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Take Me Again

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Big Tits

I got home from work before and hurriedly prepared my little surprise, laying out everything on top of the queen size bed’s comforter. I tugged off my work shirt, my belt, but left my pants on. You’d be home soon, but just the thought of what I had planned made my cock so hard and thick under my khakis and boxer briefs, I thought it’d explode in anticipation. Idly, I rubbed myself, feeling my cockhead already wet with precum.

Fuck, I was so horny for you!

Minutes later you came home, kicking off your slip ons as you dropped your purse onto the kitchen counter. You called out to me, and I responded, asking me if I wanted a glass of wine. I said sure, but bring it into the bedroom.

You entered our bedroom with two glasses, but stopped abruptly when you saw me sitting at the foot of the bed, and the objects resting on the bed next to me.

Pair of handcuffs, the key, a burgundy silk scarf, a soft rubber cockring, and my rolled up belt.

I grinned wickedly, and your face flushed, but you managed to swallow half your glass before setting them down on the dresser.

“Take off your dress and bra and panties,” I said. “And get on the bed, on your hands and knees.”

As you did as I asked, I stepped over to the dresser and drained my wine glass in three swallows, my eyes fixed on you as you stripped naked. Your nubile body, smooth supple skin never failed to fan the flames of my arousal. Your small but perky breasts jiggled a bit as you climbed onto the bed, but your large darker pink nipples drove me even more aroused. On all fours and sliding to the middle of erotik film izle the bed with parted legs, I could see the fleshy tender folds of your luscious labia beckoning me to taste, to plunder hungrily.

Groaning, I yanked my pants off, tugging down my boxers. My cock bobbed free, thick and erect, the bulbous tip greased with shiny, viscous precum.

Oh fuck, I wanted to take you right fucking now…but not yet. First things first.

I walked up to the bed and picked up the cuffs and scarf, and stepped around to the right side. You gazed at me with eyes smoldering with lust, but also with a slight tinge of…fear…apprehension? But you were also horny as fuck. I knew your pussy was already dripping wet.

I cuffed your right wrist to the nearest bedpost, went around to the left side and did the same to your left wrist. Your head and shoulders lay on the bed, on your knees with your ass in the air…ready for me to take you…however I wished.

But before I applied the scarf as a gag, I needed your warm wet mouth on my throbbing cock, but since I didn’t want to cum too fast I slipped on my cockring, nestled all the way at the base. It trapped more blood in my raging erection and made my cock veins bulge protuberantly.

“Suck me,” I said as I knelt next to your face and you opened your mouth wide to devour me, whimpering and moaning. Tongue lashing my sensitive underside, licking my slit, tasting me, relishing me. I grabbed your head, sinking fingers into your lustrous hair and moved your luscious mouth up and down my taut shaft. You purred deeply around my film izle rigid man flesh, saliva and precum glistening along it.

I pulled away, my cock popping out and you playfully licked at it like a lollipop.

I snatched up the scarf and tied it around your face. I decided not to gag you but cover your eyes. You whimpered some more, your lithe body quivering in sheer excitement. I slid behind you and reached up to finger your pussy. Wetness dripped from you in fat droplets.

I fingered you, getting you hotter, then smeared your slippery juices up your cleft and around your sweet puckered ass. After I did that I pressed up against you, grasping my engorged cock and shoving myself inside. You gasped as I groaned deeply. I began to pump in and out, rhythmically, slow and even, and pulling almost out all the way before slamming home, harder now, our flesh slapping together. I knew you would be cumming shortly, very soon, as you gasped and cried out, but not yet…oh no, not yet…and I pulled out of you wetly.

Grabbed the belt, wrapping a third of it around my right hand, the buckle enclosed in my fingers. “Tell me you want it, baby.”

Gasping, you said, “Want…what?”

The looped end swung down and slapped your right ass cheek and you flinched, crying out shrilly.

“Wrong answer…tell me!”

Panting harshly, you utter, “Mmm, what…I don’t know…”

Down went the looped belt, smacking your left ass cherk, leaving a matching red mark. You flinched and shrieked, your body thrumming.

“Tell me you want my cock…in your ass!”

You hesitate, seks filmi izle and I slap the belt down again twice more, on both ass cheeks, and you cry out, “Fuck yes, baby…please fuck my ass…I want it so badly…I ache for you to take my ass!”

With my left hand, I reach down and cup your fleshy drenched pussy and rub your slippery fluids up your cleft and liberally grease up your ass. Teasingly, I nudge my thumb tip inside, loosening it. You shudder and moan in delicious abandon.

I press my swollen plum sized cockhead against your puckered ass and push inside an inch or so, and you tense up, hissing at first, and I push in further until half my girth is inside and you purr loudly. I slide inside all the way, relishing how different you feel as opposed to your pussy but soft and tight, like your pussy.

I began to pump in and out, and lift the belt, slapping your ass cheeks but not too hard.

“Harder, please fuck my ass hard, baby…oh yes…fuck yes…take my ass…make my cum!”

And I did, fucking you ass in long hard thrusts and dropped the belt to grab your slender but shapely hips, slamming into you as I lowered my right hand down and around to rub your pussy and clit…and it didn’t take long as you screamed and exploded in orgasm, squirting so hard you drenched my legs and the comforter.

Oh fuck yes, baby…and I slipped out for a moment to yank off the ring and jam my cock back inside your ass, thrusting deep, hard, and my white hot buildup couldn’t be withheld any longer and I bucked against your ass, grinding, grunting in guttural gasps as I shot my huge cum load endlessly into your sweet, tight, sexy ass.

After a time, sweat coating our bodies, chests heaving, I unlocked the cuffs and untied the scarf and we collapsed together in a satiated tangle of limbs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Sunday Morning

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Double Penetration

Imagine a lazy sunday morning. you are reading the paper in the kitchen, leaning your elbows on the counter, propping your head on your hands. Your parents are away so we are both wearing only robes to keep the winter chill off our bodies. In my hands I am carrying a pair of beautiful red heeled shoes, the kind with ribbons that lace up your leg like a corset, and a bottle of mineral oil.

I put one hand on the small of your back and rub gently up to the nape of your neck, relishing the luxurious feel of your red silk robe as you look over your shoulder briefly and smile at me. “What are you up to, mister.” you say with a hint of mischief in your voice.

“Oh, nothing, love.” I say coyly, “but would you mind putting these on for me?”

You turn towards me, slowly, and wink at me over your shoulder. “Of course, love, anything for you.”

You snatch the shoes from my hands playfully and immediately slide your feet into them and with a smirk say, “Well, a little help for your lady in red or what?”

Taking the hint I kneel slowly before you, sliding my hands ever so gently down your sides, over your hips and down your smooth silky calves. We sigh, almost in unison, relishing the feel of my rough calloused hands against your silky skin. Leaning in slightly I kiss your gently on the knee and look up at you with hooded eyelids, my hands snaking slowly up the back of your calf towards your ass, hoping for a quick feel. But you are too quick for me and smack my hand away before I reach my prize. “Oh, no mister. I am enjoying this article and would like to get back to it, you just tie up these shoes for me and no more funny business. Ok?”

“Sorry, love.” I say feigning disappointment and lace up your shoes, my eyes feasting on the contrast of the red ribbons crisscrossing over your pale skin to the middle of your calf.

The shoes laced you test your balance, the muscles in your legs straining and rippling beneath your pale skin. “Lovely,” you say and turn back to your paper, resuming your position with your elbows propped upon the table.

Standing behind you I take in the wonderful view before me. Your back is arched and with the heels on, your ass is thrust into the air slightly, pulling the silky robe up to expose the jewel of your sex and the firm roundness of your butt.

I step forward and lean into you, my hands once again caressing the small of your back and working their way up over your silken robe to the nape of your neck. I’m not certain but I think I hear a faint sigh escape your lips as I begin to gently massage your shoulders with my fingers. “Good article love?” I ask, my voice only a breathy whisper in your ear.

“Mmmmm, yes.”

I slide my hands back the length of your body working my thumbs in tiny circles around your spine all the while enjoying the sound of your breath quickening. When I reach the small of your back this time I don’t stop instead continuing my caresses until I can hook my thumbs under the hem of your robe. Using the palms of my hands I give your ass a gentle squeeze and then slide them slowly up your back again taking the robe with me this time.

As I slowly expose your back to cool air in the kitchen goose-bumps rise on your skin and you can feel me growing hard against your ass. Leaning forward I gently kiss the back of your head and the side of your neck and face while sliding my hands around your body to gently brush against your breasts. At my feather-light touch your nipples grow instantly hard and I can’t resist cupping your breasts lightly in my hands lifting their weight and squeezing ever so gently.

Your back arches away from the counter and another soft sigh escapes your lips as you press yourself back against me ever so slightly, feeling my straining cock pressing against your ass. My hands deftly untie your robe and it falls open slightly exposing your breasts to the cool air of the kitchen, and then find their way to your belly. I rub your belly for a moment before sliding the tips of my fingers into the holllows where your legs meet your body. I use a gentle pressure to roll your hips forward and pull you towards me arching your back even more and pressing your head and breasts down against the counter.

Stepping back I can see that you are almost completely exposed, wetness already glistening in the soft curls of your pubic hair, but I am not satisfied. I put my foot between your legs and gently urge you to part your legs, which you do willingly. You begin to speak, saying something about the article, but I quickly shush you and pull the tie out of your robe. The silken tie stretched between both hands I slide it over your head and pull it across your eyes. I tie it in a bow at the back of your head and whisper in your ear that you should be quiet now and erotik film izle just enjoy what is to come. I pull my own tie free from my robe and drape it over your bare back. “Wait here, just like this,” I say and leave the room.

When I return your are standing straight facing the counter, the tie from my robe at your feet your own robe open and once again just barely covering the round globes of your ass. In a stern voice I say, ” I thought I told you to stay just as I left you, and now here you are standing straight, not leaning. Whatever will I do with you?”

“But…” you begin to protest but your words are quickly muffled as I slip another tie over your head and into your mouth as a gag. “Shhh, love. It’s okay. Just kneel down and pick up the rope from my robe and hand it to me.” You try to mumble something but your words are muffled by the gag and you begin to resign yourself to your fate.

Kneeling slowly you feel around on the hard wood floor until you find the tie from my robe and then quickly stand up and hold it out before you. I step towards you, my footsteps padding softly on the cool floor and take the tie from you with my right hand as my left hand finds your hip and slowly turns you back towards the counter.

Standing beside you I whisper softly in your ear that you will enjoy this, if only you behave yourself and I am very satisfied when instead of speaking you nod your head slowly. Stepping behind you I take one of your hands in each of mine and pull them back behind your back while slowly sliding your robe off your shoulders so that you are wearing only the red heels and the blindfold and gag. Using the tie from my own robe I carefully tie your hands behind your back before kissing up and down the length of your spine.

With my hands once again on your pelvis I position you as you were before and gently spread your legs with my foot. “Now lean forward love, and put your head on the counter for me.” I whisper in your ear. For a moment you just stand there and I am forced to put my hand on the back of your neck and push you gently forward and down, your blind face moving slowly towards the counter, not resisting but not going entirely willingly either. You let a gentle sigh escape your gag as you feel the softness of the silken pillow I have placed before you without your knowing.

I step away from you and admire your beauty for a moment and then pour some of my mineral oil onto your back enjoying your muffled squeal of shock as the cool liquid hits your warm skin. Starting with your back I begin to work the oil into your skin rubbing in slowly warming circles all over your back and up the lengths of your arms and across your shoulders. Using my hands to warm the oil first this time I reach around your body my cock pressing once again against your ass and sliding against your quickly moistening vagina, and begin to massage it into your breasts and stomach.

Kneeling behind you I warm more oil in my hands and begin to massage it into your left calf, gently kneading the muscles as I move up your thigh, covering your leg in glistening oil. As I move around you to oil your right leg you feel my breath on your vagina, blowing warm air over you parted lips. I flick my tongue out quickly and tease your clit for the briefest of moments, enjoying yet another muffled squeal from you.

Starting at the top this time I massage my oil gently into your thigh, my fingers sometimes brushing your swollen pussy lips and your moist pubic hair and eliciting sighs and moans from you. With both your legs and your torso oiled I stand and move around behind you once again. You can hear me warming more oil in my hands the rough calluses making the softest scratching noise and you arch your back in anticipation thrusting your ass up towards me.

I start with the left cheek, working the oil into your butt in slow, firm circles making sure to coat every inch and then move to the right. You wiggle and wriggle your body enjoying the sensation of my firm touch on your soft skin and trying to prolong it for as long as possible.

With your ass cheeks oiled there remains only one spot left for me to coat and you raise your ass even higher in the air, your toes pointing in your heels, in anticipation. I step forward towards your ass and bring my whole hand down on first your left, then your right cheek. You are shocked, but do not move from your position, letting only the tiniest of squeals escape through your gag.

“That’s for being a naughty girl and not staying put while I was gone.” I say firmly. As I speak I admire the faint red hand prints that are forming on your ass. “And now, I think this is what you were waiting for.” I say, as I slide my middle finger between your legs so that the tip is resting gently on your film izle clit and the length of it is nestled along the cleft of your sex.

I leave my finger there for a moment enjoying the feeling of your body wriggling beneath me as you move your hips trying to rub your clit and your vagina against my callused finger. “Be still my love, lest I am forced to spank you again for being bad.” My voice is only a breath in our ear once again, my body pressed against your back my cock resting in the valley of your ass.

I drag my finger slowly out from between your legs letting the gentle pressure part the lips of your vagina coating me in your warm wetness, and stepping back slide my finger tip over the puckered rosebud of your ass. I repeat this procedure a three or four more times, each time allowing my finger to slip a little deeper inside your vagina until finally your ass is glistening with as much of your wetness as your sex.

Kneeling behind you I slide my finger into your sex ever so slightly and pause there for a moment, wiggling ever so slightly before pulling it completely out. I lean forward and blow on your swollen vagina and then slip my finger back in up to my first knuckle before taking it out once again.

This time I blow gently on your asshole as I slide my finger slowly into your pussy up to the second knuckle. As I begin to slide it out once again you let out a low moan of pleasure and I stop for a moment at the first knuckle before thrusting my finger all the way into you. With a gentle pressure I begin to stroke the walls of your vagina my finger wriggling inside you and thrusting slowly in and out.

I am very pleased when you spread your legs a little more and arch against my exploring finger. I lean forward my hand still caressing your vagina and kiss you gently on your left and then your right ass cheek. As I slide my finger out of your vagina I cup your sex and begin to gently massage your clit with the pads of my fingers in slow gentle concentric circles.

Your hips respond and begin to move once again but I am lost in the moment and thoughts of punishment are long gone. I slide my hand away from your dripping pussy and with one hand on each of your ass cheeks I part your ass. I admire your glistening sex for a moment before leaning in and dragging my tongue over the cleft of your pussy from clit to ass darting it out slightly to penetrate you just a little. I play there for a moment teasing your lips with my tongue and thrusting it a little further into you every few seconds.

My hands still holding our ass open I pull my head away and blow gently on your vagina before leaning in once again and kiss you right on the rosebud of your asshole. As I swirl my tongue around your puckered ass I slide my hands around your body and begin stroking your clit with one while the other enters your vagina and begins to thrust in and out of you in time with my probing tongue.

As I press my tongue harder and harder against your ass you begin to relax and I can feel it entering you ever so slightly. Your hips are rocking furiously now, the muscles in your parted legs rippling beneath your creamy skin. When my tongue finally presses through the tight ring of your ass you let out a low moan that lasts for a few seconds and you begin to tremble slightly.

Abruptly I stop all my ministrations and stand up behind you, not touching you in any way. Your hips are still wriggling, rolling back and forth as you shift your weight from leg to leg trying to keep the sensations going. Faintly I hear you begging through your gag for me to continue. Your words are desperate, pleading. and so I step forward and you feel the warm pulsing head of my cock against your vagina.

I tease you a few times dragging the tip of my penis over the cleft of your sex before pressing firmly against you and sliding easily into you. I fall forward as I enter you and you feel the heat of my body press against the cool exposed flesh of your back as we both let out a long low moan. With my penis buried all the way inside you I cup your breasts in my hands and squeeze them firmly, once again lifting their weight, before tugging gently on your hard nipples.

As I begin to slowly thrust in and out of your vagina I cover your back and neck in soft loving kisses and pant words of love and encouragement in your ear. “That’s it love, enjoy it. Your so wet…mmmmm. So tight. My naughty girl, getting fucked like a slut in the kitchen. Good girl.”

I use my right hand to reach around and between your legs and begin to gently caress your clit with my finger tips in time to my slow thrusting. Your body is undulating beneath me now, your back arching and rippling up and down as your rock your hips taking me deeper and deeper inside you, always pressing seks filmi izle your clit against my probing fingers.

I hear you moaning and trying to speak and then you spit out your gag. “Fuck me harder…please. I want to cum. Please.” With that I put both my hands on your hips and begin thrusting harder and faster, my cock moving quickly in and out of your dripping pussy.

“Like that love, is that how my little slut wants it?” My voice is broken, panting from the effort of fucking you.

“Mmmmm, yes. Please… I want to cum. Make your little slut cum all over your cock… Please” Your voice is strained and shrill, your back is flushed and you are rocking furiously against me the pillow sliding around on the counter beneath your head.

As I fuck you I slide my right hand away from your hip and let the tip and gently smack your ass, first on the right, then on the left and then again on the right. “That’s for spitting out your gag!” I pant and slide my hand over your ass massaging your ass cheeks.

When the tip of my thumb passes over your asshole you moan loudly and thrust your ass into the air so I apply the tiniest bit of pressure and being gently rubbing my thumb over your asshole in time to my frantic thrusting. “Mmm yes…” You moan, “Put it inside me. Put your thumb in my asshole while your fuck me.”

Without hesitation I apply more pressure and my thumb slides easily into your ass and you let out a low growl of pleasure. “You are a dirty slut aren’t you?” I ask breathlessly.

“I’m your dirty slut love….” You pant. “All yours.”

I fuck you with renewed vigor urged on by your dirty talk and I can feel your pussy growing tighter and tighter around my penis, your juices dripping down our legs as you get ready to orgasm.

Abruptly I stop everything and step away from you my penis sliding out of your pussy only seconds after my thumb leaves your ass. You moan with disappointment and thrust your ass into the air, begging me to fuck you with your movements. “No… Please. Fuck me. I want to CUM!”

I step forward and lean down over you my cock pressing against your asshole before sliding up the valley of your cheeks and resting there. I whisper in your ear as I replace your gag. “You have been very bad my love. Talking back. Spitting out your gag, I don’t know if you deserve to orgasm. You might have to prove it to me.”

Around your gag you mumble desperately, “Anything…I’ll do whatever you want. Just let me cum… PLEASE”

With your gag firmly tied in place I take my cock in my right hand and position it so the tip is pressing against your asshole. “Then I want this. I want your ass, and then you can cum.” You try to speak but your words are muffled and you nod your head frantically with frustration. “Good then…I’ll untie your hands and you can touch yourself all you want while I fuck your ass. Agreed?” You nod frantically again.

I untie your hands and you immediately begin using your right hand to play with your clit, rubbing it in quick little circles, desperately trying to regain the orgasm I robbed you of. Your left hand snakes back around your body and grabs my cock and presses it firmly against your ass. “That’s it love…” I pant.

You arch your ass into the air and slowly begin to press back against me, pressing the tip of my penis against your tight asshole. Finally you feel it begin to relax and the head of my cock slides a little ways inside you until the entire tip has disappeared into you. I moan loudly and you begin to wriggle your ass back even farther, ever so slowly taking me deeper and deeper into you. Once my penis is all the way inside your ass you let go with your hand and begin to move slowly back and forwards fucking me with your ass, the whole time your fingers are working frantically on your clit as you feel your arousal dripping down your fingers and legs.

I begin to thrust slowly my hands on your ass cheeks and move only slightly in and out being careful not to hurt you. “That’s it love…. play with yourself while I fuck your ass” I moan, lost in the moment.

After only a few minutes you arch your back towards me and stand up from the counter. I take your breasts in my hands and squeeze them hard, kneading your soft flesh and tugging at your nipples. You lean your head back and turn it to kiss me and I use my left hand to release your gag. You feel my tongue on your lips as we frantically thrust together and then on your ear and your neck. We are one moaning thrusting mass of pleasure now, both of us whispering dirty words of encouragement and love into each others ears.

Finally you bear down on me with your ass as you reach your climax, heat moving through your whole body, and instantly you feel my hot breath on your neck as my penis spasms inside your but filling you with my warm cum.

With a loud sigh I slide out of you and we fall together to the cool hardwood floor covering each other in loving kisses, both glowing with pleasure and love.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Dicks

It was late, just after 2am, and my wife Lynn and I were finally getting around to going to bed. She hates to go to bed alone, so when I have work to catch up on, she’ll normally stay up with me as late as is necessary, surfing the web, playing Solitaire on the computer, or reading until I’m done. Sometimes when she gets interested in something she finds online, I end up waiting for her instead.

I finally finished the chore that had been nagging me all evening and we headed off to our cozy, quiet bedroom. I’d not been sleeping well for a couple of weeks due to a severe cold, and when I can’t sleep well, it tends to disturb Lynn’s sleep as well, so both of us had been very tired of late. It had only been in the last couple of nights that we’d both finally started to get some good sleep again and feel rested.

When I actually made it to bed, she had already been there for ten minutes or so, reading a book while I was in the bathroom. I slipped under the covers and stretched out, savoring the feel of the crisp, clean new sheet set she’d put on the bed earlier in the day.

I fluffed the stack of pillows on my side of the bed, arranged them to suit my preference, and looked over at Lynn. Her chestnut hair hung on either side of her beautiful face, drawn back into a loose ponytail. She was engrossed in the huge novel that she’d bought at our local bookstore a few days before — a fantasy novel involving transdimensional travel and warfare to save the universe from certain destruction — you know, the usual. I watched quietly as her brown eyes scanned each page.

After several minutes, I spoke quietly: “Are you all right?”

“Mmhmm,” she responded without taking her eyes off the book.

“Okay,” I replied. “Just making sure. You’ve been really quiet all day long.”

“Just tired, honey,” she said.

I agreed with her. “I know what you mean. My sleep’s been screwed up for weeks, and when I can’t sleep, I know you can’t sleep…”

She nodded and continued to read, but I could see her eyelids were starting to get heavy. After a few more minutes, she put her book down on the bedside table, and I clicked off the lamp.

I rolled over and snuggled my body against hers. Being naturally warm-natured, I tend to sleep only in a pair of gym shorts, and in the warmer months I find that running the air conditioning, or at the very least, using a fan to keep the air stirred up is a must.

Lynn, on the other hand, tends to be chilly. She prefers the room relatively warm. I’m sure you can see where this can sometimes cause a difference of opinion on our environmental settings.

On this particular evening, though her sleepwear of choice wasn’t quite as warm as it sometimes is — sweats are not unheard of for her, even in the summer months — but tonight she was bundled up under three layers of thin blankets that definitely made for a cozy and comfortable bed.

When I slipped my arms around her under the covers, I found that she was wearing a red tee shirt style top that was made of a wavy rayon fabric, and a pair of blue sleep shorts. She rarely ever wears a bra — her beautiful 36B breasts don’t really erotik film izle require that sort of support — and tonight was no exception.

I knew she was just starting to get back to being rested after the long stretch of me-induced insomnia. I whispered in her ear, “I love you, honey. Is it OK if I hold you a while?”

Her voice murmured out of the darkness, “Mmhmm.” It had a pleasant lilt to it.

I kissed her softly and snuggled closer. My hand slipped underneath the hem of her shirt and skimmed across the soft skin of her belly. “Mmmm,” I smiled. “I love the feel of your skin under my hand.” She sighed pleasantly. “Touching you makes me happy.” She made the contented sigh sound again. “Do you want to go to sleep, or are you enjoying this?”

“I’m enjoying it, very much,” came the whisper in the dark. I smiled to myself and pulled her closer, letting my hand wander farther north. My hand found her right breast and gently began to knead it, rolling the tender nipple between my fingertips. “Ooooooh,” I heard her moan, soft and low.

“I have this incredible desire to describe what I want to do to you,” I said. “Are you interested?”

“Yes,” came the whisper again, “please tell me.”

“I want to pull every stitch of your clothing off,” I replied. “I want to get you totally naked and put my hands all over your body. I want to put my fingers inside you, and my tongue, and my cock, in your pussy,” I hissed, “and your ass…” I muttered the words into her ear as I was kissing and nibbling it. I found her waiting mouth and kissed her hard, our tongues dancing together, swirling like twin whirlpools.

My hand slid down her body and beneath the waistband of her shorts. “It’s been too goddamn long since I’ve made love to you,” I groaned. She moaned wordlessly in return as my fingers began to probe between her legs. Though it was dark, in my mind I could see the pink wetness that I loved there. “Does that feel good?” I asked her.

“Ooooh… you make me such a dirty girl,” she replied. I felt a surge of lust and slipped two fingers deeper into her. It was then that I found the wetness I sought. I stroked my fingers deep inside her, covering them in her wetness, and brought the fingertips up across the button of her clit, with amazing results. She let out a long, low moan, the like of which I hadn’t heard in weeks.

“You like that, baby? You like being my dirty girl?” I growled into her ear. She nodded wordlessly and pulled the hem of her shirt up to her neck, exposing her tan breasts and the hard nipples that I loved. I bent my head and sucked her right nipple into my mouth roughly, and swirled my tongue around it as I plunged two fingers into her as far as I could.

I could feel the hard protuberance of her cervix deep inside her as I finger-fucked her. Her juices were really flowing now, and as always I was amazed that my ministrations could affect her like they do. Her hips were bucking now, and when I slipped one well lubricated finger into her ass, she took it up a notch, with a nonstop stream of pleasurable moans and groans coming from her mouth.

“I fucking love it when you’re film izle my dirty girl,” I hissed into her ear, while I continued to fuck both of her holes with my rough fingers, rubbing her perineum between my fingers from inside her. “Ohhhh!” she moaned, and I felt her cunt drip more of the sweet nectar I loved.

I took hold of her shoulders and began to move her, urging her up off her back into a kneeling position, and then turning her so that she faced the massive wood-and-metal headboard of our queen size bed.

A fantasy flashed through my mind of cuffing her wrists to the top of the headboard, but as she and I have never been into bondage all that much, I had no handcuffs available. As it was, I guided her to grasp the top of the headboard, which stood a foot or more above her face. As she knelt there with her legs parted, her beautiful ass and sweet pussy exposed, waiting to see what I’d do next, I leaned over and turned the bedside lamp back on, eager to be able to see what I was doing to her body.

She raised her arms to the ceiling momentarily as I pulled her shirt the rest of the way off and cast it aside, then lowered myself to the bed so that my face was directly behind her, at ass level. I buried my face between her cheeks and voraciously began to lick her from behind. She squealed and her legs began to shake as she clung to the headboard. I ran my tongue down the crack of her gorgeous ass and scooped up some of the delicious wetness from her vaginal lips, moving back up and plunging my tongue into her tight asshole and listening to her now-animalistic growling.

I was hard as steel now, and without hesitation I grasped her waist and raised up so I was kneeling directly behind her. I figured the time for foreplay had come and gone, and shoved my thick cock directly into her wet, open cunt, drilling for the molten center. She screamed with pleasure and I knew I had struck gold. My massive testicles pressed against her clit, slapping against it with every thrust of my hips as she wailed mindlessly, now in the throes of a seemingly endless stream of multiple orgasms.

With each explosion, I could feel her tight, coral-colored pussy tightening and slackening around my meat. After ten or twelve thrusts I was seriously in danger of ending this much too soon, my own orgasm threatening to explode as I teetered on the brink of ecstasy.

Suddenly, I knew where I wanted to finish up.

I withdrew my rod from her sloppy, dripping wet cunt and positioned it at the back door of her pleasure house. Her asshole was already well lubricated from the earlier ass play, and I wasn’t worried much at all that I might hurt her.

I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and heard her gasp for air. “Does it hurt?” I said.

“Noooooooooo,” she squealed, “put it in me, honey — I need it now!”

I slid one finger down the crack of her ass and dilated her asshole very slightly, first with the one and then a second finger, and then felt with satisfaction the swollen head of my cock begin to slide in unresisted. I didn’t hold back. We were both ready. I shoved forward, burying myself in her tight ass, seks filmi izle and was rewarded with the sound of her cumming yet again. She had run out of words; her vocabulary was lost in a hurricane of pleasure, and the dozen or more orgasms she’d had already left her nearly cataonic, but begging for still more. I intended for her to get there a few more times before I stopped.

I knew this was almost over. I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer, not at this rate. I felt my own pleasure boiling up, ready to explode into her like a volcano.

“Are you ready for it?” I gasped. All the energy in my body was focused in one spot, not to mention all the blood in my body pretty much having collected in my cock. I was barely able to form the words.

“Oh, yes, honey. Give me your goddamn cum! I need it!” she moaned, “Nowwwww!”

That was good enough for me. I surrendered to the storm and let myself cum, the tsunami that was my orgasm ripping through me, blowing away what was left of my mind, erupting into her tight little back door like Mount Saint Helens. She screamed with pleasure as I filled her ass with scalding hot, white jets of my cream. Three, four, five times I squirted my seed into her rectum, the millions of sperm off like sprinters at the starting gun, not knowing they were on the wrong racetrack. I pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her.

Lynn looked over at me with a dreamy look in her eyes. She smiled and kissed me, putting her arms around me and snuggling against me, her still-hard nipples grazing my chest. “Mmm,” she moaned, repeating the movement several times, looking into my eyes.

Without warning she turned and moved her head down my body, licking the traces of cum from my softening cock and pubic hair. I lazily reached between her legs, gently fondling her vulva, smiling as I saw the sticky white liquid oozing from her ass and dripping down onto her cunt, running down the insides of her thighs.

The sight was inspiring. I took her hips in my strong hands and lifted her bodily, placing her on top of me in a 69 position and buried my face in her wetness, running my tongue over her swollen clit, tasting the salty flavor of my seed.

I felt her take my balls in her tiny hand and swirl her tongue around my cock, awakening it once again, sucking the still-swollen head into her mouth. I ran my tongue up and down her moist labia and felt her squirm against me. My cock popped out of her mouth as I heard her cry out, “Oh, god — stop, please, it’s too much!”

I smiled to myself and said, “One more, baby. I want to give you one more.” I sucked hard on her clit and was rewarded as she cried out in ecstasy, cumming yet again. I stole still one more explosion of her pleasure before I finally agreed to let her rest.

“You bastard,” she grinned weakly, “you said one more.”

I had depleted her strength at last, it seemed, because she was lying on me now as limply as a rag doll, her face lying against my cock, unmoving. I would have worried whether I’d killed her except for the fact that I could feel her gentle breathing as she lay on me.

I reached down and helped her crawl up next to me, taking her nude form in my arms. “You OK?” I asked. She smiled weakly and whispered, “Ohhh, yes.”

I kissed her deeply, still tasting my own cum, and we closed our eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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Sodomizing Hannah

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He could hear them coming into the church. They were talking and laughing, turning on lights and pulling out chairs; they were getting ready to be good children of God. Well, most of them were. He eyed his telephone for the hundredth time in the past three days. His hand twitched to pick it up, and he nearly did. The laughter echoed through the darkened church again. Her laughter. He found himself standing and gathering the evening’s lesson almost mechanically.

Just one more night, what would one more night hurt? He could be with her for another night of the sweetest agony a man could know and in the morning he would call Springfield and request to be removed. It’s not like he’d ever touched her. He’d never said a single improper word to her. There was nothing outside of his head to indicate that he’d be the least bit unpastorly to a member of his congregation. Even the elders had no clue what evil sins were running through his mind.

“Pastor Mike! Sandy brought sugar cookies.” Sandy’s brother shoved the plastic box full of sugar cookies in his direction. He smiled politely and took one. Allan had been pushing Sarah in his direction since he arrived at the church. Allan would like nothing better than to see his sister as Mrs. Pastor Mike. Sandy smiled at him; she looked exactly like a half-blind cat he’d once owned. He can’t say they hadn’t warned him at seminary. Any unattached pastor was open season, particularly if he wasn’t flat ugly. He smiled blandly around the room and took his seat at the head of the table. Sandy was still doing her half-blind cat thing and Allan was sharing sugar cookies with Hannah. Hannah . . .

His eyes managed to linger just long enough on her lithe body to imprint the swell of her breasts under the blue gingham into delicious memory, but not long enough to cause anyone– even Allan– the suspicion that he’d noticed. He cleared his throat and flipped through his book. The page was marked, but he wanted a few precious seconds to think about her upthrust nipples. They pressed so plainly against her dress that he wondered if she wore a bra.

All things considered and nipples firmly entrenched in his mind, the study went well. He waded through the Roman Road without once using the word nipples. He’d been terrified that he would make some glib slip of the tongue that would completely give him away. Instead, he was the perfect pastor who still had the perfect secret.

Allan, as always, stayed to help clean up and insisted on doing everything himself so Sandy would have another chance to make her move. He wasn’t in the mood to put up with either of them. He thanked Allan for his help and went to his office before they could corner him. He shut the door politely in Sandy’s face. He leaned his head silently against the cool wood and listened to the siblings arguing for a few minutes and then the door slam shut behind them. He relaxed against the door and sighed all the way from his toes. Now he had a few moments alone with his thoughts of Hannah.

“Pastor Mike?”

He slammed his head against the door. He must be dreaming, Hannah’s voice? The lamp on his desk clicked on, confirming that it wasn’t a dream. She was leaning against his desk, smiling at him. He rubbed his eyes but she didn’t go away. “Hannah?”

She smiled at him and his gut wrenched. “I wanted to talk to you in private for a few moments, if you don’t mind.”

He cleared his throat and nodded. He tried to keep his eyes on her face. Anywhere above her neck. Just as long as they were off of those nipples. They were poking against her dress still. The fabric molded them perfectly, two little points sticking straight out from a pair of beautifully rounded breasts. Her nipples cast twin shadows in the lamplight. “Wh-what did you want to see me about?”

“I’m going to commit adultery.”

His eyes slapped to her face at that. The shock must have exploded across his expression because she giggled. Hope blossomed and so did a nasty curl of guilt. “But, but your husband. . .”

“I’ve made up my mind, Pastor Mike. I’m going to do it.” She licked her lips and dropped her eyes to his waist.

“Hannah, as your pastor I must counsel you against this.”

“I know what you have to do.” Her hands twitched by her sides, then abruptly went to the buttons at her neckline. Her voice dipped, turning into a husky version of what was already liquid sex. “I know what you want to do.”

“Hannah. . .”

One button gave way and then another.

“You can’t do this. I won’t let you.”

Another button flicked up. One more and her lapels would sag enough to reveal the slopes of her breasts. “You want to fuck me, Pastor Mike.”

The coarse word grated across his conscience and shoved his dick against his trousers. “No, I don’t.”

She laughed again, that smooth as a swig of old Kentucky whiskey laugh of hers. “You can go to hell just as quick for lyin’ as for stealin’.”

“Hannah, this is wrong. You’re married. I’m your pastor. We can’t erotik film izle do this.” His five-year virgin penis wasn’t listening either. It was steadily feeding a growing spot of wetness on his pants.

“I’m not wearing underwear, Pastor Mike. Do you want to see my titties?”

“Hannah. . .” He didn’t know if it was protest or reverence.

“Come here, Pastor. I’ll show you my nipples. They’ve been hard all night because they’ve been rubbing against my dress and I knew you were looking at them. You look at my titties a lot, don’t you? You like my nipples?” She pulled her dress open enough to show him one proud breast and the thick, hard nipple that capped it. His mouth went alternately dry then wet. He was lost. Her thumb and forefinger circled that bit of brownish pink flesh that he wanted so desperately to suck and tugged on it. He watched as gooseflesh erupted over her arms and she moaned deep in her throat. “Do you like my breasts, Pastor Mike?”

“Oh God,” he groaned, but it was too late to save him.

“Do you want to see my pussy, Pastor Mike?”

“Yes.” More than anything.

She smiled at him, undid another button on her dress, and pulled it open all the way. Both of her breasts hung in the cool air of his office, just waiting to be touched. “Get on your knees and I’ll show it to you.”

“What?” He wanted to touch but didn’t dare. It had been too long, it was too wrong, if he did he’d cum in his pants and it would be over.

“Right here, get on your knees right in front of me so I can show you my pussy. I want you to see it. I’ve been wanting to show you my pussy for months now, but I never had the courage to lift my dress during services.”

He shuddered at the thought of her lifting her skirts to show him her most private areas in front of the whole congregation. Instead of fizzling him out with the thought of the reprisals, it turned him on even more. His knees bent and dropped to the thick carpeting in front of her. His face was so close to the piece of heaven between her legs that he could smell her. She smelled like earth, woman, and creamy sin.

The dress inched up past her knees. He wanted to rip it off of her and bury himself as deep inside of her as he could get. She wiggled her hips and lifted it farther, until the lamplight shone through the wet curls covering her sex. He stared in complete awe. The inner lips were bulging and swollen; he could see them peeking through the hair. Somewhere she had a little clitoris that he wanted to lick. He’d never seen a woman so wet in his life. Of course he was limited to a few quick fumblings in college over five years ago, so he didn’t have much experience to rely on.

“Do you like my pussy?” She sounded a little uncertain, perhaps afraid that he wouldn’t.

“I love your pussy.” He loved saying the word. He relished the feel of it on his lips and the meaning behind it. The only thing better was the real thing laid out in front of him. “I love your beautiful pussy.”

She wiggled some more and then shoved the dress down all the way. He looked up past the softness of her belly to her jutting breasts. His cock twitched and it was all he could do to keep from ripping his pants off and ruining his descent into sin with a quick orgasm.

“Hannah. . .” He didn’t know what to say. She didn’t seem to mind though. She edged onto his desk and spread her legs until he could see all of her cunt and even a part of her rosebud. Her fingers reached between them and pulled the lips apart, sliding through the wetness.

“I can’t believe how wet you make me, Pastor. All I have to do is hear you say my name and I cream my panties. See?” She wasn’t lying; her fleshed gleamed from it. Her fingers slipped into her pink hole then up through the labia to tickle her erect, little clit. Her body jerked and she swallowed a groan. “I like saying dirty words to you. I like masturbating for you. I think I’m going to cum soon.”

“Me, too.” He watched her fingers dance and had no doubt that he would go off like a rocket. Her hips jerked reflexively and she let out all of those sexy little grunts. She fell back across his desk, scattering papers everywhere, and arched her entire body. He needed to slap his hand across her mouth and shut her up, but he wanted to hear every sound she made echo through his office and the rest of the church.

In the end, he just jumped to his feet and ripped his clothes off. She was writhing on his desk and he couldn’t stop himself from joining her, even he’d wanted to. His cock was ready to blow up in his fist when he stepped between her legs. He didn’t think that she’d even noticed him until she lifted her head and screamed his name. That was all it took. He didn’t even get inside of her. Her pussy lips kissed his dick and he came.

Even though he hadn’t done anything, he was panting like a winded horse. His dick was still a little interested and his sperm dripped off of his fingers. He felt like the biggest piece of shit in existence. film izle He wanted to cry, to scream. He was ready to break out the flog and change his name to Arthur Dimmesdale. There was nothing too horrible that he could do to repent.

Her legs moved, closing against his side and then sliding down his body like a pair of heated, loving serpents. She sat up, a lazy, contented haze in her eyes. Her lips touched his, clinging to him in a kiss that seemed ridiculously chaste and incredibly loving all at the same time. It was like being with a girl for the first time all over again. He closed his eyes and steeled himself to push her away.

“Mmm, that took the edge off.” Her voice caressed his lips. He could feel her breath, taste her life. It was incredibly sweet to be this close to another person, Hannah in particular. Her hand wrapped around his penis, still sticky from both of their orgasms, and any thought of pushing her away flew right out of his head.

He wasn’t quite sure how it happened, but one moment he was standing and the next he was leaning against his desk and she was kneeling between his feet. His dick stuck out obscenely next to her face and he thought he’d never seen a woman look sexier. Then she opened her mouth and touched the head with her tongue and he couldn’t think at all.

He’d had high school blow-jobs from scared girlfriends, but they were nothing compared to this. Hannah took her time and relished what she was doing. The lust in her eyes was a clear as the rock hardness of his erection. She loved his dick, he could see her getting off on it. Watching her do it was almost more exciting than feeling her delicately lick along the shaft. Her tongue wrapped around it then lapped at it. Licks were interspersed with nibbles. She gave him a wicked smile then opened her lips and drew him inside.

Hot, wet, suction greeted him. The inside of her mouth was as welcoming as a steam bath. She sucked him, drawing his pre-cum out to sweep away with slow licks from the broad side of her tongue. His world narrowed to a few inches of penis and the burning cavern of her mouth. She took more of his dick inside, pressing the tip of her tongue against the sweet spot on the underside, just below the head. His saw stars.

She pulled him deeper insider of her, devouring his cock and the tatters of his resistance. Whatever she wanted him to do, he would do. Her magical mouth worked his dick over until it was so hard it hurt. Then she swallowed. The muscles of her throat squeezed the head of his penis and drew it down even deeper. He wondered, momentarily, how she could breathe past his meat, but he couldn’t hold onto that thought with her nose pressed to his belly. She sensed his orgasm before he did and yanked her sweet mouth away from his needy dick.

“Please. . .”

“I want you to cum in my pussy, not my mouth, Pastor Mike.”

“Hannah.” He breathed her name like a sacrament.

She pushed things out of her way and bent over his desk. Her beautiful rump stuck upwards, a naughty testament to sin of the most delicious sort. He licked his lips and palmed her ass cheeks, savoring the feel of them. He didn’t think he’d ever get to do it again and he wanted to remember the smooth skin and firm curves for the rest of his life. She wiggled, shoving against him. “Do you like my butt?”

“I love your ass, Hannah.” He hadn’t said ass out loud in well over five years. It felt wonderful to say it to her. He leaned down and bit it, then licked it. She squealed and thrust it at him. He pushed his cheek against the soft skin and breathed in the heady scent of her cunt.

The damp slit between her legs drew him like bees to honey. He wanted to touch it, rub his face in it, press his dick into it, he just wanted to be a part of it. She reached behind her and grabbed the flesh on either side of her pussy and pulled, opening it up to him. “Fuck me, Pastor Mike.”

He didn’t need to be invited twice. His dick wanted to renew its acquaintance with those pussy lips and he wasn’t one to get in the way. He knew he should slow down and back off. He should do a little foreplay and pussy licking to get her off first. A gentleman always made sure the lady was satisfied before claiming his own. He nudged the head past her labia and grabbed her hips. It was too late to hop off of her. He had to slide his cock inside or he would explode embarrassingly all over her pussy again. He couldn’t have stopped himself if half the congregation walked in on them right then. Not even the thought of Sandy and her wall-eyed stare could stop him.

“Oh, God, Pastor Mike, fuck me!” Her ass wiggled and her pussy swallowed a little more of his dick. His hips jerked and sank him in almost to the hilt. He pulled back a little for another lunge at it. She threw her head back and cried out. The glorious sounding of a woman in heat echoed through the sanctuary. She lifted her butt to meet him, gasping when he bottomed out. He reached around and grabbed her breasts, kneading seks filmi izle them his fingers. She arched her back and rode him in ways he’d only dreamed of.

“That’s it, Hannah, ride my cock. Fuck it.” He said more things, but they were lost in a snarling haze of lust. He quit pawing her breasts to hold her hips in a vice grip. He pounded her hard, moving fast enough to send the stuff on his desk careening across the carpeting. He didn’t care either. All he cared about was the exquisitely tight channel squeezing his cock like a boa constrictor devouring lunch. His dick felt huge and swollen inside of her. He could almost feel every bump and squeeze her inner muscles made with each thrust.

She grunted with every downstroke of his cock. He had the fleeting idea that it would be great if she came with him, but he didn’t have the coordination to accomplish that. His entire body was focused on the few inches of erection inside of her. He couldn’t feel anything else, just his dick. Her pussy spasmed on it, squeezing him. She cried out again and he lost it. He shoved his cock in as far as it would go and roared. His entire being jerked reflexively, trying to insinuate as much of himself as possible inside of her pussy. He felt like his soul was shooting through the tip of his cock into the center of her being.

When his brain finally returned to Earth she was sprawled on his desk and he was on top of her. His dick had shriveled and her pussy slowly pushed it out. The scent of cum was heavy, drowning out the usual overpowering smell of lemon furniture polish. His penis flopped wetly against his thigh and adulterous juices, both hers and his, trickled down his skin. The weight of regret settled between his shoulder blades and shoved straight down so hard he could barely breathe. He choked on his guilt, trying to swallow it. Dimly he felt her shuddering underneath him. The sound of a woman’s tears penetrated the fog in his mind and he wanted to die.

“Hannah. . .” He didn’t know what to say.

“I never knew it could be so beautiful.” She pressed her forehead to his desk. “I never even knew it felt so good.”

“But you didn’t cum!” He pulled back and clutched at her hand.

“You made me feel, Pastor Mike. It felt so good.” She threw herself into his arms and held him. “I felt like a real woman.”

Despite the all encompassing guilt, he suddenly felt like the world’s greatest lover. He was Don Juan, Casanova, and Romeo all rolled into one. And she hadn’t even orgasmed. It wasn’t too late, he could still make her cum. Then she would be truly satisfied. No. Sodomy was as against God’s law as well as adultery was. It was bad enough that he’d let her suck his dick he wasn’t going to make things worse.

“Pete says I’m frigid, but I never felt anything before. You were wonderful.”

“You’re not frigid. You’re warm and loving.”

She laughed, the sound merrily wrapping itself around his heart. “I can’t orgasm.”

If that wasn’t a challenge to his maleness, he didn’t know what was. “Who told you that?”

“Nobody. I just can’t. Pete’s tried for years, even bought my a vibrator. I just can’t.”


Her eyes widened and she giggled. “Pastor Mike! Don’t cuss.”

He tried to swallow his laugh, but it came out of his nose anyway. “I just fucked myself stupid with you and you’re worried about a little word like shit.”

“I’ve never heard you say things like that.”

“I’ve never seen a prettier pussy.” She looked just as pleased as she was embarrassed. He didn’t know what ol’ Pete was doing wrong, but he knew he had to rectify the situation. He would worry about his immortal soul tomorrow, when he resigned and joined an order of monks that lived on top of mountains where women didn’t exist. “Why don’t you lay down and let me get a good look at the pretty little cunt?”

Embarrassment warred with lust across her eyes. Lust won. Her knees drooped until the touched the carpet, then she eased onto her back. Her legs crossed each other, a testament to her uncertainty. It’s not too late, the angel in him whispered, repent and let her alone. So far he’d only fucked it, he hadn’t gotten intimately acquainted with it. Just looking at her from a respectful distance was intoxicating, what would happen to his soul if he tasted her fully?

Nervously she licked her lips then spread her legs. One foot slid to the right, propping itself up so the knee bent. The other followed suit. She was hot and wet enough to permeate the air with the smell of her sweet pussy. His nostrils flared and the angel lost whatever control it ever had over him. He dropped between her thighs and inhaled.

“Pastor Mike? What are you doing?” She propped herself on her elbows, apparently ready to pull away from him.

He grazed his knuckles over the wet pubic hair. “Do you know what my favorite thing in the world is?”

“Sugar cookies?”

He met her eyes with his and smiled. It hadn’t taken Sandy long to figure that out. She had that information the day he arrived and a fresh batch ready two hours later. He didn’t think Hannah had noticed. “Not quite. My favorite thing in the whole world is pussy and you’ve got the sexiest one I’ve ever seen.”

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She Won’t, But Her Mother Will

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: All characters depicted in sexual acts are at least 18 years old. If you enjoy this story, please vote on it and leave some feedback. Thank you.

Veronica Andrews felt the familiar pressure on her bladder the moment she awoke. She turned her head and saw the alarm clock on the bedside table showed 12:47, and she rolled out of bed gently not to wake her husband. In silent bare feet on carpet she quickly and quietly made her way in the dark to the bathroom.

She did her business in dimmed light, and as she walked out the bathroom door a surge of curiosity got her attention. By the flickering on the walls, she could tell that the television was on in the family room, and by the sound of an occasional giggle and shifting on the couch, Veronica guessed that her daughter Anne-Marie was not alone.

Veronica considered her options in her mind. On the one hand, she trusted her daughter, knew she could depend on Anne-Marie to do the right thing, thought her boyfriend Tom was a decent sort, and knew what kind of embarrassment would result if she were caught spying on her daughter. On the other hand, she reasoned to herself, she should really find out what her daughter was up to. She was dying to know, almost salivating for the knowledge, to be honest with herself. She carefully and slowly walked step-by-step to the living room.

When Veronica finally caught a glimpse of her daughter and her boyfriend, it was quite clear that the two had not heard Veronica stir at all that evening. The two of them were bathed in the glow of the television showing some late-night talk and comedy show, and from where Veronica snooped around a corner, she could see Tom’s stretched-out and spread feet, and the upper bodies of each of them.

Veronica drank in every detail. Anne-Marie’s shirt was tugged to the side and half unbuttoned, so that one of her breasts was out in the open, being idly stroked and rubbed by one of Tom’s hands. Anne-Marie was partly turned toward Tom, and from the way she slightly bent over and worked her arm in repetitive motions as Tom slouched back into the couch, Veronica realized it was almost inevitable that her daughter was giving her boyfriend a hand-job. Anne-Marie bit her lip and seemed intent on her work, some sweat beading on her forehead, as Tom’s head was thrown back, little whimpers and moans emanating from his mouth.

Veronica’s heart was beating so fast now, it felt like it was in her throat and about to jump out of her mouth. She felt her nipples get hard and pointy as they pushed against the delicate material of her nightgown. But she couldn’t pull away, her fingers were gripping the edge of the corner she leaned around so hard she wouldn’t have been surprised if they dug into the drywall. She had never seen her daughter like this. They were somewhat different as far as mothers and daughters go – the mother dark-haired and bigger-boned, the daughter with fair brown, almost blonde hair, and a more delicate build; but in other aspects they were the same – generously proportioned in hips and breasts, similar full pouty lips, and, they were told by many, a similar look in their eyes.

Anne-Marie’s mother watched as Tom’s hand went from Anne-Marie’s breast to the back of her neck, rubbing it, then moving downward, rubbing her back, and down further to where the mother could not see anymore.

Anne-Marie gave a little smile and a shiver, the motions of her arm, staying steady, “Hey, what’re you doing?”

Tom looked in her eyes, “Mmm, I love these stretchy pants, baby, such easy access…fuckkk.”

Anne-Marie shifted her hips like she was trying to get away, “Hey, c’mon, you know how I feel about that…”

“Yeah, it’s just…” Tom sounded annoyed, “I mean, FUCK you have SUCH a good ass, you know, I just keep watching it, and–“

“Look, I told you, Tommy!” Anne-Marie batted away Tom’s hand with her free arm. She continued, calmly, “I mean, what’s the problem, I go all the way with you, don’t I? Just let me jerk you now, and, first chance I get, we can go all the way again. Just, uh, stay away from that ass-stuff, ok? C’mon, aren’t I jerking you good?” Her hand continued the motions.

The couple on the couch was quiet again except for a few grunts from Tom. Anne-Marie brought up her palm, spit on it, and brought it back down below her mother’s eye-level.

After a few moments Tom asked, “So, when we’re going all the way next time, still no anal?”

She stared right in his eyes and shook her head emphatically, “No.”

Tom leaned back on the couch for a moment, then quickly leaned forward. “You know what, fuck this shit. Fuck you. I could give myself a better hand-job jerking to porn at home.” He stood up, at which point Veronica ducked into the shadows, hoping she was hidden from his sight as he buttoned his pants up and stormed out. She heard his last words, “You’re such a fucking ball-breaking teasing bitch, Anne-Marie. It’s over.”

Crouching in the shadows, Veronica heard the front door slam. Little sobs erotik film izle from the living room turned into audible weeping, then turned into the sound of her daughter bawling her eyes out. Veronica, lost for anything better to do, rushed back to her bedroom quickly as she could, and pulled the covers over her head, where the the sights and sounds she’d witnessed that night played over and over in her mind


Tom was smoking a cigarette outside his school when his cellphone rang. He excused himself from his friends and pulled the phone out. He saw Anne-Marie’s phone number on the display.

The first words that came out of his mouth were blunt, “Listen, just forget it, I told you we’re done, I don’t care how hard you’re crying.”

“Um. Tom, it’s not Anne-Marie,” said the unexpected voice on the phone. “It’s her mother. Veronica. Mrs. Andrews? Can I talk to you for a few moments?”

Tom was a little surprised and confused, and took a calmer tone as he said, “I, uh, guess so.”

“Listen, Tom, I know you broke up with Anne-Marie, but I don’t think you know how torn up she is about this. She’s constantly crying, she won’t eat, she just locks herself in her room…I’ve never seen my baby like this.”

“Look, Mrs. Andrews, I know it’s tough, but I’m sure she’ll get over it. I’ll be honest here; you’re not going to make me go back to her, even if she is sad. My mind’s made up.”

Tom could hear her take a deep breath over the phone. “I’ve been thinking about that,” she said, “I’ve been thinking about that, and I want you to listen closely to what I’m about to say, okay? I know that you have certain…needs. And I’m sure having a steady girlfriend doesn’t let you experiment the way you might want to. So, if you were to decide to take Anne-Marie back, I think I could…I could do those things for you she couldn’t.”


“Do you understand what I’m offering, Tommy?” he heard her say over his cellphone. His ex-girlfriend’s mother talking to him like this. His cock stirred in his pants. “You patch this up and be the good boyfriend for Anne-Marie, and I’ll give you what you want.” The line was quiet for a moment. “I know you want anal sex.”

“Did Anne-Marie tell you that?”

“Oh no. I don’t think she’d be blunt enough to talk that way to her mother.” Tom could hear her giggle a little. “But I can figure these things out. I’m not wrong, am I?”


“So what do you think? Anne-Marie is going over to her father’s parents with her dad and everyone else. I’ll be home alone this weekend.”

The words left Tom’s lips before he really thought about them. “Yeah, let’s do it.”


Tom pulled his car up to a house that was indistinguishable from all the other well-kept but anonymous houses in the suburban neighbourhood. He parked in the driveway and walked to the door carrying a black bag slung over his shoulder.

Veronica answered the door almost as soon as he rang the doorbell.

“Hello Mrs. Andrews.”

“Hello Tommy.”

“So…nobody else is home?”

“No. No they’re not. Come in, please.”

Tom walked in and she closed the door behind him. He looked her over. She seemed a little nervous and quiet, switching her gaze between looking over Tom, who was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and the tiled floor.

Tom looked at Veronica. She was wearing low-heeled sandals, tight blue jeans that stopped halfway down her calves, and a black halter top. Her hair was black and curly, and fell down past her shoulders, though the bangs in front were trimmed above her eyes.

She clutched one elbow in the other hand and looked at Tom.

“Is this what you were planning on wearing?” he asked her.

“Um, yeah.” She was a little confused. “I mean, we’re not going out anywhere, are we Tommy?”

“No. But this isn’t going to work. Let’s start with heels. Show me where you have your shoes, let’s take a look at what we can pick.”

“Oh. Okay, well I guess you’re the boss today, huh?” She gave a little smile. Veronica turned and started up the stairs, took a glance back and saw Tom following. His gaze was intensely fixed on her ass. The full round cheeks moving, gripped by her jeans, as she ascended the stairs.

She led him into the carpeted master bedroom. The walls were cream-coloured, the furniture and decorations muted, respectable; unremarkable. Veronica pulled the closet open and showed the teenager her shoe racks.

Tom examined them closely. He pulled out a black pair of heels. “Are these the highest heels you have?”

Veronica cleared her throat. “Y-yes.”

“Okay, I guess they’ll do.”

Then they went into her drawers of clothes. Tom picked out a pair of yellow shorts. “I haven’t worn those in years,” she said, “I don’t know if they’ll even fit.” Tom just threw them beside the shoes, and they went on to her underwear drawer, where he selected a black thong, one of the few more fancy pieces of underwear she kept under a stack of plain white cotton panties.

“Now, film izle pick all that up,” he said, “We’re going into Anne-Marie’s room.”

Veronica held the items bundled up against her and her wide uncomprehending eyes looked at Tom.

“We need to pick a top out for you,” he said.

In his girlfriend’s room, Tom searched like he knew just what he was looking for. He finally pulled out a thin small black t-shirt with Led Zeppelin lettered on the front and an iconic figure with wings. Veronica gave a little smile, “Oh, Anne-Marie hasn’t worn that in years. That was back in her rock-chick phase. Would be kind of tight even on her now, don’t you think?”

Tom put the shirt on top of the other items Veronica was carrying, “Good, then she won’t mind that your big tits are gonna stretch the fuck out of it. Put this all on, NOTHING else. You know what I mean, Mrs. Andrews, no bra.” He walked past her. “I’ll be on the patio, come down when you’re ready.”

The house was built on a slope so that one side of the basement opened out into the backyard. Tom stood just outside, leaning against the wall by the sliding doors of the rec room, when he heard heels clicking, and then a hesitant voice saying, “I’m ready.”

Veronica poked her head out and glanced at Tom, saw the hand-rolled cigarette smoking as he held it in his hand, watched him put it to his lips and inhale, smelled the heavy sweet tell-tale marijuana smoke when he exhaled. “Oh.” she quietly said. She felt Tom’s eyes looking her up and down and retreated a few steps inside. Tom followed her.

There she was, the shapely mother of his girlfriend, curvy but fit body, skin a little pale but soft and inviting. Her feet in heels much higher than she was normally used to wearing, then her bare legs with the strong calves and thighs leading up to her tight shorts that exposed all of her thighs and were stretched so tight over her buttocks that they didn’t even cover the bottom of her cheeks. Above that was her bare midriff before the tight black rock band t-shirt she had squeezed herself into, the design on the front obscenely distorted by the swelling out of her meaty breasts, the material stretched so thin that in places her pale white flesh and darker nipples were clearly visible. Above that her face had an eager look, and Tom noticed that she had touched up her makeup, and her lips glistened with redness while the eyeshadow around her eyes was heavier.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Mrs. Andrews.”

“Thank you, Tommy, but you can call me Veronica.”

He took another drag of his joint, “I think I like Mrs. Andrews better. I mean, you are my girlfriend’s mother, right?” He stepped closer.

Veronica gave a little gasp, anticipation and excitement flowing through her. “My husband doesn’t like anyone smoking in the house.”

Tom kept smoking as he put a hand on her bare stomach, ran it lower to cup her pussy through her shorts, then ran it upwards and over a breast, feeling it cupped in the thin warm cotton, giving the large breast a squeeze as he looked right in eyes. “Oh yeah, I like the feel of that,” he said.

The joint hung from his lips as he put both hands on her breasts, kneading them, squeezing, handling them roughly. Veronica just gasped, moaned a little, her eyelids fluttered as she was surprised to find her knees feeling weak.

Tom put his hands down to her hips and pushed her toward the small bar in the rec room, “Get on a barstool, come on.”

Veronica climbed on, facing Tom, her thighs spread out, breasts heaving with her quicker breathing as her sparkling eyes looked at him.

“No no no,” he said, and spun her around along with the rotating barstool, “I wanna check that ass out.” He put his hand on her back, “Arch that ass out, c’mon now, lean on the bar, yeaaahhh.”

Veronica rested her forearms on the bar, leaning forward, arching her back as much as her mature body could allow, feeling her ass hanging off the edge of the barstool. She felt Tom’s hands run over her cheeks, give them a few light slaps. “Jesus fuckin’ Christ that’s a nice ass.” His voice had turned raspy. Veronica looked back over her shoulder and saw a new look in his eyes, his stare fixated on her large butt sticking out. Tom said, “Here, hold this,” and handed her the joint, then lowered his face down to the level of her ass.

Veronica moaned and started to pant as she felt his face press into her ass through the thin material of her shorts. Her daughter’s horny teen boyfriend was pushing his face hard into her big cheeks, into that buttocks that she often worried was too large and prominent. She felt his hot breath on her crack, some of the drool running from his mouth onto her cheeks and thighs, and heard the muffled moans he was making. She became aware again of the burning material in her hand. Feeling like the queen of the world, she pushed her ass back harder on Tom’s face and wiggled it around as she took a puff off the joint.

Tom finally pulled his face out of there, and looked up seks filmi izle to the sexy sight of his girlfriend’s mother sitting on that barstool with that big ass out and hovering over his face, as she continued to smoke. He quickly undid his pants and pulled his hard aching cock out, starting to jerk it as he kissed up her back, his free hand going around to grope a breast, pulling her t-shirt up and getting right at those breasts.

“You’re so sexy, you know that, Mrs. Andrews. Such a hot mature body, big thick ass and strong thighs, killer fuckin’ MILF tits.”

She just moaned back, “Mmmmm.”

“You’re gonna let me get in that ass, aren’t you, Mrs. Andrews? Let me sink my fucking cock deep in that asshole. In that shitter. Fuckin’ anal…buttfucking…shittersex…assfucking,” he was gasping, getting more worked up, “…bareback, no fucking condom.”

She turned her head and put her hand under his chin, kissing his lips, “No fucking condom, baby, I need to feel you up my ass. Need to feel that big teen cock, too turned on now.”

Tom pulled himself off her and helped her off the stool. Veronica saw the size and thickness of his hard cock and was pleasantly surprised, “Wow, you’ve got a gorgeous cock, baby.” This was the first time that Tom felt a little self-conscious from her remark and quickly moved to kneel behind her as he unbuttoned her shorts and then quickly slid them down off her, the thong staying on, string stuffed in her asscrack.

He quickly pulled his pants and underwear off, kneeling behind her again, his cock sticking out, hard and throbbing, as he spread her big cheeks with his hands and licked on her thong-covered asscrack a few times before pulling the material to the side and running his wet tongue up and down her crack.

“Ooooh,” she cooed and bent over more, looking back at Tom, her eyes going down to his bobbing cock. “Let me suck that cock a bit, Tommy, let me taste it and get it nice and wet before you put it in me.”

Veronica had Tom get entirely naked and lie his back on the floor. Tom had planned to do all of this on the couch in the living room, or maybe in a bed, either his girlfriend’s or her mother’s, but this was all moving so fast and he didn’t want to stop. The joint kept burning unattended in the ashtray on the bar as Veronica slipped her thong off keeping on the t-shirt that was bunched up above her swinging tits, and lowered her ass on Tom’s face as she reached out to stroke his hard cock.

“Ohhhh baby, that’s ittttt Tommy,” she moaned as she felt his face burrow deep between her big cheeks, his tongue flicking on her asshole and starting to push in. “That’s it baby, you’re gonna keep getting that asshole long as you keep dating my girl. Don’t be a heart-breaker and treat her nice and you’ll keep getting that ass. Mmmm, this might just work out fine.” Some part of her mind was surprised at how raunchy her words were, and she thought it best to shut herself up by leaning forward and fixing her mouth around that big young cock.

Tom moaned into her ass as he felt those lips clamp on his cock and start sucking away, her getting that cock bigger and wetter as her hand went down to rub at his balls, her warm soft breasts pressed into his torso. Tom reached over and just got his fingertips on his bag laying by the wall. He reached in and searched around until his fingers closed on a small bottle.

“MMM,” Veronica moaned and sucked his cock harder as she felt him start dripping lube on her ass, working it into her asshole with one finger, and then two. He dripped more onto her cheeks, shining up those big meaty round mature globes. Veronica leaned up and reached back and grabbed the bottle of lube and dripped some on his cock, stroking it in. “That’s it, I can’t wait anymore,” she said, “I need you in me.”

She got up and walked over to the green pool table that seemed like the most well-maintained and cared for thing in the house, and crawled right up on it, until she was on her knees on the felt surface, her heels and ass hanging off the edge, that butt slowly moving up and down, her eyes looking over at Tom and inviting him. Somewhere along the line, Tom realized, her libido had outgrown his, and he knew that it would take all his effort to fully satisfy her now that she was burning for sex.

He moved close to her and put one hand on her pussy, rubbing it slowly, feeling its dampness and heat, as his other hand stroked his cock. “This your husband’s pool table, Mrs. Andrews?”

She gave him a wicked grin as she looked over her shoulder at him, “Mmm-hmm. It’s his pride and joy.”

Tom slapped his hard cock against her asscheeks a few times. “Do you want me to fuck your pussy a bit first?”

“You can fuck Anne-Marie’s pussy anytime, Tommy. Fuckin’ put it in my butt…or are you chickening out?”

“Ungh. Fuck you, bitch,” Tom grunted as he put his fat cockhead against his girlfriend’s mother’s lubed asshole and started to push in. The head popped in and he grabbed her hips as he started to push deeper.

Both of them said nothing for a while, just moaning, panting, as that thick hard cock worked its way in and out, opening her asshole up more and more, her big round ass riding back on him as much as he pushed into her.

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All characters are 18 years old or older. I am struggling with part nine of Mr. Robinson. So in the meantime I have written this one shot for your consumption. It is nestled in the Shawverse but is a standalone and so doesn’t greatly impact any major story arcs. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions for this story or any others feel free to contact me. If you like this or hate it let me know. I hope to finish off the Robinson stories soon and finish off the Evil Bitch line and then onto Iron Bitch. Please vote and comment.


Dire Diagnosis:

Life isn’t fair. It makes no promises and grants no guarantees. Bad things happen to good people and all that crap. I was diagnosed with cancer at the tender young age of 22. It came on without warning and was a death sentence. Even with aggressive treatment there was little chance of remission. They say there are stages of grief and at the end you find acceptance. I skipped a few steps and I guess I had my grandfather to thank for that. He was a no-nonsense sort of fellow and laid down the facts of life early on in my life. That was shortly after I buried my parents and older sister. They had died in a car crash and blind luck had kept me home that day. So it was my gnarly old grandfather that raised me these last twelve years. If I wanted something I worked for it. So he figured I could beat my diagnosis with sheer willpower alone. He was wrong.

I didn’t moan and bitch. What was the point of that? I just made a list and decided to see how many things on it I could do before I died. It wasn’t a long list but it was all I had really. The first thing on the agenda was to do as much travelling as I could before I got too sick to do that. I was glad I had done that at the onset. It was mainly hopping buses and trains to see the east and west coast since I had grown up in the Midwest. I had never seen the ocean before. My research took me to a small city south of Boston called Arkham. It was well known for its scenic points as well as the corporate headquarters of Numenor Incorporated. I had sent them a request to tour the plant while I was in Arkham but never expected a reply. So when a gleaming black stretch limo pulled up in front of the bed and breakfast I was staying at I was confused. The door opened and a gorgeous Japanese woman approached me and bowed low.

“You are Trevor Kent,” she asked and I could only nod. “Very good, my employer would like to extend an invitation to view our facilities and have dinner with him this evening.”

When I tried to tell her I didn’t have the proper clothing for such an event she assured me all would be provided. I climbed into the back of the limo and stared out at the city as she drove me to Numenor Headquarters. I felt like I had just won the golden ticket and was about to meet the tech version of Willie Wonka. It was a short drive but when I saw the gated facility I knew we had arrived. I was taken to the front door where I was scanned so that any clothing I might need could be provided at a moment’s notice. I was greeted by none other than Kat Shaw, Nick’s sister. I tried not to stare but she was even more attractive than Akira the Asian driver.

“I want to apologize,” I said. “I don’t mean to stare but I’ve never met anyone as beautiful as you before.”

“And I thought this was going to be a dull visit,” she said taking my arm. “Do you charm all the ladies so easily Trevor? Is it okay if I call you Trevor?”

“You can whistle and call me Spot if you want to Ms. Shaw.” I replied.

“It’s Kat since we are on a first name basis.” She said and let out a little whistle. “Just practicing…”

She gave me a tour of the first floor and I had to stop twice. The fatigue was getting worse and I tired easier as the disease progressed. Kat did her best to hide her concern but I saw it etched on her lovely features. They had a wheelchair on standby and I had to use it for the tour of the factory floor. There were several production lines and all of it was fully automated. Nick greeted me at command central and offered me a light snack to help strengthen me for the last part of my visit. We took an elevator to the top of the building where I could look out over the town of Arkham and in the distance the ocean.

“Trevor,” Nick addressed me in his cultured tenor. “I need your help.”

“My help,” I replied confused. “How can I help you?”

“I have a pet project. It involves a fully immersive digital environment. You could call it virtual reality but it is far more than that. Its purpose is for long term space flight. While we can chemically induce comas to reduce cargo space for such things as food and other supplies we need a way of keeping the mind active and healthy. So with the help of several A.I.s we have created worlds for the crew to use as entertainment and mental health. The problem is we don’t know the effect of long term immersion on a living mind.”

“I am a perfect candidate then. I only have a few months erotik film izle at most and you could monitor me to see how I do. I volunteer. The fatigue is just the beginning. It is only going to get worse for me and if I can help out with the space program that is more than I could ever hope for. When do we start?”

Nick and Kat smiled at my enthusiasm. I signed the wavers and called my grandfather. I told him that I had been selected for a study that could help future astronauts. He was so damn proud. Akira returned to help me dress for the dinner with the Shaws and even tied my tie for me. I managed to walk to the elevator and arrive on my own power. I sat next to Kat and met her mother and the other partners of Numenor Incorporated. I learned that there would be other volunteers in the program. There were several worlds and themes that I could choose from. Kat recommended one called Project 13. Nick narrowed his eyes but left it a bit of a mystery.

Unfortunately at the end of meal I was too weak to walk and I was taken to my room via wheelchair. The lovely Akira pushed me and told me how proud she was of my volunteering. I was glad to be chosen. My life had been so normal up till now. She told me as she helped me into my night clothes that if I did pick Project 13 I would never have to worry about dull in that particular world. She helped me into bed but instead of leaving she pulled up a chair and stayed with me until I fell asleep. I awoke the next day feeling well rested but still a bit below par. Kat was sitting in the chair that Akira had pulled up and she was just waking up herself.

“Morning Trevor,” she said yawning. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did,” I replied. “You didn’t have to watch over me.”

“I didn’t have to but I wanted to,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “You are our honored guest after all.”

“I’ve never been… I mean… thank you,” I stammered.

“I must look a mess,” she said getting to her feet. “Feel up to breakfast in bed. I can answer any questions you might have before they come to get you prepped.”

I managed to sit up as a well-dressed maid wheeled in a cart laden with all sorts of food. I fixed my plate as Kat went over the preliminaries. There would be an implantation at the base of my skull which would create the brain/machine interface. Once that was done I would have feeding tubes and other medical necessities attached. After that I would be plugged into the system and I would be on my own. I could choose any program to interact with. If I got tired of one I could exit it and begin another. I asked her about Project 13 but she just smiled and told me I’d have to discover that on my own.

After breakfast I was wheeled to a clean room and I was prepped for a minor surgery. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. I was taught how to interact with my cybernetic familiar as the technician called it. The implant housed a cutting edge A.I. that would aid me on my quests and answer any questions I had in and out of game play. I was eager to see how real these worlds were that Nick and the others had created. I was poked and prodded so they could feed me intravenously and monitor my vitals while I was under. The last injection was a mild sedative to help transition me into the digital environment. I yawned a few times and then dropped off to a deep slumber.

I awoke in the white hallway. It served as the jumping off point to the various worlds. I brought up my hand and a menu screen appeared in front of me. There was a complete listing of the programs and at the very bottom was Project 13. A part of me wanted to try out one of the other realms but Kat had put the bug in my brain so I selected it. There was a sense of movement and I hovered in a velvety red pillar of light. I raised my hand and a character creation menu appeared.

“Male, Female or Other,” a sensuous female voice asked.

“Other… how can you be other,” I asked.

“This realm allows for a Futanari option,” the voice explained. “I will display for your understanding.”

A shapely female figure appeared and was sporting a world class erection between ‘her’ legs. I had an instant understanding of what kind of game this was. I touched the figure and looked at it from several angles. I was tempted since it really was the best of both worlds.

“You can change your mind later on if you wish,” the voice said.

“Oh what the hell,” I said grinning from ear to ear. “I’ll give the um… what did you call it?”

“Futanari or Futa for short,” the voice giggled. “A wise choice, now you need to select your race. There are several to choose from. Each race has a perk as well as a hindrance. You can play as a human which is widely accepted in all the realms of Erogenia. The downside is that their endurance is lower compared to other races. The next race is surface elf. They have a very high charisma and a good endurance but aren’t well liked by orcs or goblins. You can play as a dark elf. They have film izle a good charisma, good endurance as well as an above average dexterity. Sadly, they are feared and mistrusted by humans and surface elves. The orcs are a fun race to play. They have a high endurance but a low charisma. They are feared by surface elves and only tolerated by humans. The last race is the cat folk. They possess a good endurance, dexterity and charisma. But they are hunted as sex slaves by most of the other races.”

“Sex slaves,” I said and the voice purred in my ear.

“It is widely known that the most gifted lovers in all the realm are the cats,” she said practically moaning now. “Here is what the average Futa cat folk looks like.”

My jaw dropped. She was stunning and barely fit into her armor if you could actually call it armor. Playing a cat folk would be a challenge. Oh why not, it sounded like fun. The next screen was a list of merits and flaws. I had a total of ten points to spend. I asked what were the benefits of taking merits and flaws? The interface told me that certain merits opened up exclusive classes. I liked the sound of that. I saw that there was one merit that actually cost ten points.

“Why is backstab so damn expensive?”

“It allows you to begin the game as an assassin of sorts,” she said.

“I prefer to play a mix of stealth and magic,” I told her.

“Well then take backstab and I’ll tell you all about the Anal Assassin,” she giggled. “The Anal Assassin is the only class that allows you to collect marks by targeting their backside.”

“Marks…” I said and she continued.

“The goal of the game is to sleep with as many people as you can. When your partner orgasms you ‘collect’ them. You build a harem of willing partners that allow you to level up and gain special abilities. If you manage to back stab a partner they are collected with a bonus. To gain access to shadow magic you need to collect mages.”

“Oh I am going to like this game,” I said. “Anything else I need to know?”

“If you collect monsters you earn gold and mana increases. But beware of the undead they can steal partners and can drain your endurance faster than any other monster.”

I chose back stab and created my Anal Assassin. I finished my character off by fine tuning her appearance until I was satisfied. I decided on a white tiger pattern to make her more appealing and unusual. I had enough to buy light armor and a hooded cloak. I didn’t need to advertise right away who and what I was. I looked over my avatar one last time before entering the game. The world went dark and I awoke in the woods. I didn’t expect everything to look so real. I could smell the pine trees and feel the wind on my skin. This was amazing! I looked myself over and it took me a few minutes to get used to the feminine curves. I wonder if I got experience for masturbating. I brought up the map feature and saw that I wasn’t too far from the small town of Hung’s Hollow. I pulled up my hood and quietly headed in that direction.

The forest seemed quiet at first but my keen hearing picked up someone in distress. I didn’t go rushing in until I got a look at the situation. I snuck up to a clearing and my jaw nearly dropped when I saw the woman being attacked by some sort of plant with tentacles. What the hell is that? An information screen appeared and it had a basic description of an Ero Plant. It uses it tentacles to pull unsuspecting victims off their feet before mercilessly raping them. The only known weak spot of the Ero Plant was its bulbous sack near the base of the monster. My only weapon was a dagger. I could try and throw it but if I missed I would be as helpless as the she-elf. I walked around the perimeter of the clearing to see if I could find any other weaknesses. I saw something disturbing the grass and squinted, there hiding beneath the blades of grass were a circle of thin tentacles. I bet that’s how it finds its prey. You go walking in and step on one of those and whoosh you are plant food.

I looked up at the naked she-elf inverted and grasped by the ankles. She was writhing around as a third tentacle violated her ass. It was hard to judge her height but she was quite attractive with long silky blond hair and a womanly figure. I liked her pale nipples that appeared painfully distended. It appeared that her pubic hair had been trimmed in some sort of runic pattern. My familiar showed me a variety of common pussy runes. The one she bore meant that she was the oldest daughter. The elf girl was moaning now as the plant began pushed her towards one hell of a climax. Damn it, I drew my dagger and moved as carefully as I could. It didn’t help that the damn tentacles kept squirming all over the forest’s floor. I was almost within stabbing range when the she elf let loose a monstrous cry as she climaxed. I moved without thinking and threw myself forward and stabbed that wicked fucker in its sack. The plant shuddered and died. I caught the girl as she fell. We ended up seks filmi izle on our backs in the clearing. She clung to me and thanked me for my aid.

“You saved me,” she pronounced as she checked out my ample cleavage. “My, what a womanly figure you possess… so round… so enticing and so… damn is that all you?” She asked staring at my generous erection.

“Sorry, but your beauty inspired me,” I said as she licked her lips.

“I do owe you a reward,” she purred. “…Mayhap a loving blowjob to remember me by?”

“How can I possibly refuse,” I growled as the elf dropped to her knees to examine my member better.

“Truly a cock of heroic proportions,” she said taking me in hand. “So firm and so thick… I shalt honor you with a kiss.”

She gave my cock a hesitant lick and seemed to find the taste satisfactory. Soon the head was in her mouth and her tongue was working its elfish magic upon me. I trembled under her eager worship. I gripped yon she elf by her golden locks and began fucking her face. Apparently she had the merit of no gag reflex as she took my entire length between her pouty lips with ease. Before I could blow my load she came up for air and begged me to take away the foul memories of the devil plant. I eagerly agreed and positioned the fair maiden on her hands and knees. I teased her precious pussy lips with the length of my magic rod as I pulled her rosy ass cheeks apart. I saw her puckered anus had been violated by the Ero Plant and decided to start there. I pulled back and parked the head of my cock at the entrance to her underworld. She looked over her shoulder in surprise as I plunged into her inner darkness.

“Foul deed foul Futa,” she cried. “Thou hast pierced my ass to its core… I am not that kind of elf… UNNNN… I am a good girl… NNNNNN… oh god, don’t stop… UNNNNN… fuck my ass you evil bitch you! Drive that wicked cock harder… harder I tell thee… oh shit that feels amazing… wait until I tell my sisters about this!”

“You are so damn tight she-elf,” I growled as I pummeled her from behind. “I have grown a taste for your kind.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” she purred. “Faster damn you… oh yeah that’s it baby… I’m almost there… I can feel you growing inside of me. Pump thy cock milk into my ass and I will be thine.”

I came so hard I nearly passed out. The poor elf did faint and as I caught my breath a new menu appeared. Did I wish to claim the elven cleric for my harem? I added her to my followers and realized that I hadn’t named my character. I had been in such a rush to start I had left it blank. I thought about something stealthy but simple. I settled on Shadow Oak. We snuggled and restored the lost stamina we had both lost. I would have to remember that. The elf woke up and a gold icon appeared above her head. The menu informed me that she had a side quest if I chose to accept it.

“What can I do for you?” I asked and she frowned.

“I have lost my way,” she replied. “Will you help me home and perhaps one of my sisters will reward you.”

“I accept,” I said and the icon disappeared. “Looks like you live on the far side of Hung’s Hollow.” I told her as my map popped up showing a flashing point just beyond the town.

“You better be careful,” she warned. “Cat folk are hunted in the hollow. You could end up with a collar around that delicate neck of yours.”

“We will avoid the town for now. Let’s get going.”

So we took an indirect route to the hollow and veered east before reaching the road. It took longer and it was nearly nightfall before we reached the she-elf’s cabin. A plume of smoke was rising from the chimney and she seemed quite excited about getting home. She took me by the hand and opened the front door. Inside the cabin was her entire family. Her parents were fixing dinner while her three sisters were seated around a table sewing. Everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed us seeing that their darling daughter had returned home safe and sound.

“What happened young lady,” her mother asked in a stern voice.

“I was gathering wild flowers when a devil plant attacked.” She replied her cheeks turning crimson. “But I was rescued by brave Shadow Oak who agreed to see me home.”

“Thank you for saving my daughter,” mom said and a melody played indicating my side quest was complete. “Please stay the night and break your fast with us.”

“That would be lovely,” I said lowering my hood.

“A cat folk,” dad said his eyes widening in lust.

“Father, remember yourself… she is a guest and besides she is a Futa… so hands off…” the daughter explained.

The father grumbled and returned to his task. I was introduced to her sisters who forgot about their sewing and asked me what it was like. I shrugged and asked what it was like to be a girl. They just giggled and begged me to tell the tale of how I had bested the devil plant. I went into how I had snuck up and saw their sister handing upside-down. How I had moved as fast as I could but she had been ravaged by the foul plant.

“Did it fuck her,” one sister asked.

“Yes it did,” I replied and they blushed.

“Did it rape her,” another sister asked.

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Satellite Installation

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Mickey looked at the job card in his hand. “So, it’s a two room set up yes? Which rooms exactly?”

The middle-aged lady nodded. “The lounge, just through there,” she answered, pointing to the door across the hallway “and in my daughter’s room, upstairs, first room on the right. I need to get to work but Amy is in her room and if you need anything just shout her. Do you need anything more from me?”

Mickey shook his head. “No, should be fine. Seems like a nice easy job to start the week” he smiled. He picked up his tool case and walked to the lounge. “By the time you get home, you’ll have your great satellite TV up and running. Maybe even treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine and a movie tonight Mrs Renshaw.”

“Great” she replied, smiling. “I’ve been meaning to get satellite for ages. Probably won’t see much of Amy once she has it in her room but that might be a good thing!” She picked up her bag and keys and headed to the door. “Bye then.”

Mickey nodded, waited until she had left then went into the lounge. He was in a good mood. This would be a simple install and he didn’t have another appointment until nearly lunchtime so he’d have time to stop off at the nearby shopping centre and have a browse at the new sports shop. He started to unpack the equipment, laying out everything he needed in the methodical fashion he followed for such jobs. His mind wandered to the sports shop. His girlfriend hated the fact he was sports mad and she seemed determined to curtail his passion for football. Maybe a new team shirt would be a devious thing to buy, he grinned to himself.

He was 28, and had played football for over twenty years. Not professionally, or indeed even to a high amateur status, but he loved playing for his local team; the training, the games, the team spirit. Becky wasn’t so keen though. He sighed, knowing in his heart that engagement probably wasn’t that far off, marriage thereafter…god, even kids perhaps. He could see his football time diminishing before his eyes.

They had been together five years now. It had been fun, no question. But it was getting serious now. He sighed again; maybe this was just how things went.

“Oh well, on with the job” he muttered to himself. The door behind him opened and he turned to see a young girl smiling at him.

“Hey there” she said.

“Oh, hi,” he replied, smiling out of politeness and also at the attractiveness of the girl. She was about 5’5″ with long, auburn hair that fell over her shoulders. She was wearing jeans and a white tank top that showed off her slender bare arms. “You must be…ummm…Amy yeh?” he asked. She nodded. “So, you are getting satellite in your room huh? Lucky girl.”

Amy grinned. “Yeh, been begging for it for, like, ages” she giggled.

Mickey smiled. “Well, I need to go outside now and put up the dish, then I’ll do this room and then yours. Within an hour you’ll have all the channels you’ll ever need.”

“Awesome,” she replied, beaming a smile. “I’ll be upstairs if you need anything.”

Mickey nodded. Amy grinned, she bit her lip subtly, flashed him a smile then turned and left the room. He couldn’t help but stare at her tight, firm bum, his mind instantly recalling that Becky used to have a bum like that. It was only then he saw the mirror on the other side of the hall and that Amy was grinning at his reflection. He blinked, realised he’d been caught, then quickly turned away to pick up his equipment bag, feeling sheepish and embarrassed.

It took him half an hour to connect the dish to the side of the house. The cabling went without a problem and within another fifteen minutes he’d set up the box in the lounge, tested it and satisfied himself all was working. He prided himself on his professionalism, and was pleased how neat the job was. He gathered his bag and started up the stairs. He wondered if the pretty girl would stay in the room while he connected it, and couldn’t help smile at the prospect. Perk of the job he surmised.

He reached the landing, and stepped towards the first door on the right. It was closed, but he could hear music playing. His hands were full with his kit bag and the box for the room, so he pressed against the door, balanced the box on his knee and tapped the door. There was no response so he pushed down the handle and with his foot pushed the door open. “Hey there, it’s me” he announced loudly, shifting to get the box back properly into his hands before stepping forward. As he looked up, his eyes widened and he felt his jaw drop in shock.

Amy had turned to face him, her hands covering her naked breasts. Mickey blinked. He saw the white tank top on the floor by his feet. Amy was a few metres beyond him, at the edge of her bed.

“Oh god, sorry” she exclaimed “I…I didn’t hear you knock.”

“I…I did” he protested, feeling his cheeks redden. “I…I didn’t realise you were…you were…” he nodded towards her.

She grinned. “Didn’t realise I was getting changed?” she finished his sentence. She giggled. “Bad timing huh?”

Mickey nodded. erotik film izle He realised he was staring at her chest. Her breasts were small enough that her hands covered them, but it was clear they were firm and round. As he lowered his eyes, he took in her slim figure; her just visible rib cage, her tight midriff. He was just thankful she had her jeans on.

“I…I’m really sorry” he mumbled, shuffling his feet. “I’ll give you a minute.” He looked back at her and tried to compose himself. “I should have shouted or something” he added, forcing a smile to try and diffuse this very uncomfortable situation. He turned to leave the room, but in his hurry felt the box slipping from his grasp. He cursed as he lost his hold on it, clumsily tried to rescue it but proceeded in juggling it with one hand. He let his bag drop and then used his now free left hand to try and hold the box, but fumbled it and then found himself on his knees preventing the expensive box from crashing to the ground.

Amy laughed. “Whoa…you ok there?” she giggled. Mickey looked up at her from his knees, feeling his cheeks flush. “I…yes, yes I’m fine” he stuttered, astonished at how this situation was turning him into a fumbling, mumbling idiot. “I really shouldn’t, ummm…try to carry so much,” he added, in a tone that to his own ears sounded slightly pathetic.

Amy giggled again. “I’m sorry, you probably weren’t expecting me to half undressed huh?”

Mickey looked at her. “Well, no, I certainly wasn’t.”

She grinned. “You must see all sorts, being in and out of people’s houses though, huh?”

Mickey shrugged. “Well, I guess, but never young girls without…ummm…you know…no top on.” He knew he must be blushing bright red.

Amy bit her lip. “Oh…just desperate housewives then?” she giggled. Mickey found himself chuckle. He realised he was shocked not just by the fact she was topless, albeit still covering herself with her hands, but that she seemed totally unfazed by the situation.

“Well, to be honest, not really” he replied.

Amy frowned. “Really? I’d have thought bored housewives would love having a fit bloke like you in their house,” she said, matter-of-factly.

Mickey grinned. “Fit bloke? That’s…ummm…very kind of you.” He was shocked by her confidence. He realised he was still on his knees, so he started to raise himself up, holding the box in both hands. He smiled; after all, it was good to think that a teen girl still thought he was attractive. He wondered how he could subtly let Becky know he’d been complimented as such.

He rose to his full height, feeling himself start to relax. Amy was clearly unruffled by the situation, so why should he be? It had been an honest mistake, barging into her room. He would now just gather his things, wait until she was dressed then get on with the job, maybe banking the picture of Amy in his mind for a ‘quiet’ moment later, and of course be satisfied that he was regarded as ‘fit.’ He could feel his heart thumping, and a strange nervous twinge in his stomach, but he took a breath as he started to relax. What happened next shocked him to the core though.

Amy stretched out her arms, uncovering her firm 34B breasts. “Want me to take that box, save you from dropping it again?” she said.

Mickey’s jaw dropped again. He couldn’t help but stare at her naked breasts. “I…ummm…you…I mean…fuck…” was all he could mutter. Amy grinned, her arms still outstretched.

Mickey shuffled his feet, hearing nothing but his heartbeat thumping. “Dont…dont you want…I mean, shouldn’t you…you know…c…cover yourself up?” he mumbled, averting his gaze.

“Oh, sorry,” she replied, giggling. “Am I making you uncomfortable?” Mickey raised his eyes, concentrating hard on looking at her face, and her face only.

“Well…just…a little” he replied, fully aware he was feeling very uncomfortable. “Aren’t…you?” he asked, honestly shocked at how brazen she was being.

Amy shrugged “ummm…not really. You’ve seen a pair of tits before haven’t you?”

Mickey gulped. “Well, of course, but not…you know…like…certainly not a…a young girl like you. Well, not since I was your age anyway.”

She laughed. “You haven’t seen a pair of tits since you were 18?” she quizzed.

Mickey blinked. “No, that’s not what I meant” he retorted. “I mean, I’ve seen ti…boo…breasts” he stuttered. “My girlfriends,” he added meekly.

Amy giggled again. “You’re not married then?”

Mickey shook his head. She seemed so cool, so confident. She still had her arms outstretched. Again, he found his gaze was on her breasts. He blinked again. Then inhaled sharply as Amy took a step forward and gently took the box from his hands. She held it at her midriff; her breasts still in plain view, less than a metre in front of him. “How old are you?” she asked.

Mickey took a deep breath, trying to regain his composure. “What? Oh, I’m 28,” he replied.

Amy nodded. “And your girlfriend? How old is she?”

Mickey swallowed, though film izle his mouth was bone dry. “Umm..she’s 29. Why do you ask?”

Amy shrugged. “Has she got nice tits?”

Mickey frowned. “Well, I..I guess.”

Amy furled her brow, looking at him inquisitively. “You guess?” she quizzed. “She either has or hasn’t.”

Mickey shook his head “OK, well, yes, she has great…ummmm…”

“Tits,” Amy completed his sentence, emphasising the word. “Are they big?”

Mickey blinked again. His mind reeled. Was she really asking him about Becky’s tits? He answered her honestly. “Well, yes, they are pretty big. Why, why do you ask?”

Amy shrugged again “No reason.” She frowned. “I think mine are a bit small, don’t you think?”

Mickey looked at her. She had a genuine expression on her face. He looked at her breasts. They were firm, with small aureolas and pert nipples. He felt himself inhale, then realised his cock was beginning to harden. He swallowed again.

“I…well…no…not really…they look…ummmm fine.” Amy frowned. “I mean, amazing…really, they look amazing.” He took another deep breath.

Amy smiled, “awww thanks” she said cheerily, then turned and put the box down on her bed.

Mickey found himself looking at her pert bum as she bent over and he shifted uncomfortably as he felt his cock continue to stiffen. “How big are your girlfriends?” she continued, straightening up and turning back to face him. “What size are they?” She had such a genuinely inquisitive expression he couldn’t help but answer honestly.

“Ummm, 36C” he answered, averting his gaze again.

“Big” she said “You like big tits then?”

Mickey felt his stomach tingle nervously at her questions. “Well…I suppose so” he answered “but…” he ran his hand through his hair, “look, I really need to get on with this job so…”

Amy looked at him, she bit her lip “So?”

Mickey cleared his throat. “So, maybe you should…you know…cover up and I’ll get on with installing your satellite box.”

Amy looked at him. Her eyes narrowed. “I was actually getting changed” she said. Her hands moved to the top button of her jeans. Mickey felt everything go into slow motion, and before he could protest, she undid the button.

“W…what are you doing?” he stuttered.

Amy stared straight at him as her hands undid the remaining two buttons. “I’m getting on with getting changed” she grinned, before sliding the jeans down off her hips.

Mickey gasped. His eyes widened as he watched her pull her jeans down, revealing her slender hips, firm, slender thighs then, to his further shock as he realised she wasn’t wearing panties and failed to avert his gaze, her perfectly smooth mound. He felt his cock instantly harden. In a fluid movement, she bent down and pulled her jeans off, stepping aside and straightening to stand fully naked in front of him.

Mickey couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Oh fuck” was all he could mutter. Her body was amazing. She was so slim; almost skinny. His eyes took in her lightly tanned, tight skin and the perfect gap at the top of her thighs. He shifted his stance. “Ummm…I…really…work…to do” he mumbled, rooted to the spot.

Amy grinned, and took the two short steps to stand directly in front of him. Her hands suddenly reached out and she placed them on his belt.

“W…what are you doing?” he stammered, feeling his body tensing. She ignored him, and he felt her unbuckling his belt. “Look…I…I’ve got a girlfriend” he protested, willing himself to take a step backwards.

“So you’ve said,” she grinned, her hands quickly unbuckling the belt and moving to his top button of his trousers. “With massive tits,” she added.

Mickey groaned. He wiped his hand across his dry lips and shuffled backwards. Amy frowned. “Oh, is that it? Are my tits not big enough for you?”

Mickey shook his head. “God no” he blurted out. “I mean, no…listen…fuck…you…you are…seriously…well…wow.” He winced, realising he probably sounded very lame. “It’s just…this..well, this is very…ummm…inappropriate.” Lame. “You…you’re 18…and…I’m…well, ten years older than you…and…you…your mum is my customer…and I’ve got a girlfriend.”

Amy just grinned at him as he rambled. “Am I making you really uncomfortable?” she asked.

Mickey nodded.

She shuffled forwards and her hands quickly undid his trouser button before slipping down to the zip. “Am I making you…ummm…hard?” she continued, her voice a whisper.

Mickey gulped. He was fully erect, which she instantly discovered as he felt his zip fully open and her little hand press against the bulge in his boxer shorts. “Oooooh, I am making you hard,” she giggled.

Mickey closed his eyes. This was unbelievable. He couldn’t believe the situation he was in. He’d been doing this job for five years and never come close to anything like this. In his personal life, he’d never come close to a situation like this. He pictured Becky. That would bring him to his senses. He pictured seks filmi izle her face, feeling it would give him the strength to take control, break away from this brazen young girl, politely and maturely sort it out. But the picture of Becky was of her scowling face, the one that went with her demands for him to give up his football, the moaning voice that instructed him not to spend so much time with footy mates.

He gasped as he felt Amy tugging down his boxers shorts, feeling his erect cock springing free. He heard her little giggle as her hand grasped his cock and he heard his own groan as she gently started to stroke it. He opened his eyes and looked down. His cock wasn’t huge, maybe six inches fully erect and about an inch and a half in diameter, but it looked big in Amy’s little hand.

“This…shouldn’t be happening” he said, trying to convince himself to pull himself away.

Amy grinned, then to his further surprise, squatted down. “So tell me to stop,” she smiled, looking up at him as he watched his cock being pulled into her open mouth. He groaned as he felt her lips clasp around his shaft. He inhaled sharply as her hand pulled his foreskin back and he felt her tongue flick against his cock head. “Ohhhhh fuckkkkkkk” he exclaimed, knowing he couldn’t tell her to stop.

She started to slowly bob her head, her warm mouth gradually engulfing his cock. He realised he was tense; his stomach was churning. She kept moving her mouth up and down his shaft, her hand firmly gripping the base of his cock and tugging gently, her tongue pressed against his head. She started to suck and he involuntarily let out a low moan as the sensation and realisation of the blowjob took over him. He pictured Becky again, that scowling face when he begged her for a blowjob and she refused; the look of disgust on her face on the odd occasion she did treat him and he came in her mouth. He realised he was rocking his hips and he looked down to see that most of his cock was inside Amy’s mouth. It felt amazing, and he moaned again “ohhh fuck that’s awesome” he gasped, and he saw a small smile curl on the edge of her lips.

He looked away from her, conscious that the vision of this teen girl was so incredible it might take him over the edge. His gaze fell on the full length mirror at the side of her room, and he found himself staring at the reflection of Amy squatted in front of him, hand wanking his cock in her mouth, auburn hair falling over her slender shoulders, those beautiful firm tits, tight stomach, those firm slim legs. Her body was amazing, so firm, so tight, so young. He heard her gag as she took too much of him in her mouth, feeling his cock head touch the back of her throat. He realised he was rocking his hips more vigourously. Her hand was gripping tighter, wanking him rapidly, her head bobbing in time, her cheeks contracting as she sucked him.

“Ohhhh shit,” he gasped as he took it all in. ‘Don’t think about it’ he told himself, but still he stared at the mirror. “Oh fuck that’s amazing” he groaned. Amy’s free hand suddenly clasped his ball sac. He gasped, and as he looked down her eyes met his, sparkling with what he read as naughtiness…that little smile on her lips. Suddenly, he realised he was about to climax.

He groaned, knowing he should pull free, but her mouth was locked on his cock. His brain was scrambled. She’d surely be unimpressed at him cumming so quickly. She was naked…he realised she probably wanted more…she maybe wanted him to fuck her! That thought sent a shockwave through him…oh my god…she wants me to fuck her. ‘This little eighteen year old babe wants me to fuck her’ he thought. ‘And shit…I’m going to cum now.’

Mickey felt his body tense “Shiiit…” he gasped “I…I’m going to cum!” He tried to pull himself free but Amy had a firm grip with her hand and mouth. He looked down at her, and she looked straight back up at him. “Seriously,” he panted, “oh fuck…I’m going to cum.” He felt himself tighten.

Amy kept her mouth over his cock for a moment longer, then just as he arched his back and released a guttural groan, she pull her head back, freeing his cock from her mouth. Her hand continued to tug on his shaft as Mickey groaned “fuuuuucccckkkkk” and a spurt of cum streaked over her face, a thin rope of sticky cum running from her forehead down over the bridge of her nose and across her lips. He shuddered again and another spurt landed on the top of her head and across her right eye, then another on her cheek. She moved closer and the final spurts of his orgasm landed on her chin and the top of her chest between her tits.

Mickey was panting furiously as she squeezed the final drops out, his cum dripping onto her thighs. “Wow…that was a lot” she giggled, before taking his cock back into her mouth to lick it clean.

Mickey felt like his head was going to explode. He hadn’t cum that hard in ages, and Becky most certainly would not have let him spurt over her face. He took a step backwards, feeling his legs shaking as he looked at Amy, squatted in front of him with his cum in her hair, on her brow, eye, cheek, nose and chin. He could see some glistening on her chest and her thighs. “That…that was incredible” he said, wiping his face with his hand. “Fucking incredible. “

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Role Reversal

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Big Dick

The Trick is on me.

Allison works nights at a second job and gets home a late at night. I thought I play a little devilish trick on my wife one night to give her a hint of what I wanted.

I went to bed naked hoping Allison would get the hint I was looking for a little action when she came home from work. I lay on my side so my back was toward the door. I left the covers off just to ensure Allison would see my bare body.

I lay very quietly pretending to be asleep. Allison came home at the usual time and did her usual routine of coming to the bedroom. She entered the room without turning on the light or making a sound. I could barely hear her move through the bedroom. There was enough light for Allison to undress and put on her clothes for bed. The process seemed to take longer than I anticipated.

I found myself getting excited with the anticipation of her touching me. In no time my cock had grown to full size and throbbing. I loved surprising her with my hard-ons.

When Allison finally climbed into bed I was ready to jump her bones and have my way with her pussy. Her pussy is always on my mind. I loved everything about it, the look, the smell, the taste and of course the feel.

Once in bed Allison laid still on her back, never moving. At first I thought she hadn’t notice my subtle request for a little pussy. After a short period I decided to make the first move. I rolled over and put my right arm across her chest. At the same time my erect cock poked her in the thigh.

To my pleasant surprise she was naked also. Her nipples were already hard and enlarged. Seems she was ready for a little play. I moved my right hand enough to cover her left tit’s nipple. I tugged and gently pinched the nipple, encouraging the nipple to become even more erect. Allison erotik film izle moaned quietly, almost a whisper. I moved enough so I could get mouth on her right nipple and gently sucked the nipple into my mouth. My tongue dart around and licked the tip of the delicious nipple. My right hand continued to massage her other tit.

As my mouth worked her right tit, my right hand began moving down toward Allison’s stomach. My palm stayed in constant contact with her skin. I could feel the warmth of her body with my finger tips.

My mouth left her tit and moved to her waiting lips. I kissed her and she kissed back with her tongue barely darting between her lips. I kissed a little harder this time forcing my tongue into her mouth. Her lips locked on to my tongue and began to suck on it as if she was giving my tongue a blow job. When she stopped her tongue darted into my mouth. I returned the favor by sucking hard on her tongue. I moved my head up and down on her mimicking a blow job.

During the time my right hand had moved down to her pussy or so I thought. When my hand finally arrived there I was greeted with a hard cock standing straight in the air. The cock was slight cool and greasy. I moved my hand up and down it giving the rubber cock a hand job. The whole time Allison and remained locked in a battle of tongues, kissing and sucking each other.

Allison handed me a jar of anal grease. I knew instantly what she was telling me. I put a small amount on the rubber cock and a small amount on my ass. Without speaking a word I swing my legs over Allison and slowly lowered my self onto the head of the rubber cock. I used my hand to guide the mushroom head directly into my greased hole. After a slight moment of resistance the cock slipped into my ass.

The pressure of film izle the cock pushing into my ass sent shivers up my spine. I continued to lower myself onto the cock until the cheeks of my ass met Allison hips. I didn’t move at first, enjoying the tightness and pressure of the rubber cock in my ass. I then began to ride the cock in the same manner as Allison would ride my cock. My ass bopping up and down on the rubber cock, I could feel every inch of the cock as I bounced on it.

After riding for a while I looked at my wife. Even in the dimly lit room I could see the devilish little smile on face. She knew I was enjoying myself.

“Get on all fours.” She ordered calmly. I slide of the cock and obeyed. Allison put more lube on the cock as she knelt behind me. “I wanna fuck you in the ass like you fuck me.”

She guided the rubber cock back into my ass. There was much less resistance this time so the cock slide right in. Allison placed her hands on my hips and bang to thrust her hips into me. The cock slide in and out of my ass slowly then picked up speed. Her thrusts were awkward at first but soon she developed a steady rhythm. My body lurched forward with each thrust. I could her Allison hips smacking my ass creating the same sound when I fuck Allison from behind.

She continued to thrust the rubber cock deep into my ass. I lowered my head to the bed. The sensation was driving e nuts. I could feel my own cock getting harder. Almost if she read my mind, she reached around and grabbed hard onto my cock with her hand. She began stroking my cock in rhythm with the thrusts of her rubber cock into my ass. The sensation of having her fuck me the ass and yanking my cock sent my levels of ecstasy I never experienced before. I thought I was going to lose my load right then but Allison seks filmi izle suddenly stopped. She pulled the rubber cock from my ass. “Roll over; I want to look into your eyes while I fuck you.”

I flipped on to my back and spread my legs. My feet in the air and my ass ready for her. Allison added a little more lube but before entering me again, handed me a small remote. The wire lead to her pussy. The little she-devil had a vibrator in her pussy. I turned the vibrator up. Allison jumped a little from the extra sensation. She stood still for a moment enjoying the sensation. Her nipples were becoming darker and more erect. I knew she was close to cumming. I reached down to touch her pussy but the leather of the strap-on covered her now dripping pussy.

Then once again, Allison guided the head of the rubber cock back into my ass. She resumed her thrusts. Our eyes were locked on each other. She could see in my eyes and face I was enjoying everything she was doing. I could see in her eyes she was getting very close to climaxing.

While she fucked me hard in the ass I grabbed my cock. It was dripping with pre-cum. I was ready to release my load. I felt Allison begin thrusting harder and faster. She was reaching her breaking point. I stroked my cock faster matching her thrusts.

In one voice we both exclaimed, “oh my god I’m cumming!” At that moment, my cum shot from the head my cock over and over again. The cum shot so far as to hit me in the face and across my lips. I licked my lips drinking in the taste of my own cum Allison so carefully and deliberately help build to such a great height. I felt my body spasm as my cock pumped several loads of cum onto my stomach, chest and face. Allison quickly pulled the rubber cock from my ass and laid next to me the bed.

She ran a finger through the cum on my stomach and placed her finger in my mouth. “That’s what I taste when I suck your cock.” She ran her finger again across my stomach and then stuck the finger in her mouth. “I wanted a taste also.”

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Red Roses For A Blue Lady

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Red roses for a blue lady…

I had seen her on numerous occasions, passed her on the street, sat next to her on buses and seemed never to have the opportunity to let her know I was there let alone speak to her. I never considered for a second that I could stand a chance with this walking goddess of exquisite beauty, never to be her friend, confidante let alone lover.

Towards the end she even invaded my dreams, enticing me and yet always rebuffing my attempts to speak to her. I used to wake up hearing her laughter in my mind at my feeble attempts to merely chat to her. At this point I should try to describe this female who so beguiled me, inflamed my passions and played havoc with my dreams.

She had long blonde shoulder length hair, stood five foot four inches tall, weighed around one hundred and thirty pounds, her 38 C bust seemed so perfectly proportioned to her frame, the way she swayed her hips was poetry in motion. Everything about her oozed breeding, finery and sensuality.

Then one day it happened, out of the blue; as so many times before she was on the bus, the only available seat right beside her. I almost held my breath as her scent invaded my nostrils and took me to heaven, inciting the most erotic of day dreams flashing wild wanton images through my brain. Lewd images of her naked dabbing the scent on her neck, around her ears and between those delicious looking breasts brought my penis to attention.

Suddenly I heard her stifle a deep sob from the pit of her gorgeous stomach. I turned slightly and she tried to hide the fact that she had tears in her eyes. I enquired if she was alright, and received a muffled yes, thank you. I persisted and said “I know this beyond convention as we have not been introduced but my name is Ray”

She weakly smile and answered “Hello Ray, I am Sally Thomsett”

“Hello Sally, now come on and tell Uncle Ray, why such a beautiful young lady is so upset.” I continued.

Another weak smile as she answered “You hardly know me. So why would you want to listen to my problems!”

“Well a problem shared is a problem halved and besides I feel I really do know you!” I replied.

“How do you mean?” she enquired.

“Well I accept that you would not have noticed me but we have actually caught the same bus for the last six months and have sat together on half a dozen occasions!” I pointed out.

She looked at me astonished as she said “You remembered me from all those times?”

I lied as I responded “As a security Guard, I am trained to be observant!” I was hardly going to admit that I had taken a sexual liking to her and often had fantasy’s about her and I.

She seemed to settle a little and in deed showed her lovely smile as she looked me full in the face for the very first time. I persuaded her to get off the bus at the next stop and come for a coffee with me, I must admit my heart was racing as she finally agreed and I could not believe how easy it had been to persuade her.

With a little more persuasion, I had her call in to work and cry off sick for the day. I too played hooky from my job and led her off to a coffee shop. As she sat in a back corner, I ordered the coffee’s and then joined her. With very little effort she finally blurted out that her pig of a boyfriend had sent her an email, which according to her she was supposed to receive at work, but she had actually checked her email account at home before leaving for work.

She said it had informed her that he was dumping her and had gone off with a woman 6 years her junior. She tensed up erotik film izle as she admitted that the reason was supposedly, he claimed she was fridged and the sex between them was stale and no longer turned him on.

She confided that the woman in question was her best friend and it had been her that introduced the pair of them. I skipped over the fact the beautiful woman had just told me that someone had thought she was not interested in sex. I thought the gentlemanly thing to do would be to boost her confidence back up. So I asked if the guy in question was getting medical help for his madness. She looked at me funny and asked what I meant.

“Well he obviously must have a mental problem to dump such a sensual looking lady for a bimbo six years younger” I offered.

She blushed and mouthed the words Thank you, before going on to let slip that it started when she refused his request for anal sex. I again backed up her confidence with “You have every right to deny him or anyone else for that matter anything you did not want to happen!” I continued, “If I was the one, and I wanted something like that I would have coaxed you into the mood before asking out right, after all sex should be about passion and giving pleasure to your partner not about getting what you want irrespective of your partners feelings”

Again she blushed and looked concerned; I honestly thought I had overstepped the mark. But Sally suddenly looked at me and smiling she said “Your absolutely right!” and added “His loss!”

She then shocked me and as she said “Now we have both phoned in sick at work, would you like to see me back to my home, where I will make you a proper coffee!”

How could I accept this offer with out snatching this sexy woman’s hand off; I managed to mumble my appreciation of her offer and we finished our coffee’s and left. As we left the shop she slipped her hand into mine and squeezed it tight. I extricated my hand and slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her close to me.

Soon we were outside her home and she slipped from my grip as she unlocked the door and we entered her well decorated home. In the kitchen she started the coffee machine and then turned to me and suggested a grand tour of her home. I eagerly followed her around her home until we reached the bedroom which she seemed reluctant to open the door of. I slowly took her hand and pulled her to me and lightly kissed her full on the lips.

She hesitated slightly before responding to the kiss, almost as passionately as I offered it in the first place. Then I felt her hands snake around my waist and felt her pulling my butt towards her. I took this as a green light signal so I opened my mouth and tenderly licked her lips probing with my tongue to find an entry into her mouth.

I know it’s an old adage, but we literally tongue fenced as we French kissed. I then became aware if her trying to slide her hand between us and seeking the stiffness that was threatening to rip my trousers. I eased back allowing her to regulate the speed of the action occurring.

It’s hard to explain but I wanted this woman more than the breath of life itself, so why when she hinted at making ourselves more comfortable in the bedroom did I refuse and lead her to the living room. Was it gallantry, was madness or was a pre ordained scheme I knew nothing about. All I remembered was taking her hand and leading her to sit on the sofa in the living room and me turning to head for the kitchen. As I started to make the coffee, which Sally had originally started she appeared and looking film izle really confused asked “Why, when you could so easily have taken me to bed. Had your way with me and probably never seen me again, did you refuse?”

I stumbled to find the answer for myself let alone a reasonable answer for Sally. I ended up saying “it would have been so wrong, to take advantage of the situation like this. We both would have regretted the actions tomorrow and despite what you think of men at the moment, so of us are not sex maniacs who jump anything that moves!”

She smiled and walked forward and kissed me deeply on the lips, before pulling back enough to say “Thank you, kind sir, for protecting this maiden’s honour!”

I admitted to her that I had just surprised myself as well “If the truth be known I wanted so badly to take you into the bedroom and make mad passionate love to you! But it would have been the wrong reason, the wrong time and would have ruined this relationship before it had begun!”

I asked if she still wanted the coffee and she declined saying she wanted something stronger, offering me a whisky, which I declined on the grounds of being a tee total square. She answered this with “You may be a lot of things but I am sure you’re never square!”

“Why thank you m’lady” I said in my best parker impersonation. (Lady Penelope’s butler from Thunderbirds).

She laughed for the first time since our original meeting some two hours ago. I joked that she ought to laugh more often if only because it takes less muscles to laugh than it does to cry.

She playfully slapped my hand, and we slipped back into the living room where she sat on the sofa as I sat facing her on a side chair. She then patted the space beside her and coyly asked me to sit beside her, promising not to molest me.

“No point me sitting there then!” I joked and she threw a cushion in my direction. I picked up the cushion and playfully pushed it in her direction as I sat beside her. She took hold of the cushion but I refused to release it and slowly pushed her backwards with the cushion trapped between us.

I also managed to begin nibbling her neck as we struggled to right ourselves, both giggling like children. Then there was what can only be described as a realization between us, as we embraced and kissed with such intensity of passion you could not slip a wafer between our bodies.

Sally finally broke the trance and smiling she asked if I would like to stay to dinner and more. Joking I asked what the more included, she seductively stood and quickly slipped the zip of her dress down and promptly stepped out of the floral midi dress. I heard myself whistle as I saw her standing before me in her bra, matching panties and self supporting stockings. I seemed paralyzed and unable to move until with in minutes, her bra and panties had joined her dress on the floor. She wrapped me in her arms and kissed me feverishly, until she finally mouthed the words I had longed to hear in all of those daydreams and night fantasies, Ray fuck me, take me I am yours.

Slowly she released my belt and slid my trousers to my ankles, quickly followed by my underwear; she then slowly unbuttoned my shirt and began kissing her way down my body. Soon kneeling before me I felt her warm wet mouth slide over the head of my penis, deeper she took its length into her mouth. After a few moments of her sucking me, I eagerly wanted to return the favour, so I pulled away and picked her up swept her off her feet and carried her towards the bed room. She eagerly opened the door as we approached.

I seks filmi izle laid her down on the bed and slowly spread her legs as I began licking my way from her right ankle slowly along her stocking covered leg and trailing my tongue towards her already soaking wet pussy. The first tender touch of its tip along her pussy lips brought a low moan from Sally. Further probing with my tongue had her squirming and finally thrusting her hips as she embraced her first signs of her on rushing orgasm.

I continued alternating between flicking her clit, running my tongue along her labia lips and the featherlike touches against anal ring. The latter of this, instead of causing her to pull away caused her to buck her hips and begin gentle murmurings of more, please lick me more. With in ten minutes of my starting to lick around her anal ring and pussy, her crescendo of moans rose to fever pitch.

At this stage, I began to tease my tongue’s way into her anal ring, all the time getting the sphincter muscle to relax and accept my probing tongue. Her cries of passion rose even further until she was begging for me to stick my tongue deep inside her. At this point I rose up on my elbows and began kissing my way up to her rapidly rising and falling breasts. The cherry coloured nipples standing so proud and erect. I closed my mouth over her right nipple and gently griped it between my teeth; a slight tug brought further cries of lust from her already trembling frame.

From the position we were now in, my erect penis was pressing close to her pussy lips, I felt Sally’s hand slip around my cock and she started to move my prick along her pussy slit. After she ensured that the head was soaked in her juices she slipped the head of my cock back until it was pressed against her sphincter muscle and she eased herself back and slowly engulfed the head inside her arse.

She paused till she became accustomed to the size of my cock, and then pushed back harder accepting more of the length into her anal canal. Soon my balls were pressed against her arse cheeks. She took a deep breath and smiled a wide beaming grin in my direction. “If only Steve could have aroused me like this, I would have given him my anal cherry, willingly!” she declared.

“You mean, you were an anal virgin!” I stammered.

“Not any more!” came her prompt reply.

Then I slowly started to fuck her arse, almost pulling all the way out before slowly pushing all the way back in. Starting to increase the tempo of the fuck to match her panting; I suddenly felt her slip something long and hard up her cunt. I realized it was a vibrator only when it suddenly burst into life; she then began begging me to fill her arse with my man cream.

I soon began to feel the intense tingle deep in my balls as my own climax mounted and I began verbally urging Sally on to Climax with me as I began pistoning into her anal chute. She was screaming my name by now and proclaiming that if she knew how good it felt to e fucked up the arse she would have done it years ago. My Cock suddenly spurted forth its white cream deep into her arse and we collapsed together trying to catch our breath.

Thirty minutes later, I opened my eyes to find no sign of Sally and to be honest, I was beginning to think I had dreamed it all until I heard laughter coming from the other room. I slipped out of the bed and approached the door; once I entered the other room I saw Sally still naked sat at her computer and she was typing something and laughing at the same time. I approached her and she allowed me to read over her shoulder, it was an email I assume to her now ex boyfriend describing almost blow by blow our very recent bout of anal sex and her wonderful feelings she had experienced. Then she signed the email as Red Rose……….

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Punished: Kara

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Kara was a brat and a tease, plain and simple. She loved to leaving guys hanging. She was always amused when they pleaded with her to finish the job and not leave them with blue balls. Men were her playthings, to use as she pleased, at least, that’s what she told herself…

She was the perfect predator at the age of twenty-two. Kara seemed to be made to draw males in, in hopes they would be the ones to tame her. Maria’s soft emerald green eyes, and dark black hair contrasted beautifully with her soft porcelain skin tone that could easily be marked. Her pert nose tilted upwards, but it made her look cute. She forgod lipstick normally for her lips were naturally a rosy pink.

Her body was a sin in it’s self, with a tiny waist and breasts that could fill the palm of your hands if you grasped them, but despite them being slightly big, they fit her frame. Her ass wasn’t too big or too small. Her rump, like her breasts, would fit in any man’s hands. All in all, she had a very curvaceous figure, but her face, was a mix between innocent, and naughty, depending on her expression.

As a matter of fact, she was using this to her advantage one day. He was a man in his late twenties to early thirties, he practically screamed dominate, but Kara, relishing in the thought of a challenge, approached him.

The two were in a club, the room full of people, the thumping of the music loud in their ears. Drowning out everything but the loud laughter and screams of drunk men and woman getting rowdy.

Kara gripped the males arm pushing her round breasts against his muscular arm firmly. Purring in his ear, close enough and loud enough that only he could hear. “Would you like to go somewhere quieter?”

The male nodded, a fleeting smile gracing his lips. Kara swore she saw something in his gaze that send shivers through her. But it was too late now, she had offered.

So with a sultry smile, the female lead him through the crowd, weaving through the mass of bodies with skill. But the unlucky male kept muttering apologies erotik film izle as he ran into him, the target of glares and curses.

Once free of the crowd, the two made their way down a hallway painted red with red silk draping the doors. Pausing at one door and pressing an ear to the wood to check if there was someone in the room. But there wasn’t, so she opened the door with a slight flourish.

Turning back to the male, she crooked a delicate finger at him in a come hether gesture. Her elegant brows raised in a challenge.

But the male was already stepping into the room, tugging at his cravat, undoing it and tossing it to the side. His expression dark and dangerous as he loosened the cuffs of his jacket and tugged it off. Letting it fall to the floor. Next came his shirt, which he unbuttoned, and with every button he took a step forward, in total, he took twelve steps. Those twelve steps had the girl cornered, a look of confusion in her eyes that quickly turned to dismay and fright at being corned.

Disregarding his pants and boxers and revealing a 6-inch semi-hard cock that was thick enough that her fingers would barely touch each other if she wrapped her fingers around it. he aodt the male snarled. His voice rich and deep. “Strip, slut.” And with that, she knew from the edge in his tone, that to resist was dangerous, and he would not hesitate to punish her if she disobeyed.

So complying with crimson blush on her cheeks, knowing that she wasn’t going to win this round but was going to take what little control she could get. Slowly she unzipped her red, skimpy dress, but before she could get halfway down, he grabbed her hands in one of his large ones, and tugged at her dress, ripping the fabric with ease. His hands pawing at her bra, and finally, he ripped it to shreds, the fragile but expensive lacy black fabric was now ruined. Tossing it the side, he did the same to the matching set of panties. With each fabric torn, she let out a soft squeak of protest, but secretly, she was enjoying his barbaric film izle ways.

Once she was finally nude, he pinched her pert pink nipples with his free hand, and rolled them between his index-finger and thumb. Causing her to arch her back, pressing the plump mounds of flesh into his hand as a reluctant gasp of pleasure escaped her lips.

Smirking at her body betrayed her, the stranger tugged at her nipples once before releasing the little nub. His fingers stroked her hair as he murmured. “Behave and you’ll enjoy it. If you don’t…” He paused for effect. “Your rump will be nice and red, got that?” She nodded, wondering why she suddenly was the one who was submissive when she normally, to say she didn’t mind was a lie. Kara was always in charge, but a dark voice in her head taunted her about how much she was enjoying this.

Snapped out of her revelry by not one, but two fingers plunging in to be tight channel. Causing her fists to clench and her eyes to widen in surprise as a short cry of pleasure mixed with shock escaped her.

“Pay attention.” Her expression amused the man, having seen her distracted, he decided to get her attention. Having succeeded at that, he started to move his finger in and out of her slick channel. Causing reluctant moans to rip through her, and despite her resistance, they came more and more frequent.

Kara couldn’t stop herself, she was going to cum, but she didn’t have to stop. He flipped her so she was facing the wall, fingers having left her dripping hole, she let out a grown of disappointment. Only to shiver at the foreign feeling of his forefinger caressing along the crack of her ass till she could feel him press his fingers at the tight, untouched hole. Causing her to let out a sharp protest. “N-No! G-Get away from there!”

In reply, he slapped her ass again, and again, and again, till she was begging him to stop. Tears streaming down her face, but the growing wetness bellied the fact that she didn’t enjoy it. “You like that, bitch? You fucking cock-tease? Do you seks filmi izle like the fact that you’re my bitch now, no one else’s?”

His words sent a jolt of delight and fear through her, causing her to wonder what the fuck is wrong with her.

After a moment, and I had finally relaxed, he shoved a finger into her tight ass. Causing her to cry out in pain. But despite her standing on her tiptoes, she couldn’t escape. Finally, after her insistent struggling, he used the hand holding her wrists, to drag her down to the ground on her hands and knees.

Not wasting another moment he pressed his tip to her asshole. Causing her to whimper as he slowly pressed his cock to her slightly loosened hole. After a moment of excruciating pain, he had his head in. And after what seemed like hours but could’ve only been minutes of her wailing and whining, he was inside to the hilt. Waiting a minute or so, as he stayed still letting her adjust to his size, before he started to gently making shallow thrusts. Once Kara stopped making a ruckus at having her ass violated, he sped up, keeping at this place till once again she stopping making a fuss.

The alpha male continued this process till he was making deeper, and faster thrusts. And Kara slowly adapted to the pain, accepting it. But not long after she caved, she started to enjoy it. At first, the only noises that could be heard were soft moans that steadily grew louder, and louder. In a small part of her mind she was wondering why being fucked in her ass felt so good, but it was slowly blocked out as her anal induced orgasm approached. The male too, was coming closer, obvious due to the fact his clock throbbed in her tight hole.

And true to the signs, they both orgasmed with a shout from him, and a scream from her. Not long after, the male pulled out with a wet plop.

Cum dribbled out of her asshole, and Kara had a dazed look in her eyes. Not noticing when the male wiped his clock on her bra, dressed, and padded to the door with shoes in one hand and her panties in the other.

But Kara came to her sense enough to ask, “What do I call you?”

He answered, “Sir, and in case you’re wondering. I will come back.”

I might continue this. I don’t know. But this is my first story.

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