Cursed: Return of the Idol Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and people need to understand that it is for entertainment purposes only. Note that all characters in the story are over the age of eighteen (18) years old. The term ‘teen’ or ‘teenager’ can easily refer to a person who is eighteen or nineteen!

I am happy to say that the original story ‘Cursed: The Idol of Lesbos’ has been picked up by director Margo Sullivan and put to film. Hopefully the popularity of these tales will continue both in film and in story format with support and encouragement from you fans!

‘The Idol of Lesbos Returns’ is a loose sequel and you can easily get through it without reading the original. In review, the Idol of Lesbos is a cursed item that makes every woman it comes in contact with into a lesbian. It becomes separated from its previous owners and discarded on a stranger’s front lawn, which is where our story begins…


It was Sunday when Jill went out to grab the newspaper. Whoever was delivering lately had taken to chucking it only halfway up the sidewalk. Normally it was an inconvenience but the day was beautiful and she wanted to get some fresh air anyway. Auburn hair and decent body for a woman in her forties, Jill Watson was a married working mom who was constantly hit on by men at the office. Her husband Brad enjoyed a high level of confidence as cheating never occurred to her and she made sure her hubby knew it. In truth she did flirt a bit, but it was never intentional and more as a way of upping her confidence in the office. Recently promoted as a manager in advertising, the mother of two made sure she got a female assistant to there were no rumors about indiscretions, regardless of whether or not they were unfounded.

As she walked down the walkway, Jill noticed some flashing lights almost a half mile up the street. Billy Buchanan, her neighbor’s son, was walking with one of his friends from the direction of the drama so Jill decided to nose around.

“Morning Billy,” she called.

“Hey, Mrs. Watson,” he called back. The young man he was with immediately started ogling her and whispering something which warranted an elbow to the ribs from Billy.

“Did you see what was going on up there?” she asked.

“Nah, not really. It’s just a bunch of police cars now, but earlier there was an ambulance and fire engine. Some dude got hit by a truck they were saying.”

“Oh, that’s terrible! Did they say who it was or if he was okay?”

“They put him in the ambulance, but we didn’t see anything. One of my friends said he was pretty messed up though. I think he’s not from around here.”

Jill shrugged, “Well, thanks for telling me. Remind your mom about the book club.”

He waved and went inside with his friend who continued to look over his shoulder at her. “I still got it,” she smirked as she reached down and grabbed the newspaper. Jill was about to walk in when she saw something wooden in the grass. Stepping closer she noticed it was a statue of some type, a wood carving that was simply discarded on her lawn. It was a woman, perhaps a Greek Goddess, old and worn, yet smooth and beautiful. Why would anyone just throw it away? Jill picked it up and inspected it-

‘You feel sexy.’

‘You feel horny.’

‘You love to masturbate.’

Jill felt tingly all over the moment she touched it, almost as if an electrical charge emanated from the statuette. But it wasn’t a bad feeling; in fact it was a good one. A very good one. For some strange reason all Jill wanted to do at that moment was cum. Her mind was fixated on getting upstairs to her bedroom and pulling out her vibrator to put it to good use. Gripping the idol tightly, she trotted inside and quickly scrambled up the steps to her bedroom, locking the door behind her. Brad and her daughter were out shopping, but her son Brian was home and she didn’t need him walking in on her – if he ever decided to wake up that is.

Jill set the idol on the nightstand and quickly stripped. Shoes were kicked off. Nylons yanked away. Blouse unbuttoned. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons as she felt moistness build within her. Jill was about to close the blinds when she noticed her next door neighbor’s daughter sunbathing in their backyard. Ashley Townsend was eighteen and her daughter Cindy’s ‘bff’. She was petite for her age, not having inherited her mother Karen’s body… Not yet anyway. Still, there she was in the backyard by the pool, wearing nothing but a bikini as she rubbed suntan lotion over her skin.

‘Girls are bursa eve gelen escort pretty.’

‘Girls are sexy.’

‘Girls turn you on.’

Jill was mesmerized. There was no way to stop looking at the teenage girl, sliding her hands over her soft beautiful shiny skin. So young, so innocent, so exquisitely lovely, so virginal. The middle aged woman looked down and much to her surprise found her fingers pulling at her own nipples, rubbing the undersides of her breasts, massaging them. Was she actually getting turned on looking at her daughter’s friend? What was wrong with her?

‘You like to feel naughty.’

‘When you feel naughty you want to cum.’

‘Looking at girls makes you feel naughty.’

‘Thinking about touching girls makes you feel naughty.’

‘Rub your pussy.’

Her hands were in her panties now. God what was she doing? This was Ashley! The girl she had known since her daughter was in Girl Scouts and who came over for sleep overs! She was so innocent… Or was she? Jill always thought there was something about her that seemed too good to be true.

“I bet she masturbates all the time,” Jill mused. “I bet she rubs that sweet teenage pussy every night. Yeah, she loves touching her little cunt, desperately wanting to lose her virginity but afraid to touch any boys. I bet she’d love to have me touch it…”

Those young legs, tight thighs, perky little tits. They just needed to get fondled and played with. Jill’s fingers were moving so quickly now as her swollen clit pulsed with pleasure. The orgasm struck Jill quickly as her knees buckled. Her hands still in her panties, she shoved her fingers deep in her snatch and gasped – her eyes glued on young Ashley the entire time. A twinge of guilt built up in her gut, however, and Jill suddenly felt disgusted at her own actions. What had she done?!

She quickly closed the blinds and sat down on the bedside, wondering what had gotten into her. Surely she had never thought of doing anything like that before. Sure, she had a few fleeting fantasies of women when she was younger, but nothing recently and certainly nothing to do with her daughter’s friends. To think about one of them was to think about her own daughter and that was just way too weird for her. Better to consider the moment just a weird one-off, something of a misfire of judgment.

Jill looked over at the idol and jokingly spoke to it, “Look what you made me do, naughty girl.”

‘You loved it.’

‘You needed it.’

‘You thoroughly enjoyed it.’

Jill’s brow wrinkled. She know she wasn’t hearing things, but it was strange how there was something of a quiet conversation in the back of her head. Curious about the idol, she picked it up to see where it was manufactured. China probably….

‘Beautiful feminine faces.’

‘Soft skin.’

‘Sexy legs.’

‘Smooth back.’

‘Tight round ass cheeks.’





‘Lesbian sex.’



The words bombarded Jill’s mind, and this time loud and forcefully. No, not just words. Images. Feelings. Desires. Jill’s left hand tried to peel her right hand from the idol to let go but couldn’t. The smooth wooden surface seemed to be glued to her skin and her eyes could barely stay open as the ripples of pleasure battered her body.

“P- p- p- please. No more!” Jill sputtered.

‘You want more.’

‘You are a lesbian.’

“No! I’m a wife…” she protested.

‘An unhappy wife.’

‘A dissatisfied wife.’

‘Sexually deprived wife.’

“I’m a mother…” she defended.

‘A sexy mother.’

‘A dirty mother.’

‘A naughty mother.’

‘A mother who likes teenage girls.’

“No!” Jill fought back in the midst of masturbating.

Jill opened her eyes, but instead of seeing the room a vision of Ashley’s face buried in her crotch was before her. It was so real. Her cute little lips fastened on her clit as her thin fingers pumped in and out of Jill’s cunt. Yes, her CUNT. Never before had she used that word but she loved it now.

‘You are a cuntlicker.’

‘You are a cuntlicker.’

‘You are a cuntlicker.’

“Oooooh, I’m a cunt licker!” Jill moaned as her second orgasm drowned all her judgment.

** ** **

Brad, Brian, and Cindy sat in the livingroom eating pizza the talent show contestants desperately trying to sing their way to the top. Brad half glanced at the TV to bursa escort check out the short skirt on one of the contestants before going back to reading his sports article. “You have fifteen minutes before I’m turning this off,” he told his kids.

“Whyyy?” Cindy whined.

“Because the game is on soon and I’m not missing it. My house. My rules. Besides, don’t you have a TV in your own room?”

Cindy rolled her eyes at her father and decided to change the topic. “So is mom sick?”

“I think so,” Brad sighed. “Thus, we are eating pizza. I went and checked on her and she is definitely warm and has the sweats. I brought her some iced tea and some watermelon. Hopefully that plus some sleep will help.”

“Do you think I should check on her?”

“Only if you want to catch whatever she has. Besides, she’s probably sleeping.”

** ** **

Jill managed to sneak her tablet upstairs along with a new set of batteries for her vibrator. The volume was turned down almost all the way, but she was still able to enjoy the plethora of free lesbian videos available on the internet. One site allowed for her to specify the videos she wanted to see and there were literally hours of videos that fell under her search topics:

18+ Years Old


It was wrong and perverse and Jill couldn’t care anymore. She just wanted to see those sweet girls tongue fucking each other’s pussies and rubbing their cunts against each other. Oh how badly she wanted to feel a nice young pussy rubbing against hers. Jill glanced at the idol which seemed to have a little smile on its face.

‘You love sweet shaved pussy.’

‘You want to eat them all.’

‘You need to touch them all.’

** ** **


Jill managed to drag herself to work the next day, much to the chagrin of her husband. Brad told her she was just going to get worse, but Jill knew that if she didn’t get out of the house she would masturbate herself to death. Brad spent the night in the guest room, terrified about contracting Jill’s ‘fever’. That left his wife with an entire evening to look at nothing but lesbian porn. It was eye opening to witness so much and she knew that there was no way to put the genie back in the bottle. So strange was it that she desperately wanted to see more.

Jill arrived at work forty-five minutes late and Anita White, her assistant, brought her some tea and asked if she was going to be able to get through the day. Jill insisted that she could, but once the office door was closed, she withdrew the Idol of Lesbos and set it on the desk next to her computer. Oh, the internet was so tempting… Every time she tried to enter in a website to go to she found herself going to a porn website. Her company was a small local firm and it probably never dawned on the IT specialists to block those types of sites. One site specialized in lesbian porn and it took Jill three seconds of deliberation to decide to join it. As fast as she could whip out her credit card, Jill was downloading girl-on-girl pornography at a rapid pace, watching the women licking each other while she masturbated her day away.

Just on the other side of the door, Ms. White was growing impatient. Each time she reminded Mrs. Watson about her appointments, she asked Anita to reschedule. She really didn’t like working for a woman boss anyway, and things like this made Anita angry enough to get snarky with her.

“Why don’t you just go home if you aren’t feeling well?” she snipped at Mrs. Watson.

“I can’t. I have an appointment this afternoon with a client that I can’t skip,” her boss replied through the intercom. Jill Watson was oblivious to the attitude Anita was tossing her way.

At one o’clock Jill Watson burst from her office looking flushed and hurried. “Uhh, Ms. White I have that appointment at one thirty, so don’t expect me back until four.”

The young black haired beauty scanned the calendar, “Did you put your appointment on the schedule? I don’t even see it!” Ms. White was exasperated over the day.

“No, I forgot to. Sorry! If you can get the Finnagles file ready for me I’d appreciate. Oh, and whatever you do, don’t go into my office. I have some special confidential files that I didn’t have time to close out.” Jill left with a wave and was in the elevator before Anita could ask who the client was that she was meeting. With a sigh, she waited for five minutes and then used her office key to open her boss’s door.

The office desk was görükle escort clear except for a picture of her son and husband fishing, a picture of her daughter and cheerleading squad, a pack of AA batteries with two missing, and a statue of some woman in a toga. What files was Mrs. Watson talking about? She turned on the computer and the image of two women French kissing faded into view. Her boss was watching porn at work!? That was definitely a job killer if there ever was one. Anita minimized the video screen and noticed a file had been set up with multiple videos in it. Probably ten or eleven at a glancing count. Were they all lesbian videos she wondered?

Anita then looked at the search history on her boss’s internet browser and noticed pages of lesbian searches and site visits. That was it… Mrs. Watson was screwed. Clearly she was some type of closet dyke because Anita knew her boss was married, but something like this was nasty. She knew that she had Jill Watson over a barrel, but the question was what to do with it? Should she wait? Should she blackmail her? Should she turn her into the company owners? Should she make an anonymous call? As Anita pondered what to do with this new found information, she reached out and poked the statue with her finger. Just one little finger…

Fifteen minutes after she left, Jill Watson returned from the parking lot, knowing what she would find in her office. Nobody came to this section of the building unless they needed her and with most employees still on appointments or at lunch, it would be very quiet indeed. Opening the office door, she looked across the room and found Ms. White sitting at Jill’s desk with her pantyhose pulled down around her ankles and her knees spread open. In one hand the young twenty-five year old woman was grasping the Idol of Lesbos and in the other she was plunging two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. The moans from the lesbian movie on the computer competed with Ms. White’s moans as she watched.

“Please… Help…” Ms. White managed to squeak out. “I can’t stop!”

Jill closed the office door and locked it, “Oh, you poor thing. Didn’t I tell you not to come in here?”

“S- s- sorry! Uhhhhh… I was- I got- Oooohhh, please! Make it stop?”

Jill stepped forward, unbuttoning her blouse as she did, “Make what stop, Ms. White?”

The younger woman was on the verge of an orgasm, Jill could tell, but was obviously fighting it. “The… The- ooh! The voicesssss… The girrrrrllllssss… The- oh no! Not again!”

Jill lifted up her shirt to reveal a complete lack of panties or nylons. Just her trimmed pussy exposed to the climate controlled air. She grabbed Ms. White’s hair in the back of her head and shoved her assistant’s face into her waiting muff. “There you go, lick it! Lick it while you taste pussy for the first time, slut!”

“Mmmppf!! No- Mmmmppf! Mmmmmmm! Cmmmmmng!” Ms. White didn’t stick out her tongue, but her soft plump lips on Jill’s mound were delectable, and knowing that her assistant was orgasming while tasting her cunt was such an incredible turn on. Jill had to thank the idol for this! It told her what to do, how to manipulate the woman, and how Ms. White would be completely at her mercy. Now Jill had finally done it! She had finally crossed the barrier from fantasy to reality, and it was a matter of seconds before she coaxed Ms. White’s tongue across her pussy lips. Soft, moving, wetness flicking her clit, that gorgeous face eating her cunt. Ms. White was no longer an assistant but her personal love slave. The idol promised her…

‘She is yours.’

‘She will service you.’

‘She will be your plaything.’

‘She is addicted to pussy.’

‘She worships your sex.’

‘She will be one of many….’

That last thought made Jill climax as she never had in her life, knowing that this femine set of lips sucking on her engorged clit was the first of many women to be hers made Jill scream loud enough to test the sound proof walls. The pleasure was too much to stand through and Jill fell to her knees in front of Anita’s disappearing and reappearing fingers. Jill pushed them away and drove her own mouth forward into her assistant’s wetness. It was the most wonderful taste in the world, and Jill’s first taste of pussy told her that she was never going to want a man again. That taste was the most addictive thing in the world and nothing would satisfy her except the juices of a woman’s cunt.

Anita flailed about, her entire life being rewritten for her by the Idol of Lesbos. Her fiance was a lost cause. Her career goals were nothing. Her hopes and dreams were erased and replaced by the desire to worship the woman whose face was stuffed between her wiggling thighs. “More! Please more! I’ll do anything for you! I’m your whore! I’m your lesbian FUCKING WHORE! MORE! PLEASE!”

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