But this wasn’t the time to be admiring little nymphs! Leah scrambled to the window yet again. Hayley’s parents were getting out of their car. Shit!

‘Hayley, Hayley. Darling, please get up. I’ve got no idea how to deal with your parents,’ Leah mumbled as she attempted to tap Hayley awake. On the word ‘parents’, Hayley’s head shot up and her dark eyes became fully alert.

‘Parents, Lee? My parents? Here?’ she shrieked, her voice unbelievably loud for a person who had just awoken from deep slumber.

‘Yeah, they’re coming up now,’ Leah explained, slipping on her boxers. She had always been the calm one. Well, almost always. This was an exception. When your lovers’ parents were halfway up your doorstep, wouldn’t you panic, too?

‘Did they tell you they were coming?’ Leah queried again as she pulled her hands through the sleeves of her button-down blouse and balanced her toothbrush in her mouth.

‘No, they didn’t!’ Half-dressed and beautiful, Hayley got out her bathrobe and put it on. Leah sighed. Why hadn’t she thought of that? She blamed the unusual lack of common sense on her splitting nerves.

‘Buddy!’ they heard a deep, male voice call. ‘Buddy, open the door. We’re here!’

A giggle escaped out of Leah’s tight-lipped countenance; she couldn’t help it. Buddy? Of all the ridiculous nick-names, Buddy! She laughed even harder.

Well, she wasn’t laughing a second later when her head was pulled down for a rough, demanding, good-morning kiss. Hayley was a small woman in her mid-twenties; she only came up to Leah’s shoulder! The strength in her small, lithe body however, always took Leah off guard, especially during times like this. Hayley’s tongue flicked over hers, demanding a response. Leah’s morning-numbed brain began to thaw and so did her mood. Just when she was about to respond to the fiery sprite, Hayley pulled back.

‘Good morning,’ she said, her eyes glazed and her voice husky. ‘Don’t leave the room, love. I’ll be right back. Remember, don’t move. Don’t.’ With one, final, lingering kiss, Hayley opened the door and left Leah staring at her deliciously curved hips in her wake.

Leah sat on the large bed, hugging herself and fighting the desire that had been substituted by the blood in her veins. She had been living with Hayley for nearly eight months now and that woman could still make her want like no other. There was no doubt in Leah’s mind that she was in love with Hayley but somehow, expressing that love just wasn’t Leah’s style.

At 5’11”, lean and blonde, women were usually the ones to fall at Leah’s feet and proclaim their unending love for her, not the other way around. It did not make Leah feel any better that that was exactly what she wanted to do now; fall at Hayley’s feet and surrender her heart and soul to her.

It wasn’t only the sex. Well, maybe part of it was, but Leah loved Hayley for her quick-wittedness and her thirst for life, more than anything else. Hayley had been through a lot in her twenty-six years on earth. Coming from a conventional canlı bahis şirketleri Indian-Christian family, the inner turmoil her new-found sexuality had caused her in her teens was one of the hardest things anyone could face without a partner to talk to. Her father had been a preacher and her mother, a devout Christian. They were good people who led their life by the Good Book.

Hayley had lived that way too; as the shy, youngest girl in the Ananda family. However, she had realized in her teens that she had started looking at ladies in a way that she wasn’t supposed to. She noticed the way her neighbour wore her sari so that men would notice her slightly rounded, sexy navel; the way the young girls at church flipped their hair to attract the opposite sex. The next thing Hayley knew, she was on a plane to London; on the way to a place where she wouldn’t be judged as a curse just because her sexual preferences were different. Back home, no one had known about her ‘affliction’. And Leah knew that Hayley planned to keep it that way.

‘Buddy! How’ve you been, my little girl? My, my, you look fantastic!’ Leah heard Mrs. Ananda exclaim. Her exclamation was followed by a rapid bout of Tamil that Leah could barely understand. Hayley had tried to teach the difficult language to her, but in the end it was concluded that Leah’s tongue was just meant to do other things, anything but speaking Tamil.

Leah listened on and wished that she could be next to Hayley right then, offering her the strength that Leah knew she needed to sit through the breakfast with her parents. She knew how Hayley felt about lying to her parents, and even though she might not have been lying out rightly, she knew how Hayley would be hurting inside just because she was keeping something from them. Leah knew all that, but she couldn’t do a blessed thing about it.


Hayley sat stiffly as her mother cried on her shoulder at the burden of leaving her daughter overseas to fend for herself. A lady shouldn’t live alone like Hayley did, she admonished and Hayley had to bite her lip from spitting out a suitable retort. She hated the way their community treated women, like fragile little glass nothings, to be admired and to be blamed for all the bad times that fell upon them. If the husband’s business did not reap a profit, it was because his wife wasn’t praying well. If the first child in the family turned out to be a girl instead of a boy, the woman was blamed for her ‘infertility’ whereas it has been scientifically proven that a sex of a child was dependent solely on the man himself. Her family had fallen prey to such ways of life, but not her. Certainly not her.

As she sat there, however, listening to her parents and their words of love and affection, her heart ached for keeping the truth from them. She desperately wanted her parents to know that she was gay, but she just couldn’t tell them. It would hurt them and she didn’t want that to happen.

She had to change, she thought as her father put his arms around her. For him. For them. For her parents, she had to change.

She was living in sin. And yet, the image of Leah popped into her mind. Her beautiful Leah, with her short canlı kaçak iddaa blonde hair and feisty green eyes. The way she looked after their morning runs, all flushed and tall and sexy. The glint in her eyes just before she picked Hayley up and threw her onto the bed. Those time didn’t feel sinful, but they felt that way now, somehow.

After what felt like eons, her parents finally left, promising to stop over once more before their flight at midday tomorrow. Hayley had just shut the door when she felt arms around her, strong arms that were as familiar to her as her own. She nearly sighed and leaned back onto Leah when she heard her dad starting the car. She pulled away then, violently.

‘What the- Hayley!’ a very startled Leah watched as her lover pelted past her and into their bedroom. The door slammed shut and Leah felt the impact of it all the way down to her soul. Something was wrong. Hayley had pulled away with the look of pain and anguish in her eyes. Leah had to find out why. She simply had to.

Before Leah could knock, Hayley opened the door, already dressed in jeans and a shirt. Without a word, Hayley made for the front door. Leah, however, was there first and blocked her path.

‘What the fuck is wrong with you? What happened? I need to know, Hayley,’ Leah demanded, her frame still blocking the doorway.

‘I can’t do this anymore, Lee. I just can’t. It’s a sin,’ Hayley whispered.

‘No-,’ Leah started to deny it and realized that she couldn’t do that to Hayley. Leah wasn’t in a place to say what a sin was and what wasn’t.

Her heart started to pound and her blood raced through her veins. She was losing Hayley. She could feel it in the air between them. Her eyes filled with tears. Shit, this couldn’t be happening!

Her mind grappled for a solution, anything she could say to change Hayley’s mind. She only managed to find one. Grabbing Hayley by her waist, she thrust the smaller woman against the door and asked,

‘Do you love me, Hayley?’

At that point, Hayley started to cry. Leah was rendered helpless as she watched her warrior-queen break down and shed tears that gleamed like polished pearls on her dark skin. The sobs that tore from Hayley’s throat cut Leah as deeply as any knife could. Leah had to stop her; else Leah might start sobbing as well.

Pressing Hayley’s soft body against hers, Leah captured Hayley’s mouth in one swift move. Hayley fought her and that truth tore at Leah’s heart. She felt Hayley slipping away and was going to pull away from her when she felt Hayley respond. Heat licked through Leah’s belly as Hayley’s tongue intertwined with hers and coaxed it to invade her own mouth. Oh god, how good it was between them. Oh god, how she loved this woman.

Hayley was having similar thoughts. She really did love Leah, to the point of madness, in fact. She couldn’t believe that she had actually talked herself into giving her up! Just the thought of losing her to any other woman made Hayley’s skin crawl.

Capturing Leah’s tongue, Hayley began to suck on it, nibbling along its length and Leah moaned in pure delight. Hayley’s hands plunged into Leah’s thick blonde hair as their kisses became canlı kaçak bahis fevered to the point of passion. Leah tore Hayley’s shirt from her body and cupped her bare breasts, feeling the familiar weight and shape of it. She used her fingers to tweak the ends and Hayley’s nipples came alive and spiked like pebbles in her hands.

Leah’s mouth left her lover’s and traveled down to Hayley’s jaw, trailing the juice of their mutual passion in its wake. Leah’s lips found Hayley’s luscious breasts and began licking one of them, just the portion that boasted Hayley’s silky flesh; she had different plans for the area that was dusted with dark coral.

Hayley’s need grew as she watched her lover suckle her breasts, deliberately not touching her hard, aching nipple. Hayley gripped Leah’s shoulders tightly, giving her signals and pleas to end her torture. She was already mindless with need, her body as taut as a bowstring and she couldn’t hold a thought in her head.

At that point, Leah’s devil tongue lashed out and covered Hayley’s nipples in hot, molten lava, and all Hayley could do was scream in pure, unaltered lust.

‘Lee, please, stop it. Stop it now. I can’t take it anymore. Goddammit!’ she breathed through half-open lips. Leah knelt in front Hayley, her tongue tracing a trail down her navel, pushing her jeans aside. Her long fingers traced a path towards Hayley’s womanhood and all Hayley could do was surrender, as she always seemed to be doing, to this woman.

Leah’s hand penetrated Hayley’s warm depths and she gasped to find the slippery, thick honey that had already pooled there. Hayley was moaning now, louder as another one of Leah’s fingers entered her in a conquest for love.

Hayley was close, Leah knew, and so she drew nearer and slightly bit her clit. Hayley came in a flood, drenching Leah’s hand and the carpet as she held on to Leah for support. Leah lapped up as much of the honey as she could, the zesty taste as familiar as the quaking body she held in her arms.

Picking Hayley up as though she weighed no more than a feather, Leah led her towards the room and settled her on the bed. Leah’s body was aching with need and want but today, it would be all about Hayley. Her sweet little Hayley.

‘Honey?’ Leah whispered to the hellion who has nibbling on her earlobe.

‘Mmm-hmm?’ Hayley replied as her tongue traveled lower.

Leah’s eyes met hers and she said, ‘I love you.’

Hayley’s eyes filled with tears. She knew exactly how much courage and pride it had taken Leah to utter those few words and she loved the woman for it. Through a throat clogged with unshed tears, Hayley said, ‘I’ve always loved you, Leah. Always.’

The loving that followed was a slow, languorous one. Both of them gave and both of them took, sharing their love for each other through well-placed kisses and caresses. For the first time in her life, Leah surrendered to a woman who took her to soaring, ecstatic heights and made her world come crashing down around her in waves. She was content. She was loved and loved back, that was all that mattered.

Hayley thought about her parents and the disappointment and hurt that they would have to face because of her. But it could not be helped; some things were just beyond her control, such as her love for Leah.

Just before they went to sleep that afternoon, arms entwined around each other, Hayley thought she heard Leah whisper, ‘I love you, Buddy.’

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A Taste of Incest – Pumpkin , Candy

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Author’s note: The following incidents are probably mostly fictional. All sexual participants in these unconnected standalone A TASTE OF INCEST spankers are living humans aged 18+. Views expressed are not necessarily the author’s. Your constructive comments are welcome. This is an entry in the 2014 Hallowe’en contest. If you like this, join the 1%ers and VOTE!


An Taste of Incest: A Taste of Pumpkin
(too many cooks spoil the pie)


“What the fuck are you doing? Put that down! No more!”

“But it’s not sweet enough! It just needs a little more…”

“NO! It’s for pie, not candy. Are you trying to kill somebody?”

“Will you two just shut up? Just pass me the filling – the crusts are ready.”

The three contrary sisters had argued all their lives. They had no reason to stop now while preparing pumpkin pies for that night’s family Hallowe’en party. Stress and sweat, and a too-hot kitchen and too many clothes, and too many swigs of pumpkin vodka, all combined with their traditional bickering and one-upping to produce a perfect storm of frustration and resentment. And when the storm breaks and thunderbolts fly — watch out!

Too much stress and sweat and frustration, yes. Tempers flared and boiled over.

“You want the filling? You can HAVE the fucking filling!”

Alicia scooped up a handful of the sweetened mashed pumpkin glop and flung it at Beth… who ducked just in time. The gooshy orange paste landed on Carole’s ruddy face instead, dripping down onto her bounteous bosom, staining the white blouse above her flour-dusted apron.

“What the fuck!? You bitch! Look what you did!”

Carole grabbed a half-quart Pyrex measuring cup full of heavy cream and aimed its contents at Alicia, who ducked… but not in time, and not far enough. Her blonde head, wide shoulders, and thick tee were drenched in warm thick cow juice. She screeched.

Beth’s harsh laugh was cut short when Alicia brushed at the cream and splattered it onto her, followed by a handful of the pudding-like pie filling.

Oh yeah, food fight!

The three destroyed their day’s work by smearing ingredients onto and into each other. Throwing, shoving, sliming, and splashing whatever was at hand: flour, sugar, milk, oil, dough, crumbs, nuts, ripe fruit, spices — everything but containers and utensils and other solid objects.

The three were soon covered with sticky sweet slop.

Beth and Carole had a history of ganging-up on their older sister. They continued now, shoving her down onto the floor and sitting on her, with Beth straddling her shanks and Carole plopped on her torso, her knees pinning Alicia’s arms.

“Hey! get off me,” Alicia whined.

Carole cackled evilly. “You started this shit. You threw this stuff on me in the first place. You want up? You’ve got to CLEAN it up. With your tongue. Yeah, your tongue. Hey Beth, untie my apron, huh?”

With that messy encumbrance out of the way, Carole pulled her blouse and sports bra over her head, releasing her pendulous breasts to swing in her big sister’s face.

“Come on, you candy-ass wimp — clean me off! Start licking! And no biting! You bite me, you’re REALLY in a world of hurt!”

Alicia had been jealous of her younger sisters ever since they started maturing. They had better figures, bigger tits, and more boyfriends. She often tortured herself, asking, “Why am I not better endowed? Why am I inferior?” She had tried diet supplements, exercise, yoga, magic crystals, and plain old praying, all to no avail. Her sisters’ melon measurements were unattainable goals.

And now, Carole’s mammoth mammaries hung in her face. The objects of her jealousy, right there! She could not resist. Her tongue circled Carole’s rosy areolas and lapped at her stiff nipples; her lips pressed forward; she suckled.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s right! Oooh, nice. But you’ve got to do better than that.”

Carole swayed back and forth; her bounteous boobs shifted in synchronicity, sweeping across Alicia’s mouth, depositing their goopy encrustation onto Alicia’s tongue and lips. Alicia slurped happily. Carole groaned.

“Hey, that’s pretty good! Now, around some more — don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Carole maneuvered her mammaries so Alicia could lick off every trace of over-sweet pumpkin paste. Alicia did not stop when the task was complete. She kept on licking, sucking, slurping, and worshipping the heavenly honeydews. Carole was in heaven.

Beth decided to join the fun. She raised herself off Alicia enough to pull her older sister’s short skirt and panties off, sliding them down her thin, resigned legs. Beth stripped off all her own garments. Apron, tee and bra went one way, shorts and panties went another. She re-situated herself and ground her vulva into Alicia’s.

Carole noticed a change of pitch in Alicia’s suckling and diminished struggling. She straightened, looked over her shoulder, and saw what Beth was up to. She grinned.

“Hey, canlı bahis şirketleri good idea, sis,” she called. Carole shifted sufficiently to slide her own shorts and panties off. She looked past her breasts to Alicia’s flushed face.

“Well, big sister, I don’t know if this is punishment for you or not, but you’re going to do me, and do me good, real good. You need to pay for the mess you’ve made. You’ll be a good girl, right? Say yes, bitch!”

“Yes,” Alicia whispered, “yes, oh yes…”

Carole slid forward to position her fluffy muff over her sister’s mouth. Her knees bent. Her thighs eased out and down. Her vulva descended onto an eager tongue, a tongue that licked around her labia and probed between those luscious nether lips before slithering up to circle and torment Carole’s hyper-sensitive clit. The younger sister moaned loudly.

Carole’s knees no longer pinned Alicia’s arms. Freed, the older sister reached up to knead the large breasts overhanging her while her agile tongue and lips continued their amorous attack. Carole groaned louder, longer, deeper. She leaned back enough to reach down and back, gently tweaking Alicia’s nipples.

Carole barely noted another change in Alicia’s actions. Had she reason to look behind her, she would have seen Beth busily slurping Alicia’s pumpkin-smeared pussy. She might even have noticed Beth furiously fingering herself while she licked and laved. But she had other concerns.

The three sisters moved as a sequential unit. Carole came first, with bird-cries and spasms. Her joy (and Beth’s long, lively tongue) triggered Alicia’s hot convulsions and smothered screams. Beth’s own fingers brought her to a soft moaning climax.

Carole climbed off Alicia’s soggy face and rolled onto the sloppy kitchen floor beside her sisters. Beth looked up from between Alicia’s thighs.

“Sounds like you had fun, Carole. It’s my turn now. Right, Alicia?” She prodded her older sister’s pubes.

Alicia’s reply was a gasped, “uh-huh.”

“Okay then, get down here.” Beth lay back with her legs spread. “Right here. Right now. Schnell!!” (That means FAST!)

Alicia groggily positioned herself with Beth’s thighs beside her shoulders and her face buried in Beth’s treasure trove. She smoothly licked Beth’s slit from taint to clit. Beth grunted appreciatively and wiggled.

Carole spun on her butt over the slushy floor to sit cross-legged behind Beth and cradle the younger sister’s head in her lap. She leaned over, offering her smaller tits to Beth’s mouth. Beth eagerly suckled the peachy protrusions.

Alicia had drawn the first orgasmic cries from Beth when they were interrupted by the sound of heavy footsteps and a deep voice.

“What the hell is this? Are you girls at it again?”

Alicia straightened and looked at the source of the disturbance, a tall man wearing a pirate costume complete with one eyepatch and a fake pegleg.

“Daddy!” she cried.

Another figure walked in — a curvy woman barely clothed as a Disney princess. “Hey, bro, what have your girls been doing now… Oooh, that looks like fun.” She started unbuttoning her gauzy garb. She saw the open bottle of pumpkin vodka and took a slug. And another.

With his sexy little sister drinking and undressing at his side, their father surveyed the tableau: his naked college-age daughters, intimately intertwined on the glop-covered floor; fragments of pie-making components spewed across every surface of the kitchen; smoke seeping from the unattended oven, the singed scent almost overwhelmed by the odors of pumpkin, and vanilla, and raw animal sex. He shook his head and dropped his pants.

“Okay, you all know the price of making a mess — you each take a turn blowing me till I cum. And after this, you get to clean it all up. Hmmm, looks like we’ll have to order pies for the party. Yes, you girls will pay!”

Their family Hallowe’en parties were always a mixed batch of entertainment. Tonight would be no different. Happy Hallowe’en, everyone.


An Taste of Incest: A Taste of Candy Kisses
(I’m really stuck on my sister)


It was at the Hallowe’en party when the costumes got mixed up and I found myself in a spare bedroom fucking the brains out of a smokin’ hot babe in a tight harlequin mask I thought was Carly Sue but she turned out to be my sister…

Oops, wrong story. No, my sister and I were at a madhouse party, stuck in a damn horse costume together. She was up in front and I was literally the horse’s ass, especially since I was there ’cause her supposed boyfriend had barfed his guts out on too much rotgut punch, so I got drafted. It was so fucking hot that we were just in our underwear and we still sweated like pigs. Well, I got shoved up against her butt, and my briefs kinda slipped down right at the same moment she bent over and her panties pulled down, and somebody bumped into me from behind again, and I just sort of slipped my hot cock straight into her open canlı kaçak iddaa pussy…

Wait — that’s another story, too. How about this one? My little sister and I were at a great Hallowe’en party, hanging with our friends, not each other, when evil spirits of our incestuous ancestors possessed us and forced us to have wild sex in front of everyone…

Nope, still the wrong story. Okay, here’s the real thing. This one also has a party, and sticky masks, and sex, and my sister Ashley, but it’s not like those cliches. Not quite. It’s a totally different cliche, built on candy kisses. Well, a bit of spiced rum made its way onto the scene too, and Candyland, but… you’ll see.


I’m Alan. I’m a tall guy. I’m not a jock, not really, but I’ve run cross-country all through middle and high school and now at State. Ashley is my two-years-younger sister. She just started at State and she’s also a tall one, too lanky and smart to be a cheerleader but pretty deadly as a sprinter. She’s faster than me — for awhile, anyway. She just doesn’t have the endurance to run hour after hour.

She is also the most insufferable tease — has been, ever since she could talk, and she started talking early. I used to call her Chigger ’cause she was always under my skin. That did not go over too well with anyone who caught the rhyme, so now I just call her Chi-Chi when I’m pissed at her in public. Everyone thinks that’s cute. Morons!

So we’re the not-jocks with letters, and she pisses me off with ease. Whatever.

Let’s talk reality. It does not matter how good the swimming, fencing, and track-and-field programs are — at most schools, we totally do not matter. The ball teams get all the glory, the sponsorships, the bribes, and most of the sex. Of course, the football fucktards get lots of brain injuries too. That qualifies them for rewarding sales careers at Best Buy and Dave’s Used Cars.

So anyway, it was party time. The ball-team jocks were all given invites to a monster Hallowe’en blowout at a fancy downtown hotel sponsored by local car dealers, media outlets, and a beer distributor. Great catered food, live bands, pre-paid hookers — the works.

And for us? The non-ball (do NOT say ball-less or no-balls!) teams were invited to a rather more modest affair in a livestock exhibition hall at the county fairgrounds. That’s right — we partied across from the stables and cattle pens, dancing to a boombox system from WalMart. It was Trill, a local medical cannabis grower, who footed the bill. How stoned was she when she signed the check?

Trill’s toker friends catered. Vegan hors d’oerves; ‘healthy’ low-fat dips and oven-puffed (not fried) chips; soyburgers; oh boy. Suspicious brownies and caramels, and off-brand candy kisses. At least someone had sense to bring a few cases of cheap spiced rum.

I was hanging with some of the swimmers. Mostly with lean black Kiera, who had the most perfect body propelling an imperfect and obsessive mind. If she wanted something, she went for it, full blast, cowabunga! Usually that involved swimming like a demon. Sometimes it was chasing things nobody else could see.

And sometimes it was searching for cock. Like mine. Like now. Like frustration.

The frustration came because I was goddam SpiderMan and Kiera was goddam Wonder Woman. Lame, I know, but we didn’t have money for good costumes. Mine was like a thin skintight one-piece union suit; I had to wear a jockstrap to keep from tearing out the crotch. And Kiera couldn’t get easy access to me through that, even using her magic lasso. So we were both frustrated.

We had ducked away from the main hall, next to what I think was usually a sheep pen. The scent was… organic…

“Well jeez Alan, what the fuck good are you with your cock tucked away like that? At least you could give me some tongue. Hey, try this!” Kiera unwrapped a candy kiss and held it in her teeth. “C’mon,” she mumbled between clenched jaws, “take this from me.”

Okay, I’d play her game. I peeled my Spidey-mask back enough to put my lips against hers. I captured the candy between my own incisors. It had a strange texture, like cocoa caramel.

“Don’t swallow,” Kiera ordered. She pulled off her star-spangled Wonder Woman panties and plopped back on a waist-high table next to the animal enclosure. She spread her legs wide. I could not help but notice her unusual muff-trim — the word BATCAVE neatly carved into her pubes above an arrow pointing to her pussy.

“Stick it in here,” Kiera ordered. “Anything you’re got, STICK IT IN HERE! Start with that kiss and keep going.”

Who was I to argue? I knelt between her legs and used my tongue to push the hard little chocolaty swirl between her juicy labia and deep inside her BatCave. She had sweated a bit; this improved her flavor noticeably.

“Good start,” she said. “You know what to do now, right?”

Indeed I did. My tongue was well-trained. I pulled her legs over my shoulders and moved in close. canlı kaçak bahis I licked her slit from taint to clit, and probed inside till the candy dissolved, and circled and nibbled her magic button. She screamed in appreciation before long.

“Very good start,” she said after calming. “But it’s not nearly enough. And neither are you right now. I’m going back to the dancing. Come see me when you’re ready to dip your wick.” She pulled her panties back on and stomped out. Sometimes I hated her dedication.

I was not in the greatest mood after this little session. I walked back to the main hall and headed for the snack tables. I grabbed a handful of candies and a mugful of spiced rum. I didn’t quite trust the brownies.

I unwrapped the caramels and candy kisses and munched them fairly quickly. Even we not-ballteam-not-jocks burn zillions of calories, so pumping-up on sugar is no big thing. These candies tasted especially good, if different. I looked at the labels; they were all marked CANDYLAND, a brand I’d never heard of. I shrugged, munched a couple more, and took a big slug of rum. And another. Then I went looking for fun.

What I found was a crowd of more-or-less wasted athletes dancing more-or-less spasmodically to the boombox music. Various couples, triples, and quadruples wandered (or staggered) in and out of the hall in various states of barely-legal undress. My suspicions about the brownies were well-founded.

I was feeling a bit spaced myself. I drank more rum and ate more candies. My pleasant buzz sent me swimming in a cloud of cotton candy.

I danced with a few of the fencers, swimmers, and track stars. More accurately, we all hopped around, and ground together, and groped each other. And I soon found myself hopping, grinding, and groping my little sister Ashley.

Did I care? Not really, not now. Neither did she, apparently. But she did laugh and peel my hands off her tits.

“Hey there, big bro, I’m not your best target tonight. Or have you given up on normal sex? Didn’t I see you with Kiera earlier? What, did you drive her off? Were you your usual prehistoric self? Or maybe your spider-dick got caught in the web?”

“Ah, fuck off, Chi-Chi.” I slapped her cute ass. “What would YOU know about superhero problems? You’re fucking DEAD.”

My little sister bought her cheap Mummy costume at the same shop I did. I think they specialized in WalMart rejects. Hers was another thin skintight union suit, but looked like mummification wrappings. Her mummy-mask and my spidey-mask were equally tight. I saw no contour lines in her skinsuit; she obviously had not bothered with underwear. Yeah, she was hot, like an ancient Egyptian firecracker.

“Hey, mummies are superheroes, too! You think any ordinary mortal could last a couple thousand years and still look this good?”

She struck a pose — hands behind her head, tits shoved forward, butt shoved back, knee bent enticingly — just about what you’d expect. She shifted and spread her legs; her camel-toe was clearly visible.

“Oh, I can tell you like that!” Her eyes locked on the obvious spidey-bulge inside my jockstrap. She wiggled her bra-less boobs. “Well, take a good look.”

Jan Morse from the fencing team danced (or wobbled) over to us.

“Alright you guys, it’s game time! We’re doing games over here. C’mon, hey?”

Ashley and I were dragged to a woozy gathering of cheap costumes. Looked like lots of kissing games going on — pass the apple, pass the icecube, bend over and kiss blindfolded, that sort of stuff. Hey, what do you expect with a bunch of high college athletes at a party?

I was really buzzy now and so was Ashley. A pass-the-candy ring abducted us both.

Marnie the shot-put queen grabbed me with her incredibly strong arms, peeled my spidey-mask back from my jaws, held me close, pressed her almost-botoxed lips against mine, and shoved in a candy kiss. Her tongue actively explored my mouth for a minute. Our tongues felt like they were exchanging signals. She sighed, and spun me to face the next girl.

I found myself mouth-to-mouth with Madame Dracula aka Denise, the deadliest of fencers. Our tongues dueled over the candy like slashing sabres or semaphores till she took the lump and turned to her next face. I briefly noticed Ashley being similarly passed from Jan to Dov to Jerzy, all fencers — and then I was osculating Kayla the backstroke champ, dressed as a Cretan priestess, complete with rubber snakes on her arms and modest bare breasts poking into my spidey-suit. I normally wasn’t close with Kayla, but we did okay tonight! Her tongue snaked into my tonsils and wrote messages there.

And next… Ashley was on me, a fresh chunk of caramel between her teeth. I was in a good zone by now. So what if that’s my little sister there? My lips enveloped hers and my teeth bit into the caramel.

Bit in — and stuck there. Ashley too. It was like our mouths were glued together.

“Fhaf if fif ftuff?” I garbled. Meaning, “What is this stuff?”

Jerzy swung by and patted Ashley’s ass. “Hey, that Candyland is great, ain’t it?” He reached between us and squeezed my little sisters bouncy barely-enclosed tits. “I don’t know how Trill does it. She keeps the recipe secret.”

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A Taste of His Own Medicine

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I stepped through the door, letting it slam uncomfortably behind me. The ornate, carved glass window shook. I headed straight for the staircase, going up it two stairs at a time, feeling every fiber of the carpet beneath my feet as I headed straight for my room, teary-eyed.

I couldn’t believe he would do that. I paced the room frustrated, feeling the anger bubble underneath my skin and leave as pathetic tears. It hissed through all my muscles and had no means of escape.

It wasn’t that he remarried and left my mother and siblings. With my financial situation I was left with no choice but to rent from him in his new house, but that didn’t bother me now. No, it was far worse this time. The line was more than crossed.

I clawed at my bedspread in agony for the better part of a half hour, curled up in a ball with the lights off. Eventually, the feeling started to simmer down to a light rage, and I felt that I could think again. With the room starting to darken with the shortening days, I figured it might be a good time for a post-cry snack.

I stopped by the bathroom on my way down, making sure I didn’t look too puffy. The lights in the house were glowing yellow.

I snuck into the kitchen, startled a bit by the fact that the light was already on and the room was already occupied. Martin was there with a sleeve of old Girl Scout cookies.

“Hey. Want one?” He held the stack out to me, looking as if he could see under my mask of salty skin. He was my father’s new wife’s son, so I guess he was technically my stepbrother, now.

I accepted, grinning, feeling a little awkward, hoping the tension in the room would dissipate. The mask didn’t last long, as I was forced to revert back to my anger. I figured, as he was now part of the family, that by then he should have heard about exactly what I was so pissed about. “That piece of shit…I’ll fuckin-” I paced the room with my cookie.

He broke the polite veil. “I know, I-I’ll…”

I grabbed another cookie. If only I were still in college, then I wouldn’t have to live here with my piece-of-shit father. Martin, on the other hand, I don’t know why he was even living here. I thought he was only a year or so older than I was.

“I just can’t fucking stand it.” I interrupted. “And I know your mom is gonna go through exactly the same shit he put my family through. I wish I could just leave. Wish I could give him a…taste of his own medicine, you know?” I finished reaching out for the cookies; it was just us in the kitchen, between the extravagant island and the sink you just touched to turn on. Well, at least that son of a bitch had enough cash stored to make it seem nice, for now.

I took a deep breath and let some of the tension fall away. “Aren’t they supposed to be home right now?” I asked.

Martin put away the box of cookies, pushed up his glasses. The dull lighting illuminated his troubled face.

“Think they’re out late, tonight.”

“Good. I can’t stand to be in the same house as him, right now.”

A spark lit in his eyes, like he was repressing his feelings until now. “Guys like him think they’ll always get a break, don’t they?” The devilish smirk on his face grew to a look I hadn’t seen on him before, even though we’d only known each other for a short while. I kind of smiled at the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri thought of him getting revenge on my father; he wasn’t well liked in that department anyway, and him living in the house, too, was met with some criticism. Actually, to say he wasn’t well like was an understatement – my father preyed on Martin like he hadn’t developed beyond being a high school bully.

“You look like you have some sort of revenge plan, or something,” I laughed, swaying, in the back of my mind wondering about dinner. It felt like when you were a young adult, after your parent’s short courtship with a stranger, any new stepsiblings kind of felt like new roommates, or wardmates in the crazy-house that was this household. Because of this it didn’t really seem like we were, as the court ruled, “related”. Needless to say, I’d kind of had a crush on him for the past several weeks.

“Oh, no. Can’t think of anything that would get under that bastard’s skin,” he replied. As I was the youngest of my father’s four children, and the only girl, he wasn’t wild about having another reckless and hormonal young adult in the house. It seemed Martin mainly steered clear of the general living spaces when he was around.

“He hates you,” I chimed in, not meaning anything of it, it was just on the top of my head.

“I’ve noticed that,” he scoffed.

“But like, a lot.” I avoided eye contact.

“And I don’t see how I’m any different than you. We’re the same age.”

“You’re a year older than me. And you’re a boy. It’s a classic misogynist rule.”


A terrible thought occurred to me, that was apparently so deviously horrible it caused a facial expression that he needed to comment on.

“What’re you thinking about? Your face-” He laughed.

“Oh, um, revenge. Never mind, it was something bad.” I blushed.

“How bad? Like murder?”

“No, no. It was just gross. I should really figure out dinner.”

“Gross like-“

“Fuck. Gross like he hates you and hates you having anything to do with me. Gross as in his belief that daughters are supposed to be protected from wily, horny boys, when he’s the one ganging up on women like that, too.”

He closed the refrigerator and chuckled softly. “Are you really thinking about that? Like he would even know if that happened! He’s not even here.”

“He’d know.” I started mumbling, staring at the kitchen counter. “I have a video camera…”

He went quiet for a second. “Well, we could do that.” He said it as if he was deciding on something for dinner. “I know they’re both going out to eat tonight.”

“Are you kidding me?” I couldn’t help but feel some excitable anger bubble up again. He then gave me an anxious look that could only translate to “meet me upstairs”.

We rushed up there; I ran to my room to grab the camcorder that was shoved in my closet somewhere. This was wrong. This was so wrong. But it wasn’t like we were blood related. Plus, that bastard, who we were both now related to in some way, had it coming for him.

We met halfway between our two bedrooms, but in thinking, I suggested something.

“His…bed…” I hissed, out of breath from bolting up the stairs.

“I mean, sure, if we’re already in this deep…” He was blushing.

I rushed him into güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the master bedroom and turned on the light. I pulled the curtains closed, then locked the door. “Are you sure they won’t be home soon?” It would only work if my father wasn’t able to kick Martin’s ass when he saw what we were about to do.

He fidgeted with his hands. “I’m sure. My mom said they were going to some nice place, a couple of towns over. Are you sure you want to do this? I mean-” he lowered his voice. “we’re step-siblings…” If anyone had heard, I was sure they would have just thought this nice, new house at the end of the street was just the town’s newest incest porn studio.

“As long as you have a condom.”

He grabbed the camera out of my hands. I had almost forgotten about it. I was hoping he would know how the piece of equipment better than I did. Our parents’ bed wasn’t even made from that morning, but it wasn’t like that was gonna stop us, now. He pressed a few buttons and placed it on the dresser perpendicular to the bed.

“Do you… have a-” I asked, heart racing. He ran over to the nightstand, opened the drawer, and threw a handful of condoms onto the bed next to me.

“The camera’s ready when you are.”

I didn’t really know how sex tapes worked, especially those created in revenge. I figured I might as well take off my pants. “How does this work? Do I flip off the camera or something?”

“What? Just make it natural.” His wide eyes led me to believe that maybe he’d been thinking about this moment for longer than I had. I thumbed through the collection of prophylactics on the sheets urgently. Some of them were kind of bizarre. It was a little disgusting.

“Oh, so I don’t say ‘screwing my stepbrother in my father’s bed, take one’?”

He grinned, stifling a laugh, his dark blond hair leaning towards orange in the awkward lighting.

“Are you ready?”

“Fuck, sure.”

He pressed a button and a little red light went on the camera. He rushed over to the bed, which I had sat down on. Good thing my pants were already off. I wasn’t sure how much room this tape had left.

“Ok, I, um, can I talk?” I whispered as he pulled at my underwear among the sea of extra-fancy blankets.

“Say whatever you want. It’s not like he’s gonna be paying any attention to you’re saying.”

I laid back on the bed, staring at the golden ceiling, and placed in his hand the one condom that wasn’t marketed towards fragile masculinity. It had become increasingly sweaty in my palm. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the recording lens, remembered what it was there for, then gave it a little smirk. He jumped over to my side and came in for a really desperate kiss. Something told me he must have not been very popular in high school. I wasn’t totally convinced this porno was in need of any romance, but after a few seconds I found that I just couldn’t pull myself away from his lips. I softly reminded him that this tape might not last that long, going at this rate.

“God, fuck me.” I said just loud enough for the microphone to register, but not loud enough that the neighbors would complain tomorrow. I tugged at his t-shirt, but realized that in the event there’d be unexpected visitors tonight, I might want some sort of protection. I could güvenilir bahis şirketleri work around clothes. Anyway, I was under the impression this was meant to be a quickie. He looked at me quizzically after my raucous comment as if he hadn’t expected dialogue like that.

I spoke quieter this time. “Please?”

Once he’d gotten the condom on, I made a point to act a little sluttier than I usually would in the situation. I pulled him closer with my legs, and he blushed.

“Just think about what that motherfucker did. Think about the look on his face when he sees this.”

He looked intrigued, in a “motivated to create a sex tape” kind of way.

“God damn it.”

I felt him slide inside me, watching his lengthened gaze. But mentally, I was beginning to fast forward to however the hell this videotape would ever be watched.

“Closer,” I whined, his hips grinding against mine. “Make it look like you fuckin’ mean it.” As if he was doing this halfheartedly.

“Sorry,” he whispered, running his hand up my side, under my shirt, probably strategizing how to take it off while I was on my back, “I’m just thinking about how much more your dad is gonna hate me now.”

“Don’t call him that.” I wiggled off my shirt, and popped off my bra effortlessly, grabbing his right hand and guiding it towards my breast. “Make him regret everything. Make it dirty.” He thrusted a couple more times, trying to make a better effort.

“Make him regret being born?”

“Fuck, well I wouldn’t necessarily say that.” I laughed. “What are you thinking about?” He licked up my chest and it tickled a bit.

“Flip over?”

It took a second to register. “Lube?”

He got up to rummage in that godawful nightstand again while I flipped over onto my hands and knees and prepared for impact.

“Oh, god,” he stopped rummaging. “this is specifically for anal…”

“Okay, well we can come to terms with parental trauma later.”

He came back over and laid kisses on my neck.

“Try some fingers in there first. Give him a real run for his money.” Luckily his fingers weren’t cold, but the lube was. It was surprisingly viscous. “Make sure you refuse to break eye contact with the camera, too.” I grinned.

“Okay. Are you ready now?”

“Go ahead.” The fact he still hadn’t lost his shirt led me to believe he didn’t believe a single word our parents had said about what time they’d be back, either.

It was kind of a tight fit, but I don’t know what I was thinking. I was a little worked up from the whole situation.

“Woo hoo, sodomy,” I whispered, thrilled. He laughed. “Disappoint my father, Martin, disappoint him more.”

He reached between my legs to rub me, maybe thinking that mutual sexual satisfaction might provide maximum disappointment to my father. The combination of stimulation was working for me. I started to forget where I was and who I was with.

“Ah, fuck it, harder.” I groaned, feeling the sweat of our bodies in contrast with the creaking of the mattress.

“You almost there?” He pulled my hair out of my face, sighing.

“Yes, but the more you talk, the more I am reminded of it.”

“Shit, sorry.”

His fingers brought my a special kind of ecstasy, and I clenched at the bedspread so hard my fingers hurt when they finally relaxed. He grasped at my side and mumbled something under his breath that sounded like he was biting his lip and I barely heard what he said. I slumped forward into the sheets, face brushing the silk as he lay down next to me. The light on that camera was still glaring; I wasn’t yet ready to turn it off.

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Caitlin and Sara Ch. 04

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Please don’t reproduce this copyrighted work without my written permission.


Of course all the actors in this script are of legal age.


Note 1: Characters introduced in ‘The Seduction of Bobby’s Mom’ appear in this Chapter, but reading that story is not a prerequisite.


Note 2: Kelley, my soulmate, helped me once again. Thanks baby.


“You wanna tell me what’s goin’ on, Cat?”

I took a sip of water and braced myself for the inquisition.

“What do you mean? There’s nothing going on.”

She stared at me for a couple of minutes and then sighed. “Cat, look – I’m not mad or upset, I just . . .”

There was an awkward silence for a minute or two, but I could tell something was bothering her and we definitely needed to talk it through.

“What Mom, what is it? We’ve always been able to talk to each other about anything.”

She picked up the bottle of nail polish and played with it for a moment and then put it back on the table and then she picked it up again. I reached over and grabbed the bottle from her hand and that immediately caused her to look up at me.

“What is it Mom, c’mon . . . talk to me.”

She looked at me for a long moment and then looked away. “Cat, I saw you and Sara making love in the kitchen last night. I wasn’t trying to spy on you, but I went to the bathroom and I was going to tell you one last thing before I went to bed and when I got to the doorway Sara was . . .”

I thought I heard her door open last night. Well, now the other cat is definitely out of the bag and I couldn’t help but wonder how terribly awkward things would now become between us. I suddenly felt like I might become very ill.

I said the first thing that came to mind. “Did that upset or offend you, Mom?”

My mother swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “Upset me? My God, no; I was never so turned on in my entire life.”

I considered what my mother said for a moment and then I shot her a half-smile. “In that case Mom, what exactly is the problem?”

She exhaled and the woman I was staring at now looked far different than the mother I knew.

“Cat, you’ve just got to let me watch you two make love again.”

My mom’s words continued to resonate with me as I mindlessly went through the motions at school the next day. I hadn’t been this distracted since Erin ended our monogamous relationship and I had almost forgotten how terribly unpleasant feeling like this could be.

I thought about our conversation at least a dozen times throughout the day and I had no clue what my mother really wanted from me by her unorthodox request. Even worse, I blamed myself for creating this rather unpleasant situation. I knew that it was entirely my fault for putting on such a hedonistic show in the kitchen, of all places.

Then, there was the information overload. It was one thing to come out of the closet and finally disclose my sexual orientation to my mother thirty minutes earlier that night. It was quite another thing to know that she was actually standing there watching as my lover was licking and fingering my pussy and — no doubt — also watching as my eyes rolled back into my head. I guess it’s a damn good thing I’m a well-adjusted teen.

And if all that baggage wasn’t enough to effect my entire day, and to some degree maybe even my life, I knew all too well that with the single exception of what Sara and I did in front of Erin and Cheryl at Erin’s house, I had never knowingly had an audience before when I was intimate with a woman. So now, forevermore, I have to deal with knowing that the only parent I have, and probably my best friend in the world, was watching me have sex with my lover. No matter what spin I put on the entire situation, I didn’t think I would ever get used to it and I’d probably need Sara’s help to get past it.

It was much the same way at cheering practice later that afternoon. I knew that I was flat for most of the time. Not surprisingly, so did a couple of my close friends, but they were kind enough not to draw any unnecessary attention to it in front of everyone else. At least, not until after practice when I became the victim of some very good-natured kidding and a lot of questions.

After I showered I sat outside waiting for Ariana and my ride home. I turned on my cell phone for the first time that day and saw that I had missed 15 calls. That was just slightly higher than usual, but I was not unduly surprised, as I panned through the list of numbers before calling my voice mail.

The first message was from Erin and I think for the first time that day my smile wasn’t forced. Even now while I was involved with Sara, Erin’s voice still seemed to have a kind of magical effect on me. Maybe it’s because she was actually the first real love of my life and you know what they always say about the first one.

In her usual up-beat and highly energized voice she said they had a great time with us last bedava bahis night and hoped we’d do something together again very soon. Erin always ends her calls to me with an affectionate “love you – later,” and for the first time hearing those words didn’t cause my heart to skip a beat. But the ‘L’ word made me think of Sara and I was really glad that hers was the next message on my voice-mail.

“Hey baby,” she affectionately began, and all at once she had my undivided attention.

“It’s nearly ten and I’m heading over to Cheryl’s office to do some new-hire paperwork and of course that made me think of the one person who made this all possible — my favorite person in the whole world. I’m sure you’re in class right now, but I wanted you to know that you’re in all my thoughts and . . . and . . . well, I want you to know that I love you, baby. I just can’t wait until I see ‘ya tonight. Oh, and by the way, I finally have water and electricity in the house, so I’ll be cooking dinner for us tonight, though I should probably warn you that you may not consider that a real treat after you’ve tasted my cooking.”

Hearing that sexy Katie Scarlet O’Hara accent in my voice mail gave me goose bumps that I felt all the way down to my sexual center. I immediately felt myself mouth the words “I love you too sweetie,” in response to Sara’s message and then I had to smile at her closing comment about her absence of culinary skills. Good thing I don’t mind cooking.

I thought about Sara leaving me such a wonderful message and of course that made me smile. I automatically pressed the number two button on my key pad. I just knew I was gonna save that message.

“Wow girl, you definitely have it bad. Now, just tell me – who is the target of that dreamy-eyed expression all over your face?”

I looked up and saw Ariana walking towards me, brandishing the most devilish smile across her face.

Sometimes friendships in high school can be fleeting at best and trendy at worst, but I can tell you without hesitation that Ariana is probably my dearest friend in the world who’s close to my age, so I think I should probably tell you a little something about her.

Ariana moved to Houston many years ago from New York City and she has that rather interesting dialect, which to me almost sounds like it’s from another country. It took me a long time to get used to hearing it without feeling like I was on some sitcom, not that I’m actually used to it now, but I guess after more than a dozen years I’ve finally learned to live with it.

Her father was a highly placed executive with a Fortune 50 company that eventually saw the wisdom of relocating their corporate offices to a more reasonable cost of living area, so they wound up in our little corner of the world.

Ariana and her family lives in a rather affluent subdivision, located about three miles from where mom and I live. I’ve been over more times than I can count for all kinds of activities, including swimming, parties and countless sleepovers — which are really terrific because every bedroom has its own bathroom, a luxury that still amazes me. I absolutely love their house.

Ariana is an outstanding representative of her Mediterranean heritage. She has medium brown curly hair that comes to about the middle of her back. She has dark eyes and a medium complexion and I personally think she looks like a cover girl for Seventeen Magazine, yet amazingly she never wears any makeup — not even lip gloss. She’s about two inches taller than me, but she’s not quite as tall as Erin. In case you’re wondering, she is very straight and she also knows that I’m not and that has only caused one really awkward moment between us and maybe I’ll share that with you another time.

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t consider Ariana to be a natural beauty. The guys always use the term “drop-dead gorgeous” to describe her and most of the girls would just kill to have her hair or her well developed hour-glass figure. I guess that just about sums up high school life in a nutshell — envy and lust; talk about your basic instincts.

There are two reasons I love having Ariana as my best friend. It’s probably a sad commentary on my generation, but she’s the first girl I’ve ever known who doesn’t judge anyone. For example, she has always known that I’m attracted to females and she’s totally fine with it. But even more importantly for me, I see her as a friend first, so I have no physical attraction towards her. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely agree with everyone else that she is absolutely gorgeous, but really good friends are just too hard to find to run the risk of losing them.

I also went through a rather bad time after Erin ended our relationship and if it wasn’t for Ariana being there for me I’m pretty sure I would not have come through that period without more collateral damage. Okay, now I hope you have a better idea about who Ariana is and the role she has had in my life.

As we drove away bedava bonus from the school I started to tell her about meeting Sara only two days earlier. I was only about five minutes into the story, when she pulled the car over on a residential street and parked under a huge cypress tree. Then she turned in her seat to face me.

“What?” I asked with a half smile, trying to determine exactly what she was up to.

She smiled back at me. “What? You’ve got to be kidding. I can already tell that this is going to be a really great story and I don’t want to be distracted one single bit by driving or anything else.”

I guess I should have expected that sort of a reaction from my best friend. Ariana has heard all my tales of woe and heartache and if she doesn’t know me by now, I guess no one does.

I smiled and turned in my seat to face her, as I started once again from the beginning and about forty minutes later she was fully up to speed on Sara and my love-life once again.

During my little recitation she had smiled and laughed a lot, grew serious a time or two, got teary-eyed a whole lot, became a little embarrassed several times and then she sat straight up in her seat and started to stare out the front windshield at nothing particular. I finished talking about me and Sara and then I watched her for a minute or two. She seemed to have a distant expression on her face and she was now eerily quiet.

“Ariana, is anything wrong sweetie?” I asked, in a rather demure tone.

She slowly turned back around in her seat once again and I could see a teardrop making its way down her cheek. She took a deep breath and met my confused gaze.

“Cat, you know I love ya dearly and I’m so happy for you — I promise I really am. It’s amazing, but despite the age difference it does seem as if you and Sara might have really found something special, maybe even a genuine love connection. And I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I wish just once I could know what it’s like to feel that way about someone and have that person actually return those feelings.”

I was totally unprepared for that kind of disclosure. I had no idea that Ariana hadn’t experienced similar feelings for at least one of the many guys she had dated over the years and it never even occurred to me that reciprocation might be an issue. I realized that I had been doing a rather bad job of holding up my end of our friendship.

I took a deep breath and tried to be the friend I was supposed to be. “What about Brad, you’ve been seeing him for two or three months now, is there no mutual love or tenderness there at all between you guys?”

The look in her eyes turned from sadness to one that was almost menacing. “Love, tenderness – huh! It’s always about sex with him — fucking, blowjobs, handjobs — sex, sex, sex. Hell, it’s been that way with every guy I’ve dated since Middle School. I’m really tired of it, but I just don’t know what to do about it. Got any ideas, girlfriend?”

This was indeed a first for us. I had never asked Ariana for advice with a girl before and she had never asked me for any help with a guy. And in our parallel universe I think that seemed to be the natural order of things between us and it certainly made perfect sense. Now that seemed to be changing and I knew this could possibly be a real challenge for me. As I thought about her question I wondered whether our friendship might actually hang in the balance.

This time it was my turn to sit there and stare out the front windshield, as I considered her situation for several minutes. When I looked back into her eyes I saw something there I had not been prepared to see. It looked like hope, but then again, maybe desperation was probably a better description. Well anyway, here goes.

“Regardless of whether you’re attracted to males or females or whether you’re gay or straight, I think the challenges always seem to be the same. Keep the relationship growing, while also keeping it fresh and exciting, all within a climate of mutual respect.”

Well, that was my long-awaited opening statement. I paused for an instant to see whether she’d roll her eyes or maybe even laugh at me, but she did neither one. She considered my comments for a moment and nodded thoughtfully. Then she looked up and waited patiently for me to continue, so I did.

When I finished nearly an hour later I think we both felt better. I don’t think I told her anything she hadn’t really thought about before, but she seemed to actually consider the advice I offered.

When Ariana finally dropped me off in front of my house it was nearly 6:30 p.m. and I was fairly certain I would probably face another uncomfortable interrogation at home. Except for two graduate classes my mother had in the afternoon, I knew that she had been home most of the day. With all that time on her hands I was sure she was probably busy thinking of some more questions to ask me that I probably wouldn’t want to answer. I looked deneme bonusu over at Sara’s house and knew this decision was a no-brainer.

I headed up the walkway to the door, knocked twice and then just let myself in. I didn’t give the matter a whole lot of thought until I was inside and realized that despite having her power on, the blinds were drawn shut and the house was relatively dark. Then I noticed that two candles were lit on the cocktail table in the living room and I walked towards them, calling Sara’s name as I went.

“Hey baby, have a seat on the sofa, I’ll be right out,” Sara called from the direction of her bedroom.

Hearing Sara’s voice immediately put a smile on my face, as I realized how much I had missed her all day. I headed to the sofa and dropped my backpack on the floor, kicked off my flip-flops, sat back into the over-sized cushions and then I put my bare –feet up on the cocktail table.

I started to get a chill with the air conditioner blowing down on me, which served as a casual reminder that I hadn’t put any panties on after showering, so I crossed my legs, leaned my head back on the cushion and closed my eyes for an instant to decompress after the mentally-exhausting day I had.

I must have been more tired than I first thought, because moments later I drifted off. I didn’t hear Sara enter the room, but then I seemed to realize that she was behind me massaging my neck and it felt incredibly relaxing.

I opened my eyes and smiled and then reached behind me without moving. She stopped massaging my neck and took my hand in hers and gently kissed it. Then I felt her take my index finger into her mouth and she slowly began to fellate it. I could feel the sensual slickness of her lipstick on my finger and I was suddenly wide awake. I felt goose bumps immediately invading my arms and legs.

As Sara slowly worked my finger in and out of her mouth, my breathing began to accelerate. I closed my eyes and felt her apply suctioning pressure to my finger. She’d gently release it and then she’d repeat that motion once again, gradually increasing the pressure of her suction each time. No one had ever done anything like that to me before, but I knew right away that I would make this a big part of my love-making repertoire in the future.

I instinctively took my left hand and found my happy place and I began to gently touch myself. I wasn’t surprised to find that my lubrication was way ahead of me. I slowly inserted my wet finger inside my pussy and simulated the same motion down below that Sara was performing on my finger. A moment later we were in perfect sync and I knew I was already getting close.

Sometimes two people can be together forever and they’re unable to anticipate each other’s sexual needs, while other times such anticipation is second nature for even the newest couple. Thank God the latter applied to us. When I was close to cumming, though not quite there yet, Sara reached over my shoulder with her free hand and went straight under my shirt and found one of my erect nipples. She cradled it between her thumb and index finger and then began to squeeze it — gently at first and then with increasing intensity.

Between Sara sucking on my finger, squeezing my nipple and me fingering myself, my orgasm suddenly arrived with a vengeance and ripped though my tired body with a near savage intensity that I hadn’t experienced since Erin and I stopped our intimacy nearly a year ago. God – how I missed that wonderful feeling. During all the excitement I heard myself yell out, but I didn’t even recognize the sound of my own voice.

“Oh my God, ahhh, my . . . God, Sara . . . I’m cumming!”

The sucking and the pinching suddenly became more passionate and I realized that I was matching Sara’s intensity with my own. That realization seemed to trigger the second orgasm that was now washing through my body. I felt myself momentarily lose consciousness.

When I briefly opened my eyes sometime later the upper half of my body was now horizontal and my head was positioned on Sara’s lap and she was gently running her fingers through my hair and humming. It suddenly occurred to me that if my life would never get any better than this I was totally fine with that. Then I seemed to drop off once again, reveling in a euphoric post-orgasmic bliss.

When I regained consciousness a second time I opened my eyes and I could see Sara’s loving gaze and warm smile looking down at me. I instinctively returned her smile, but then I realized a fear that I had never experienced before. I felt that I actually may have been lucky enough to find my true soulmate and now I wondered whether I could hold onto her, or whether I would lose her like I did Erin. The thought sent a cold shiver through my body and I could immediately tell that Sara could actually feel it too.

“Are you okay baby, do you want a blanket?”

I’m usually not weepy, but I just couldn’t help myself. I was about to respond and then the only audible sound I heard was crying and I realized that it was coming from me. It not only took me by surprise, I could tell it also surprised Sara. She moved off of the sofa and kneeled on the floor between my legs. I could tell she was both puzzled, as well as concerned.

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Between the Bars Pt. 07

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Chapter 30

The chair was so hard. I shifted and pulled my feet up under me, wrapping my arms around myself for warmth. Cold in here too. As soon as I’d gotten to the station in the back of the patrol car, they took me to this interrogation room and walked out. I’d been sitting here, alternately pacing and trying to get comfortable in the hard metal chair, for so long I’d lost track of time. Even if I’d been wearing a watch, they would’ve taken it from me like they took all of my personal belongings before they brought me in here.

I knew the big mirror across one wall was one-way glass. I’d given up pressing my face to it and shielding the glare with my hands in an attempt to see out. I’d watched enough TV to know that they should have taken me to booking to charge and fingerprint me, or come in the room and questioned me, but nobody came. Nothing happened at all. No phone call, no nothing. I just sat and waited and waited in the blank little room.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I closed my eyes and let my mind disconnect, the way I did when I was small, before I moved in with my grandparents, and bad things would happen that I either didn’t want to or couldn’t think about. I must’ve sat there for a very long time, keeping my mind blank so I wouldn’t go insane with frustration and worry about Daniel, lying in a hospital bed somewhere broken and bleeding and alone. When the buzzer sounded, I looked up wearily. No use hoping. They were never going to let me out, I was going to be here forever.

“Kennedy. You’re out.”

“But, I don’t understand, they never even questioned me.”

The cop stared at me like I was total idiot. “You gonna stand around asking questions, or get the fuck out of here?”

I got up immediately and stepped out into the hall. The door thunked shut behind me. “Counsel’s here,” the cop said over his shoulder.

“A lawyer? But I don’t have a lawyer, I never even got to make a phone call.”

“Tell her yourself.” He pointed at a petite, very pretty lady in her twenties with long dark hair, wearing a gray suit and black high heels. She walked up to me and stuck out her hand for me to shake, which I did, confused. The cop walked away and left us standing there in the hallway

“Rylan, I’m Ariella Frieden. It’s good to meet you. The Chicago Sun-Times sent me over to get you out of here.”

I blinked, confused by it all. “Uh, am I under arrest?”

“No charges have been filed against you at this time. Pending investigation, you’re free to go. Come on, let’s go down to processing and get your personal items and get you out of here.” She bustled off down the hallway and I had no choice but to follow her.

“Pending investigation? Does that mean I could be arrested later?” I asked.

“I don’t have an answer to that. Because this is an… internal matter, the police are not answering my questions regarding the case.”

“They never arraigned me or anything; they just held me, are they allowed to do that?”

“As long as it’s for less than twenty-four hours, yes. That’s why the Times sent me over here, to make sure they didn’t hold you illegally. Here.”

She opened a gray metal door and pointed me inside. The bored lady at the counter, not a cop but a step up from a crossing guard, processed me out and handed back everything I had on my person at the time I was arrested, except Daniel’s handgun. I didn’t ask about it, but I was sure it was being held as evidence. When I came out of processing through another door, Kat leaped into my arms, with Alex right behind her. They both looked exhausted, but Kat had managed to change out of her pajamas and into business attire and put on some makeup.

“Rylan, thank god. I’ve been worried sick.”

“How’s Daniel?” I asked immediately. “Is he okay?” When I hugged Alex, I felt myself sag against him a bit. He was so solid and reassuring and I hadn’t realized how fucking tired I was. I didn’t understand any of this. Between the time I was arrested and the time I was released, somebody decided I didn’t do anything wrong and they just let me go.

“Yes, he’s out of surgery now and doing pretty well,” Kat answered. “They’ve got him down at Cook County Hospital and their trauma center is excellent.”

“I need to see him.”

“They’ve got him under security, so you can’t see him right now.” She took my hand and started escorting me toward the door, with Alex behind me at a close protective distance. Ariella followed along, murmuring into a tiny silver cell phone. “Come on, let’s get you back to my apartment so you can get cleaned up and prepare your statement for the press conference we’ve got set up.”

“Whoa. Wait a minute.” I dug my heels in and stopped. “I’m not giving a press conference.”

“But Rylan, the story broke. It’s all over the news, what you and Daniel did. You brought down a whole ring of corrupt cops from all over the country. The public wants to hear from you. You’re a hero.” She beamed, clearly enjoying all this güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and the role she had played in it. This bit of investigation journalism was going to make her a very important part of the Sun-Times staff.

I shook my head. “I’m not a hero and I’m not your trained monkey, Kat. No statements and no press. I want to go to the hospital and be with Daniel, and if they won’t let me see him I’ll wait there until they do.”

Kat huffed a breath, but she considered me for a moment or two and then finally nodded reluctantly. She knew me well enough to know she wasn’t getting anywhere. “Okay. You’re right. Now isn’t the time. We’ll go down and try to get you in to see Daniel. Before that, though, we really should take you back to my place so you can clean up. You don’t want Daniel to see you like this.”

She took my wrists and showed me the blood that had seeped onto the my coat and soaked into my sleeves. I hadn’t even realized I was covered in Daniel’s blood. It was a far cry from him eating dinner with my family in a shirt splattered with my cum. I nodded and let her lead me down the hallway marked Exit.

“The paper wants me to do a front-page exclusive for tomorrow’s edition, so I need a written statement,” Kat went on relentlessly. “I need to know the sequence of events the best you can remember. Who shot Daniel?”

The image of him bleeding onto the snow was branded into the back of my eyelids. It would never go away.

“Sgt. Adkins.”

“And you shot him?” She gave me a piercing look like she wasn’t completely convinced I was capable of such a thing. I shrugged. I didn’t consider it an act of heroism. I did it because I had to, because I’d do anything for Daniel.

The hall ended. Alex, who was slightly ahead of us, pushed open the police station’s front door. He stepped back inside with a shocked look on his face and pulled it closed, blocking the door with his big frame.

“What is it?” Kat asked.

“The press is out there,” Alex answered, eyes darting to my face. “All the local stations and even the networks.”

I didn’t miss Kat’s guilty little start. Damn her. Business suit and makeup, all right. Ariella stepped outside the door and announced to all the microphones that I had no comment. Alex and I stayed just inside the door while Kat went outside and brought her SUV around, although at first she wanted Alex to do it, until I pointed out that Alex could shield me a lot better than she could. It’s not that I blamed her for wanting national exposure on her story, and for her face to be on the news as the intrepid reporter who broke the story, but even if she was my friend, using this for a media opportunity really pissed me off when Daniel was lying in the hospital alone. I didn’t have time for this shit, I had to get to him.

Pushing through a throng of reporters shielded by Alex’s big body, having microphones shoved in my face and questions shouted at me isn’t an experience I want to repeat. I hated being the center of attention anyway, but especially because I knew I was no hero. All I did was help. Daniel was the real hero. He stayed dedicated even when nobody believed him, when the whole world was against him. This case was big; it involved a lot of important people and it was going to be on all the national news stations. The glory, if he wanted it, belonged to Daniel; and if he didn’t want it, I’d do anything I could to keep the attention away from him.

Back at Kat’s place, Alex handed me a neatly folded stack of clothes from the couch. Cargo pants, a t-shirt and a heavy navy-blue button-down. I assumed they were his but he grinned at my obvious doubt.

“They’re my brother’s. They might be a little big, but not like mine. It’s all we could get.”

“I’m sure they’ll be fine. Thanks for thinking of it.” I paused in my own drama long enough to glance up at Alex’s shy eyes, his little-boyish face hidden in the scraggly beard. I smiled at him and he blushed. I owed him so much. I knew he had feelings for Daniel that he fully realized could never turn into anything, but instead of resenting me for getting in the way he unselfishly did everything to help us for no other reason than he could. He was in a position to help us and he did, and that was a rare thing. His loyalty awed me, humbled me. His blush told me any kind of praise or thanks would embarrass him more than he could stand; I could relate to that, so I just reached up and gave his thick shoulder a little squeeze.

“Hey.” Kat shoved in briskly and broke up our moment by handing me a plastic grocery bag. “Here, put the bloody clothes in this and I’ll have them incinerated. You’re going to get an HIV test, right?”

Blankly, I looked down at the rusty stains of Daniel’s blood under my fingernails. We’d been so careful in the farmhouse. He’d assured me there was no reason to worry, and I believed him, but even so, he never took the chance. Now protecting each other from what might be in us was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri totally beside the point. Direct contact with his blood, sure there were risks, but I didn’t freak. I felt only peace because whatever happened, I knew it would be okay.

“Yeah,” I said because Kat was waiting for an answer.

“Good.” She kept staring at me. “And a follow-up in six weeks. Daniel will insist on it himself. It’s police procedure with any direct fluid contact.”

Fluid contact. The dripping blood and the spurt of cum and cold panic sweat were all condensed into two clinical words. It was ironic really, all the frustration we’d had stranded at the farmhouse trying to avoid fluid contact only to end up with this happening. In the shower, I washed it all off under the hot water. I didn’t want Daniel to see it because I knew he’d be concerned, just like Kat said. He’d stop focusing on his own recovery to worry about me and I didn’t want that. I didn’t want Daniel to think about anything but getting better. I hoped they were giving him great drugs so he wasn’t hurting. I made myself not picture him lying in a hospital bed suffering.

I’d researched ballistics and gunshot wounds extensively for a couple of my novels, so although my knowledge was specialized in antique weapons, I knew enough to know that a shattered shoulder hurt like hell, but it wasn’t life-threatening. Medical treatment was swift enough that shock was not a danger, but if the aim had been better or the ambulances just a little slower… My knees went weak and I had to grab the counter as it hit me full-force. He could have died. Just like Scott, like Ray, like the officer in the video. Just a few inches to the left and he’d be gone. He could have died and then what would I have done? My life wouldn’t have changed on the outside, I would’ve gone back to Atlanta and fallen right back into my rut like none of this ever happened, like Daniel never even existed. He was so important to me after such a short time, I’d never felt this way and the intensity of my need to be with him scared the hell out of me but I didn’t care. I jerked my clothes on and charged out of the bathroom demanding we had to go.

“Shit.” As Kat pulled into one of the parking areas, I stared in dismay at the Cook County Hospital complex that sprawled out over six or seven city blocks “How are we ever going to find him in there?”

“He’s in Tower C of the main building, room 515,” Alex answered, watching the signs out the window. “It’s that way, Kat. Make a left.”

“Wait, how do you know that?”

“While you were in the shower, I got into their system and took a peek at their patient list.” Alex shrugged.

I lifted an eyebrow. Well, if he could download encrypted files off the Chicago Police Department’s internal network, confidential patient files should be no big deal. “Oh. Well… good job then.”

“If he’s under guard, it’s not going to be easy to get to him even when we do find him,” Kat said in the parking garage elevator. “He’s not a prisoner now, but he’s under protective custody at the hospital and that means there’s a list of people who can see him… and I doubt you’re on it. An FBI agent named Jensen has taken over the case. He’s the one who came into the surgery waiting room and told Alex and me that Daniel made it through surgery okay and we had to leave. If he’s there, we’ll never be able to get you in.”

“I’ll get in.” I shrugged. I wasn’t leaving until I did, it was that simple. Kat and Alex looked at each other and I pretended not to notice. The creaky old elevator bumped and lurched up to the fifth floor. Alex gripped the rail until his knuckles turned white, glancing up nervously until the thing lurched to a stop. When the door slid open, he almost fell out and I grabbed his arm and held him until he got steady, just the way he held Daniel and me up.

“Okay. Daniel’s room is down the hall. It’ll be easy to find because it’ll have an armed guard.” She grinned. She loved shit like this. I, on the other hand, eyed the nurses’ station with trepidation. She was going to get us kicked out and I’d never get to see Daniel. I tilted my head in the direction of the nurses at the counter in their scrubs, talking and laughing with each other in front of their computer screens.

“But how are we going to get past them? Do you have a plan or anything?”

“Let’s just try the forceful approach first.” Kat lifted her eyebrow at me and grinned. “Let’s go, boys. All you have to do is follow along.”


Chapter 31

“Sorry, you’re not on the list.”

You didn’t even look at the list, bitch. I wanted to scream in frustration but I knew that would only get us kicked out. I took a deep breath, while Kat put on her most winning smile. The cop was a tiny, sour-faced woman who barely even looked big enough to handle a weapon, let alone apprehend a suspect. Probably a desk jockey. She didn’t even give Kat a glance. Kat was one charming güvenilir bahis şirketleri dyke, so the cop was clearly straight and from the way she looked at me, she was not inclined to be sympathetic to gays either. There was no way she didn’t know who I was, and why I wanted to see Daniel so badly.

The door was cracked slightly and I could see the end of the bed, and the shape of Daniel’s feet under white covers, but no matter how I twisted and turned the corner of the wall obscured his the rest of him. I longed to see his face. He was so close, I could almost touch him and it killed me not to be able to get to him.

“Yes, I know, Officer, but I’m Kat Grissom with the Chicago Sun-Times and this is Rylan Kennedy, a close friend of the patient. You may have heard about him on the news. He isn’t a danger to Detective Braden, he only wants to see him, he’s involved with the case and he was on the scene when the shooting occurred and even protected –“

The lady cop looked at me like I was dirt on her shoes and sneered at Kat. “I don’t care who you any of you are. If you’re not on the list, you’re not going in.”

Through the cracked door, I saw Daniel’s legs shift. Kat’s eyes got that icy-hard gleam and I knew she was about to make hellfire rain down on this woman, so I gently took her arm just as she was opening her mouth. I had to get to Daniel and pissing this bitch off wasn’t the way to do it.

“Kat, leave it alone,” I said softly. “Come on.”

She gave me a rebellious scowl but she went with me down the fluorescent corridor to the little waiting area where Alex was squashed into a hard plastic chair. The nurses’ station was directly across and I wanted to avoid their notice at all costs. One call to security was all it would take.


“Yeah, but that cunt’s gonna have us thrown out of here and maybe even arrested if you don’t settle down.” I sat her down in a chair and paced around while she fumed. Think, think. Obviously, the forceful approach wasn’t going to work and it was time to move on to plan B. I interrupted Kat’s mumbled rant about calling her boss and the police commissioner.

“Listen. I think it might be best if you and Alex leave. Three people multiply the problems. If it’s just me I can figure out a way to slip in.”

“No, wait,” she protested immediately. “If my editor-in-chief can make some calls to the right people and…”

“Kat,” Alex interrupted in his quiet mumble. It was so rare for him to speak on his own accord, we both stared at him in surprise. He blushed slightly as he went on. “Rylan’s right, he’ll do better on his own. We’re in the way. Let’s go.”

“But, but wait,” Kat protested and sputtered but Alex bodily pulled her out of the chair so she gave in with bad grace. “You have my number, don’t you? You’ll call me if anything happens and you need me, right? Or if anything develops I need to know about?” she called as Alex dragged her to the elevator. I nodded and waved as they disappeared behind the sliding doors. I knew why she didn’t want to leave. She was concerned about me, yes, but she what she wanted was an exclusive. Shaking my head, I went over and sat down in the waiting area to think over my next move.

My body ached from hours cramped up in the interrogation room so after awhile I got up and started wandering. I tried to stay away from Daniel’s door; I didn’t want the cop to get suspicious because I kept appearing and have me thrown out, but I couldn’t seem to resist the draw of seeing even his feet. As I walked past trying to stay invisible, I noticed one of the nurses coming out of Daniel’s room, passing the guard. I’d noticed her at the nurses’ station earlier. She was very pretty, tall, with shoulder-length brown hair and a kind, radiant smile. Somehow, I felt immediately drawn to her. This might just be someone who could be convinced to help me.

I went back to the waiting area. The nurses glanced at me from time to time, but none of them questioned me. Quietly, I watched the pretty nurse. She smiled a lot, both at her fellow nurses and the aides and janitorial staff who passed through, and at the visitors to other patients on the floor. I was more and more convinced that my initial feeling about her was right on.

Patiently, I waited until she went on rounds again. When she stepped out of Daniel’s door, I was waiting down the hallway just out of sight of the guard. She looked a little startled when I approached her but she smiled and asked if I needed something. I noticed her on ID badge that her name was Jennifer.

“Daniel Braden. You just saw him. How is he? Is he okay?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but because of federal privacy laws I can’t give out that information to anyone who isn’t a family member,” she said kindly. “Are you a relative?”

“No. I’m…” I decided to go for it. “He’s my lover. I’m worried about him and I just need to know he’s okay.”

Jennifer gave me a closer look and realization began to dawn. “Hey, did I read about you on the internet? How you saved his life?”

“Yes, yes that’s me.” I nodded eagerly. She shook my hand, beaming.

“What you did was so romantic,” she told me. “You went rushing after him and you’re not even a cop.”


“No, I’m a writer actually. My name’s Rylan Kennedy.”

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Bigrig Ch. 03

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The next morning Greg woke up with a start. “What time is it?” He turned reaching over Bruce grabbing the clock on the nightstand. They had both went to sleep not long after making love. Neither of them had meant to go to sleep. And they had both forgotten Greg had to be up early the next morning. “Shit…” he clamored out of bed running naked into the shower.

Bruce picked up the clock looking at the time. “Greg…” he called out to the man. “It’s only two-thirty.”

“I gotta get ready to go.” Greg called back.

“But it’s only two-thirty.” Bruce called louder.

“No! It’s four-thirty.” the man came curiously out of the bathroom.

“It’s two-thirty, Baby. You’re half asleep.” Bruce laughed lightly.

“No…” he went to the bed snatching the wind up clock from his hand. Looking hard at it he saw the man was right. It was two-thirty. Shoving the thing back at Bruce he laughed. “Set this thing, would you?”

Bruce laughed. “When this thing with Jonathan’s Uncle is over with, move in with me. I’ve been thinking it over and that’s what I want. And I won’t take no for an answer. I want you to move in. Get outta that leased apartment of yours and live here with us.”

“Okay…” Greg stared at him his voice elevated a little more than usual.

“Don’t start that feminine act with me. You know I hate that.” Bruce warned, as he set the alarm then set the clock on the nightstand.

“I know. That’s why I was doing it. To piss you off.” the doctor chuckled as he got back into bed.

Bruce curled his arms around him rolling onto his side to face him. Kissing the man soundly he allowed his hands to travel over Greg’s body greedily. This was the kind of lovemaking he enjoyed more than anything. The soft touches… The gentle kisses… The slow gentle lovemaking that lasts for hours.

Still, he understood Greg’s need. Having been sexually abused as a child Greg now needed to be treated cruelly from time to time.

And Bruce had accidentally been referred to him when he was much younger. The first time they met he had noticed Greg staring him up and down.

“I need to check your prostate.” the sad man stated as he did the DOT exam on him.

“You’re not gonna marry me when you’re done, are ya?” Bruce teased the man lightly.

Greg smiled suddenly.

“That’s nice, Doc.” He boldly reached up cupping the man’s cheek in a gentle hand. “You look so very lonely.”

“I am,” he looked at the name on the chart. “Bruce?”

“M, Hmm.” Bruce gently let the hand travel back into his short dark hair grasping it in his fist. “You should come by my place when you get off. I’ll get you off.” He teased again as he pulled the man closer.

“Call me around five. Tell me how to get to your place.” The doctor returned huskily.

Their lips met. Bruce pushed his tongue into the doctor’s mouth forcefully. Greg moaned softly as Bruce now laid back on the exam table pulling him down with him so very slowly so not to alarm the man. His hands roamed the man’s body inertly afraid he would come to his senses too quickly and stop him.

But to his surprise the doctor grasped one of his hands placing it over his privates. Rubbing himself with it he moaned urgently. Their kiss heated. Bruce circled him in his free arm. He soon fumbled for the man’s zipper easing it down slowly. Reaching in he pulled out the swollen flesh stroking it slowly at first.

The doctor sucked air between his teeth as the initial feel of Bruce’s hand surrounding him. He stared down into his patient’s face with so much need. Having not been touched this way for so very long his need was great.

“You come home to me. I’ll make you feel very loved.” Bruce whispered.

“I have no doubt you will.” The doctor smiled slightly. “Can you draw me a map?” He raised up backing away from the man’s grasp fixing himself before they got caught.

“Of course I will. Give me a pen and paper. I’ll draw you a map in a jiffy.” Bruce smiled at the man so sensually.

Greg turned peeling off a form from a pad giving him his own pen to write with. Very shortly Bruce had the map drawn and explained it to him in full. Greg sat on a clinical rolling chair as the man stood over him telling him the directions.

“I’ll even fix dinner for you.” he ended the explanation.

“Okay…” Greg seemed as though he didn’t expect anything great from him. But when he arrived, Bruce was ready for him. Opening the door, he let the doctor in. Embracing him gently, he pressed his body against him, kissing him fully. The doctor surrounded him in his arms receiving such a warm welcome. When Bruce backed away, he led the man into the kitchen where the lights were off and candles lit the room with a warm romantic glow.

Seating the man, he served him wine and a plate of delicious food. They talked quietly getting to know one another. They then retired into the bedroom. Bruce brought the wine and fresh glasses. Relaxing for more than an hour, Bruce probed Greg for likes and dislikes. But Greg had not been totally honest with the man for bedava bahis fear he would think him strange or demented.

As they began to make love Greg began to beg him for exactly what he had said he didn’t like. Though Bruce was somewhat unsettled about him not being honest with him he gave the man what he needed.

“Why did you lie to me?” he asked as they lay silently cuddling in the aftermath.

“I was afraid you’d think I’m a freak.” Greg answered solemnly.

“I’m not everyone else, Greg. You have nothing to worry about. If that’s what you think you need, I’m more than willing. But I won’t hurt you in a way that is disfiguring or will cause serious damage.”

Greg entered Jonathan’s room early that morning. His smile was bright and he seemed to have an added bounce to his step.

“Hey, Doc. Looks like you relieved some pressure last night.” the youth’s larengytic voice squeaked at him.

Greg chuckled. “That I did, Jonathan. And I want to thank you.” he leaned over the bed railing whispering as he tapped lightly the kid’s nose.

“You’re welcome.” the youth returned with a triumphant smile.

“You’re still not improving as fast as I had hoped you would.” he glanced at the chart at the end of his bed. “You believe in herbal medicine, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.” Jonathan stared into the man’s face watching his reactions as he read the chart.

“If I got you some would you take ’em?” Greg asked then.

“Yes.” Jonathan was tired of being sick now. He wanted to get out of this hospital. The longer he stayed there the more of a danger there was of his Uncle finding him.

“Good. The antibiotic I’m giving you is not killing off the bacteria well enough to help you get better. I’m going to go to a stronger one and supplement that with some herbal stuff.” The doctor looked up at him as he wrote on the chart furiously. “We’ll get you outta here as soon as we can. I know you’re urgent to leave. But relax. We have a guard on your room 24/7. No one goes in or out without it being known.”

Jonathan nodded. Still he didn’t trust that. His Uncle was a very creative man. It would be easy for him to find some way to get to him if he really wanted to. And knowing the man would be anxious to find him and take him back home he would let nothing stand in his way of doing just that.

“Bruce has some friends of his own and they are workin’ on keepin’ you where you want to stay. We have a few things to go over with you once you get home. So, you just keep your guard up and don’t get too comfortable as of yet.” the doctor advised the youth.

“We?” Jonathan grinned wryly.

“Yes, we…” Greg came around to the bedside looking down into the youth’s face. “You did it. In one conversation you made him realize just what we both wanted but never said it to each other.”

Jonathan’s smile widened. “Good. I’m glad I could help.”

“Okay. I have a few other patients I need to look in on. You rest and I’ll put in this order in for you.” he turned leaving the room.

Jonathan looked around the room… alone again. He turned on the television watching a program for a few moments. Restless he put the railing down closest to the window and furthest from the door. Easing out of bed, he looked around the room beginning to plan in his mind what to do if his Uncle were to find him. Crouching down he found a vantagepoint at which he could watch the man enter.

At that moment the door eased open. No one was scheduled to be in the room at the moment. He felt his breath caught in his throat. The person approached the bed.

“Jonathan…” The familiar voice spoke softly to him.

The youth rose slowly.

“What the hell are you doing out of bed?” Bruce fussed.

“I’m scared, Bruce. Every day I’m here is one more day he can find me.” The youth replied the fear in his eyes was evident.

Bruce came around the bed. He hugged him close for a moment then gathered him in his arms. Putting the youth back into bed he pulled the covers over him.

“Would you like me to stay here with you? Would that make you feel better?” Bruce almost whispered.

“Yes. It would make me feel a lot better.” Jonathan stated then.

A nurse entered the room bringing the youth his meal. She put the tray on a roll away table pushing it up to the youth. Then she moved around Bruce injecting something into the I.V.

“What’s that?” Jonathan asked not trusting anyone at the hospital except his doctor and Bruce.

“It’s something Dr. Carroll ordered for you.” She informed him with a sigh.

“Is it the new antibiotic?” Jonathan pressed.

“Yes, Jonathan. It is.” The woman returned a little short.

“Okay, just askin’.” The youth shrugged.

The nurse left the room in a bit of a hurry.

Jonathan looked at the tray not really hungry. “Bruce,”

“Yes, Baby?” The man lifted the tray cover for the teen opening the bowls and cups for him.

“I wanna go home.” His chin quivered as he spoke.

Bruce looked sharply at him. “You mean my house, bedava bonus home?”

“Yes. Please?” A tear slipped down his face as he nodded.

“I’ll talk to Greg. See if we can do something.” Bruce opened the plastic ware package. “Now eat for me. You need your strength if he does come lookin’ for ya.”

Jonathan pushed himself up in the bed as Bruce pushed the table closer. Taking the spoon in hand he began to slowly sip the broth. Bruce stood over him watching the youth eat for the first time since he had eaten with him in the truck stop. Insuring the youth ate every bite he stayed right by his bed until he finished the entire meal. He then moved the chair by the window closer to the bed so he could see the television. There he sat.

About an hour later Greg stepped into the room. He went straight to the bed handing the youth a small portion cup with several pills in it. “Take these, Jonathan.” He said as he looked over seeing Bruce sitting there. “What are you doin’ here? You should be home. You can’t stay in here with him.” The man fussed.

“Doc, I asked him to stay with me! I need him here with me! Either he stays or I go. It’s that simple.” Jonathan was firm straining his voice to be heard.

“Alright, Jonathan… but I understand you’re askin’ my nurse a lot of questions. You don’t trust us, do you?” Greg asked then.

“I trust you… That it… Just you and Bruce.” Jonathan stated.

“But why would one of my nurses do something bad to you?” Greg asked him then.

“There’s no tellin’ what my Uncle could get one of them to do.” the youth stared at him seriously.

“Hmp…” Greg thought about it for a moment.

“And what if I’m asleep and he comes in here?”

“Okay… Bruce can stay. If it’ll make you feel better, that’s fine. I just want you to get better so we can send you home. Now take those pills.”

Jonathan emptied the small cup into his mouth washing it down with the last of the orange juice. Greg took the cup from the youth tossing it into the trash.

Three days later Bruce wheeled the youth out to his car. He lifted the youth putting him into the passenger seat. Closing the door he glanced around to see if anything looked unusual before he got into the driver’s seat. He took the long way around town to be sure they were not followed. When he was sure they were safe he took the youth home.

They drove down a long dirt road that was completely lined with trees. The road seemed to stop and Bruce wheeled them to the left into a very large yard. The two-story house that stood toward the back of the property was a sight to behold. The old style southern home was white with country blue trim and shutters. It had four columns in front supporting a high pitched roof creating a very comely front porch. The steps that led up to the porch, were tile along with the floor of the porch itself.

“Wait here while I check the house, Jonathan.” Bruce stated as he got out of the car. He disappeared around the back of the house and was gone for what seemed a very long time. Then the front door opened. Bruce emerged looking around thoroughly as he moved to the car quickly. Getting back into the car he drove it into the extremely large garage closing the door as soon as he was inside.

“I was wondering where your truck was.” Jonathan looked over at the huge black Pete beside them.

“That’s where I keep ‘er when I’m not drivin’, Baby.” Bruce informed him quietly. “Let’s get you inside. When we get inside stay away from the windows. You hear?”

“Yes, sir.” Jonathan answered quickly knowing the man was being very cautious for his sake.

Bruce got out of the car going to the passenger side. He opened the door helping the youth to his feet. Then lifting him, he carried him into the house. Putting him down he locked the door behind them. He then led him through the house to his living room. He urged him through a long hallway on the way from the garage. They passed several doors until the hall opened to a large room and stairs off to the right, the front door to the left.

The large room was the living room, which seemed to make up the larger part of the downstairs. A huge sectional sofa sat under the big bay window to the left. Two large end tables on each end of the sofa had lamps with hand painted lampshades. A glass top coffee table was set before the sofa. A big screen television set almost directly in front of them on the other side of the room was encased by two bookshelves on both sides with movies and books filling the shelves. There was also a large comfortable recliner right in front of them on the side of the room where they stood.

“You hungry?” Bruce asked as he moved to the television turning it on.

“Yeah.” Jonathan sat up a bit looking at the large screen as a picture came into view.

“Doc said you could start eatin’ some solid foods now. You want a grilled cheese sandwich, or peanut butter and jelly?”

“Grilled cheese.” Jonathan’s mouth watered right away.

“Good.” Bruce smiled as he pushed through deneme bonusu the swinging doors to the kitchen.

It was then that Jonathan noticed the bar in the corner. Every kind of liquor he could think of was in the tall glass case. The case almost appeared to be a curio cabinet. Jonathan wondered if it had been at one time. He noticed the rich mahogany wood that was polished to a glossy shine.

Bruce soon brought out the sandwich for the youth giving it to him on a paper plate with a napkin. He also brought the youth a cola, and his medicines. Jonathan sat up taking the medicines first then the drink and the sandwich. Bruce sat in his recliner eating one of his own. Jonathan ate slowly having not eaten solid food in a long time. When he finished he rested on the pillow there quickly going to sleep.

Jonathan didn’t wake again until he heard voices in the kitchen. Getting up slowly he went through the swinging doors into the kitchen seeing Greg and Bruce making dinner together.

“Bruce…” Jonathan’s still squeaky voice caught their attention.

“Yeah, Babe?” The two men turned seeing him standing in the doorway.

“Where’s your bathroom?”

“Damn. I forgot to show you that.” The man moved quickly toward him.

Jonathan backed away letting the man through the door. He followed him back down the hall to the first door on the right. Bruce opened the door for him. “There you go.” He smiled gently as Jonathan entered the room.

“Thanks…” The youth went in and straight to the toilet.

“You’re welcome, babe.” The man answered then closed the door giving the youth some privacy. He made his way back to the kitchen.

“Is he alright?” Greg asked when he returned.

“Yeah… Nature call.” Bruce jested.

“Oh…” the doctor went back to the vegetables once more.

“What are you guys cookin’ up?” Jonathan asked startling them both. “Damn, Baby! Don’t do that shit!” Bruce fussed.

“What shit. What’d I do?” Jonathan was alarmed now.

“You scared the hell outta us. Sneakin’ up on us like that.” The man returned emphatically.

“Sorry…” Jonathan sat down at the table. “You guys need my help?”

“Naa. You just sit there and relax. We’re almost done here anyway.” Bruce turned back to the stove again while Greg went back to the veggies.

“Good to see you two together.” Jonathan commented.

“Yeah? You think so?” Bruce joked.

“Yeah, I do.” Jonathan replied honestly.

“Okay. This is done.” he turned the fire off placing a lid on the pot to keep it warm. “You ’bout done there?” He asked Greg.

“Yes. Just gotta put the salads together now.” The man piled some lettuce on the three plates on the counter.

“Don’t make me a big one. I can’t eat it.” Jonathan informed him.

“Okay, babe.” Greg returned taking some of the lettuce off one plate.

Greg finished the salads quickly then put them at the three places on the table. Bruce grabbed the dressings out of the refrigerator just behind Jonathan. Putting them on the table the two men sat with Jonathan to eat. Jonathan chose the house dressing pouring it lightly on the salad. Putting it back in its place he picked up his fork beginning to eat slowly.

“Jonathan, there are a few things we want to go over with you. This is for your safety while you’re at home and out on the road.” Bruce began.

Jonathan nodded chewing his food as he listened.

“First, like I told you earlier, stay away from the windows.” He began. “Don’t even go peaking out the curtains for any reason. Don’t go upstairs unless one of us is with you. And stay out of the poolroom without one of us. You really don’t need to be in the poolroom right now. You’d be a sittin’ duck in there anyway.

“On the road, stay in the truck unless I’m with you. If I’m sleeping use the portable toilet in the sleeper. But don’t leave the truck for any reason without me. In the truck stops, do not talk to anyone. Use the restroom before we go into the restaurants. And if you have to go during a meal, I must go with you. You will not go alone. If the truck is parked for any length of time the front curtain must stay closed. Do not open it. And do not peek out of it. Understand?”

“Sure…” Jonathan returned quickly.

“Even if I take you with me to town, stay with me… Or Greg… Don’t go wonderin’ off somewhere.” Bruce shook his finger at the youth as he spoke the last.

“Okay…” Jonathan answered understanding his point completely.

“If I have to go back on the road before you get well enough you’ll have to stay home until Greg gets off from work. While you’re home you stay quiet. Keep the television down and like I said, stay away from the windows. Keep the drapes drawn. And do not go outside for any reason. Greg will collect the mail while I’m not home. Okay?”

“Okay…” Jonathan smiled a little.

“When you get to feeling better I’m gonna show you a couple hiddin’ places in the house if nobody’s home or even if we are here and you’re life is in danger.”

“Okay…” The youth nodded.

“Okay, eat your salad.” Bruce picked up his fork digging in.

Jonathan ate his salad and a small part of the meal. He filled up quickly feeling tired again afterward. Still he sat up with them for more than an hour until he couldn’t stand it any more.

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