Inside the Athlete’s Village Ch. 02

Inside the Athlete’s Village Ch. 02

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Though I’d fallen asleep with a gorgeous 18-year-old swimmer flanking me on each side, I awoke in my room completely alone. Glancing over, I saw that my roommate’s bed was still perfectly made; Tyler must have hooked up with someone last night and never come home. No biggie, bed-hopping was an unofficial sport at the Olympics.

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I sat up and glanced down at the precious hardware still lying on my chest. I used my thumb to rub it, smiling proudly at the accomplishment of earning my own Gold Medal. And then I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly at just how tired I really felt right now.

Years of preparation, months of hardcore training, and two days of intense preliminary and then final competition had boiled down to a single, spectacular, almost super-human effort. And then on top of all that, I’d engaged in a torrid threesome with Euro hotties that really wiped me out.

Protein. I need protein.

Swinging my legs off the bed, I worked the cricks out of my neck before spotting the note on my nightstand. Printed neatly on official Olympic stationary, Anneke had written in English:

Good morning, Champion. I know you must be tired, because even Marika’s blowjob could not wake you. A pity, because we would have enjoyed another round. This is especially after waiting so long to finally bed you. But you were worth the wait, and I only wish we had more time. But we have now stayed three days beyond our competition, and we must now return home. We both will miss you, but we will never forget our night with our Champion.

Love always, Anneke and Marika

P.S. Please do not kiss and tell. It would make our boyfriends jealous.

There were two lipstick kisses at the bottom of the note, and with a smile, I began looking around for my suitcase so that I could keep the note as a keepsake memory. But seconds later, I changed my mind. I held it up, smiling at the paper one final time, and then I began tearing it into a dozen little strips and then tearing those strips into even tinier pieces before scattering them into the trash can.

What happens in the Athlete’s Village, STAYS in the Athlete’s Village.


Fully dressed, my hair perfectly tousled and again sporting my brand new hardware on my chest, I walked into the dining hall closest to the American section and went to pick up my usual selection of food. Inside, I ran into a young friend on the U.S. Swim Team, Asher. He hadn’t qualified for an individual event, but had swum the preliminaries for a relay team. And since the finals team had won Gold a few days earlier, like me he was able to strut around the Village with his own spiffy hardware around his neck.

“Hey, what’s up, man?” I greeted in a friendly tone. “Haven’t seen you around for a couple of days.”

Asher blushed and then leaned forward, a glimmer in his eyes. Glancing around to make sure nobody was in our immediate vicinity, he replied softly, “Been buried up to my neck in international pussy, dude. Only now am I coming up for air.”

I raised my eyebrows, and he tapped the medal around his neck. “Gold is gold; nobody really cares that it’s not for an individual event.”

I nodded and clapped him on the shoulder. Inside, I knew I was more proud of my medal knowing that I’d won it all on my own, and not had the victory swum for me by four guys who were faster than me. But that individual pride didn’t mean I had to begrudge Asher for his pussy-hunting success. “Congratulations.”

He grinned and then gestured to the food. “Load up, man. You’re gonna need more energy these next few days than you did for your competition.”

I grinned. It was a good suggestion. Sure, I still had plenty of meets to swim over the next few months, leading up to the short course World Championships in December, but my body could afford a few days of letting itself go. I was hungry, and I wanted to eat some stuff I would have usually denied myself. And when I showed up at the checkout line with my heavily-laden tray, I heard a whistle from behind me along with a sarcastic, “Merda, you do not have enough food, bobo?”

I glanced back to see a familiar face. Two of them, actually. Well, scratch that. It was the same face: twice. Let me explain…

Leticia and Larissa are twins – identical twins, hence the single face twice thing. And it was a gorgeous face they shared. The rest of them was pretty spectacular, too. The twins were indoor volleyball players from Brazil, and since the countries from the Americas were roughly grouped in the same area of the Athlete’s Village, I’d run into them a couple of times over the course of the past week, neither occasion resulting a very positive outcome for me.

Olympic volleyball players are all built the same, at least the strikers. They’re super-tall and super-thin, but without the wide, bulked-up shoulders many female swimmers can develop. The Brazilian twins looked like they could swap their sports uniforms for güvenilir bahis runway high fashion any time they wanted, and they certainly had the faces for modeling as well. But even more attractive to me, these Brazilian chicks had *fiiine* butts.

The first time I saw them, I’d started gawking at Leticia’s ass (or was it Larissa’s?) and then promptly walked into a light post. I didn’t think either of them had noticed me checking them out, but they certainly turned around and noticed the stupid gringo holding his forehead and moaning in pain while wrapped around the pole. They came over good-naturedly just to make sure I was alright. My sense of machismo kicked in and I insisted I was just fine, but I’d been thrown off-balance enough that I couldn’t come up with a single witty thing to say, and the girls had walked off moments later without giving me a backwards glance.

The second time we ran into each other was while waiting for dinner a few days ago when I was still flirting with Anneke. To my chagrin, the twins stopped in their tracks and Larissa actually pointed at me while asking her sister in *português brasileiro* if I was the guy who’d walked into the light post that one day. Leticia agreed, and they were distracting enough that Anneke asked them politely what they were talking about, and the twins hung around for ten minutes or so to regale Anneke with the tale of me ogling their tight asses and then braining myself on the pole (So I guess they HAD realized I was checking them out).

Their English wasn’t the best, and it wasn’t Anneke’s most fluid language, either, so there were a lot of pauses for the twins to chatter back and forth in Portuguese to figure out how best to explain. The word “bobo” had come up quite a bit, and after Anneke’s inquiry, Leticia explained that it meant “fool” or “idiot” or something else equally unflattering. They of course were referring to me.

The story thus concluded, the Brazilian twins laughed and moved on. I didn’t think much of the encounter, preferring to spend my time basking in Anneke’s flirtatious company. And I simply chalked off Leticia and Larissa to being two hot girls I would never have a chance with.

Until now.

Not much had changed since the last time they saw me. I was still the same “bobo” who had walked into a light post while checking them out. But one small thing HAD changed, and the proof of it was hanging around my neck.

“Oy, bobo…” Leticia whistled as I found her gaze gravitating toward my chest and then being held there, almost as if she were the dude and I was a chick with massive breasts. “There is something… *different*… about you.”

“Congratulations,” Larissa chimed in. “What sport do you again?”

“Swimming,” I replied with a grin, thrusting my chest out, again like a girl putting her… ah… girls… on display.

Leticia then glanced next to me, where Asher stood smirking in amusement. “You do swimmer, too?”

He nodded in the universal affirmative. “Different events, though,” he explained.

“But still champion,” Larissa breathed, her eyelashes batting as she looked me up and down and then also gave Asher the once over.

We both stood proudly to let them check us out: tall, muscled hunks of pure American manliness… with Gold Medals wrapped around our necks.

I was glad I’d picked up the extra calories.


It’s a pretty amazing sight to see a gorgeous young woman take every inch of your cock into her mouth, until the point where her lips are pressed up against your bare-shaven crotch and balls.

It’s an even MORE amazing sight to see her twin sister trade places with her and then repeat the maneuver, looking up into your eyes and swallowing obviously so you can feel her throat muscles massaging the head of your dick.

Strange how that works. The view itself is nearly identical, but knowing you’ve just been deep-throated by the first girl’s *twin sister* just adds sooo much more mental stimulation to an already stimulating view.

Leticia and Larissa had taken Asher and me back to their place, ostensibly because they were still in competition and supposed to be taking it easy overall, and also supposed to stay near their teammates. But unlike swimming, indoor volleyball was a sport more predicated on technique and teamwork than pure physical exertion. While they shouldn’t be wearing themselves out, the girls didn’t have to spend this off-day completely conserving their energy, either. Their coaches would probably prefer that they didn’t bring a couple of guys home to have sex, but doing so wouldn’t kill their Olympic dreams or anything.

Plus, I really think the twins wanted to show us off. Leticia and Larissa were housed in a three-bedroom apartment, and it turned out that their four teammates were inside when we arrived. Asher and I got ogled up and down pretty good as we entered, and the twins made a big show about removing the Gold Medals from our necks before hanging them on a hook over one of the bedroom doors.

“Do not türkçe bahis worry,” Leticia said reassuringly after catching my apprehensive look toward my beloved hardware. “No one will take them.”

“It’s a trophy,” Asher explained with a shit-eating grin as he let Larissa lead him by the hand into the bedroom. “They’re telling everyone they bagged a couple of Gold Medalists.”

Leticia smiled, walking her hands up my chest before cupping my cheek and leaning in to peck my lips. “Well… I have not bagged you YET.” And then she too took my hand and led me inside, closing the bedroom door with Asher’s and my Gold Medals hanging outside for their teammates to see.

Larissa already had Asher’s shorts off and was stroking his rapidly-hardening prick in one hand while she licked the head. Leticia sat me down on her bed across the room and began pulling at my shorts to do the same.

Leaning back on my hands, I groaned as the Brazilian beauty went to work. She had large, dark eyes and long eyelashes, and she seemed to really like watching the expressions on my face as she blew me. Then she did her little deep-throating trick, gulping around my prick and smiling at maximum depth before pulling back and gasping for oxygen.

Leticia did it to me once more before her sister whistled. At the cue, she patted my prick and pecked the head once before getting up and switching beds. And then both Asher and I groaned with the extra mental stimulation of watching the “other” twin swallow us whole.

But as good as the deep-throating felt, I was impatient for more. Reaching down, I gently pulled Larissa’s face off my prick and then had her stand up in front of me. I started with her shirt, pulling it up and kissing her belly. She giggled at the ticklish sensation, twisting away from the contact until she was facing away from me. But no matter, standing up off the bed, I raised her shirt higher and higher until she had to lift her arms so I could remove it completely.

Only I didn’t remove it completely. I left the shirt wrapped around her arms and head, inside-out and trapping her in that position momentarily. I took the opportunity to unsnap her bra and then reach around to hold her firm titties, not very big but very firm and capped by thick nipples that seemed to extend a full inch out from each breast. Larissa whimpered and tried to finish removing her shirt, but I reached up with one hand to prevent her from doing so. And then I took my other hand and slid it down her firm belly and beneath the waistband of her shorts.

Larissa was wearing khaki shorts over a lime green G-string, and after running my fingers over the smoothness of her bare-shaven mound and into the moisture of her rapidly dampening pussy, I deftly unbuttoned her shorts and dropped them down to pool at her ankles. Only then did I finally pull off her shirt, and then taking hold of her waist to keep her from moving, I sat back down on the bed, which put my face right at eye-level with Larissa’s perfect, *perfect* ass, covered only by two lime green strings that hid absolutely nothing from view.

“Hey Asher,” I called, glancing over to see that he too had started to undress his girl. “Leave the G-strings and their sneakers on.”

His shit-eating grin spread, and he nodded.

I now noticed that there was one thing distinguishing the identical twins from each other: their panties. While Larissa was wearing lime green, Leticia’s was an electric yellow. Though my original interest in leaving their underwear on was purely for visual titillation, I felt quite pleased with myself for retaining some way of identifying the twins even if they switched places again.

Meantime, I took the opportunity to lean forward and bury my face against Larissa’s perfect ass. Her butt cheeks were impossibly firm and yet just a little pliable when I really dug my thumbs into them. I spread her globes and then nuzzled my nose along her crack, causing a giggle. And then after kissing each perky cheek I reached up and pulled her down onto the bed beside me.

She fell a little awkwardly, her ankles still cuffed together by her shorts. We both laughed as I leaned over to help snake them over her sneakers, and then I took advantage of my position to move her legs apart and flip myself over with my face in her crotch.

The narrow strip over her snatch was now more of a dark green than lime green, obviously moistened by her arousal. It was easy enough to slide the strip off to the side as I leaned in and took my first lick of her nectar. And Larissa suddenly stopped moving as her head fell back and she moaned in obvious pleasure.

I ate her to two screaming orgasms then, Larissa drumming her sneaker heels on my back as I did so. After the second, she impatiently tugged on my shoulders for me to come up and fuck her, but when I glanced across the room and found Asher following my lead by eating out Leticia, I called out, “Hey man, let’s switch!”

Asher picked his head up, his jaw and cheeks glistening with girlcum. His shit-eating grin güvenilir bahis siteleri was back and he nodded. “Way cool.”

The girls didn’t seem to mind as we guys crisscrossed the room, stripping off the rest of our clothes and pulling out condoms from our pockets along the way. And Leticia simply opened up both her arms and legs to me as I knelt on the mattress over her, slid her neon yellow string aside, and guided my rock hard prick into her hot, tight, wet pussy.

“NOW you’ve bagged me,” I said quietly once I was fully imbedded.

Leticia grinned and pulled me down to her lips for a kiss. And then we were off to the races.

Asher and I pounded each of our girls until they each screamed out their orgasms. Not thirty seconds later, Leticia complained that she’d wanted to get fucked on her OWN bed. I laughed, realizing that the girls had never gotten to switch back, so digging my hands under Leticia’s ass I hoisted her up and carried her across the room, never letting our loins get disengaged. Asher did the same, and once he and Larissa were out of the way, Leticia and I dropped onto her bed and I drilled her up to a fresh orgasm.

Then, the girls decided they wanted to switch again, pushing us off them and darting across the room while Asher complained, “Didn’t you JUST want to do this on your OWN bed?”

Larissa shrugged as she came to me, pushing me onto my back. She straddled my hips as she pulled my cock upright, and then sat down, stuffing herself full of American cock and grinning happily to feel it. And she rode me athletically, once again back on her *sister’s* bed.

“Turn around,” I told her after another couple of minutes, and then showed her what I wanted by twisting her hips in my hands.

Larissa quickly got the idea as she spun around into a reverse cowgirl position. And after she bent forward and planted her hands on the mattress by my knees, she wriggled her hips side-to-side while calling back over her shoulder, “You really like my ass, que não?”

“I love it,” I replied, grunting as I thrust up and into her.

“Would you like to put your *caralho* inside?”

The extra surge of power in my next thrust was all the answer she needed.

Larissa laughed and then dismounted me. She opened Leticia’s nightstand drawer, rummaging around for a moment before barking something I didn’t catch in Portuguese. Leticia barked back, and Larissa nodded before closing the drawer and opening the cabinet door beneath, and from there she retrieved a clear bottle of lube.

“How do you want me?” she asked playfully, waggling the bottle.

“The same. On top facing that way,” I replied, gesturing with my hands to make sure she understood.

Giggling, Larissa stuck her tongue out at me and waggled her head. “Always like to stare at my *bumbum*, bobo?”


She laughed some more, and then poured out a healthy amount of lube into her right hand and began coating my condom-covered cock with it. Once finished, she reached behind herself and winced as she evidently shoved a few lubricated fingers into her own ass. But then suddenly the bottle was on top of the nightstand and Larissa was resuming her reverse cowgirl position, this time with her hand aiming my erection at her dusky rosebud star.

“Ohhh…” Larissa moaned as she sank her ass down onto me. “Sooo BEEG… Você é foda!”

“Larissa?” her sister called, adding rapid-fire Portuguese I didn’t understand, although I thought I heard the words “bunda” and “bobo” thrown in there.

“Nn-hnn…” Larissa replied with a head nod, shifting her weight back to take more of me inside her bunghole while also stretching her arms forward and hanging her head down to concentrate.

“Fuck. Me!” I exclaimed rapturously just watching the view. It was incredible to see Larissa’ perfect butt cheeks spread wide by my thick cock penetrating her very center, my blood-engorged prick looking as dark as her tan skin and both only serving to highlight the brightness of her lime green G-string running alongside my dick. And topping that off, well…you know what I said about mental stimulation adding so much more than mere sight.

And it was about to get even better.

Leticia, completely naked save for her sneakers and neon yellow G-string, appeared beside us just then, with Asher hanging back and still seated on the other bed. She watched her sister begin to undulate atop me, pushing my dick up and down her anal chute just a couple of inches at a time.

“It’s soooo gooood…” Larissa crooned, turning to look at Leticia before closing her eyes and canting her head to the side.

Leticia reached out and caressed her sister’s cheek. And then to my complete and utter surprise, she leaned forward and planted a very wet open-mouthed kiss on Larissa’s lips.

Larissa moaned into the lip lock, sitting up straighter and really flowing back into the kiss. Her arm came up around Leticia’s head, pulling her twin sister closer as she also fucked her ass on me harder. Moments later, Leticia moved forward to kneel on the bed alongside us. And with a few more tugs, Larissa pulled her sister around until Leticia was face-to-face with her, also straddling my legs as the two sisters continued to make out.

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