Nova’s Journey Pt. 07

Nova’s Journey Pt. 07

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Holy shit everyone, I’m still writing this story.

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, just had life getting in the way, but my mind always comes back to this story and since I found myself with some time recently, I thought I’d write some more of it out in the hope that you would enjoy it.

As always, any and all feedback is appreciated. Sorry this took so long.

It ain’t over ’till it’s over.


Chapter 14

The last couple days with Lena flew by, we did further explore the connection between pain and pleasure, but I was never quite as keen on it as she was. It still took some getting used to to rough house with her, as I could never fathom doing that with Skye.

Lena wasn’t concrete on who was in control, so it was always an adventure to find out just what she wanted that particular day. She never gave up either. If, for even a moment, I let my guard too far down, she would flip me, pin me, or otherwise get me into a lesser position and do what she wanted; within reason of course. I hadn’t expected that from her, at all. Even after what she had mentioned about pain, and seeing her bruises.

She really was child-like at heart, it was all just a game to her. Every aspect of life was lived this way. She wasn’t fearful or apprehensive of anything, at least she never appeared to be. Her life was to be lived and she never saw a reason not to do the things she wanted or try something new. I loved this about her. I knew I’d be coming back to her for years to come, even as a friend, to have someone adventurous; a cohort to try new things with.

I awoke suddenly, being shaken,

“Come on,” Lena’s voice was smooth as ever, even in these early mornings.

I rolled out of the bunk I had been sleeping in and put my bare feet on the plush carpeting. I rubbed my eyes, trying to see in the dim light. I had slept restlessly, even after the workout, and the sex. Knowing I would be handed off, and not knowing to whom kept me constantly wondering what the next week would hold for me. Even worse, I hadn’t seen Skye while I had been with Lena. I assumed they kept such off kilter hours that I’d have been split choosing between one or the other, and I was supposed to be learning.

“Are you coming?” Lena called from the door of the caravan. I sighed – wishing to myself she meant something else – and put on my boots before walking to the door and following her out.

This was the last day I would have to train with Lena, unless of course I went out of my way to continue to train with her. I very well could have, but I was getting restless having missed my dancing and smithing during this week. The camaraderie of the smith and the freedom I felt while dancing couldn’t compare to the endless monotony of Lena’s workouts and the sparring practice that never seemed to reach any resolution, no matter what I learned. That, I supposed, was the nature of learning to fight, the possibilities are so endless, if you attempted to learn them all, you’d never stop. I was starting to see the similarities and why, possibly, Lena had been attracted to this job.

Strangely enough, Lena never opened up to me, she never told me her story the way Embry and Skye had. She wasn’t the kind to talk aimlessly, or to reminisce about the past. She existed only as forward facing and seemed unwilling, or unable, to look back at anything before she had become part of the Cerulean Order. I could only speculate at her reasons for joining them, only to conclude that she loved experiences, she wanted all she could get out of life so why wouldn’t she join a traveling group of women who allowed her to get the best of life? It just made sense. My naivete wouldn’t let me pursue the thought any more deeply at that time.

My heart was far from training today, I just couldn’t devote myself to it. I went through the motions and didn’t half ass anything, but it just wasn’t what it was meant to be I felt. Lena sensed this I think, we ended the normal training early and went to breakfast. My father had always told me that some days were just not meant for training.

We ate standing, the caravan was going to be on the move shortly and everyone was packing everything up. It had been almost a month without motion, unusual for us, but Lios had been taken by surprise by a recent sand storm and decided to stay put until it passed. It had caused unnecessary delays, we needed to make it to the nearest town and do some trading to replenish soon, or we’d be out of food and, more importantly, drinkable water. Two women in blue, just shorter than me and monstrously shorter than Lena, approached us.

“She’s ours this week,”

“Skye has decided,”

If I hadn’t seen the both of them before me and been able to hear the voices coming from each independently, I’d have sworn they were the same person. It must have been the twins from before.

“Very well,” Lena responded, waving an arm with a small loaf of half eaten bread in one hand. “She’s yours.” Before I could protest, they responded together.

“Thank you,” One reached out, taking me by the wrist. bahis firmaları I was still trying to eat as they tugged at me.

“Wha…?” I turned back to Lena in my defense but she simply waved and smiled as I was dragged off by these other two women. “Seriously!?”

I caught a glimpse of who I figured was Skye, talking with Lios. I wondered what they possibly could have to discuss right now, but part of me was happy they were on more diplomatic terms than they had been because of me. I realized these two were leading me back to the caravan I had come from that morning. One of them unceremoniously tugging open the door and the other pulling me up the steps and through the door before it was closed behind me. I stood, indignantly now, inside the caravan as the two of them unveiled themselves.

“Better?” I asked, my hands on my hips.


“Very,” they smiled at each other and then turned to me.

“Do you remember us?” The one nearest to me, with shaggy hair asked.

“We met at first but haven’t spoken since,” The ponytail followed up.

I tried to think back, it felt like an eternity already and it had only been a short time. I had foggy memories from the first night and then it was just Skye, Embry, and Lena. There was very little else on my mind, they were familiar but I couldn’t place their names. I shook my head in defeat,

“I don’t remember your names,” I admitted.

“That’s ok,” shaggy said.

“No one ever does,” ponytail agreed.

“I’m Mitra,” shaggy took a step towards me.

“And…” I motioned with one finger to the other sister.

“Thenras,” ponytail said simply.

I was never going to keep them straight. I was just fortunate they had different hair. Everything else about them seemed identical. The dark hair and skin tone, similar to my own, but they had striking blue eyes, like Skye’s or Lena’s, which perplexed me. Still, that was identical on both of them. This was going to be a rough week.

“We hear you’re a blacksmith,” Mitra began, “What can you make?”

I chuckled nervously, as I hadn’t made anything in almost a month now since I had begun with the Cerulean Order.

“I can make most things, are you looking for something in particular?”

“Not yet, but I do a lot of repair, especially on the wagons, so I’d like your help.” She grinned, her teeth almost glowing against her dark complexion.

“We also hear you enjoy dancing and fighting,” Thenras said, “I’d like to watch sometime,”

“Yeah, from time to time.” These two knew a lot about me, I wondered if it was because of Skye.

“I paint, and I’ve been looking for a good subject.” Thenras looked excited at the prospect. “There’s not a lot to paint out in the desert so I’ve been working on portraiture.”

These two were an odd mix, but I understood why Skye would have wanted them as well. Mitra was invaluable if she was good at repair, and Thenras’ painting skills could undoubtedly been used for the wagons or for monetary purposes in a place like a town, somewhere people collected art. Unfortunately less so for a traveler.

“What about you?” I asked, gesturing to both of them. “Aside from art and repair, what skills do you have?” They both looked at me questioningly and exchanged glances as if perhaps I was a bit slow.

“No one told you?” Mitra asked.

“Told me what?”

Their faces curved – almost swordlike – into almost identical smiles as they stood silently before me. I began to wonder what exactly they were getting at.

“Perhaps it would be easier to show you,” Mitra approached me and Thenras began to circle around me.

“Perhaps,” Thenras reiterated as she passed me, running the palm of her hand up my arm until it slipped off my shoulder, I felt her hot breath on my neck and upper back through my shirt. My heart began to race, both of them? Together? Something was stirring in my memory, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Mitra moved ever closer and I had to fight the urge to back away as I realized I’d simply back into Thenras instead. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this.

“Scared?” Mitra asked, inching closer almost painfully slowly, Thenras’ hands ran from my lower back up to my shoulder blades and began creeping up toward my neck. My hair was beginning to stand on end, Thenras chuckled.

“Relax,” Thenras commanded,

“Close your eyes,” Mitra followed.

But how could I? How could I possibly calm myself in this situation? Thenras’ hands closed over my shoulders and tugged at me,

“Do it.”

It was a command but it wasn’t a firm one, the likes of which I had become accustomed with Lena. It came across almost like a childish nag, a dare from a peer. It was almost playful in tone and it put me at ease knowing I was dealing with my equals, not someone who demanded my subservience. I snickered and closed my eyes, waiting. Thenras’ nails skimmed the sides of my neck, rising, raising all the hair and making me shiver. As I turned my head in a vain attempt to escape her I encountered a warm, welcoming hand that, while a bit rough, was incredibly kaçak iddaa gentle. Thenras’ hands began their downward sweep from my scalp and this gentle hand guided me back to meet Mitra’s almost more gentle lips. But this was brief at best as Mitra pulled away from me, slipping past me to my ear to whisper seductively,


That was it. That was why this was familiar. I could place them now, the two who spoke gently into my ears but I couldn’t believe their strength was not in their gentle touches and kisses.

“Do you remember us now?” Thenras followed up, I could feel her body against the back of me and her lips brushed my earlobe as she spoke, the warmth of her breath was intoxicating.

“Because we remember you,” Mitra continued as I felt Thenras’ lips close over my earlobe. A gasp escaped me and I felt myself trembling, sandwiched between them. “But…” I felt the warmth recede as both of them stepped away from me, almost in tandem.

“We’re done for now,”

I opened my eyes to see Mitra had already turned and was donning her veil once again. Thenras’ touch too disappeared and she passed me, heading for her veil. I was a bit frustrated being left cold after something intense the way that had been. They were both finishing the touches on their veils and took a step towards the door.

“Why did we stop?” The words escaped me before I could give them much thought.

They both turned back to me,

“You’re not ready yet,” Mitra began.

“You will be soon,” Thenras followed.

“Take today to spend time with the smith,”

“We will test you later.”

And with that, they turned and exited the caravan abruptly. I sighed as the door to the caravan closed quietly. To say I was frustrated was an understatement. They had successfully worked me all the way up and left me hanging. It had to have been on purpose, to see what I’d do in response. I shook my head to no one in particular, feeling a little foolish that I had played into their game, but feeling a little better knowing that was really the whole point of these exercises, or at least it seemed to be. Everyone and everything was still so unfamiliar, but I couldn’t think straight despite my want to mull it over. My body was responding and for the first time, I found myself considering doing something about it by myself.

Was this against the rules? I was curious but honestly I had stopped caring, after all, who would catch me? I turned towards the empty sleeping area and began tugging at my shirt. Of all the times to be without Skye, I was particularly annoyed now. I fumbled for a moment with the dancing support but felt the familiar relief of it loosening and sliding off me. Amazingly, my own hands were gratifying as they slipped across my exposed chest, I arched my back and gently twisted the sensitive nubs between my fingers, a moan escaped me. I realized I was inside and alone, free to make as much noise as I pleased. The glorious sensitivity I experienced running my fingers over the now very sharp tips resonated through me, I shivered. I could feel myself throbbing in want, in need, of some relief.

One hand slid down and undid my belt while the other stayed firmly in place, running electricity through my skin. My pants dropped easily and I stepped out of them, allowing my hand to slip through the course hair and between the skin. I was copiously wet and unbelievably sensitive, there was no way I’d last much longer at this rate. I closed my eyes and imagined Skye before me, dropping to her knees and slipping her tongue where my fingers currently resided, I trembled on the edge for a moment, imagining her face and the warmth of her mouth on me. Another moan escaped me as I got closer. I could see her clearly, her tongue flicking out before sweeping back and diving into me. Those clear green eyes looking up at me, closing softly as she concentrated, her blonde hair falling slightly over her face and cascading over her alabaster skin. I had her, I owned her in this moment. She existed to please me, and I loved it. I cascaded over the edge with this thought, bending in half with a handful of her hair in my palm, her tongue unrelenting as I shook.

I sighed, a calm warmth spreading over me now, I could feel the tenderness in my chest where I had been too rough. I turned to clean my hands in one of the water basins when I saw the figure that had stood behind me, clad in blue. For a moment I was certain my heart stopped, or maybe that I was dreaming and I’d wake up suddenly to find out this was all just a nightmare, but I didn’t wake.

Her cold stare penetrated the veil, freezing me in my tracks. She sighed, removing the veil and looking back up at me. She shook her head but remained silent. I forced myself to bend and begin collecting my clothes off the floor.

“Not even going to wash your hands?”

I was terrified to meet her gaze, to see disappointment on her face. I opened my mouth to speak but couldn’t manage to, not even while I stared intently at the oriental carpets. I was stricken with guilt and shame. I couldn’t see it in the moment, kaçak bahis but I understand it now looking at it with new eyes. She had caught me doing something I wasn’t even sure I was allowed to do. I was completely exposed to her and possibly in the wrong. It was overwhelming. I felt tears welling up in my eyes, I put my hands over my face to hide what little I could.

“Nova,” Skye was right there but I wanted to push her away. I resented her for finding me, despite the fault being my own. “Nova,” Skye was harsher now, tugging at the arms that covered my face. I dropped them in defeat and faced her finally. She looked distressed, but confused.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“You caught me,” I choked between sobs. I tried in vain to rub the tears out of my eyes and off my face. Her eyebrows had risen quizzically and she still wore the same confused and questioning face.

“Is that why you’re upset?”


She chuckled and caressed my head.

“Nova, it’s ok.”

“Then why, why did you look at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“When you came in, you shook your head and you were just staring at me, why?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you, it seemed like you were in the middle of something.” She smiled at me.

I still didn’t grasp it, and I most certainly had not connected the dots at that point. How could I feel so off from the way she looked at me and have it be nothing? This whole experience left me a little shaken but I did the best I could to put it behind me. I trusted her after all and she wasn’t acting upset. I didn’t even want to bring up the idea of breaking any rules, but I figured that I must not have or she would have certainly told me. If she dropped it then I should too. I didn’t want to dwell on the things that upset me.

“Ok?” she asked

I nodded, sniffling.

“You’re sexy naked but I have a feeling you’re going to need your clothes today,” she said releasing me and turning abruptly. “And don’t forget to wash,” She waved a finger at me as she walked away. I stepped to the basin and figured I should probably start with that today. Would she tell the twins? Did she even know who I was with this week? Would everyone end up knowing? Probably, I sighed, it was my fault for getting caught. But I wasn’t sure just yet how long today would be.

Chapter 15

Now that I was satiated however, I’d have to get back to the smith, like I had been told to do for today. I was excited at this prospect as it had been at least a month since I had visited him and had the opportunity to work with him. He had been upset knowing I wasn’t going to be able to pursue smithing as I had originally told him I would. I hoped he’d be happy to see me again.

The morning heat and the distinct smell of sand hit me as I opened the caravan door and descended down the steps. I was still in the process of shaking off what had transpired with Skye as that had been the strangest interaction we’d ever had. I’d never felt so completely wrong standing in front of her, but I attributed it to thinking I’d broken the rules and told myself that by the end of the day I’d forget about it. Maybe my work with the smith would clear my head.

Most of the shops were closed up, only a few essential ones were still open with the move coming up. A majority of them were out of goods anyway. We were in desperate need of a resupply and I knew that would be weighing heavily on Lios, he hated being down to bare bones, especially in the hot season. To my elation, I could still see the smoke rising from the smith’s forge, he was still open, at least for now. I meandered up to his stand which was uncustomarily bare. I could see him working in the back, a young boy I could only assume was his apprentice by his side.

“Smithy?” I had nothing else to address him by, nor had I ever addressed him differently.

He stopped mid swing and turned to see me,

“Nova!” He dropped his hammer and tongs and came out to greet me, his apprentice looked shocked. “What are you doing here? Your father had a word with me and I didn’t expect to see you back.”

“I guess you could say that’s my primary job now, but I’m still able to do other jobs, just not reliably right now.”

“Ah, I see,” he said, using a cloth almost as black as his face to try and wipe some of the soot and sweat off. “Free today then?”

“I am. I know that’s inconvenient, but I want to work when I can if that’s alright with you,”

He grabbed me and bear hugged me,

“Nova, you can come by and help out any time you want.” This giant bear of a man could have been my second father, I was very fortunate.

“Thank you so much,” I said as he finally released me, “What are you working on today?”

As it turned out, with the upcoming move, a lot of people had neglected their wheels and axels. The smith and his apprentice were now frantically trying to repair all the ones they could as they were out of time to make any new ones. I spent about 4 hours working in tandem with them to get through as much as we could. I had forgotten just how much I loved this work, how gratifying it was to be able to repair things. The smith sent the apprentice to grab food for lunchtime and we continued working together, repairing 3 wheels in the time it took for him to return with our food.

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