Druids#11 Eileen at the Office

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Eileen learns something new at work.

One of her co-workers introduces her to tribadism.

Four days a week, Eileen goes to work at the doctor’s office. The doctor is a urologist and includes some fertility issues in his practice. He is a well respected doctor with privileges at the two closest hospitals. He is in his mid fifties, happily married and has a reputation as a caring and effective healer. Eileen knows very well that she is extremely lucky to have this job. The doctor and the other two women in the office, Angela and Louise, get along very well. Eileen has been there just over a year.

Angela, also a trained medical assistant, is also a trained phlebotomist; that means she can draw blood samples. There is a small lab in the back of the office building where the different samples can be analyzed and many different tests can be performed. This enhances the doctors’ ability to treat his patients because he can get almost instant results for some of the tests that he needs done. Angela has been with the doctor for over 12 years. She is nearly forty and a little taller than most women. She admits to being 5-foot 11 and ‘seven eights’ inches tall. To most people, she is an imposing 6-foot and with heels she is quite noticeable. She also has a fairly impressive set of tits, not too big but certainly something that you would not overlook. Angela is not currently married and has no children. Eileen doesn’t know too many of her personal details other than where she lives.

Louise is the other lady in the office. She is the receptionist, scheduler and, most importantly, the paperwork person. She has been doing medical billing and dealing with insurance companies for over thirty years. She has been with this doctor for 19 years and is almost as indispensible as the doctor himself. Louise is a matronly lady, a little older than the doctor with a ‘full figure’. This means that her boobs are big enough to rest comfortably on her belly when she is sitting at her desk. If she wears a low cut dress or blouse, the crack in her cleavage is probably as long as the crack in Eileen’s ass. Louise does her work efficiently and goes home every night to her husband. She stays a little to herself, choosing to run errands and go to the bank at most lunchtimes. The doctor usually goes out to lunch, occasionally at the hospital cafeteria. Sometimes, he orders-in lunch for the office, when he does this, Louise usually stays for lunch.

The office runs smoothly and efficiently. There are few real emergencies other than kidney stones. They seem to come in waves. The doctor tries to avoid knife surgery preferring to try the high-powered sound wave stone blasting or, the dreaded, ‘go in and get it’ through the urethra-bladder-ureter route. The patients are usually ‘asleep’ for this procedure, but it gives a lot of people an uncomfortable feeling just thinking about it. People with kidney stones, however, don’t really care how they get relief from the pain.

The doctor has both of the ‘hands on’ assistants (Eileen and Angela) wear scrubs at work. The office provides a clean pair for each workday. Every Thursday, the dirty scrubs are brought in and the clean scrubs are delivered from the laundry service. The clean scrubs are taken home and so the cycle continues. Louise cancels the scrubs for weeks that the doctor’s office is closed. Scrubs are extremely comfortable to work in but, they are not something that you wear to show off your assets, if you know what I mean. Like her sisters, Eileen has been told that she has a ‘great ass’ but you would never know it with her wearing those scrubs. You can tell that a woman has breasts, but not a lot of detail since the scrubs have a very modest v-neck that does not come anywhere near showing even the hint of cleavage. But, let’s not forget the price; nothing, since the doctor pays for the laundry service. So, Eileen knows that she is not likely to entice a man to pay attention to her when she is dressed for work. Not that she was actively looking, anyway.

Most days, Eileen and Angela tag team the patients. That means that each assistant takes every other patient in to get weighed, sent into the bathroom to collect a urine sample, put into an examining room and instructed as to how to undress for the exam, if necessary. Louise almost always arranges the schedule so that Angela takes back the patients that will need blood drawn. Both girls have been handed semen samples, almost always in cleaned out baby food jars. The semen samples go back to the lab and Angela prepares a ‘slide’ which she puts into a computer connected microscope şişli escort and captures some still images and some video. The images can be viewed by the doctor, on the computer screens in the examining rooms. How convenient. The results of the other tests, urine and blood are also posted on the computer system for the doctor.

The morning schedule has been fairly easy. No complications and they finished about twenty minutes before the regular noon lunch break. Today, the doctor will be going to the hospital for lunch and to visit one of his patients who will be there for another few days. He is expected back in the office in time for his next appointment at 2 O-Clock. Louise is going out for lunch, to the bank and to do a little shopping for her grandson’s birthday. She is expected back, as usual, right before the doctor gets back. So, Eileen and Angela have a nice two hour break.

Angela goes into the lab to shut off some of the equipment for the two-hour downtime. She sees Eileen sitting on one of the stools looking at what’s left of a semen sample in a baby food jar. She is turning it over and watching it as it slowly flows around the inside of the glass.

Angela: “What-cha doin?”

Eileen: “Oh, nothing. Just looking at this stuff. Hard to imagine that this could become a baby.”

Angela:”Well, not by itself.”

Eileen: “I know, but without this stuff, all our plumbing and parts are useless.”

Angela: “Not entirely useless, we can still have some fun with the installed equipment.”

Eileen: “Yeah, I know, but this is interesting. As you know, I haven’t seen any lately, other than here.”

Angela: “Yeah, and I’m sorry for you about that. Are you going to eat lunch?”

Eileen: “Yeah, I’ll be right there.”

Angela: “Don’t bring that along and for heaven’s sake, wash your hands.”

Eileen: “Not funny, but I will wash. Where should I put this?”

Angela: “What name is on the label?”

Eileen: “Conroy”

Angela: “That one is done, you can just toss it into the medical waste bag next to the counter.” Angela turns and goes out of the lab.

Eileen looks at the deposit again as it slowly seeps to the bottom of the little jar. She puts it into her pocket. Then she takes it back out and walks over to the waste bag. Hesitating, she holds it over the bag, looks at it again, and then lets it drop. “Not this time” she thinks to herself.

Joining Angela in the little kitchenette, Eileen takes her lunch bag out of the little fridge along with a yogurt and a bottle of iced tea. Angela is already eating a slice of pizza that she ‘nuked’ up in the microwave and washing it down with her own bottle of iced tea. The girls eat in silence for a few minutes.

Angela: “Did you remember to wash your hands?”

Eileen: “Of course. I used the sanitizer, too.”

Angela: “Did you ever wonder how the patients collect those samples?”

Eileen: “Actually . . . . yes. I imagine all sorts of ways. I like to look at the wife, if she comes in with the guy. They always look a little embarrassed. Like they’re the first woman who ever gave her man a hand job, or something.”

Angela: ” I’ve actually seen what looks like lipstick in one of the samples.”

Eileen: “You mean she gave him a blow job and then spit it into the jar?”

Angela: “Most likely, how else would you explain the lipstick?”

Eileen: “Are you sure that it wasn’t blood or something that was left in the jar from the baby food.”

Angela: “As sure as I’m sitting here. Lipstick doesn’t dissolve in the semen. I actually recognized the color. The guy’s wife was with him and she was still wearing the same color.”

Eileen: “Then she must have given him a blow-job on the way here. I’ve imagined that some of them do it in the parking lot out back, just before they come in.”

Angela: “Right you are. I’ve seen it. Look out the lab windows next time someone is scheduled to bring in a sample. At least half the time, they do it out back. They usually pull up and park facing the building. They look around the parking lot. I stand behind the wall next to the window and just peek my head around. I’ve seen the women lean across and disappear into their husband’s lap and I’ve also seen their shoulders moving when they are giving him a little tug. It’s most fun to watch the man’s face. You can actually tell when he comes by his facial expression. When the deed is done, they look around the lot again and straighten their clothes as they are walking in. And, as you’ve seen, they almost all carry the ‘squirt’ in a little brown çapa escort paper sack. “

Eileen: “Has anyone ever done it in here?”

Angela: “No, but one couple did ask that. The doctor told them no and to go someplace ‘appropriate’ and return in a hour or so and ‘just drop it off.'”

Eileen: “Did they?”

Angela: “Yes, just the wife came in and had it in a paper coffee cup. At least it had a lid. I took it from her and wrote her last name on the cup with a marker. I have never seen a woman that red in the face. If she could have dropped through the floor, I think that she would have.”

Eileen: “I would like to have seen that. How long ago was that?”

Angela: “Actually, it was just before you were hired. The last girl, Barbara, was just about to leave to have her baby and we both thoroughly enjoyed that woman’s misery.”

“Eileen: “Well, you don’t have to worry about that with me. I’m not likely to be leaving, at least for maternity leave.”

Angela: “Yes, and you need to know that I understand. You know that I am here for you if you need anything.”

Eileen: “Yes, and thank you. But I will get through this. I don’t know how just yet, but I will make it.”

Angela: “You are always so tense. Do you get any relief, if you know what I mean?”

Eileen: “I’m not comfortable talking about those things?”

Angela: “Why? We’re both grown women. You shouldn’t be embarrassed talking about that.”

Eileen: “Yeah, I know. But still . . . . “

Angela: “Look babe, just between you and me, I do myself at least three times a week. Sometimes more often than that. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Every woman does it. Some more than others. I’ll bet that both of your married sisters do it once in a while.”

Eileen: “Well yeah, especially Meagan, her husband is in Turkey right now, with the Army.”

Angela: “See, I’m here for you if you need anything.”

Eileen: “Thanks, I appreciate knowing that.”

With that, Eileen stands up and puts her trash into the can. When she turns back, Angela is standing there with her arms stretched out, inviting her for a hug. Eileen walks up to her and puts her arms, tentatively around the larger woman’s’ waist. Angela wraps her arms around Eileen and the women hug each other closely. Eileen notices that her face is just above Angela’s big tits, but the hug feels really good. Angela is warm, soft, and really big!

The girls continue to hug for a few more seconds when Angela moves her right leg more to the center and reaches down with one hand on Eileen’s lower back, pulling her a little closer. Eileen immediately feels her mound come into contact with Angela’s thigh. Somehow this feels good and Eileen doesn’t move away.

Encouraged by Eileen’s acceptance of the advance, Angela lowers her hand to Eileen’s’ ass and pulls her even tighter against her thigh. Angela has bent her knee slightly and by pushing down a little on the toes of that leg, she presses her thigh even tighter against Eileen’s’ womanly mound. Again, Eileen does nothing, she has her head turned to the side and is pressed up against the top of Angela’s generous bosom.

Angela lowers her head and whispers: “Go ahead girl. Push yourself against me. I’m here and I understand. Please let me lead you to something new and enjoyable.” Angela presses her hand against Eileen’s butt cheek and her mound grinds against Angela’s thigh again. Then again and again. Soon, the women have established a sort of rhythm and Eileen actually begins to feel the effects as her clit begins to swell with an inrush of blood. She can sense the moisture welling in her depths and starting to moisten the inner lips of her womanhood. Eileen keeps her head against the larger woman’s chest while she responds to the pressure being applied to her ass, but feels so wonderfully in her crotch.

The women continue their stationary dance for a few more minutes. Eileen notices that she is grinding herself without much coaxing from Angela. Angela’s hand is still on her ass, but Eileen is now stroking herself against the big woman at her own pace. And, the pace is quickening. As the thrill rushes out from the depths of her womb, Eileen experiences a gut-wrenching orgasm. Angela actually supports her weight as the throes of the spasms engulf and cloud over Eileen’s mind. It takes a couple of moments for the throbbing to fade away and for her legs to feel like they can support her again.

Angela moves her hand back up to Eileen’s back. She leans over and kisses Eileen gently on the top of her head, and says: “Welcome sister, mecidiyeköy escort you looked like you needed that.”

Eileen is very confused. She actually doesn’t know how she feels about this. She only knows that she feels very good, at the moment. She turns her head and looks up at her taller friend and says: “What in the hell just happened?”

Angela: “You’re a big girl now, you know what happened. The important thing is, did you like it?”

Eileen: “Well, I obviously liked it, I am just a little unsure of myself, right now.”

Angela: “Don’t let it bother you. You feel good right now, don’t you?”

Eileen: “I have to admit it, but yes, I feel really good right now. I may have to go into the ladies room and tidy up a bit, but I really feel good.”

Angela leaned down and kissed Eileen on her cheek. “Good, now go ‘tidy up’ as you call it and meet me in exam room number two.”

Eileen went into the bathroom and sopped up her well moistened crotch with some toilet paper. She couldn’t wipe up by her clit. She was still feeling like it was buzzing and way too sensitive to touch. When she was done and everything was back ‘in order’ she pulled her panties back up, now very aware of how damp the crotch had become. Once her scrubs were in place and her hair still looked good in the mirror, she started down the hall toward Exam-2.

Angela was standing by the window when she walked in.

Angela: “Close the door, OK?”

Eileen closed the door thinking: “What am I getting into?”

Angela: “Just sit on the end of the examining table, I’ll take it from here.”

Eileen walked over to the table and sat uneasily on the end. Angela came up to her and stood with her legs on either side of Eileen’s left knee. Reaching down to the side of the table, Angela first pushed the button raising the back of the table until it just touched Eileen’s shoulders, making it comfortable for her to sit on the table. She then pushed the button raising the entire table until Eileen’s knee was firmly planted in Angela’s crotch. Now it was Angela’s turn to grind one out.

Angela stood there, towering over Eileen and with a grin on her face started to grind herself down onto Eileen’s leg. Looking directly into her eyes, Angela said: “Pay attention now, and learn a few things.” Not knowing what to expect, Eileen just sat there holding onto the sides of the table. Angela leaned a little forward and, keeping one hand on the table, she reached up and cupped one of Eileen’s breasts. Angela quickly found her pace and continued her grinding while Eileen tried to understand what was happening.

Much to her surprise, Eileen felt her nipples beginning to react to Angela’s touching. Angela located the little bump in her bra and focused her attention there. Eileen was still wide eyed and could feel Angela’s enthusiasm for the rubbing increasing. The tempo and pressure of Angela’s strokes increased just as Eileen remembered it happing with herself. When Angela got over the edge, she closed her eyes, lowered her head till her chin touched her chest and let out a long moan. Eileen was surprised by how hard Angela squeezed her knee between her legs and she could actually feel the tremble as Angela’s crotch did the ‘happy dance.’

After a few moments, Angela again opened her eyes and looked at Eileen. “Well, did you like that?”

Eileen could only nod her head, yes. Amazingly, Angela had an orgasm and Eileen was the one that was out of breath. Angela disengaged herself from Eileen’s leg and lowered the table so that she could step off. Eileen got up and approached Angela. Without saying a word, the two women hugged again. Their separation was a little clumsy, neither of them knowing what to say. Finally, Angela said: “Well, what do you think?”

Eileen hesitated a moment, and then said: “What did we just do?”

Angela: “What we did is called ‘tribbing’ and it’s a perfectly natural thing to do.”

Eileen: “It certainly is new to me. And, I have to admit, it was amazing.”

Angela: “So, you really liked it?”

Eileen: “I think so; but I’m really going to have to think about this.”

Eileen started to go toward the door while Angela walked back to the Exam table. She pushed the buttons returning it to its normal position.

Angela: “I see that you really enjoyed yourself.”

Eileen: “I told you that I think so, didn’t I?”

Angela, pointing to the paper cover on the exam table: “Well, take a little look at the damp spot on the paper here.”

Eileen walked back and looked at the paper. Sure enough, there was a little damp spot where she had been sitting. She quickly pulled more paper down from the roll and tore off the end which had the evidence of their little adventure. “Is the seat of my scrubs showing a damp spot?”

Eileen had a lot of thinking to do.

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