Educating Liz

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I am a 35-year-woman who in my younger years had been taught the pleasures of Lesbian sex by a mistress, who had dumped me for a younger more nubile slave.

I now work in a small café next to the local University, although it’s not much of a job but helps pay some of the bills.

It’s not all that popular, but does have a small trade in coffee and Soda’s from some of the students.

The thing that appeals to them is that I never bother them when they use the small alcove for smooching sessions.

I have spent many an afternoon just listening their flirtatious conversations,

The chat up lines was almost enough to make me throw up, as they try to impress the girls, in an attempt to get inside their knickers.

Reminding me of when I was their age, and how I had submitted to sex with the local stud, who had turned out to be, a wham bam and an almost thank you man, but had no thought of me as had banged his way to a quick conclusion.

As a result I very soon discovered the fairer sex for my pleasures.

There was one girl who came in regularly, a shy sort of girl but always alone.

She would come in, order a soda and sit reading her book for an hour or so, before politely thanking me and leaving. I began to feel sorry for

Now being interested in women, I took great care that I did push too hard as I gradually found a little more about her.

One day I asked her.

“How come you are always on you own sugar, do you never date any of the boys?”

She seemed grateful to have some one she could talk to, and began to answer my questions without hesitation.

“I have been on a date with one boy, but I was scared when he began groping me and trying to get me to do things to him.”

“He must have told his friends about it, because the teasing began and I seemed to have gained a sort of reputation for being a waste of time”

There were tears in her eyes as she spoke about it.

“I know what you mean Hon, man can be bastards and are not worth a candle when it comes to satisfying women, they only have one thought in their tiny little heads, and that’s’ shove it in and pull it out and wipe it’, and another notch on the headboard.”

“Give me a woman every time, at least they know how to find all the right spots, that turn a woman on “

She had said nothing during my rant, but just sat looking at me open mouthed.

“You mean that you have been with women, and done all those things?”

“Sure have Hon and still do, and what’s more I thoroughly enjoy it.”

“Oh how I would love to find somebody like that to help me discover myself.”

I looked at her in disbelief and said, “Just how old are you anyway Hon?”

“Just coming up to 18,” she said.

“I can honestly say that I would be delighted to be of assistance Hon, just say the word and my time is yours.”

“You mean that you would be willing to teach me?

“Sure sweetie, you just say the word and I can promise you I will show you things you have never even dreamt about.”

“Well if you’re sure you would not mind, I would be grateful if you could teach me.”

WOW would mind, she was a girl and if she wanted, ‘help’ who was I to deny her that help.

“Well I am free tonight if that would be convenient.

The chance of taking this young thing under my wing, so to speak, was not a chance to be wasted.”

“Well I finish in an hour so why not this afternoon, that is unless you have a course to attend.”

“Sure, I have a free afternoon, and that would be just fine.”

As though it was an afterthought I said,

“You do know what you are letting yourself in for, don’t you sweetie because, I want no cries of rape later OK?”

“Oh no I promise you that there will be no complaint made by me, and if you want I will even sign a disclaimer.”

“No need for that so long as you understand.”

The next hour dragged, as I impatiently waited for June to relieve me.

She mecidiyeköy escort was the owner of this dump, and a friend who I spent many a happy hour or to with engaged in our kind of sex.

She relieved me a bit early, and said that I might as well finish a bit early.

“That’s fine with me June, as Penny and I have a little business to attend to this afternoon.” I said with a wink.

Penny gave a timid smile, as we left the café, and walked to my flat.

Opening the door I said, “It’s not much Hon, but more than what is needed for our bit of fun.”

I shrugged of my jacket, lad her into the small sitting room, switched on the tape deck, and soft smooch music broke the silence of the room.

She stood not knowing what to say or do, so I held out my hands and said,

“Ready to make a start, Hon?”

She nodded and nervously walked towards me, and I reached out and put my arms around her.

I pulled her tightly into me, feeling her small perky tits pressing against me

She seemed a little afraid as my hands moved down and I cupped her sweet little ass, but there was no response back from her as I gently kneaded cheeks of her ass.

“Still sure you want to go through with this Hon, you seem a bit afraid?”

“Oh Yes, it’s just that I have never done anything like this before, so I’m not sure what I should do.”

“Well there is no need for you to do anything yet, but so long as you trust me, I promise that you will not get hurt you, but I guarantee that I will show you a good time, and at the end of it you will know what it’s like to be a satisfied woman”

“Now do you really want me to carry on?”

She nodded her head, and I felt her relax a bit.

I started to undo the buttons on her blouse and when I opened it, I saw that her tits were nicely formed but a bit on the small side.

She did not resist as I slipped the blouse off, and began to unzip her skirt.

When she stood in just her bra and pants, as I began to strip off my clothes, and I saw her tremble slightly

“You take off your own bra and pants Hon, so as I know that you want to carry on.”

Rather sheepishly she unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor, her pants soon followed.

I stepped back so that she could see my body, but more to have a better look at her.

I saw her perky tits, the nipples already standing proud, as though she was already excited, and I dropped my eyes to see the tri-angle of fair hair partially covering her stomach.

Her face still showed her nervousness as her eyes took in the sight of my 35 year old body, which even if I say so myself is still in pretty good shape.

“Listen Hon, you are sure to be nervous as this is your first time but honestly there is nothing to be afraid of, we are going to enjoy ourselves.”

Then took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom.

Not having even dreamt that something like this could happen this afternoon, I had nothing prepared, I reached for the first thing I saw, my blusher makeup brush, the one with the soft hair and 4 inch rounded handle, just a little thicker than a finger

I sat my virgin on the end of the bed, placed her hands on her knees and I softly kissed the top of her head and told her to just relax and enjoy.

The soft background music created a relaxed atmosphere, and I asked her if she was ready to play, and she nodded her head.

Just holding one of my favourite toys made me shudder in anticipation of what I was about to do, to her.

I stood in front of her, and began by just brushing it across over her cheeks, then over her neck.

When I saw that she was totally relaxed, I brushed her shoulders and collarbone, by this by she already had a smile on her face.

“You OK Hon?”

She nodded vigorously

I continued down and brushed around her breasts, taking special care to spend time on them, before finally teasing her nipples.

She started aksaray escort to squirm and giggle as I teased her nipples to their ripe fullness.

Then gently tracing the swell of her heaving perky breasts I moved the gossamer haired brush down and circled her belly button.

A moan of pleasure escaped from her mouth, and I leaned forward and once again kissed her on the forehead, before gently pushing her on to her back, her legs beginning to open of their own accord.

She lay with her legs still hanging off the end of the bed, and I dropped on to my knees between her legs, gazing at her vulva, as it disappeared between her partially open legs, looking like a small peach.

I could already smell of her arousal, as I placed the brush against her knee, and then went all the way down to the soles of her feet.

Her toes curled as the brush had its effect, before moving inside her legs and working my way back up the inside of her thighs.

By the time I had worked my way up to her thighs, her legs were already spread wide for me

I continued my teasing by brushing her thigh but stopping short of touching her pussy.

Her legs were beginning to shudder, so I eased her further up onto the bed.

Using my hands to open her legs wider, and saw the hood hiding her clit, her vulva was already swollen and reddish, and the folds of her labia guiding the way to her virgin pussy hole,

I brushed from her knee and up her inner thigh, and then ever so gently across her clit hood.

This caused her to moan out loud and she shuddered as her first orgasm hit her. I watched her love juice as it leaked and trickled down her butt.

She lay panting, but without giving her time to recover, I began kissing my way up until I reached her face.

Her lips opened invitingly, and she willingly accepted the tip of my tongue into her hot little mouth.

She looked at the brush as I turned it around and put the rounded handle, a perfect substitute for a toy, against her lips.

She accepted it with glee and began suckling on it, like a little girl with an pacifier

As she suckled I allowed my fingers to trace the outline her breast, then I gently rolled a nipple in my fingers.

Her breathing became more and more urgent as the moments passed, and I knew that she was almost ready again.

She was sweating so I reached out for a Kleenex and wiped her forehead.

I slid back onto the floor between her knees and lifting her legs higher and brushed the bristles across her butt-hole, causing her to squirm.

Finally, I caressed the outer lips of her vulva, gently grazing them with the soft bristles, before brushing more firmly over the lips.

I placed two fingers on her outer lips and gently prised open, her little slit of pleasure.

The sight of her vagina, already oozing with her juice was just too much to bear, and I leaned forward to taste her.

When she felt my tongue on her for ‘cunt’ the first time, she let out a scream of pleasure.

Luckily I knew that there would be no one in the next flat so did not even try and muffle her cries.

My thumb and forefinger gently opened her up, allowing my to see more of the tiny pink slit, that I was about to savour.

I placed a finger ever so gently against the tiny opening, and gently pushed against her, I knew straight away that she had not been lying when she had said that she was a virgin, as she was as tight as hell and I could only get a finger tip past the barrier that awaited my pleasure.

The juices were now flowing freely and her breathing was definitely heavier.

I reached for the brush again, and stroked the handle over her pussy, coating it with her juices, and knowing from personal experience that it made a perfect substitute for a dildo, I moved the handle up and down the length of her pussy a couple of times more, before holding her labia open I placed it at the entrance to her tiny love hole.

She nişantaşı escort seemed to freeze as she realised my intentions and felt it against her virgin hole.

She cried out as I eased about half an inch into the entrance, just letting it rest there as she got used to the feel of it.

My fingers continued stroking her inner leg and she began to moan.

Pushing firmly down on her stomach I pushed it a tiny bit further in, until I felt the resistance as the handle found her hymen

Almost pleading, she shouted “Do it now.”

Then without further warning pushed though the membrane.

She let out little more than a whimper as three inches slid deep inside for the first time.

I let her get used to the feeling before gently turning the brush in my fingers, as though screwing it into her, gradually opening her up a bit more.

As she got used to the feeling and relaxed, I withdrew it part way, only to push it in even a little further.

“You OK,” I asked and when she just moaned ‘Mmmmm’, as I slid the handle all the way in.

I eased it out and sat her up on the bed.

Her eyes opened wide when she saw the little brush still covered in her juice, and she blushed as red as the stain on the bed sheet that proved that she had indeed been a virgin

I giggled out loud when I saw the big smile on her face, and said. “Had enough or are you ready for something else?”

“Oh please make me come again, I never imagined that anything could be that good, it was awesome.”

“OK then but get ready for an even bigger roller-coaster ride, because this time it will not be the brush that will send you over the top.

I reached for a pillow, and told her lay down with it under her butt.

Then I placed both my palms on her thighs, and spread her legs as wide as I could.

Her newly opened pussy, just begged to be licked, and I was just the ‘cunt licker’ to give it that attention.

My thumb and forefinger once again opened her up, and as my thumb prised back the hood of her clit, my head dropped forward, and my lips circled the little love button.

As I rolled it around in my lips, she was writhing and screeching around like a demented animal,

Before reached her peak, I reached between her legs and my palm cupped her pussy, and I eased two fingers deep inside, my hooked fingers soon found her illusive ‘G-spot’ and I felt her rock her hips gently against my hand.

When she came, I was sure that her cries were sure to be heard outside, but fortunately she soon began to relax.

For what I would guess to be half an hour, I pleasured her with my fingers and tongue and in that time gave her at least five orgasms, before she pleaded with me to stop, as she didn’t think she could take any more.

I withdrew my fingers, and looked at her as she lay on her back like a limp rag doll, sweating, panting and exhausted

“Looks like you enjoyed that honey, and need a little time to recover.”

All she managed was a quick ‘MMMMMMMMMMMMMM’

I joined her on the bed and into her, and she apparently enjoyed the taste of her own juices, as she her lips repeatedly sought mine, until she fell into a satisfied slumber.

When she woke and I kissed her, my lips still caked from our lovemaking.

She smiled at me and she said that she needed to pee.

I watched fascinated as her cute little butt clenched and unclenched as she make her way, a little weak-kneed, to the bathroom.

“Did you enjoy it than?” I shouted to her whilst she was in the bathroom.

“What do you think?” was her excited reply.

She came back still weary and yawning. “That was fucking great.”

That took me by surprise, as until then she had not used any profanities, and filed it away in my memory bank for later.

She was still too exhausted for more today, so I said.

“OK Hon, that’s it for today but you know were to find me it you want to do it again.”

“Oh I hope so, I feel as though I know a lot more already, thanks to you.”

We dressed and after a quick kiss, I saw her to the door.

I knew that I had her hooked so as to speak, and that there was so much I could teach her.

But would there be another chapter?

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