Discovering Jordan Pt. 03

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Big Tits

I stared glassy-eyed between my legs over my landing strip at the face of my friend Jordan. Her face was sloppy wet with my secretions and she had barely started. My thoughts flashed to my boyfriend Gary who is the most skilled lover I’ve ever had when it comes to cunnilingus. He knows how to build my anticipation and reads my signals like a truly caring lover does, and he loves eating me more than anyone ever has. He will literally eat me until my legs spasm uncontrollably and I beg him to stop, sometimes giving me 4 or 5 orgasms of increasing intensity until my body just can’t take any more.

I can’t say that Jordan was better but the extreme sensuality of a woman between my legs made all of my senses more acute. Seeing her beautiful curly red hair bouncing as she applied herself to the task at hand was a reminder of the forbidden nature of this encounter. From time to time she would come up for air and look me in the eye almost like I was prey. And seeing my juices all over her face was extremely sexy!

Twice she slithered up my body and kissed me with passion I could hardly fathom. I hungrily licked my pussy secretions from her face and chin. Her kisses were gentle but burning like lava just under the surface. When she felt I was ready for more she made her way back down between my legs. After 3 orgasms I was wiped out so I pulled her hair gently to signal I was ready for a break so she kissed her way back up until she reached my breasts.

She laid along my right side, molding herself into me while she expertly made love to my breasts. She inserted 2 fingers deep into my pussy and then pulled them partly out, quickly finding the rough area indicating my G-spot. She knew exactly what she was doing and I knew this was not her first time. She was careful to avoid my sensitive clit but soon I felt a completely different kind of orgasm coming on.

Suddenly I screamed and my hips bucked like an electric current had shocked me. I felt a warm gush between my legs and Jordan’s thrusts began making a sound like slapping water. Liquid was being splashed everywhere. A smaller gush followed a few seconds afterward and Jordan slowed her fingers as I slowly came down from one of the most beautiful orgasms of my life. I wasn’t sure what had just happened but there was a terrible wet mess between my legs that had been splashed on my abdomen and Jordan lowered herself to clean me up. My eyes eventually uncrossed and I felt like I could fall asleep. My fingers were tangled in her beautiful red hair and I lost myself in the sensations of running my fingers through it.

“What in the world just happened down there,” I asked somewhat embarrassed.

“I just made you squirt, Suze,” she said, surprising me with a pet name she had never used before. Then again, we had never been this intimate before either!

“I’m so sorry!” I said blushing. “Nothing like that has ever happened to me before! I didn’t pee on you did I?” I was mortified! The cheesy squirting scenes in my special videos always looked like pee to me and not like the thicker, oozing secretions of my cum.

“Babe, it isn’t thick like your pussy juices but it isn’t pee either. It seems to be a little different for every woman,” she said trying to lessen my embarrassment. “All I know for sure is that you taste delicious!”

My goodness, I wasn’t sure what to think but I had watched enough porn to know that the industry wanted its audience to think that every woman squirted a gallon every time she climaxed. I had been masturbating regularly since I was 13 years old and had never squirted even a little.

Jordan’s genuineness did a lot to lessen my embarrassment and she was so damned cute! I persuaded her to come sit with me and we were finally able to relax and watch the fluffy görükle escort bayan white snow fall silently while I processed what had just happened.

Even though the intensity had settled down I felt like something was still undone. In a sexual encounter there is always an unspoken expectation that both partners achieve the same level of gratification. I was concerned about helping Jordan achieve a climax but was even more concerned whether I was ready to take this next step. I had fantasized about this countless times but was nervous about it.

I touched her chin, turning her face towards mine. She could sense my nervousness. She giggled lightly and said, “Suzanne, don’t you dare think that you owe me something!”

It occurred to me that I had underestimated her maturity and her character. Emboldened, I said, “I hope I don’t insult you if I tell you that this is more for me than it is for you. I have always assumed I could do this but have wondered if I would be brave enough to do it and good enough at it to make another woman happy. I need to taste you, Jordan, but don’t expect too much of me.”

“Suze,” she said, “if you care that much about it then I’m sure you’re going to be good at it.”

I reached across my body with my right hand and cupped her tiny, oh-so-sexy right breast and softly squeezed her puffy nipple. My first touch of another woman’s breast. I spent the next 15 minutes touching, squeezing and suckling her breasts, eager to memorize every detail. I discovered that I simply loved breasts. It probably sounds weird for a woman to say that, don’t you think? Her tiny breasts were firm and perfectly shaped. I liked my larger C-cup breasts too, but these were spectacular in their own right. Jordan was soft and feminine and was offering everything to me.

I scooted off the couch allowing Jordan to fall to her right and then I knelt on the soft rug in front of the couch. I looked her up and down examining every detail. I was not at all confident that I would do this more than once. Her body was so different from mine and I wanted to study every nuance.

I could make out the muscles of her taut, heavily-freckled abdomen and marveled at her prominent hip bones. Her belly button was encircled by barely-there peach fuzz that became more prominent as it trailed down to the thickest patch of public hair I have ever seen, even in film.

I marveled at it’s stunning auburn shine and at the sheer density of it. Once again I touched it and studied the tight curls by pulling gently and letting it slide through my fingers. Jordan let out a sigh and a soft “Mmmmmm” to indicate her approval. Being courageous I wandered lower towards her slit and noted how her patch was matted and dark by more copious amounts of lubrication the lower I roamed.

In a state of near-hypnosis I moved my nose closer to the object of so many of my young fantasies. As much as I loved the feel and taste of my pussy I was anxious about reaching the point of no return with another woman. Her scent was so much like mine but noticeably different. I touched her slit with my fingers then pulled them back, marveling at the strings of girl-goo that stuck to my fingers. I rubbed my fingers and thumb together enjoying the silky smoothness of her juices. I reached again and tried to scoop as much of her fluid as possible, bringing it to my nose and marveling at the crystal clear strings adhering to my fingers.

I brought it up my nose and inhaled deeply before licking my fingers. I heard Jordan whisper, “Oh god…”. I leaned in and kissed her deeply and she appeared to relish her own taste from my lips.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I moved my face downward and buried my nose in her bush, inhaling deeply. bursa otele gelen escort I teased her pubic hair with my lips and tongue, tugging lightly and building her anticipation. I thought I would drive her crazy but it was taking more of a toll on me. I decided I needed more and moved my nose further down. Jordan placed the leg closest to me on the floor and raised her other leg to the back of the couch giving me full access to her sex and I didn’t waste any time.

My nose and lips dove right to her sloppy wet labia and began lapping up all of the musky goo I could get. I kissed her outer and inner lips like they were Gary’s lips kissing me back. I sucked, nibbled and licked with abandon. At one point the tip of my nose was pressed against her clit as my tongue tried to reach her cervix. I couldn’t believe how much I loved doing this!

I pulled back and studied her for a few seconds, noticing how large and full her outer labia were – so much larger and darker than mine. She also had an incredibly large clit and I could actually see it throbbing since it was far too large for its hood once it became engorged.

I licked it gently and Jordan nearly jumped out of her skin! Next I took it gently in my lips and sucked slightly as she let out a low moan that indicated that sucking was preferable to licking. It was large enough for me to pretend it was a tiny dick and I pretended to blow her. I alternately sucked her mini dick and licked all of the juices I was responsible for creating from her slit. Her only words for several minutes were “harder” and “faster”. She moved her hips from side to side to ensure I was hitting the right spots in the right ways.

I made her cum twice before she begged me to stop. I knew from experience that a girl could only take so much of a good thing, and from the screams she was producing I thought she might actually be in pain. I returned my face to hers and we kissed for what seemed like an hour. She cleaned herself from my face and we explored one another’s mouths tenderly.

Eventually I got up and laid alongside her on my couch. We made small talk and laughed thinking about what the other ladies at the bank would think about this. After a while we were giggled-out and Jordan yawned so I asked her to turn her back to me. I spooned her, pulled my terrycloth robe over both of us and buried my nose in her coconut-scented hair. Soon we both fell asleep smiling to ourselves.

An hour or so later I got up to pee and decided to turn on the shower to let it heat up. Once it was steamy I stepped in and closed my eyes. I cupped my right hand over my crotch and peed into my hand. Gary loves to put his hand down there while I pee and I have always wondered why. The warm powerful gush of liquid did feel good running through my fingers and the smell of warm urine wasn’t completely disgusting.

This caused me to think about Gary. I had some feelings of guilt now, like I had cheated on him. Gary and I had frequently used a scenario like this in our lovemaking. In fact an unnamed woman had been part of the scenario the last time we had phone sex. And it was me that had brought the subject up in the first place. To his credit he never denied me any fantasy during sex but seemed to realize that there was another facet to my sexual personality.

Then there was more guilt over the fact that I was Jordan’s manager at the bank. I was a little worried whether we would be able to maintain an appropriate working relationship. Her friendship had become very important to me and I didn’t want that to end but I was most worried about whether others at the bank would be able to detect a shift in our relationship. Thank goodness she was a stellar performer at the bank and bursa escort bayan never had to be reminded of her responsibilities.

Lost in my thoughts I was unaware that she had stepped into the large walk-in shower behind me. “Penny for your thoughts,” she said in a sleepy voice as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

“Oh my,” I said in surprise, “you scared me!”

“I didn’t mean to. Should I leave?” she asked with clear disappointment in her voice.

“Absolutely not!” I exclaimed turning around to return the hug. Here was another new experience I could add to my list of “firsts”. The caress of a female lover in the shower after lesbian sex could have been on my bucket list – if I had one.

I carefully considered my next words as they came out of my mouth. “How would you feel about calling your dad and telling him that I asked you to stay for the whole weekend? This snow will be gone tomorrow and I’m sure I can get you home safely Sunday afternoon. I can find some clothes to fit you well enough if we aren’t going out into the public eye.”

Her face lit up with the cutest smile as she considered this. “Well, I would feel like I am imposing,” she said almost to herself. “And there’s also the loss of yet another weekend alone with my parents watching Jeopardy and The Golden Girls. That’s a lot to give up.”

She looked at me out of the corners of her eyes and burst out laughing. I was still getting used to her sense of humor. We enjoyed soaping each other up and exploring each other until the hot water began to run out. I toweled her off and she returned the favor before we walked directly to my bed and got under the covers.

To my surprise the intimacy and tenderness was just as exhilarating as the sex. We spent the next 48 hours laughing, loving and exploring. We fully experienced all of my toys with one another as she finally got to fully appreciate my rabbit friend. On Saturday afternoon the weather was sunny and 45 degrees. Almost all of the snow was gone so I drove to the closest clothing store and bought a pair of blue jeans and a couple of weather-appropriate shirts for Jordan. She was thrilled and insisted that she would pay me back.

The clothes were necessary for part 2 of my outing. Jordan dressed in her new jeans (they were just a little baggy on her) and one of the cute tops I’d bought her. I picked out a pair of socks and sneakers for her since our feet were almost the same size. Her panties came clean (although the dress and tights were a total loss) and her jacket was somehow spared. She used some of my makeup and was damned cute!

We drove across town to the Adam & Eve store and I treated her to an expensive vibrator as a gift. Then I took her to my favorite Chinese restaurant before impulsively driving to the local cinema complex to take in a movie. We held hands during most of the film.. We had a great afternoon and got home about an hour after dark. We sat on the couch and drank hot chocolate that I made (from a packet, unfortunately) before shifting to red wine later on.

“Suze,” she said seemingly out of nowhere, “I need to say something.”

I must have gotten that “oh shit” look on my face because she giggled a little.

She continued, “I am uncomfortable with you spending so much money on me today. I want to pay you back but you must know that I don’t make much money and payday is a long way off.”

“Jordan,” I said, “You have nothing to be concerned about. I am not rich but I am well-settled into my career and if i want to spend a little money on my friend then I’ll do it. Please accept my thanks for agreeing to keep me company on what would have otherwise been a miserably boring weekend. Besides, your dress and tights are ruined and that’s money lost for you. I did this because I wanted to, not because I expected something in return.”

She looked like she would cry so I moved next to her and hugged her close. The embrace was completely chaste and heartfelt. I think that I understand what she was feeling and I would have felt the same in her position and at that age. Nothing more was said about it.

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