Dorm Fun Ch. 2

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The next morning Jen woke still messy from the night before. No one was up so she decided to jump in the shower and clean up before anyone else woke up. She grabbed a towel from Justin’s closet and went into the bathroom and turned on the water. She looked at herself a moment in the mirror and smiled to herself “You got laid” she thought, “It’s about damn time, too.”

Jen stepped into the shower and the warm water felt refreshing against her body. Jen had a pretty nice body, golden tan from the Florida sun, and she had long brown hair that was semi curly. She had blue eyes and great abs from running track in high school. Jen’s long legs went all the way up to her ass and she knew she was hot; her breasts were round and perky with slightly brown areolas and round sexy nipples. “I’m a sexy bitch,” Jen laughed to herself and she began to lather up her body. She slipped a finger into her pussy as a reward for being so sexy and for her rousing night, the water on Jen’s clit and the fingers moving in and out of her opening didn’t take long for Jen to cum, though this time she was able to keep it quiet. She rinsed off and turned off the water, just in time to hear someone pounding on the door. “Jen, come on my parents are bringing the rest of my stuff and we gotta go, NOW,” she heard Liz yell.

Jen quickly got dressed, sans the underwear; she left those for Justin under his pillow with a little note. The two girls said goodbye quickly and dashed across campus just in time to get Liz in her room seconds before her parents arrived with her stuff. Jen told Liz bursa eve gelen escort she’d she her later and she walked across the lawn to her dorm. She noisily plopped down on her bed, and began to think about the night before, she still didn’t know if Liz had known, she’d have to call later and find out. Jen was so wrapped in her thoughts that she didn’t notice her roommate Courtney had just walked in.

“Hey Jen,” Courtney said, Jen just smiled and waved. Court asked Jen where she was last night and told her she missed a call from Trey, her ex. Jen just rolled her eyes and began telling Court the entire story, with explicit details. Court just sat on her bed eyes wide and smiling as she imagined her roommate getting pounded by a massive 9 inch cock in the middle of the night. Jen told Court that she couldn’t believe it, but she was still excited about it. Courtney couldn’t resist asking, “So is that the wildest thing you’ve done, like ever?”

“Yea, I guess my sex-life has been pretty average thus far, I mean aside from a one night stand and masturbating in the shower this morning,” Jen replied. Sure Jen had had sex before, Trey had been her first, they had done missionary, anal, oral, damn near every position imaginable, that’s what 4 years gets you I guess. “Have you ever been with another girl?” Court asked. “Nope, I mean I kissed a girl once, drunk though, no tongue it was just a bunch of us girls being stupid at a sleepover once,” Jen answered. It was only seconds later that Court had moved over to bursa escort Jen’s bed and had stuck her tongue down her throat. Jen didn’t object, though she was surprised by her roommate’s assertive behavior. Jen had to admit, this was one of the best kisses she had ever had in her life. Courtney wasn’t too rough or to gentle, she used just the right amount of tongue, it was perfect.

“I want to taste you Jen, I have since I first met you three days ago, and after your story, I’m horny as fuck, I promise it’ll just be between us,” Courtney said in a whisper to Jen. Jen couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she wasn’t a lesbian, but here she was kissing a girl and agreeing to oral sex, her head was swimming all this sex was wonderful. Jen stood up and ran over to the door to lock it. Then she removed her jeans, to reveal her bare pussy to Courtney. Courtney couldn’t wait and she stood and began to kiss Jen again while slowly massaging her breast and pussy. Court moved her hand up and down Jen’s slit teasing her by never touching her clit or actually entering her vagina. Jen was so wanting to be touched at this time nearly thrust her hips forward forcing Court’s hand to graze across her clit which sent a current of paradise thought Jen’s body. Courtney moved Jen over to the bed and spread her legs.

Courtney delivered slow sensual kisses up and down Jen’s thighs and along her pussy lips. Jen wanted to be licked by now, she was aching for it she begged “please just do it” Courtney looked up and smiled, right before moving her görükle escort tongue up and down Jen’s slit meeting and encircling her hardening clit. Jen moaned and placed a hand on the back of Court’s head and began to grind her face. Courtney moved her tongue down to Jen’s twat opening and thrust in inward tasting Jen’s sweet juices and savoring every drop Jen responded by getting wetter and Court answered by licking deeper and harder. Courtney moved a hand up to tease Jen’s clit and Jen began to grind Court’s face rougher. Jen grinding and Courtney licking was sending Jen overboard and she could feel herself cumming. She wanted to taste pussy, she wanted her tongue deep in Courtney’s pussy and she wanted to see her ass up close and personally.

She jumped up and stripped Courtney only to return to the bed in a 69 position. Courtney on top lowered her pussy on Jen’s face. Jen loved the smell and after her first lick she loved the taste too. She licked and flicked at Courtney’s hard little clit and began to furiously fuck her with her tongue. The action that was going on in Jen’s pussy was soon met with the feeling of a finger at her asshole. Courtney fucked Jen deep as she could with her tongue which almost had her cumming but when she touched that sweet little rosebud, it was all Jen needed to go over the edge.

Jen was cumming furiously and she began to suck and fuck Courtney’s pussy deeper and deeper. Courtney too, began cumming and the two continued licking and sucking until they could cum no more. Jen could not get enough of the taste of Courtney’s pussy and she was almost sad when Courtney climbed off, so sensitive to touch by now that she was shivering. Almost 5 orgasms a piece and the girls could do nothing but lie there, spent. Jen could not believe her luck, two sexy encounters and she hadn’t even started school yet, what a way to start the year.

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