Greg’s List Pt. 05

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

“No! That sounds like a terrible idea!” Amanda Blake could not believe her ears.

If only she had the inner strength to really challenge her husband.

“It’s not such a bad idea, dear,” her husband, Matt smoothly replied. “It will make our marriage stronger.” Amanda was afraid to even give him the concession of looking at him when he spoke. She stood with her back to him, looking out the window at the grounds around their house.

“Studies show that an infusion of outside perspectives helps to ‘freshen up’ a marriage,” he said, persuasively. “I forget what word they used, but it pretty clearly showed that a menage a trois would more likely help to keep married partners together, rather than to drive them apart…and I love you, and want to keep us together.” He paused. “If you love me, you’ll agree.”

Amanda wasn’t deaf to the implied threat in his words, and her shoulders slumped just enough for Matt to see that he had scored a point.

“Just a one time thing…with a stranger. No muss, no fuss, and what is left is you and I…us…standing together, stronger than ever in our marriage. And as beautiful as you are inside, I bet you can get some ideas on makeup, and fashion, and even losing weight, from meeting someone new… what do you say, old gal?”

In spite of Matt’s terminology, learned either at his prep school or at his Ivy League university, Amanda was not at all “old.” In point of fact, she was as young as he, twenty-six, and every bit as attractive as he, which was considerable.

She was quite lovely to the discerning eye – plump, yes, but fair complected, with white, even teeth, sparkling blue eyes, a lovely smile, glossy long black hair – but she had been much abused by Matt’s mind games, so much so that she had begun to doubt herself. His mental domination had beaten her down, instead of helping her to be someone that she, herself, could admire.

“Well…” she began, and Matt knew that he had her…again. He’d be able to bring in his girl friend, the one that Amanda didn’t even suspect existed, have some fun with two women at once, and once again, degrade and humiliate his wife. It was the perfect setup, until…

“Perhaps I would go along with this, but there would be ground rules. First, I would choose the other woman. Second, there would only be one time – if you need to add to our marriage to make it stronger, certainly once would be adequate. Third, you may never communicate with this woman once she has, um, been over. Agreed?” Amanda had turned to face Matt for this declaration.

“Er, why of course, Amanda,” Matt said, smiling an oily smile. “Perfectly fine.” At least the door would be opened to an extra-marital affair that was to his liking, Matt thought. If not this time, then the next time…and there would be a next time, too. The precedent would be set.

Matt just hoped that Amanda would find another woman who was at least somewhat hot. No chance she’d get someone as hot as Charlene, his girl friend, but if she had the requisite holes and didn’t bark, he’d make do! After all, it was all about his long term plan. Take his wife’s inherited money, one way or another, and as much of her family’s home security business as he could finagle, and then dump her pretty, but naive, fat ass.

After Matt left, Amanda sat down, heavily. “What have I gotten myself into?” she wondered. Her father, God rest his soul, had always told her that when she was standing neck deep in pig shit, even a shit-covered rope was better than nothing. Although Amanda had never found herself in a situation even remotely resembling her father’s aphorism, still, she could derive the kernel of wisdom, and perhaps save herself and her marriage, as poor as it was.

“So…where to find a woman who’ll act as another, temporary, partner in our bed?” she asked herself. Thinking back, she remembered an article that she’d seen in the Wall Street Journal, about an internet site called “”, where people could find services, some of which were rather disreputable. “Offering to sleep with a happily married couple certainly qualifies as ‘disreputable,'” Amanda thought.

“It shouldn’t cost anything to at least look at the website,” she thought. She went over to the desktop computer that she used far more often for following her favorite charities, and checked out the site on Wikipedia first – after all, she might be naive, but she wasn’t stupid. After assuring herself that the site itself was safe, although many of its businesses might not be, she entered the web address, took a deep breath, and pressed “Enter.”

What a delightfully raucous world she discovered! But, also very confusing. When she finally figured that the personal ads weren’t going to get her what she wanted – someone she could pay, and go away after the one time, she got a little desperate. “Why can’t they just have ads for ‘ladies of the night,’ and be done with it?” she thought. Then she just began picking ads at random – the equivalent of throwing her hands up, and running porno indir off screaming into the night.

During this, more boring search, she ran across an ad that either sounded perfect, or a complete misunderstanding, but by this point she decided that she had to do something.

The wording sounded hopeful: “Woman-owned company offers in-home services to couples. Our pretty, friendly and young servicewomen will handle the most unusual needs around the house. Must be reputable, clean and we WILL check you out! Reasonable prices.”

“Well, it’s worth a shot, anyway,” Amanda thought. She contacted the mail box that she was directed to, and subsequently an email connection. The woman who ran the business, named ‘Samantha,’ seemed very nice, and assured Amanda that she certainly might have understood the real message of the ad, but also conveyed to Amanda that she had to be careful, to avoid police becoming involved.

Finally, both women agreed to meet at a local coffee shop. Although the woman said that she didn’t care what Amanda’s husband looked like, and that she really had no interest in him, still she insisted that Amanda bring a picture of him with her. Amanda didn’t understand what the woman meant when she said, ‘husbands have to be male’. “Well, of course they do,” Amanda thought.

Amanda returned from the initial meeting in a good frame of mind. “The young lady seemed very sweet, not at all like the women that I see on television doing that sort of thing,” she said to Matt. “And certainly her price wasn’t unreasonable – you couldn’t pay me enough to have sex with a stranger.” Unusual for such a deliberate person, Amanda had decided the “work” should be done at her house the following night. There were a few assurances that Amanda had wanted, and she was satisfied that Samantha would comply.

“Normally, I’d do a lot more research into possible issues, but I have a good feeling about this,” Amanda said to her husband. “Besides, I want to get this over with so that you’ll stop pestering me about it.” Amanda was sorely disappointed that sex had turned out to be such an unsatisfying endeavor, after all the buildup people had given it, but she had resigned herself to the fact that men were unceasingly interested in it, even if it offered little to keep a woman’s attention.

The following night, Amanda was seated reading a book about colors – at least, it was titled something about shades of grey, although it didn’t really seem to talk much about that at all. She’d have to mention that to Lily, her avant-garde friend who’d recommended it. When the door bell rang, she said, “She’s here, Matt,” and went to answer the door.

Matt raised his eyebrows. “Please don’t be a cow, please don’t be a cow, please don’t be a cow…” ran through his head like some sort of mantra.

“Hello, Samantha,” Amanda said, standing aside to allow the young girl entry. “And who is this?”

“This is my, um, partner, Trish. We’ve had a bad experience or two, so she’s along to make sure that everything’s okay. I hope that’s alright.”

“Oh, fine,” Amanda said. Trish seemed to be cut from a similar mold as Samantha – a bit younger, but equally cute, though they looked nothing like each other.

Matt rose. It was apparent to Amanda, from the expression on his face, that he was pleased with her choice. “Hello, who is this?” he said loudly, in a hearty voice. Amanda rolled her eyes. He was putting on his ‘fake persona,’ as she called it.

“This is the young lady that we arranged for, Matt. Matt, Samantha…Samantha, Matt.” Samantha smiled politely at Matt, as he leered back at her.

“Welcome…you certainly are attractive, Samantha, as is your friend, um, ‘Trish,’ is it? Do you play, too?”

Samantha and Trish looked uncertain. “Um, no,” said Samantha. “She’s just here for my personal safety.” The two women exchanged uncertain glances.

“Would you like a drink?” Amanda asked the two women. Fearful that they might be slipped something in the drink, Samantha and Trish declined. Matt was pleased.

“The faster I can get in these two chicks’ pants…” he thought to himself. The foursome chatted uncomfortably for a few minutes, and then Matt spoke up.

“Well, dear…shall we retire to the bedroom?” Amanda looked at the two women, unsure of protocol, and then decided that there was no reason not to.

“Yes, that’s a good idea,” she said, rising from her chair. The others followed her to their spacious master bedroom. “I don’t know quite how this sort of thing is supposed to go,” she said, distress growing apparent on her face, at least to Samantha and Trish. Matt seemed oblivious…or just uncaring.

Samantha spoke up. “Let us put you at ease, it’s obvious that this is a new thing to you both…” She had no idea if Matt had done this before or not, but Samantha was concerned that Amanda not become upset. She had bonded with Amanda at their first meeting, and didn’t want to upset her. Besides, she was the one paying the bill.

“Would you rokettube like a little back and shoulder massage, Amanda?” Samantha asked. “That’s very helpful in putting people at ease…”

“Yes…I’d like that,” Amanda replied, relieved. She felt as though she were going to throw up.

Samantha arranged herself behind Amanda on the bed. Both women remained fully clothed. Samantha began lightly touching the attractive woman on her upper back, around her shoulder blades and shoulders, then increased the pressure. Even to a novice like Samantha, it was apparent that Amanda was very tense.

As she massaged Amanda, Samantha whispered in her ear, “Everything will be fine, you and your husband will be satisfied and we’ll leave. You needn’t worry, we’ll take care of you.”

Those were just the reassurances that Amanda needed to hear, and combined with the physical relaxation from Samantha’s touch, she visibly relaxed. She turned her head to Samantha, and whispered back, “Thank you!” She was startled by the presence of Samantha’s lips so close to hers, and quickly turned away.

The massage continued for a few minutes, then Samantha suggested, “If you take your top off, I can massage you more effectively…and to be fair, I can take my top off, too.”

Amanda reluctantly agreed, and mentally kicked herself for her reluctance. “What did I think was going to happen?”

The two women took off their blouses, clad still in bras. Samantha resumed her massage, now extending her touch to almost all of Amanda’s upper body, including around the front of the woman, and over her bra-clad breasts, although just lightly.

Meanwhile, Matt was angling his way with Trish. He managed to convince her that, while she might not participate, she should at least disrobe as Samantha did. She could see some logic in that – after all, it would help the atmosphere of sexiness that the couple had paid for, and move the job to a finish. So, Trish and Matt were slowly disrobing, even as Amanda and Samantha were, too.

Amanda was visibly responding in a more sexual way to Samantha’s touch. It was possible that Amanda had lacked for female companionship over the years, Samantha thought, which was exactly the case. The wealthy woman’s mother had died young, she had no siblings and she’d been home schooled by a series of female tutors to whom she had yearned to bond, but her father had changed them out every year out of ignorance of Amanda’s needs as a young girl.

Amanda moaned, and Samantha smiled. “Finally, I’m making some progress,” she exulted.

“I’d like to give you a full body massage,” Samantha suggested, this time her lips brushed Amanda’s ear. Amanda nearly jumped, then turned her head and upper body to more closely face Samantha.

The two women faced each other, their faces moving closer, and Samantha decided, “Oh, why the fuck not,” and brought her lips to Amanda’s, their kiss sweet, and to both women’s minds, far too short. Samantha stood, and stripped off her skirt, down to bra and panties. Amanda did the same, a little nervously, but with far more enthusiasm than she’d shown before.

“Matt, how are you doing?” she asked, looking at her husband as he pulled off his pants.

“Great, dear,” he said, pulling his eyes away from Trish’s slim legs, as she shimmied off her jeans. “Just…great.” Trish managed to bend over to finish removing her pants, her barely panty-covered ass close to his face, her pussy’s fragrance teasing him.

Samantha dove into her massage of Amanda, as the woman lay on her stomach. She alternated deep tissue massage with gentle caresses, leaving no exposed area untouched, with her fingers provocatively slipping under the strap of Amanda’s bra and the hem of her panties. Amanda clearly was beginning to really relax and enjoy herself, which made the process more fun for Samantha, too.

And she was enjoying Amanda’s body immensely. She continued caressing the woman’s body, from shoulders to her feet, manipulating every muscle group, eliciting moans and groans of pleasure. Samantha unhooked Amanda’s bra, running her fingers over her flesh where it had been compressed by the strap, all the way across her upper back, and down her sides. Samantha scraped her fingernails over the sides of Amanda’s breasts – her moans at that point were loud and passionate. Samantha leaned down and kissed Amanda’s neck, as her fingertips pressed into Amanda’s breasts.

Then Samantha boldly began removing Amanda’s panties. At first, the attractive woman stiffened and froze, then seemingly came to a decision, and from that point aided in the removal of the last of her clothes, by lifting her hips off the bed to ease Samantha’s pulling her panties down her hips and legs. Amanda’s ass was cute and looked delicious, giving Samantha a sweet thrill in her clit.

Meanwhile, Trish was naked, and giggling, removed the last of Matt’s clothes. She oohed when she saw his cock, which was immensely stiff and a good four inches long. “Oh, that’s so BIG,” she exclaimed, taking it porno lightly in her fingers.

“Careful,” Matt said. “A pretty girl like you, you don’t want to get me off too quick…” Trish kissed him, her lips on his, her mouth open to receive his tongue, as one of his hands went to her breasts, the other to her naked ass. As he squeezed what he could get his hands on, she swiftly stroked his cock, sending him over the top in what had to be record time. He spurted his hot cream all over his own leg, his load of jizz seeming bigger than his cock itself.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey,” Trish said, the expression on her face conveying her upset at taking him out of the picture so early. “You’d better go clean up.” After she pushed him out to the hall bathroom in search of tissue, Trish looked over at Samantha, and winked. Then she closed and locked the bedroom door.

She joined Samantha and Amanda on the bed. “Can I help?” Samantha gave her lover a warm smile.

“You’ve already helped immensely, but why don’t you show Amanda how close you’d like the three of us to be.”

Trish lay down next to Amanda, who opened her eyes and smiled. “At last,” Amanda said.

“Hi,” Trish said. “I guess Sam told you about me.”

There was a smile in Amanda’s eyes, for the first time in Samantha’s experience. “She told me that you had a lot of very good ideas, some of which might even help an heiress desperate to get rid of her husband.” She paused. “She didn’t say that both of you would be teaching me about Sapphic love, but I love the idea. You’re a very lucky woman…does she do these massages all the time?”

“Oh, that and more,” Trish said, leaning in to kiss Amanda, who sighed as she felt soft, warm female lips meet hers.

“So gentle,” Amanda whispered almost soundlessly, sighing contentedly. Samantha continued massaging Amanda all over, but her touches were more caresses than anything else, and more and more involved her erogenous areas.

Soon, Samantha lay down, on the other side of Amanda’s slack body, still touching her, as Amanda and Trish’s soft kisses began to heat up. Gradually, Samantha’s caresses were augmented by her own kisses, starting at Amanda’s shoulders, and slowly, excruciatingly slowly, working her way down her back, light soft touches of warm, moist lips against increasingly responsive female flesh.

Lightly perfumed, Amanda’s body was a sensory delight for Samantha, her skin sweet and smooth under Sam’s lips, salty from the faint sheen of perspiration that her growing excitement was bringing to the surface of her glowing and lovely body. A faint blush was rising on her upper chest, her breathing becoming shallow and rapid.

“So lovely,” Amanda murmured, returning again and again to the pleasure of feeling Trish against her, their stiff nipples actually touching at times, hips jerking into each other, seemingly by accident. Samantha’s hands traced over Amanda’s naked hips, her warm vulva pressed into Amanda’s soft, round ass. Amanda couldn’t keep herself from grinding her sweet bottom into Samantha’s puffy bush, the feeling so erotic to the highly deprived wife.

Samantha’s hand continued past Amanda’s full hips, to the moist, deep shadow between her legs, Samantha’s finger romping through Amanda’s bush on its way to her plump clit, teasing wetly around her small, rose-colored button, sheathed protectively under its fleshy hood.

Amanda gasped.

“Oh…that feels so good…oh, don’t stop, please!” Her hips quivered and shook, her face turned a rosy red. Trish giggled.

“You’re so pretty when you cum!” Trish exclaimed, a happy smile on her face, just as she brought her lips to Amanda’s again. The two women kissed languorously, and Amanda shivered and shook again as she received the most beautiful of female stimulation from the two randy, young lesbians.

“Is that an orgasm?” Amanda gasped, when she broke her kiss with Amanda. Trish looked surprised.

“Haven’t you ever had an orgasm?” she asked Amanda, wonderingly. “A beautiful woman like you?”

“No one ever told me that I was beautiful,” Amanda sobbed, as tears began racing down her cheeks. Both Samantha and Trish sat up.

“Get out of here!” Samantha exclaimed. “Surely Matt told you that…”

“No,” Amanda said. “He told me that I was lucky to get a man as good looking as him. He used to tell that I ‘could look pretty good, if I lost some weight.'”

“Jesus, what a dick!” Trish said, an angry expression clouding her face. “Fuck him!”

“Seriously,” added Samantha. “Some fucking men.” She paused. “Look, you’re very beautiful, you have nothing to apologize to anyone for, and your worth comes from you, not from the people around you. You’ve been hanging around the wrong fucking people.”

“Do you think so?” Amanda quavered.

“Absolutely, responded Trish.

“Yep,” said Samantha.

“You girls are so nice,” Amanda said, wiping at her cheeks. “I must look a mess…”

“Oh absolutely, you do…” Samantha quickly responded. Trish and Amanda stared at her.

“…and the only thing to do for it is a group bath.” Samantha smiled. “I guarantee you’ll forget about those cruel people…and we can teach you about orgasms.” Trish smiled, and a smile soon came to Amanda’s face, after seeing the sincerity in the two women’s faces.

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