Generations Ch. 4

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When I finally woke up late the next afternoon, my pussy was still soar, a reminder of my wonderful night with my father. I was surprised to find no one home so I filled the tub and took a long, relaxing bath that led to me finger fucking myself to orgasm as I imagined the possibilities of having three huge cocks at my disposal. Oddly, nothing was said when Gramps returned home with dad and Devin got home a little while later to join us for dinner. I felt the three of them look at me differently and I could’ve sworn I saw lust in all their eyes. Despite sleeping until late afternoon I was in bed and sleeping by 11 that night. I fell asleep wondering what would happen now, and disappointed that none of my men came to me that night.

Morning came quickly and the sun was coming through my open window. My eyes adjusted to the bright sunshine and I jumped when I saw my dad standing in my doorway wearing only his boxer shorts. Then I heard gramps’ voice in the hall asking if she was awake and dad nodded and entered my room, followed my grandpa and Devin, all wearing just their underwear. Dad held out his hand and I followed him and the others down and into the living room.

The furniture had been pushed out of the way and the carpet was covered with sheets and pillows were scattered about. None of us had big beds in the house and I knew immediately that this would be where we all came together. I would have three generations of cock to please me and I was already getting wet when dad began unbuttoning my pajama top. I was braless and they all looked on in appreciation at my tits.

I was led to the floor and laid out on my back. Grandpa was on one side of me, Devin on the other and in seconds they each took a titty for their own. Dad crawled between my legs and stripped off my panties and told me it had been years since he enjoyed the taste of a woman in the morning. I’m not ümraniye escort sure how long I was the center of attention. My brother and father switched positions after each of my three orgasms. Grandpa never left my tit, sucking and squeezing and only stopping to watch my brother and father lick my pussy. I was nearly numb when they sat up and let me catch my breath. “Time to show the lucky lady those lovely cocks,” I purred sitting up. The three of them stood and I could see by the lumps in their shorts that they were already ready to go.

I watched as my three men dropped their shorts and stood their in all their glory. Daddy and Devin’s cocks were pointing to the stars. Grandpas uncut black snake dangled but was firm and ready to fuck. I guess they had discussed this already because Grandpa had me get up on my hands and knees and he was behind me rubbing his snake against my dripping pussy. Dad and Devin were quick to get in front of me, feeding me their erections as Gramps slid his cock into me an inch at a time.

I shuddered as he entered me and my mouth went after the two cocks in front. Devin was the first to cum, and I did my best to swallow his load and then concentrated on dad. I was pleased that I could suck more of him then I did the first time. Devin slid under me and started sucking my swinging titties as Gramps was really fucking me now, hard and deep with 14″ of cock. When Grandpa unloaded his cum into my pussy I had to spit dads cock out as I came, practically yelling at the top of my lungs. When his balls were drained, he moved around front and dad moved behind me. Grandpa had opened me deep and now my father was ready to open me wide.

Gramps fed me his sticky cock for me to lick clean, which I did and which I really enjoyed. I loved the way his and mines cum tasted together. After a few minutes Gramps stepped away and sat up on the couch. pendik escort Dad fucked me hard and fast once I got used to his size and he deposited his second load of cum in my achy pussy. After my father pulled out I felt the air on my stretched pussy, I could also feel two generations worth of cum oozing from me. Dad did what grandpa had done and fed me his softening cock to lick clean, which I gladly did.

Devin was hard again and entered my pussy with a wet, squelching noise. He complained several times about my pussy being stretched out and sloppy but I really don’t think he minded. He seemed to love my sloppy pussy when I awoke and found his tongue in me last week. He finally shut up as he got in the groove and gave me a very hard fucking that caused me to cum again, loudly as the last the time. By the time Devin added his thick, creamy load to my pussy I was almost numb and my pussy was in need of a serious rest. I think we all needed to rest, even Devin.

After resting a few minutes, Devin went after my sloppy hole and started to lick me out. Dad soon joined him and before I knew what was happening, I had two tongues working on my pussy. I was getting the feeling back in my puss but was in no hurry to get fucked again so soon. As the two men licked away, Grandpa stood over me stroking himself. He lowered himself down enough to present me with his wrinkled balls and I immediately took one in my mouth. I loved the big balls that were swinging in this room.

I was surprised when Gramps stood and came again, this time his warm load covered my tits and belly and some dripped on my face. I loved the feeling of cum raining down on me and that combined with the two tongues on my pussy had me ready for another round. I’m not sure however that I was ready for what they wanted to do.

Dad lay down in the middle of the floor and he had me squat my puss down bostancı escort on his new erection. Mmm, daddy was thick and he filled me so wide. Dad pulled me foreward so that my titties swung in his face and he started sucking my nipples… hard. Then I got nervous. I felt Devin rubbing his rock hard erection between the cheeks of my ass. The head felt like a fist as he tried to invade me back there. When he saw how tight it was I felt him getting in position to lick my brown hole and thats just what he did. He stayed back there for a few minutes and the only thing he said was “Damn girl, you’re creaming all over daddy’s balls” and then his tongue left me and my dad jumped and then smiled and I knew Devin was licking my honey from dads balls.

Finally he thought I was ready and he was right. I can’t begin to tell you how tight things felt with both huge cocks stuffed in me. I orgasmed almost immediately when Devin worked himself in me. Then they started getting a good rythym going, fucking me double time in both holes.

I motioned grandpa over and he figured I wanted to suck his tired snake but I wanted to give him a rim job, I had done it once before and he loved it. He smiled and told me I was such a nasty bitch but he squatted and spread his cheeks for me. In this position his cock hung down practically in daddy’s face and I saw my dad eyeing his dads huge snake. I peaked around grandpa and made eye contact with daddy and nodded that he should go for it if he wanted to. All gramps said was “Damn” when daddy started sucking him.

A few more minutes of this and Devin was pumping me frantic and pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my ass… I could feel it dripping down onto daddy’s balls. I came next, my body screaming with pleasure as my spasming pussy squeezed another load from daddy and finally grandpa came when I stuck my middle finger up his ass, he filled daddy’s mouth with his third orgasm. He’d rarely been able to cum twice normally and here he was unleashing number three. We finally all fell away exhausted and spent and just lay there. That was a couple of years ago, things have been fantastic ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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