Glory Hole Party

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Big Dick

Greg and Kristy had been in the swinging scene for more than six months now, enjoying every experience as if it were their first. They awaited this month’s email invite with excited anticipation. The email finally came and it was an invite to a Glory Hole Party with prizes for the best nipple sucker and cock gobbler. It sounded curious and fun, they discussed what each thought it meant and couldn’t wait to find out.

Friday night finally came and they headed out for the party. Upon arrival they noticed the living room and den were separated by a make shift wall that had 5 bays or booths on the living room side, and 5 on the den side. The side walls of the booths were separated with a sturdy wall with grab handles at the top of each side. The center separating wall had dark blue Nitrite rubber stretched over a wooden frame, it was seven feet tall and stretchy from top to bottom and each bay had three holes cut into the rubber that were about 2 inches in diameter, two of the holes were about 3.5 feet up from the floor and about 12 inches apart, and the third hole was about 2.5 feet up from the floor.

The hosts explained the night’s festivities; each man would take a bay on the living room side undress and wait. Then the women would undress on the den side and choose a starting bay. They would press their breasts into the rubber so that their nipples were situated in the upper holes protruding to the mens side. A timer would be set and the men would give their best nipple sucking performance for five minutes. The women would then rotate to the next bay and enjoy a nipple suck job for the allotted time from the next man and so on until they had visited all 5 bays. Before proceeding to the next bay they were to clean their nipples with a disposable antiseptic towel so as not to spread germs.

Each bay had a number and the women were to grade each numbers performance on a scale of 1-10 which would be tallied at the end of the night to decide the best nipple sucker. Then it would be the men’s turn, each woman would choose a bay and then the men would rotate from bay to bay inserting their cock through the lower hole in the rubber were they would receive a five minute cock suck from each woman before rotating to the next bay; again they were to grade the number of the bay from 1-10 to decide the best cock sucker. Then they would all converge in the living room to reveal the winners and the remainder of the night would be reserved for some face to face sucking and fucking.

The gaziantep bayan escort men departed from their women and took their positions. Kristy chose bay 2 to start and excitedly disrobed and assumed her position sticking her nipples through the holes. She reached up and grabbed the support handles on each side to give her a little leverage so she could really pressure her breasts into the rubber. Almost immediately she felt a thumb and finger on her left nipple rolling and tugging it, then she felt the soft lips touch her right nipple followed by the tip of a tongue touching the tip of her nipple, and it sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. Number 2 began to gently suck and bite and twist and pull her nipples, and when her nipples hardened he stepped it up a notch and started to get rougher with her. Sucking and biting a little harder and tugging and twisting alternating between the left and right breast until she started to moan with pleasure. Her pussy was pulsating with excitement as he pleasured her. All too soon the five minutes were up and she reluctantly moved to the next station.

Again she assumed the position, inserting her nipples into the cut-out holes, grabbing the Oh shit handles and pressuring her breast into the rubber separating film so that her nipples protruded as far as they could to the other side. Number 3 started in much the same way as 2 did, twisting and pulling at one while sucking and biting the other. The difference that she could tell was that number 3 had fuller softer lips and he used them well. Rolling her nipple between his lips and tantalizing the tip of her nipple with his tongue, he would switch sides often and always kept her nipples moist. He was gentle with every move and she enjoyed every moment.

The timer went off again and she moved to bay number 4, assumed her position, and before she could even grab the handles he began to work her nipples. He definitely knew his way around a nipple, tugging, biting, rolling it between his front teeth, then sucking it deep into his mouth and massaging it with the back of his tongue. She was really enjoying it and began to rock her pelvis as if she were riding a cock. She pulled herself into the separator with the handles and enjoyed his mastery of nipple sucking. He sucked and bit and pulled and rolled her nipples harder and faster as she leaned into the rubber. She began to orgasm as he played her breast like a screaming guitar. She was glad the handles were there as her knees trembled and gave way as she came. He continued to pleasure her even more as she finished her orgasm. The timer went off and she whispered thank you before she parted to the next bay.

The next two men were definitely good at sucking nipples, better than the first two even, but she could not get over number 4’s mastery of the art. The remaining two men had their own little subtleties that did drive her crazy and made her want to come again but they just didn’t get her there. By the time the timer went off she was ready to be fucked and fucked hard, but she knew it was the women’s turn to suck the men so she would have to hold off for a while longer.

The Hostess asked the women for their ballots and then provided them each with a chair to sit in front of the lower hole in the separator. After all women were in place in their bays, including the hostess, she hollered over to the men that they were ready.

The men assumed their positions and Kristy was presented with a rock hard cock protruding thru the hole. She took it into her mouth and began to stroke and suck it slowly, massaging the tip with her tongue as she pulled up. She could taste the prejac as she did and thought to herself that sucking nipples sure made this guy excited. She swallowed his cock all the way and gave it some good sucking movements as it was buried in her throat. She heard the moan from the other side of the separator and knew that this was her man’s cock. She pulled up and began to plunge her head up and down on Greg’s cock taking it all the way down hard and fast. He moaned again and pushed his midsection into the separator with each of Kristy’s down strokes. She knew he was about to cum so she pulled up and grabbed his cock tight in her right hand and squeezed it hard warding off the pending ejaculate. She finished up by tonguing the end of his cock as she kept the death grip on it. The timer went off and he moved on with a sigh. She knew she had his vote.

The next cock protruded through the rubber and she started sucking and bobbing on it like it was a bomb pop. She found herself getting more and more excited as she sucked the strangers cock and she became more and more animated in her movements the more excited she got. She deep-throated him and stayed there sucking and sucking it. Then she rose up and deep-throated him again and again in a rapid fashion. Then the timer went and she tongued the end of his cock as it left her mouth. She was really hot and bothered now.

The next cock came sliding in through the hole and it was a nice one. Semi-hard it was 8 inches easy and perfect in every way. “Semi-hard? Did the last gal not do a very good job”, she thought to herself. I can fix this she thought. She took it in her hand and started to massage the head with her lips and sticking her tongue into the end of his cock. It immediately perked up and she started to go up and down on it with her mouth, trying to build up enough courage to try and deep throat it. After a few strokes she tried it and was surprised at how easy it slid into her throat. She deep-throated him numerous times and her excitement level sky rocketed as she took him all the way. Her pussy was screaming for attention and she could deny it no longer. She pulled off his cock grabbed it with her hand, stood up and turned around. She guided it to the entrance of her red hot pussy and then she leaned back into the separator taking his cock all the way into her dripping wet vagina. He moaned in pleasure and she grabbed the chair seat in front of her for support as he began to stroke his cock in and out of her hot pussy. He rocked her pussy with his behemoth cock, fucking her hard and fast, from behind. She began to cum immediately as he plunged it in and out of her. She came for the remaining time and when the timer went off, he pulled out and she heard him whisper that she definitely had his vote.

She repeated this procedure with the remaining two cocks that were presented to her, enjoying every minute of it and Cumming one more time with the last one as his cock was slightly crooked when hard and it hit a spot on her that she didn’t know existed. It made her cum quite quickly when she wasn’t expecting it and it felt very satisfying.

Then they all converged in the living room as previously directed and chit-chatted while the votes were tallied. By a narrow margin Greg won the nipple sucking contest and got a pocket pussy for his prize, Kristy knew he had a good chance because he was a great nipple sucker. And by unanimous vote Kristy won the cock sucking contest and won a Feel Real Vibrating Dildo for her prize. This did not surprise Greg either as he also knew she was the best.

The rest of the evening was a free for all orgy in the living room. Greg watched as Kristy was pleasured by two men, one with a nice large cock. And while he watched he sported his own wood and the hostess came over and gave him head. He watched his wife pleasured in numerous ways while he too was pleasured. And as his wife Kristy reached her climax, he too came for his greatest pleasure was witnessing her satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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