A Public Service?

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My name is Andy Greer, and I am an opportunist. I’m also a bit of a loner. Other people, I am sure, would describe me in a very different way. You see, I seduce and fuck other men’s wives. The way I see it, what I do is a win for everyone. I perform a valuable community service. I can hear you, the reader, laughing at this point, but follow along with the story of myself and Marie, and perhaps you will understand.

I’ll begin with a little background on myself. I’m an athlete and have been all my life. I’m tall and muscular, and I have sandy blond hair, blue eyes, and a chiseled jaw. I work as a golf pro at the Westchase Golf Club in Tampa. I meet and work with a lot of people every day, which may come across as a bit odd for someone that is a loner. I’m not anti-social, and I have no problem conversing with people. My problem is that I just don’t like putting up with other people’s bullshit. I don’t like to compromise, and I want to do what I want to do. I don’t want kids, and I don’t want a relationship with a woman. I’m not a relationship kind of guy. They have always ended in disaster for me, and I finally came to the realization that I should just avoid them.

The club I work for has spent a lot of money marketing to women. I have a fairly long client list of them that come in for lessons and to work on a part of their game. Some of the work is done on the driving range, but I will frequently take them through nine, and sometimes eighteen, holes as part of the lesson. It is amazing to me just what a woman will tell you about herself and her life when you are willing to listen to her. Inevitably, they swing the conversation in my direction; this is where the first seed is always planted. I make it very clear that I am far too selfish to have a real relationship with a woman. My relationships with women are firmly stuck in the friend zone, or they are only sexual in nature. Some women are mortified, some are intrigued. Some seem to think they have been offered a personal challenge to make an honest man of me. Those women are the ones that I distance myself from the most.

In early May of last year, I had a new client scheduled. Her name was Marie, and she had never picked up a golf club in her life. Marie is a married thirty five year old mother of two school aged children. She is quite an attractive brunette, with a very pretty face and load of curves in all the right places. She wanted to learn to play golf so that she could go out to play with her husband, Jason, who was an avid golfer. She complained that they never got to spend any time together, and she thought that learning the game would give them an opportunity. We worked together for several months, and Marie picked up the game very well in such a short period. She wasn’t going to join the LGPA tour, but she certainly had become skilled enough to be able to play a round and enjoy it. During our twice weekly sessions, we had some good conversation, and Marie shared quite a lot of personal information with me. Little by little, she revealed the oft repeated refrain of housewives everywhere. Her husband had lost interest in her, their sex life was infrequent and boring, she wondered if he found her attractive. Was he having an affair? She needed more in her life. I had been safe to her up until this point, and now she had told me everything I needed to know.

About a week later, she had come for her lesson and was very distraught. She suggested to her husband that they play golf together over the weekend, and he had laughed at her. Golf, for him, was guy time. He wasn’t interested in giving up playing golf with his buddies to play with his wife. I could have told her this would have happened months before, but she wouldn’t have believed me. Now, on the fifteen green, I was holding a sobbing woman in my arms.

“Look, Marie. I won’t charge you for today. You tried. Your husband is a very lucky man, and he doesn’t even realize it.”

“No, no. You are not giving away your time for free. Besides, I have come to really enjoy playing,” she sniffed. “I want to keep going with my lessons.”

“Well, honestly, you have come a long way in such a short period. You have a gift for this game. It really would be a bit of a shame for you to give it up so soon.”

“Andy, can I ask you a favor,” she asked.

I looked at her and cocked my head.

“Will you be my partner in the charity event next Saturday? I was hoping Jason would have done it, but evidently getting drunk with his idiot friends is more important to him.”

“I’d love to. I actually want to play, and don’t have a partner. Frankly, I’d much rather spend my time with my favorite things in life-golf and a beautiful woman-than a bottle of beer and a couple drunk guys.”

“That’s the first time you ever said something like that to me,” Marie said with a smile. She was blushing a little bit. “I was convinced that you would try to hit on me, but you’ve been a complete gentleman. My girlfriend said that you’re probably gay,” she blurted out, laughing.

“Number eskort bayan bursa one, I assure you that I am most definitely not gay. Number two-was there a reason that you were discussing me with your girlfriend, Marie?”

Marie turned crimson, and she fumbled for an answer. “Ah…um…no. Girls just talk. I…she knows that you give me lessons. I told her that I figured you would…

She saw me laughing, and realized…or so she thought…that I was just teasing her. She girl punched me in the chest. “You are so bad,” she said. I have to keep my eye on you, Andy Greer!”

“Careful. That could get you into trouble,” I said, and stuck my tongue out at her.

She rolled her eyes, and climbed into the golf cart. We finished out the game, and went into the clubhouse for a drink and a bite to eat.

We settled at a table, and a waitress came to take our orders. It turned out that the waitress was a woman that I had dated a few years back, when I was still actually trying for a relationship. Her name is June, and she is a blonde knockout.

“Hi, Andy. I didn’t realize they’re letting the riff raff in here these days. What have you been up to lately?”

“Same old, June. Same old. How is school going? Have you finished yet?”

“Sure have. Doctorate in social work, and I’m waitressing at a golf course. Good times. At least my boyfriend has a good job.”

“Yeah? Serious?”

“We’ll see. Men all have the capacity to be assholes, as you well know.” She looked at Marie. “Since Mr. Manners here hasn’t thought to introduce me, I’m June. He and I used to be an item. So how long have you two been dating?”

Marie stuck out her hand. “Marie. And we aren’t dating. He has been giving me lessons. He’s pretty good at that.”

“Ah, good Marie. He is damned good at teaching golf. He is damned bad at relationships. Count your blessings.”

I laughed. “Marie and her friend were speculating that I was gay. Thankfully, you can vouch for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” he said with a laugh.

June looked at Marie. “Oh, this man is assuredly NOT gay. Seriously, all the crap he put me through was almost worth dealing with when we were between the sheets,” she said with a wistful look on her face. “The sex was just incredible. Oops. That’s probably not appropriate conversation for a client,” she giggled.

Marie laughed, and looked at me with a demure smile. “It’s quite alright June. I’m a big girl and have heard it all before.”

I caught Marie glancing at me several times as we ate, and each time she blushed. Cleary, there was a tension building between the two of us. I know I’m a prick, but I always get that rush of adrenaline when I realize a woman is beginning to see me in a different light. It’s like watching your fishing line begin to twitch just before a fish strikes. We finished eating, and Marie headed home to get the girls from school while I moved on to my next client.

Later that day, I realized that Marie and I had not completed the signup sheet for the weekend event. I dialed her number, and she answered on the first ring.


“Hi, Marie. It’s Andy. We forgot to fill out the signup sheet for Saturday, and it’s due tomorrow. Can you come by the club in the morning? I’m not working, but I can meet you there.”

“I can’t. I’m going downtown tomorrow with a girlfriend. I can drop it off in the evening if that’s okay.”

“Maybe I can drop by your house, or if it’s easier, you can stop by my mine. I’m on Sequoia in Temple Terrace, not too far off two seventy five.”

“Seriously? I used to live there. I’ll come by to sign the form. Is five okay?”

“Five is perfect. I’ve got some running around to do during the afternoon, so that will work. See you later. Oh, by the way, the number is 7334.”

“Okay,” Marie giggled. “I guess that will help me find it.”

The next morning, Marie’s friend called to cancel their outing. She decided that she didn’t want to go downtown by herself, so she milled about the house tidying up and doing some laundry. She wanted to pick up a gift card from Busch Gardens for a birthday party her daughter was attending, so she jumped into the car and headed over to get it. She was finished and it was only two o’clock. She was a short distance away from my house, so she figured she would swing by to see if I was there. When she pulled up in front of the house, she saw my car in the driveway, so she got out and walked up to the front door.

What Marie didn’t know was that I had company. Well, she didn’t know it until she got up to the door, anyway. I was fucking a lovely little redhead named Ellen right there on the living room floor. She had her ass in the air and her face buried in a pillow. I was on my knees behind her, holding her by the hips and fucking her hard. I sensed Marie’s presence, and looked up at the door. She and I locked eyes, and she just stood there and watched as I continued fucking my lovely little friend. She stood there for a good five minutes, altıparmak escort watching my face, until I took a deep breath, and, with a final few thrusts, came long and hard with my eyes locked on Marie’s. I finally broke my gaze and looked down. I slipped out of Ellen and felt Marie lingering for a few moments more. When I looked up at the door again, she was gone.

Ellen collapsed onto the floor, and I grabbed my shorts and pulled them on.

“I’ll be back in a couple minutes,” I said to her. She moaned and waved, and I grabbed the form and was out the door.

Marie was still sitting outside in her car. I bent down next to the window, and Marie was blushing bright red and all flustered.

“I…I’m sorry. I know I’m early. I was in the neighborhood and thought I might catch you.”

“I reckon you caught me alright,” I chuckled.

Marie blushed again.

“What I’m trying to understand is why you didn’t just walk away when you saw us,” I said.

Marie looked down and away, but I put a finger under her chin tilted her head back up towards me and looked into her eyes.

“Why did you watch?”

She tried looking away again, and once again I forced her to look up at me. “Watching you fuck her,” She trailed off. “It…it turned me on. I actually felt a little jealous, which is ridiculous. You looked incredibly sexy. I…I can’t believe I’m having this conversation. What did you think when you saw me there? Why didn’t you stop? Why did you stare at me like that?”

“Why, Marie? Because in my mind, it was you that I was fucking back there. And you knew it. It is exactly why you locked eyes with me, and why you stayed there. You wanted me to see you in that way. Now, the question is, what are we going to do about it?”

“I have to go,” Marie said hurriedly. I need to make dinner. “Please just give me the form to sign, and I’ll be on my way.”

I handed Marie the form, and she signed it with a shaky hand and pushed it back to me. She started the car and I backed up, and she pulled away from the curb and headed down the street. I shook my head and went back inside to continue with Ellen.

Saturday morning came, and the weather was warm and humid, with the possibility of thunderstorms being predicted for the afternoon. The club was a zoo, and I had to park nearly a mile from the clubhouse and take a shuttle over. I was mildly surprised to see Marie already there, thinking that she might just bail on the whole thing. She was wearing all white. Her shirt, shorts, shoes, even her visor were all white. She was nicely tanned, which contrasted perfectly with her outfit. She looked incredible, actually.

“I was afraid I had scared you away,” she joked. “I know you have commitment issues and all. I wondered whether they extrapolated into planned golf outings too.”

“Well, now you know. When I promise, I always follow through.”

“Is that so? I’ll remember that. Let’s go check in, shall we?”

We were able to tee off after a half hour wait, and we got paired with another couple to make a foursome. I was wondering if the entire day would be a bit awkward, but as it turned out, we had no such issues. We played through the first nine holes, and as the morning went on, the skies became increasingly cloudy. The other couple chickened out and headed for the clubhouse. Marie and I carried on. We were out on the fairway of the twelfth hole, and the sky opened up. By the time Marie and I had gotten back to the golf cart, we were completely drenched by the cold rain. Clearly, Marie hadn’t thought of rain when she selected her outfit today. All white with a sheer bra and a thong left little to the imagination. The cold rain had turned her nipples into small stones, clearly visible, and I openly looked. Marie couldn’t help but notice me eyeing her.

“Do you need help putting your eyeballs back into their sockets” she asked. “You look like the whistling wolf in a cartoon right now.”

“Marie, what can I tell you? You’re a beautiful woman, and those wet clothes make you look damned near naked. There is only so much a gentleman can take.”

“Thank you, Andy. And you’re no gentleman,” she chuckled.

We pulled up to the clubhouse, and Marie offered to drive me to my car. I put the clubs in her trunk, and jumped into the passenger seat. She followed my directions and pulled into the lot in which I had parked. Marie pulled up next to my car, and turned off the engine.

I sat there listening to the sound of the rain on the roof, and could feel Marie’s eyes on me. I turned to face her, and could see that she was flushed up through her neck and into her face.

“Andy, I have to tell you that I just can’t get the other day out of my mind. I’ve been trying. Struggling. Every time I close my eyes, I see you there. Fucking her. Fucking me. The look on your face. It’s overwhelming. I…I need you to fuck me.”

“I’d be a liar if I said that it hasn’t been on my mind too, Marie. You are a beautiful, sexy, intelligent bursa türbanlı escort woman. But you should think this through.”

“I already have, Andy. I have gone through this in my head for days. I know what I want. I can’t today, but this week. Please. Whatever day you can, I will be there.”


“Promise me, Andy.”

“Okay. I promise. This week. Monday, actually. Drop the girls at school and come over. I hope you know what you’re doing, Marie.”

“I know, Andy. And now you promised, so no going back.”

She leaned over and kissed me deeply, and she tasted delicious. I couldn’t wait for Monday to come around. I opened the door and went over to my car as Marie pulled away, and drove home with a smile on my face.

I was lying naked in bed on Monday morning when Marie knocked at the door at a little past nine.

“It’s open,” I called from the bedroom. “Come on upstairs,” I called out to her.

I heard her footsteps on the stairs, and a moment later she was standing in the doorway, looking at me lying there with a sheet covering me from the waist down. She walked into the room and dropped her bag on the floor, and then crawled onto the bed next to me and kissed me.

“You look ridiculously hot lying here waiting for me,” she said. “Ridiculously hot.” She kissed me again, deeply, and then started kissing her way down my neck, chest and tummy, pulling away the sheet to reveal my already stiff cock. She let out a little moan and kissed her way down to it, and then began planting kisses all over it. The kisses gave way to licks, and she ran her mouth up and down the shaft several times before taking me fully into her mouth. She toyed with my cock like that for several minutes as I watched, before breaking free and sitting back on the bed.

She started to undo her blouse, and I pushed her hands away and took over. I undid all of the buttons, then pushed the blouse back over her shoulders and took it off. I pulled one bra strap down over her shoulder and the reached in and removed one of her tits, pinching and rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I bent forward and took it into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it, reaching up and freeing the other. Marie was cooing and holding my head to her chest as I took my time enjoying her full, ripe tits.

I looked up and asked her to stand by the side of the bed, and undid her shorts, sliding them down her golden legs. She hadn’t even bothered with a thong today, and her bare pussy was inches from me. She was shaking, perhaps in fear, perhaps in need, or perhaps both. I ran a hand up the inside of her thigh and up to her pussy. She was already dewy wet and her lips were swollen, and my finger slipped inside her effortlessly. I used my middle finger inside her and my thumb gently drawing circles on her clit to bring her to her first orgasm.

She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me, then lowered herself down, rubbing her wet pussy all over my cock.

“Guide it in,” she said, and she raised herself up into position. I pulled my cock upwards and rubbed the head on her slit until it popped inside her, and then she slowly lowered herself down until I was fully inside her. She was staring at me as she began to ride me, her hands on her thighs as she rose up and down. I reached up and started paying with her tits again, and she moaned and groaned and rode.

She abruptly jumped off, and nearly growled at me. “Andy, I want what that red headed bitch had. Fuck me like a dog, Andy. Fuck me hard.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. She was already on all fours, and I moved behind her and rammed my cock into her. She let out a yelp, then I pushed her head down and started to pummel her with my cock. She pushed back into me as hard as I was plowing into her, and she was grunting like an animal. It didn’t take long for me to be on the brink, and she pushed all the way back into me when she sensed I was going to pull out.

“No. Fill me,” she hoarsely moaned. “I want you to fill me.”

I started bucking again, and very soon after that I grunted and came hard inside her hungry little cunt. I collapsed on top of her to recover for a bit. We were laying there touching and kissing for quite some time. I nibbled my way down her tummy to her freshly shaven cunt. I nuzzled it with my nose a little as she spread her legs wide to give me access. I covered her pussy entirely with my mouth, and oh so gently flicked my tongue over and around her clit. She was oohing and aaahing and squirming, trying to cajole me into licking her harder. She tried digging her heels into me, pushing her crotch up towards my face, and whining, but I still kept the pressure just barely there. Her need built as did her frustration, and she got to the point where she was begging me as I stared up into her eyes.

Finally, I sucked her clit into my mouth and assaulted it with my tongue. She ground herself into my face and started to cum, her orgasm seemingly going on for a full minute or more. She was shaking like a leaf and panting, mumbling God knows what. I moved up her body and slipped my newly stiff cock deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around me, and I slowly ground into her and fondled her as we kissed. She didn’t need to ask this time, as I grunted and came deep inside her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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