Craving Mexican

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Nell Sanderson opened the door and walked into her boyfriend’s house. Before she had even gotten through the threshold, the 18-year-old redhead could smell the sweet scent of Mrs. González’ authentic Mexican-style cooking. She always loved the foods that her boyfriend’s mother worked so hard throughout the day to prepare.

“Hello Mrs. González,” she said as she walked into the kitchen, “Is Miguel home?”

Nell didn’t live with the González’s, but she’d been dating Miguel since they were 16, and felt more comfortable at their house than she did her own. They gave her a spare house key, fed her, and even let her sleep over a couple of times. It was like they were already family.

“No,” Mrs. González replied, “I’m sorry. I just sent him out to the grocery store to get some things. If I’d known you were coming, I would have waited.”

“Oh,” Nell replied, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

Mrs. González looked over at the clock on the wall.

“He should be back soon,” she said, “Why don’t you pull up a seat by the counter and we can catch up while you wait for him to get back.”

“All right,” Nell replied.

It wasn’t like she had anything else to do.

“So how has school been,” Mrs. González asked, “Miguel told me that you were thinking of going to University of Arizona after you graduate?”

“That’s right,” Nell replied.

“Well,” Mrs. González sighed, “It won’t be the same around here without you and Miguel around.”

“Oh don’t say that,” said Nell, “I’ll still come back to visit on Holidays and over the Summer. And then, maybe one day when we’re married…”

Nell caught herself mid-sentence. She hadn’t meant to sound so… corny and optimistic. She was starting to sound a little like her mother! She looked up, and noticed that Mrs. González was smiling at that statement.

“It’s all right hon,” Mrs. González said, “I’d always hoped that Miguel would settle down and marry a sweet, pretty girl like you.”

Nell blushed a little when Mrs. González said that. Not that Mrs. González was that bad looking either. No, quite the contrary, she was a smoking hot fox! Nell often found herself a little jealous of her boyfriend’s mother, because she was quite stunning for a woman in her 40s. Before she’d moved to America, Mrs. González was a small-time actress in Mexico City. Although she’d put on a little weight since having Miguel, she wore it well, and still retained her Latin good looks. In fact, even in her simple floral-print dress, Nell could still make out the woman’s luscious curves.

It was a strange moment for both women, as they both recognized just how attractive the other was. Mrs. González was looking over her son’s long-term girlfriend. She was tall and thin, a testament to her Swedish heritage, with her bright red hair cut into a short, stylish bob. She was just wearing a simple tank top and cut off shorts, but they managed to show off her 18-year-old boy perfectly. Mrs. González found herself suddenly fascinated with the captivating young teen who sat before her in her very kitchen. She’d never quite noticed before, but Nell looked almost pretty enough to be a model. Almost pretty enough…

Perhaps without thinking, Mrs. González ran her hands through Nell’s short red hair.

“Oh yes,” she said, “Very pretty indeed. Miguel did very well for himself.”

“Mrs. González,” the shocked teen cried out.

And yet, she didn’t entirely fight it either. No, something strange was coming over her too, and she found herself enjoying the attention of the older, but no less attractive, Hispanic woman.

“I’m sorry hon,” Mrs. González said, almost backing away.

“No wait,” Nell said, “It’s good… I like it… görükle escort bayan just… I wasn’t quite expecting to…”

And then, something unexpected happened. Mrs. González put her face up to her son’s teenaged girlfriend, and kissed her on the lips. Her dark, plump lips pressed up against the teen’s mouth, and she began to lash her tongue furiously into the younger woman’s mouth. It was hot and sticky, but she loved it… no craved it! Nell tried to fight at first, but soon she found herself giving in, wrapping her own tongue around the sexy Latina’s. This was too good! Soon the two women found their arms wrapped around one another, eagerly exploring each other’s feminine curves.

Nell stood up, knocking her chair to the floor. Wrapping her arms behind Mrs. González’s back, she felt around until she found the latch to the older Latina woman’s dress, unhooking it. Then, she slowly reached down and pulled the zipper down across her back. The Hispanic beauty’s floral print dress fell to the floor, revealing her exotic, dark skinned beauty. The voluptuous figure that had helped launch her acting career was not diminished after all these years, and in fact, she looked pretty damned sexy with some meat on her bones.

‘It must be all that delicious Mexican cooking,’ Nell thought to herself.

Breaking off their passionate embrace, Mrs. González adjusted herself and unhooked her lacy black bra, exposing her enormous breasts. They were nice and round, much bigger than Nell had thought when the older woman had her bra on, and they had delicious-looking dark nipples at the center. Nell stared in awe at them. True, they were starting to sag a bit, but they were still quite nice looking. Indeed, Nell hoped that she would look that good when she was in her 40s.

“Wow,” Nell said, “They’re… beautiful…”

“I know,” Mrs. González said, “All the boys like these sexy Latina melons, but let’s see your goods hon! I bet you’ve got some nice little boobies of your own under that tank top!”

Nell just smiled seductively, and then put her arms around her waist and pulled her tank top up, over her head and then tossed it aside on the floor. The perky, redheaded teen had smaller breasts than her middle-aged Hispanic lover, in fact they were only C cups at best, but they were still quite nice regardless. They stood up, firm and perky as ever.

“Oh yes,” Mrs. González said as she walked up to her teen lover, “Very nice!”

Before Nell could even react, Mrs. González had her mouth around the white teen’s perky little nipples, eagerly licking and sucking on them. The older woman’s mouth felt sooo good… Soon she started to up the ante a little and begin gently biting and nibbling on the younger girl’s nipples. Nell found herself moaning in pleasure as Mrs. González slid her hands into the crotch of the teenage redhead’s shorts and slowly felt around her cunt.

“Oh yes,” Nell cried out, “Don’t stop! Keep going!”

Mrs. González was more than happy to oblige her. It was a tight fit, but she managed to get her hand down the teen’s little shorts, snaking her fingers past her little panties and into her cunt. Nell’s pussy was already a little wet, so she was pretty well lubricated. Starting with her index finger, Mrs. González began to masturbate the teen, gently rubbing her clit and sliding her finger into the girl’s sticky vagina.

As the juices began to flow, she gradually began to increase tempo, working it up until Nell began to pant breathlessly. Soon, she got her middle finger in there as well, and then three fingers. Mrs. González was surprised by just how much punishment her son’s teenaged girlfriend was able to handle, but bursa otele gelen escort she had no intention of stopping or backing down at this point.

Mrs. González moved her attention up to Nell’s neck, gently sucking on it. She worried a little that she might leave a hickey mark, but then she figured that Nell could always wear a scarf or something until it healed up. As she did this, she also started to unbutton the girl’s shorts, having a little trouble at first until Nell herself reached down to help her. Eventually, she managed to pull down both the girl’s shorts and panties, leaving her dripping wet teen cunt exposed.

Now that she had Nell totally naked in her kitchen, she could do some real fun!

“Are you ready,” Mrs. González asked the teen.

Nell just nodded, almost too weak and exhausted to give a coherent response. In fact, she wasn’t even quite sure what the older Hispanic woman was up too, but she soon found out. Mrs. González had been working at loosening her cunt up. Now that it was all nice and lubricated, she slid all five fingers, somehow managing to get her entire hand up into the younger girl’s soaking wet cunt. Oh yes, there was pain at first, as one might expected from such activities, but Nell was so far gone by this point that she didn’t notice.

Her senses dulled by sheer animal lust, soon the pain began to give way to pleasure… but a refined sort of pleasure that only another woman, one as experienced as Mrs. González, was capable of inflicting upon her. With Nell stretched out on the kitchen table, Mrs. González continued to fist fuck her. Nell was deep in ecstasy now, her body writhing around as she moaned in bliss.

And then her body tensed up. She did it… she actually managed to orgasm. Nell was very good at faking climax. It was a dirty little secret she never shared with Miguel, of course, but sometimes a man couldn’t pleasure her. Sometimes, after having sex, she had to whip out her dildo or masturbate to bring herself to orgasm. But, in Mrs. González’s very experienced hands, she was like raw putty.

And, to be quite honest, she liked it… no, she LOVED it!

Mrs. González was sitting over her, attentive to her need. She allowed Nell to recover her breath a little after that mind blowing orgasm. As Nell looked up, she noticed that the older Hispanic woman’s right hand was still sticky with her own teenage juices.

“That,” Nell said still panting, “That was freaking amazing! I’ve never…”

“Done that with a woman,” Mrs. González asked, her eyebrow raised.

“No,” Nell said, “I mean… no, I’ve never had sex with another woman before, but…”

Mrs. González moved closer, rubbing her hands across Nell’s sensitive teenage body.

“But you liked it,” Mrs. González said, “In fact, sometimes a woman can provide certain… pleasures that a man just can’t give you…”

“Oh I know,” Nell said as she embraced her boyfriend’s mother, “I think you just proved that.”

Mrs. González kissed the lovely redheaded teen gently on her slender neck, and then backed away a little, standing up and showing her sexy middle-aged body.

“Then perhaps you would like to try on me,” the older lady said.

“But,” Nell said nervously, “I don’t know… what do I do?”

“It’s really easy,” Mrs. González said as she reached over and guided Nell up from the table, “I’ll even guide you through it.”

Mrs. González turned around and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, her nice big ass resting quite comfortably. The older Latina woman put her hands on Nell’s shoulders and guided the teenager down to her knees. And then, reaching down around her waist, bursa escort bayan she pulled down her panties. Nell noticed that Mrs. González was hairless and smooth down there, completely shaved, and she was also soaking wet, just as Nell herself had been.

“Oral sex,” Nell exclaimed.

“Yes,” Mrs. González said, “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it. It’s just like… eating an enchilada. Trust me!”

Nell decided to oblige her older lover. After all, she had already received pleasure, so it seemed only fair that Mrs. González get something out of this as well. Taking a deep breath, Nell leaned forward and brought her face up to the 40-something Latina woman’s crotch. There was a strong, musky aroma that was not altogether unpleasant; in fact, it was probably more arousing for Nell than anything else.

This was all new to her. She’d never experimented with other girls before, but she had watched some of those porn videos with her boyfriend. Miguel had downloaded them from the internet, and tried (quite unsuccessfully) to talk her into some of those porn star moves. Thinking back to those videos, Nell stuck out her tongue and began to lick Mrs. González engorged sex. The older Hispanic woman writhed a little in pleasure from having her sensitive parts tingled in such a fashion.

Satisfied with that reaction, Nell decided to continue with this, gently licking up and down the Mexican woman’s sticky sweet cunt. It was a strange taste, having another woman’s juices in her mouth, but Nell soon began to enjoy it. As she built up confidence in herself, Nell began to step up her efforts, licking and mouthing the older woman’s sex with an excited fervor. She really couldn’t believe herself. Here she was, making love to her boyfriend’s mother… and enjoying it!

The older Hispanic lady was writhing in pleasure on the kitchen table, moaning and uttering words of passion in both English and Spanish. Nell brought her hands up around her curvy thighs, rubbing them up until she could grab Mrs. González’s shapely Mexican ass. It was nice, big and round. She squeezed it tightly, sending another wave of pleasure through the mature Latina’s curvy body.

Mrs. González reached down and ran her fingers through her teenage lover’s short red hair, pushing her on and encouraging her to continue eating her out. She had to hand it to Nell. The girl was a real pro at this. Her son really couldn’t have picked out a better girl for himself.

Soon, she could feel her middle aged body beginning to tense up. She rode Nell through two consecutive orgasms. To the redhead teen’s credit, she didn’t really let up once during their vigorous love making session. As Nell felt her boyfriend’s mother reach orgasm, she stopped, only gently lapping at the older Hispanic woman’s juicy cunt. Mrs. González took a moment to catch her breath, and then sat up, her delicious brown body covered with a thin sheen of sweat from their actions.

“Wow,” Mrs. González said, “I’ve gotta hand it to you hon, you’re a natural at this.”

`Nell smiled. For some reason, being complimented on her lesbian skills by her boyfriend’s mother made her feel… accomplished.

“Thanks,” Nell said beaming proudly, “That was… truly amazing.”

“For both of us,” Mrs. González said as she started to slip back into her clothing.

“But more one thing,” the teenaged redhead asked.

“Yes hon,” Mrs. González said.

“I don’t understand why you sent Miguel out to get groceries,” Nell said, “You were almost done cooking when I got here, and you must have known I was coming over, because you had set a place for me at the table.”

Mrs. González looked over at her son’s girlfriend, a mischievous smile on her sexy lips.

“So I did,” she said.

Nell walked over and hugged Mrs. González tightly, pressing her lithe young body up against the curvy Latina MILF.

“You know,” Nell said, “Maybe some time you should send Miguel and Mr. González out to run some errands so that we can have some time to ourselves. You know, just to catch up again…”

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