Emma and Becky Training Ch. 02

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Hi everyone! sorry for the wait, but have had a bit of hectic time recently.

Many thanks to Pretty_girl1996 for editing this (I don’t think it was easy) I hope you all enjoy and please leave any comments or suggestions bellow.


It took several hours Before Becky finally managed to get to sleep, her body was so close to an orgasm that it ached and screamed for release. The cuffs on her hands weren’t moving and all she could do was lie there and try to control her breathing until she got to sleep.

Becky dreamt about how she and Emma had met just three months ago, about how they could barely speak from nervousness. Becky often used to think of herself as attractive, but when she first looked at Emma with her cute little nose, her bright blue eyes, smooth skin, and long blonde hair that fell just short of her ass she looked like a goddess! And as Becky walked over, Emma just stared like a deer trapped in headlights at Becky with her shoulder length red hair, deep green eyes, and a scattering of freckles on her cheek.

Becky awoke the next morning with an intense urge to pee. Emma had crept in during the night and managed to slip into bed and remove the ball gag and blindfold without waking her. She was lying there next to her with her arms wrapped around Becky’s stomach, her head resting on Becky’s breast and one of her legs entwined with hers.

Becky looked at Emma, her blonde hair still shining and covering most of her smooth back and stopping just at her black panties. Becky tried to move and groaned when she felt the tugging of the restraints on her wrists.

Emma woke up slowly, squeezing Becky and kissing her chest before turning to look at her. “Morning sexy,” she spoke tiredly and started to rub the sleep out of her eyes.

‘Morning,” Becky replied staring back at her with her dark green eyes, “any chance you can let me out?” Her desperation showed in her voice.

Emma ran her nails down Becky’s stomach slowly and Becky’s back arched to reach her fingers, “Hmm…I’m not sure that I’m done with you yet,” she whispered and dragged her nails back up to Becky’s chest. “Why do you want to get out?” Emma teased, while using her fingertips to trace the soft curves of Becky’s breast.

Becky’s breath quickened, “I need to pee”, she mumbled quietly.

Emma smiled and placed her hand on Becky’s cheek and kissed her softly. “You have a choice, you can wait until after your orgasm to pee, or you can go now and have no orgasm fatih escort today.” As Emma spoke she grinned and moved her thigh in between Becky’s legs and started to rub against her pussy.

Becky could feel her bladder getting heavier, but she was so damn horny that each touch from Emma was sending almost painful shock waves through her system. “Please, I really need to go!” Becky said while trying to close her legs which only succeeded in pressing Emma’s thigh closer. “Do you need to pee more than you need to orgasm?” Emma asked as she continued to rub her pussy and started to kiss her neck and moved her hands to her soft breasts and squeezed gently.

Becky was so overwhelmed; her bladder was screaming for release but every touch from Emma was bringing her body closer to an orgasm. “No…I…want to come”, Becky stammered willing her bladder to hold for the short time before she came.

Emma removed her thigh from Becky’s pussy, and then started to kiss down her body while her hands slowly moved down Becky’s sides. She kissed from her neck to her shoulder, then back around to her neck to the other shoulder and then lower to the top of her breast.

Becky was getting wetter and it was getting harder to concentrate on not leaking. Every time she tried to close her legs Emma would spread them apart and slap her pussy before continuing to kiss around her breasts. Then on to her nipples which she sucked on and bit before moving down to her stomach. Becky tried to move, to check her restraints which were still firmly attached.

Emma noticed her attempt so she smiled and kissed her faster and lower diverting off the path to head down one thigh and then slowly moving to the other and moving upwards with her kisses. She then sat up and kissed Becky, sliding her tongue into her mouth to explore. Meanwhile she moved her hand to Becky’s pussy and began to stroke her slowly.

Becky gasped for air as her heart began to race and as she got more excited, her pelvic floor twitched and she redoubled her effort to hold her bladder.

Emma’s fingers were dripping wet as she teased Becky’s hole by just slightly sliding her finger in, Emma stopped kissing Becky and sat up, removing her hand and placing her fingers in Becky’s mouth which she sucked clean without hesitation.

Emma placed her hand on Becky’s pussy with her fingers just resting on her clit, “Make yourself cum on my hand,’ she whispered into her ear.

Becky moaned and started istanbul escort to use her hips to rub her pussy on Emma’s hand, she forgot about how much she had to pee, and moved her hips as fast as she could. Emma’s fingers were getting wetter, “Come for me!” Emma repeated applying more pressure with her fingers.

Becky closed her eyes as her body went stiff and her back arched. She couldn’t come because her bladder felt like it was going to explode at the same time. She kept thrusting her hips up and down trying to get past the pain in her bladder and reach the climax she so desperately needed. Then it happened. Her breathing stopped as heat ran through her body delivering every bit of ecstasy that it craved. Her body jerked, she let out a scream, her pussy throbbed, and she squirted a little. “Thank you,” she mumbled.

As Becky shook and twitched, Emma slowly untied her legs from the bed. Then she removed one hand cuff, and quickly pulled it from the bed frame before snapping it back on her wrist. Then Emma kissed her slowly, “We’re not done yet, but I will let you pee.” Becky moaned a little but stayed still apart from the involuntary post orgasm twitch.

She felt Emma pull on her cuffs and sat up slowly. She felt all of the liquid in her bladder shift and the pressure intensified.

Emma pulled Becky to her feet and led her through the house and into the back garden. Then she pushed Becky onto the lawn, “You can pee now.” Becky was still a little delirious from her orgasm so all she could focus on was trying not to pee and listening to Emma, she still hadn’t noticed they were outside. So Becky did as she was told and let it all go. The hot piss streamed from her and her pleasure increased to the point that she almost came again.

When she finished, Becky took in her surroundings and blushed and tried to cover herself, “That’s so much better,” she said while looking around. She had made a puddle on the ground, her legs and feet were wet, and there was a slight twitch in the neighbor’s curtains.

Emma pulled Becky to her feet with the cuffs and turned her to face away from the house. “Bend over,” she said playfully also noticing the curtains and deciding to give them a little show.

Becky turned around, “No, let’s go back inside…please,” she asked quietly and started to walk toward the house. “No! Stand here, turn around, and bend over,” she said quickly grabbing Becky by the arm. Becky tried to slip out of her grip but she taksim escort couldn’t, “I don’t want the neighbors to see,” she whined. “Do it or it will be worse for you later,” she replied calmly showing a little smile at her humiliation.

Becky hesitated and looked around again, and then slowly she bent over. Emma placed her hands on Becky’s butt then gave it two hard spanks to each cheek. The sound reverberated off of the houses, and more curtains twitched. Becky stifled her whimpers as Emma pulled her up, “Now we can go inside,” she said and walked back inside with Becky following closely behind her.

Emma led Becky to the bathroom, “Clean yourself up and don’t get dressed. You won’t need any clothes today, “Emma said and then walked out of the room. In the kitchen, Emma turned and kissed Becky before instructing her to stay put. She walked toward the bedroom and emerged from the room a moment later carrying a bunch of metal and leather.

Becky looked confused as Emma approached her, “What’s that?” “Your underwear,” Emma half explained, “sit on the table with your legs up so that I can put it on for you,” she said. Becky climbed onto the table and lifted her legs, still confused by the device in Emma’s hands. She watched as Emma placed the metal band around her waist and clasped the ends together. “It’s a chastity belt, it’s so I can know for sure that I’m the only one who can touch you,” then she lifted the crotch plate into position.

Emma looked up and smiled as she pulled a padlock out of her bra, and quickly clicked it into place. Emma pulled Becky off of the table and led her into the living room and sat her at the computer chair. She removed a cuff and pulled her hands behind her back and secured her to the chair. “I’ll be right back,” Emma said before she skipped off and returned with the rope that had bound Becky’s feet the night before.

She bound her legs to the corners of the desk, turned on the computer, clicked through a bunch of random folders, and opened a playlist labeled ‘HOT’. The first video started playing and Emma smiled and kissed Becky’s neck as the first scene of a lesbian porn opened on two girls stripping and kissing. Emma turned the volume up on the speakers, “I’m going to go take a shower, enjoy the show,” Emma said and then walked out of the room.

Becky tried to move from the computer but couldn’t even turn because of the way her feet were bound. Twenty minutes later Emma returned fully dressed. She walked over and kissed Becky’s cheek. “I’m going to leave you watching this while I go to lunch.” “Please don’t leave I’m so horny,” Becky said quickly. “I will bring you back something and we can have some more fun then,” Emma winked and then left, locking the door behind her.

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