Massage Magic

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Author’s note:

It has been over 10 years since I have felt inspired to write but sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration…

She was a busy mum with heaps on her plate but she yearned to feel again.

It had been some time since she felt the touch of another who had good intentions and who could spark interest in her…stir her in any way.

In the past she had enjoyed her fantasies and they were pretty wild for sure, but they were all just fantasies. She was no longer so young now but she still had so much to give and so much still to experience.

She had her toys too and she used them when she felt the need but even that had dwindled to very sporadic special occasions when she caught a glimpse of some image online or when she thought about the last time she had seen or felt or sucked a nice, juicy cock…

Then she stumbled upon a site where people exchange massages for free in order to broaden their skills.

She signed up right away and started to scroll through all the candidates within a reasonable radius of her.

Absolutely nothing caught her attention whatsoever.

She was a handsome woman so was getting a lot of attention from eager would be ‘therapists’ who wanted to meet with her for all sorts of ‘massage’ experiences, however, they well and truly creeped her out in a big way…

It would cause an instant ‘de-rection’ to go into any details here but needless to say, there was no way in hell that she would ever even consider placing her body in the hands of any man on that site if her life depended on it!

Fast forward to years later and she had almost forgotten that she had ever signed up to the site when out of the blue she received a message that looked very promising…

He did not look like an escaped criminal, nor was he 100 years old and he did not give off even the tiniest hint of creepy whatsoever…

Could 2022 be her lucky year?

Authors note:

Please keep reading and hang in there because this gets really fucking HOT!!!!!

She spoke with him on the phone and he sounded very nice, not at all like any axe murderer and she felt safe enough to meet him that weekend.

She did not even care what sort of massage it was that she was going to get, all she was focused on was being happy that she would finally get a nice experience with someone who made her feel safe.

She almost had an orgasm when she heard that this massage would take two hours!!

She arrived feeling slightly aroused with anticipation of what would happen next and after a welcoming exchange and warm hug from porno her masseur, she followed him up the stairs to a room which immediately made her feel calm and flooded her body with light.

He explained that she would need to take all of her clothes off and lie face down on the massage table with only a sarong as covering over her naked body. Then he left the room for her to get ready and follow his instructions.

Once she was lying down and comfortable and feeling even more aroused, he knocked and came back into the room.

She closed her eyes and prepared herself to just embrace whatever was going to happen to her next and once she did, she began to notice her surroundings more.

The soothing calm music playing and the candle burning, along with the smell of coconut oil being heated up beside her. In stark contrast to this was the violent raging sounds of thunder crashing as a freaky afternoon storm turned the day into darkness outside. She hoped that the storm was loud enough to drown out the sound of her heartbeat wildly thumping in her chest.

She heard him breathe deeply as he placed his hands on her body but what stood out as the most exciting event at that point was how he moved her legs apart on the bench so that she felt a rush of air caress her bare, wet pussy.

Her heart now sounded louder than the thunder booming outside!

She still did not feel afraid at all and just relaxed into the feeling of the unknown…

He moved the sarong to one side of her body so that he could rub hot oil over the other half of her, over her legs, arms, butt and back…

Sweeping motions over her entire body feeling like waves of the ocean over the top of her lulled her into a state of ecstasy unlike she had ever experienced. She felt as if she was being hugged by an Angel and heat filled her entire body. But most of all she was surprised to find that there was an overwhelming sense of being loved…

In her mind she found blissful confusion as she felt love, yet in a sense, the feeling of being ravaged but in a positive way…

Her walls were being gently, yet firmly destroyed.

She felt years of closing herself off to her emotions just melting away into a healing light to be transmuted into good and positive energy.

One by one she felt all confusion melt away and then heard herself making little sighing sounds that could not be heard above the sounds of the storm.

Lightening lit up the dimness frequently and her clit just kept steadily throbbing as she lay there being loved with powerful healing strokes sweeping over her body. She felt as though she had finally found heaven and it was breathtaking. The sarong was completely removed in order to work on the other half of her body. She was now completely naked in front of him.

Then she felt his hands brush against her inner thighs and she wanted to arch her back so her ass was higher in the air and closer to his attention.

As if by magic, his hands began to move over her butt and this got her attention immediately. She ached to feel his fingers touching her asshole because we all know how much of a total Ass Slut this woman is…

She was sure that he could read her mind…absolutely sure that he could sense how much she needed to have that ass probed… but he continued to work his magic all over the back of her and then it was time to turn over…

He placed a covering over her eyes to protect them from flashes of lightening and while this was such a kind and considerate thing to do, it only heightened her senses even more and had her feeling crazy kinky making her lick her lips.

She was soaking wet already but again she felt hot oil pouring over her body, covering her stomach and dripping into her pussy. Her legs were pulled apart again and at this stage she could not contain her excitement any longer.

Not sure what exactly made him know how turned on she was but it is still highly likely that he could simply read her mind and her body as he was now tuned into her.

His magic hands worked her chest and her nipples grew rigid under his expert strokes. Occasionally she could feel the brush of his body against her as he leant over to access all parts necessary to deliver his coverage thoroughly. At these times she could actually feel a hard bulge in his pants. This nearly sent her over the edge as her mouth watered for a taste of him.

He parted her legs completely and poured hot oil over her soaking pussy and throbbing clit and her senses went completely WILD!

He checked in with her to see if she was consenting for him to continue and if she had said no then it would all have ended. She felt completely safe and she yearned for more, More, MORE!!!

She could hardly speak but said “YES” and then he began to work on her with his expert fingers, finding every sensitive spot and stroking her clit while entering her willing butthole with his other finger…fingers…stroking…poking…bringing her to dizzying heights of passion and forcing her to completely let go in an earth-shattering climax which felt even more like fireworks due to the loud thunder and bright flashes of lightening from the still out-of-control storm.

She tried to thank him but because she had been rubbing his hard cock through his pants as she rode waves of intense pleasure at his hands, she found his cock entering her open mouth and then she could not focus on anything except his delicious, throbbing cock in her mouth. It was hard and it was thick and it stretched her mouth and slid down her throat, choking her as her head fell back over the edge of the bench.

She moaned and groaned loudly, grunting like a wild animal as she sucked him off and it was all he could do to keep upright as she drained the blood from his entire body into the hot, sweet treat in her mouth. For this slut LOVED to suck cock and could do it for hours. In fact, hours did go by and this massage began to knock at the three hour door…

He came hard in her mouth and all over her face, neck and hair and it tasted beautiful, like Angel cum…

But it did not stop there…

Not sure if it was the same day and the same massage or a different day and yet another hot-as-hell massage… but she found herself covered in hot oil yet again and face down on that massage table but this time her masseur had several fingers in her wet cunt and was making her squirt uncontrollably all over the bench! Her loud moans could have woken the dead and her body would not stop convulsing with aftershocks as wave after wave consumed her body and soul. It was not just her body that was on fire, but her entire being was taken to places she had only ever dreamed of before…

What magic was this?

What was happening to her?

All she saw were stars… millions and millions of beautiful stars…

What was happening now? She was on her back again and her legs were wide apart and she was dripping wet with squirt and cum and he had his fingers in her again, working her and kneading her into a crazed, hot mess as he again began to force her to lose control of herself, lose her senses as again she sobbed loudly whilst he made her squirt herself silly with his skilled strokes…

Her whole body shook and shivered after that. He just had to go to touch her body anywhere and she would shake and quiver under him…

It was truly unbelievable.

She had never experienced such ecstasy in her life before.

She could never have known that the best was yet to cum…

Once dressed, they hugged and she whispered “Thank you, thank you, thank you” in his ear.

As she turned to go she looked back at him and said

“There is nowhere that you have not touched me.”

With this he pulled her back against his body and covered her mouth with his in a fiery, hot and passionate kiss…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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