I”M Not, Really, I’m Not Pt. 02

I”M Not, Really, I’m Not Pt. 02

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It’s Saturday and I can’t stop thinking about having to go out this evening and having dinner with Mr. Grant but I know there is no way out of it. I’m watching a game on tv when the doorbell rings. When I answer it, there are two men standing there. One is holding a couple clothes bags and the other several boxes.

‘Are you Steve?’ and when I answer in the affirmative. ‘These are a gift from your employer.’

I take the clothes bags in and lay them on the couch and come back and get the boxes and the men leave. I open the clothes bags and in each one there are two suits, really nice suits. Damn, these look expensive. Then I go to the larger box and find several nice dress shirts in assorted colors. Then I open the smaller box and find a letter just inside sitting on what I discover are several pairs of underwear. As I look at them, they are all different styles of bikini underwear. Some feel like they are made of silk or satin, so smooth and shiny. What kind of boss sends his employee underwear? I open the letter.

‘Steve, I know this must feel strange to you but it’s something that I like to do for the young men I hire. I realize often they are not in a financial situation to be able to buy the clothes they might desire. I think it’s very important for my boys to present a professional and successful image, so I do this as a little bonus. I hope everything fits perfectly and hope I will see one of the new suits tonight. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better Steve.’

Fuck, this just gets weirder and weirder. I have never heard of a boss doing this for his employees. The suits and shirts are bad enough but damn, he sent me bikini underwear. I can’t stop from thinking that he probably hopes he can see me in a pair of those tonight too. Not going to happen. Damn, this job seemed so perfect and now I’m in no financial position to quit.

It’s finally time to leave. I’m wearing one of the new suits, a dark blue, with a light blue shirt with a red tie. Damn, this is really a nice suit. I had hesitated before wearing one of the bikini shorts but finally put on one that was a plain white. Once I got it on, I almost changed because when the material stretched, it was almost transparent. Fuck, no one going to see them on me anyway so I left them one.

I hear a knock on the door and when I answer it, a man in a uniform was standing there, and after a moment, I realize it must be Mr. Grant’s driver.

‘Are you ready Sir?’ he asks. He is tall, slender, middle-aged and very black. When I tell him yes, he leads me back to a black limo and opens the door for me. When I look in, Mr. Grant is sitting there.

‘Hello Steve. Please get in.’

I get in and sit down on the same bench seat as Mr. Grant. He isn’t sitting all the way to his side and when I sit down, his hand finds my thigh lightly for a second then he removes it. ‘You look very nice in your suit. I hope you like it.’

Nervously I answer, ‘All of them are very nice Mr. Grant. I was very surprised when those guys brought them over for me.’

‘It’s Tom tonight Steve. Just two men out for a night on the town. I want you to relax and enjoy yourself,’ he says as his hand gives my thigh a quick touch again.

I try to relax but the fact he has touched me twice already does not help that to happen. He reaches to the back of the seat in front of us and opens a small compartment and takes out two glasses.

‘I got us some champagne to start the evening,’ he says handing me one of the glasses and holding his so we can touch glasses which I do and then take a drink. ‘This is one of my favorites, I hope you like it.’

We drink the champagne as we make small talk about my home town and how I’m liking LA. He refills our glasses and by the time we finish the second glass we are pulling up in front of a really fancy hotel. The doorman opens our doors, greets Mr. Grant, and ushers us into the hotel.

‘They have a tremendous steakhouse here Steve. Steaks are great but the lobsters to die for,’ he says smiling at me.

We go into the restaurant and are seated in a small circular booth toward the back of the restaurant and we slide in from opposite ends. It seems like Mr. Grant slides further than necessary and we end up not sitting that far apart.

‘They always save this table for me. It’s quieter back here and I like the atmosphere where it’s a little darker and more private. A waiter arrives sitting down two waters along with two martinis. ‘They know what I like here and hopefully you like vodka martinis.’

I have never had one but don’t want to admit it so I tell him that I do like them even though beer is more my style. ‘This is really a nice place. I bet it’s pricey.’

“I like my boys to see what is available to them if they put their efforts into their jobs and understand that keeping the boss happy is very important,’ he says laughing.

‘Yea, nothing wrong with having a lot of money,’ I reply not at all glad to hear his comment about keeping the boss happy. ‘I will try to do a good bahis firmaları job for you Mr. Grant.’

‘Steve, please call me Tom. Mr. Grant seems so formal and makes me feel like an old guy.’

‘You aren’t old Tom. I hope I’m in as good as shape as you are when I get to be your age. You must work out quite a bit.’

‘I do like working out. I go to keep my stamina up to be able to keep up with you boys.’

Damn. Why does he insist on calling us boys? I would think he would realize that’s rather insulting. ‘I’m sure you have no trouble with that, Tom.’

The waiter shows up and we both order steaks. They are delicious and by the time we finish them, and our second martini, I start to feel a little more comfortable around Tom. I’m also feeling a pretty good buzz from the drinks also.

‘I keep a suite upstairs that I use to get away from things and I need to pick up some paperwork that I have left up there. It shouldn’t take very long. Are you finished and ready to go Steve?’

Oh fuck. I can’t tell him that I won’t go up there with him but there is no doubt in my mind that his intentions are not honorable. ‘Yes, I guess so. I can just wait down here if you want to go pick up your paperwork.’

‘Don’t be silly, I want to show you my suite’ he says starting across the lobby towards the elevators. ‘You will love the view of the city.’

‘Good evening Mr. Grant,’ the bellhop standing by the elevator says as we walk up. ‘I hope you enjoy your visit to our hotel.’

‘I always do Stanley,’ he replies and the small smile on the bellhop’s face says too much. We get into the elevator and I see him put a key into a slot and then punch the button for the floor right below the penthouse. He sees me looking when he does it. ‘The elevator opens right into my suite. The key is necessary to get to this floor. I tried to get the penthouse but they will not lease it out long term. My place is still very nice.’

The elevator opens and I look into this expansive suite. It looks bigger than the house I grew up in. There is a small kitchen with a nice bar next to it. It has a sunken living room and the outside wall is floor to ceiling glass. Fuck, what must something like this cost. I had no idea that Mr. Grant had this kind of money.

‘Well Steve, what do you think?’

‘It’s unbelievable Sir. I’ve never seen anything like it.’

‘I’m going to fix us another drink and then I want to show you the view from the balcony,’ he says as he heads to the bar.

I really don’t need another drink but I don’t really want to refuse and seem ungrateful. I mean, he’s giving me all those clothes, taken me out to a fancy restaurant, I guess I should be thankful for that but I can’t stop my mind from racing with other thoughts. He brings the drinks over and sits them on a table.

‘Time to relax,’ he says taking off his suitcoat. ‘Shed your suitcoat Steve, I want to show you the view.’

I take my coat off and hang it on one of the chairs and he escorts me towards the balcony. When we get close, one of the windows slides to the side and we walk out onto this big balcony. We are up at least thirty floors and the view’s terrific. Thinking about everything that has happened today, plus seeing this suite, makes me realize how that one percent lives.

‘Something else, isn’t it?’ he asks.

‘Yes, it sure is Sir.’

He puts his arm around my shoulders and I can’t help but tense up. ‘What am I going to have to do to get you to call me Tom?’

‘I’m sorry, I guess it just doesn’t seem right, I mean, you are my boss and you live like this. I just don’t feel comfortable calling you Tom.’

‘Maybe you are the kind of boy who prefers calling men like me Sir. Are you that kind of boy Steve?’

‘I don’t know what you mean. Why do you refer to me and the other guys as boys Sir?’

‘What I mean Steve is that some guys are naturally more submissive around men of power. They realize that their place might not be as an equal to that kind of men. Pleasing that man becomes important to them. Guys that feel that way are often referred to as boys.’

I move away to where he arm is no longer around my shoulder. ‘Do you think I’m like that.’

‘I don’t know Steve. When I hired you, I got the impression that success was very important to you and that if certain things were required of you to keep your position, you would be willing to make that sacrifice. I was hoping it wouldn’t even be a sacrifice, that it would be something you desired. Seeing you out with Troy made me believe that might be possible.’

‘I didn’t know he was gay or that the Flamingo was a gay club Mr. Grant.’

‘I think maybe it is best if you use Sir when addressing me now Stevie. You see the other boys at work. Do they act like they are doing anything they don’t want to do? Maybe you need to see the places that James and Sammy are living in to realize the benefits of being a good boy Stevie.’

I was not expecting anything like this when I took the job.’

‘Took the job Sir,’ he kaçak iddaa says staring at me.

‘What if I’m not like them…Sir?’

‘Then I think you probably should see what other job opportunities are available to you and I’m afraid you will have to be out of that apartment I set you up in by the end of the month. It’s your choice to decide what is more important to you.’

Fuck, fuck, fuck. How can he do this to me? ‘That’s not right. If you were expecting that from me, you should have let me know before I took the job. Did you think I was gay?’

‘No, I was pretty sure you weren’t. There is something special about taking a straight guy like you and turning them into a pretty fag boy that just does it for me.’

‘This is all so wrong.’

Suddenly, he slaps me. ‘I said to address me as Sir, boy!

I rub my cheek. I can’t believe he did that.

‘Decision time boy. Either you walk back into my suite. I send you down to my car and have you driven home or you come closer, put your arms around my neck and give me a kiss.’

I stand there, shocked with what is happening. If I refuse, I’m stuck in a strange city, no job, no place to live or else I’m heading back to Kansas. I can’t let that happen. I look up at him and see the look on his face. It’s the look of dominance.

‘Your move boy.’

Reluctantly, I give in and move closer and put my arms around his neck and lean in and kiss him. I feel his arms around me as he holds me tight and presses his tongue into my mouth. I try to fight the feelings I’m having but I find myself kissing him back. The kiss lasts for a while and then we stop.

‘Good boy. You seemed to enjoy that. I realize how hard it must be for a straight boy like you to find out that he enjoys it when a man kisses him. I mean kissing another man is so gay, isn’t it, Stevie?’

‘Please Sir. Please don’t do this to me.’

‘When someone responds like you did to my kiss, it makes me think it’s something you want, something you need. Now tell me you liked kissing me and that you want me to kiss you again. Be a good little fag boy and ask me.’

God, not only is he forcing this upon me but he seems to get off on making it as humiliating as he can. Him calling me a fag and making me ask him to kiss me makes it more of a surrender. I look down and quietly ask, ‘Sir, will you kiss me again.’

‘That’s so sweet. You are such a submissive boy you can’t even look me in the eye. I don’t know if you really deserve another kiss. Are you a little submissive boy Stevie?’

‘I don’t know Sir. I don’t know about any of this. All I know is I need my job.’

‘That won’t do Stevie. I want you to tell me you want to be my little submissive boy and if you ask again really nice for a kiss you might get one.’

Damn, damn, I feel so out of control. I keep my head down and answer, ‘I want to be your submissive boy Sir. Can I have another kiss Sir?’

‘Yes boy, come to me and get your kiss.’

We kiss and I can’t help but respond. I know it’s wrong but there is something about it that I can’t fight and I get into the kiss and feel almost breathless when we break.

‘Good boy, take my hand. It’s time to go back inside,’ he says holding out his hand.

Taking his hand and having him lead me into the suite feels almost as gay as the kiss. We go down into the sunken living room and he has me sit on the couch next to him. He opens a box on the coffee table and takes out a joint and lights it up.

‘Maybe this will help you relax, boy.’

We sit there and share the joint, not speaking. The smoke seems extra strong and I feel like I’m getting really high.

‘I lace the paper with hash oil, it adds a lot of strength to the smoke, don’t you think Stevie,’ he says his hand going to my thigh and resting there.

‘Yes Sir. I wondered why it tasted different.’

‘Nothing like a good high to help a boy feel relaxed. I want you to stand up now Stevie and undress down to your panties.’

‘Please Sir, please…’

‘Do as you are told boy. I do not tolerate bad boys. Now take off your shoes and socks and then stand up.’ I take them off and stand up. ‘Now walk out in front of me and take your tie and shirt off.’

I do as I’m told. It’s so humiliating but at least being high helps, that is till I think about the underwear I have on. Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t wear that pair. I stand there in front of him with only my slacks on now.

‘I’m glad to see you don’t have much body hair. What you do have, I expect to be gone by the time you come to work Monday. Arms, legs, chest, pubic hair, I want it all gone. I like my boys smooth.’

I don’t say anything, just look down at the floor, feeling more broken all the time. Then he tells me to take my slacks off. I slowly take them off and lay them across a chair as I move back and stand in front of him, hands covering my crotch.

‘Hands to your sides boy.’

I pull my hands back to my sides and stand there as he sits there looking at me. He doesn’t say anything, kaçak bahis just stares at me and takes a couple drinks.

‘Those panties look so good on you Stevie. They show you little cock off so nicely. You do have a little cock don’t you Stevie? I mean a little fag boy like you couldn’t have a big cock. Tell me your cock is like a little boy’s cock.’

Fuck, fuck. Looking at the floor, ‘I have a little boy cock Sir.’

‘I bet you like playing with it. Why don’t you take it out and show me how you like playing with your little cock?’

The humiliation never ends. I reach into my shorts and take my cock in my hand and start stroking it slowly. It’s soft and it’s so humiliating that it stays soft.

‘The little boy can’t even get his cock hard. That is really pathetic. It’s no wonder you are gay. No girl would ever want a guy with a little boy cock.’

Being so high, I’m having trouble controlling myself and feel like I’m about to cry. He watches me as I humble myself playing with my soft cock until he finally stands up, goes over to the dining room table, pulls out a straight chair and sits down in it.

‘Come here little boy.’

I think about the video I watched and think I know what is going to happen but what can I do. I walk over to him.

‘Nothing helps a boy understand his position like a good hard spanking Stevie. You have done well tonight and I know we are going to get along really well. Now I want you tell me you are sorry for pretending you aren’t gay, that you really are a faggot and that you want to be with a dominant man like me and that you deserve a good spanking to make sure you understand your place. Beg me to spank you boy.’

I feel broken and totally out of control of things. I look down and feel a tear run down my cheek. ‘I’m sorry Sir for acting like I’m straight. I’m really a faggot and need to be with a real man. Will you please spank me?’

‘You want me to spank you hard and make you cry like a little sissy fag boy?’ I nod my head yes. ‘Answer me boy, tell me what you want.’

‘I want you to spank me hard and make me cry Sir.’

‘Cry like a little girl?’

‘Yes, Sir. Like a little girl.’

‘Then get over my lap boy.’

I get down across his knees and one of his legs locks my legs in place. I feel his hand running lightly over the shorts I have on and it feels kind of nice. Then his hand comes down hard on one of my ass cheeks. WHACK!!

Oh god, take really hurt and I cry out a little. Then the other cheek. I can’t believe how much that hurt. I don’t think I have ever been spanked. I put my hand back to rub my ass and he pulls it up behind my back holding me in place then he starts on my ass. He gave me what felt like five hard strokes on each cheek. Then I feel him pull my shorts down below my ass cheeks.

‘You will always refer to any of these you wear as panties Stevie. My, my, your ass reddens up nice. I know how badly you need this spanking boy,’ he says as he starts on my bare ass. It hurts so badly and he just keeps on spanking me. My ass feels on fire and I’m crying hard and begging him to stop. Finally, he stops and pushes me off his lap. I try to stop crying but I can’t.

‘Kneel in front of me boy and look up at me. I want to watch you cry.’

I do as he says. I’m sobbing loudly and go to wipe the tears away when he warns me not to do that.

‘It makes me cock so hard watching a boy like you cry. You come to me tonight as a straight boy and you will go home knowing that what you really are is a fucking faggot. A cock sucking faggot, right Stevie?’

‘Yes Sir,’ I get out between sobs.

‘No faggot ever wants to go home without sucking a cock. I bet you really want to suck my cock, don’t you Stevie. I bet you want to reach up here and unfasten my slacks, slide them and my underwear down and take my cock into your faggot mouth and suck. If you can convince me that you really want to suck my cock, I won’t have to spank you anymore.’

My ass still feels on fire. I can’t take any more of that. I look down and ask, ‘Sir, may I suck your cock?’

‘That really doesn’t sound like you really want to do that Stevie boy. Maybe my spanking wasn’t sufficient.’

‘No Sir, I really do want to suck your cock. Please let me suck it.’

‘You want to be a cocksucker Stevie?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Say it.’

‘I want to be a cocksucker Sir.’

‘Show me. Disappoint me and you go right back across my lap.’

I reach up and unfasten his belt and unzip him. He lifts up and I pull his slacks and underwear down together. His cock springs up right in front of my face. It looks so big being so close and reminds me of the big cocks I saw in the video.

‘Kiss it boy.’

I see a drop of precum on his piss slit and when I lean down and kiss his cock, I can taste it. It doesn’t taste too bad.’

‘Lick it off Stevie.’

My tongue slides across his cockhead licking up the precum. I know I should feel grossed out but I really don’t.’

‘You want it don’t you boy? You really are gay, aren’t you? Beg to suck me.’

I feel broken and all I can do is look at his cock. I realize I do want to suck it. ‘Yes Sir. I’m gay and I want to suck your cock. I want to be a cocksucker.’

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