Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 01

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Vicky had lived in the flat below us for six months. She was a vivacious outgoing blonde with a great personality and was very out going from what I could see. I hadn’t really got to know her that well until one Saturday afternoon when she knocked on the door to ask if she could borrow Yellow Pages to find a plumber.

Tony, my bloke, was out playing rugby and I was watching Bruce Willis strut his stuff on a video from Blockbusters. I had half demolished a bottle of Bulls Blood and it seemed neighbourly to offer it to Vicky while she thumbed through the directory. We got talking and started to put the world to rights and we compared out taste in American movies stars. We had a real laugh and after a heavy week in work I became really relaxed.

The talk centred around men and I asked Vicky if she had a steady boyfriend. To my surprise as she was a very attractive girl with a fabulous full figure, she told me that she hadn’t and that she didn’t seem to be able to find anyone she liked.

“I’ve had loads of one or two nighters but nothing much more than that.” She confessed.

“How come?” I asked.

“Well if you really want to know” she said “it’s probably more my fault than theirs. I’m fairly fussy and can’t find a man who meets my standards.”

“Meaning?” I asked.

“Meaning” she went on “The majority don’t satisfy me.”

I imagined I was talking to some nymphomaniac. Vicky anticipated my thoughts.

“I hope you don’t think I’m promiscuous or cheap” she said, “but if you want to know the true facts, virtually all the men I go out with only date me for one thing, or rather two; these.” She pointed to her chest. “All I get are tit freaks.”

I have to say Vicky had the most magnificent pair of tits. Very large, very well shaped and totally natural.

“Of course I like men admiring my tits but I would like to enjoy other aspects of sex or at least I think I would, but these guys never seem to get round to it.”

We were on our third bottle by now so the wine was beginning to do the talking and Vicky was starting to open up.

“They assume that because my tits are big that they must be my g spot but I happen to know my erogenous zone lies elsewhere.”

“So if you had the chance to dictate terms to any lover what would you ask him to do?” I inquired.

“I’m embarrassed to say” said Vicky

“Don’t be” I replied. “I am a woman of the world you know. I think I can cope with any shocking revelation.”

“Alright then”

Vicky moved over to the couch to join me as though we were co-conspirators together.

“If I had the chance to dictate the terms of any lover I would ask him to make love to my arse.”

“Your arse!” I exclaimed.

“I knew you would be shocked. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. That’s exactly the reaction I expect to get from men. Now you think I’m some sort of pervert.”

“Don’t be silly. Of course I don’t” I retorted “You completely misunderstand. I was just amazed because that’s perfectly normal. As it’s confession time I’d better tell you that it’s my most erotic zone too.”

“You’re humouring me aren’t you?” said Vicky.

“Not at all” I said, “Tony loves making love to my arse. He kisses it, licks it and I love the feel of his cock inside it.”

“Jesus, you mean you actually have anal sex?”

“Of course – long and often” I said.

“God am I envious. I love the idea, but I’m a little bit scared. Does it hurt”

“Once upon a time I had exactly the same thoughts as you. When I masturbated I always got a buzz from touching my arsehole and I was dying to ask Tony to paly with my arse but I was afraid of his reaction. Worse still I fantasised about him arsefucking me and I aws not able to take it and the whole thing would become a nightmare. You know how fantasies often are sometimes best left as fantasies. Eventually, although I was nervous like you I decided to practice. Every time I masturbated I started to use a dildo in my anus. I started off with a pocket one to get used to it and then I slowly used a bigger and bigger one until it slid in and out quite naturally. My sphincter got used to the size. Eventually the time came and I asked for the real thing.”

“And…..” asked Vicky on the edge of her seat.

“It was even better than I imagined.”

“This is brilliant, I’m so glad I called by today. So you think that I could do the same?”

“What? Get arsefucked by Tony you mean?” I joked.

“No you fool, I mean practice with the dildos”

“I know what you meant” I said “but it is a thought”

“What is?” asked Vicky

“Involving Tony” I suggested. “I’m sure he would love to induct you. After all you were telling me only a moment ago that you couldn’t find any guy who would go lower than your tits. I guarantee you that Tony would.”

“Oh God!” exclaimed Vicky “I’m beginning to feel very horny all of a sudden. I must confess the thought of having your man has caused my panties to get a trifle moist. He’s Betturkey incredibly sexy looking. Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?”

“Tony and I have an understanding. We can only be unfaithful to each other providing we are there!” I went on ” As your panties are getting wet you might as well take them off and we can start practising now.”

“You mean just the two of us?” she asked innocently. I smiled and nodded.

Vicky stood up, lifted her skirt up and slipped her panties off. I told her to relax and lie back on the settee which she nervously did. I parted her legs and saw her cunt for the first time. She was a natural blonde! Her light pubic hair surrounded a pair of very inviting looking cunt lips. I leant forward and kissed them tasting her juices for the first time. I was a bit wary of what her reaction would be.

“Bloody hell!” she exclaimed “if anyone had told me an hour ago that I was about to find myself half naked in the flat downstairs with my female neighbour kissing my pussy, I would not have believed them.”

“Really?” I said feigning shock. We both laughed.

“You forgot the bit about practicing anal sex techniques” I said, but before Vicky had the time to respond I inserted my tongue into her very juicy cunt hole and she started to moan instead. I gently licked all round her hole and the further I went the wetter she became. After ten minutes I decided to finger fuck her and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She arched her back and I could feel her orgasm building. I pulled my fingers out and left her on the edge because I didn’t want her to cum too soon. My fingers were very slippery and, using Vicky’s cunt cream as a natural lubricant, I slowly started to finger fuck her other hole. Her anus was beautiful with its tight ridges and perfectly formed brown rosebud. My finger went in without any trouble.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. “You’re in my arse. Fuck! Fuck! Fucking Hell!”

I thought if that was her reaction with one finger what she was likely to do with two. So I put a second in to keep the first company. She went mad. I used my other hand to rub her clit and to finger fuck her cunt. I was finger fucking both holes in rhythm and she was in heaven. She came after about two minutes. I pulled out, licked my fingers dry and let her recover.

“Jesus Christ! That was fantastic!” Vicky exclaimed after a couple of minutes heavy breathing. “A woman actually did that to me. I don’t think that I will bother with men ever again.”

“Don’t get too carried away” I said, “I discovered I liked cunt as well as cock a few years ago but I would never give up one for the other.”

So that was Vicky’s lesson for day one. The next day, Sunday, Tony went off training and I spent the afternoon in Vicky’s flat. This time I took my bag of tricks with me. Vicky was goggle-eyed when I took them out to show her. One of my biggest dildos fell out first.

“I can’t cope with that” she said in a startled manner, “I couldn’t get that up my pussy, let alone my arse.”

“You’ll be surprised what you can get up your arse after we’ve finished” I replied. “I was really surprised how easily you coped with my fingers yesterday. You may not know it, but I think you have a naturally large arsehole.”

Vicky thought about this for a moment and then stood up. She pulled her panties off and bent over. Then she held both hands behind her back and pulled her cheeks open. I took this as an open invitation, knelt behind her and buried my face in her crack. I gave her an expert rimming and watched as the juices once more started to flow from her cunt.

Determined to prove my theory I took out an eight inch dildo and ran it suggestively down the crack and pushed it gently into her open cunt so that it would come out very slick and moist. I then ran it gently round her anus and started to insert it. I watched excitedly as her ring opened appreciatively and almost sucked the dildo in. Inch by inch it disappeared into Vicky’s arsehole and within moments all that was left outside was about half an inch. I caught it before the whole thing disappeared and stared to fuck her. She was rubbing at her clitoris to stimulate herself from the front while I fucked her back passage. She came.

We had a few glasses of wine and then I did her again this time with a ten inch vibrator. She took that to the hilt as well.

She obviously couldn’t wait until the next weekend for lesson three so we caught up with each other midweek. I popped into a sex shop during my lunch hour to buy the strap on I had been promising myself for ages. Vicky was delighted when she saw it.

“I’m going to like that” she smiled wantonly.

“I’ll fuck you with this only on condition you fuck me first” I told her.

“It’ll be a pleasure” Vicky smiled. “I was wondering when you would let me give you a good time.”

Before I had chance to say much more she had engaged me in an erotic kiss during which she started to undress me. My tits Betturkey Giriş are nowhere near the size of Vicky’s but they are quite large and I was thrilled that she pulled them over the cups of my bra and tantalised my nipples with her fingers. At the same time I felt the fingers of her other hand start to pull my panties aside. Then all of a sudden she stopped sucking.

“Jo!” she cried “You’ve got a bare cunt”

“I know!” I laughed.

“Oh my God. This just gets better and better.”

Vicky went down on me instantly and gave me a very thorough licking. I then attached the strap on to her and sucked the black cock until it shiny. I bent over.

“Cunt or arse?” asked Vicky.

“Both” I replied.

And both I got. Cunt first and then deep into my inviting rectum. For a girl Vicky was an exceptionally talented fucker. Her rhythm was spot on. I was just on the verge of having a vaginal orgasm when she pulled out and entered my arsehole. That put my climax back a few minutes but when it came boy did it come!

“I thought I was the teacher” I joked as we lay back on the couch before I gave Vicky her fucking. She took the strap on in her arse like a pro and rode it for a full ten minutes. Tony and I had been arsefucking for six months before I could keep his cock in that long.

“I don’t think you need any more practice” I told Vicky at the end of the session. “Next time lets do it for real.”

The following night I invited Vicky down for a drink and Tony and she got on famously, flirting and laughing. He could hardly take his eyes off her tits and I could see his hard on from across the room.

“Was that a gun in your pocket or were you just pleased to see her?” I joked as we got into bed and Tony’s rock hard cock entered my accommodating cunt.

“I don’t know what you mean” Tony replied coyly.

As we fucked I teased him with the notion that Vicky fancied him and how would he like the chance to put his cock in her while I watched. Despite his protestations that he was only thinking of me he came within thirty seconds.

“Anyway she’s coming round to dinner on Saturday so save yourself”

Saturday night arrived and the dinner party went well. Again the two of them hit it off and the atmosphere was very convivial. This was helped by alcohol and the odd bit of dope. However I couldn’t see Vicky making the first move, and I could hardly tell Tony to jump on her so I tried a different tack. As we lay well rested on our two settees, I gave Tony a long lingering kiss. Vicky looked intrigued. Then I stood up and moved over to where she was draped and gave her the same long kiss. It was Tony’s turn to look interested. I did this half a dozen times more. I could see Tony had an erection and therefore the next time I left Vicky I pulled open his zip and lovingly traced the whole length of his cock with my tongue, resting a certain amount of time on his knob before devouring the whole length. I then went and snogged Vicky so that she could taste my man in my mouth. I broke away from the clinch, pulled up her skirt, pulled aside her panties, and put my tongue straight into her cunt. It was my turn to get a nice surprise. Vicky had shaved. Her labia were beautifully smooth. I then went and snogged Tony.

“You taste nice Vicky” Tony lazily commented.

“You can drink straight from the source if you like.” Vicky invited. Tony was over to her in a flash. He buried his head between her legs and all I could hear was the slurping of a contented man and the moaning of any equally contented woman. I leant over Vicky and liberated her massive tits from the basque she was wearing. I began sucking on her huge and very erotic nipples and she moaned even louder. I put my hand into my panties and found them soaking wet. I put two fingers into my hot cunt and pulled them out. They were dripping with juice which I proceeded to spread across both of Vicky’s nipples. I then sucked one and she grabbed the other and lifted her massive mammary into her own mouth. It was the first time I had seen a woman suck her own tits. I put my fingers back into my honey pot and this time Vicky licked them dry. She was very close to cumming. I wasn’t sure whether to hold back or let rip. I decided the latter as I knew she would cum again soon. So we kept licking and sucking at both ends until Vicky’s climax arrived.

Tony and I then took the initiative. I wanted to be fucked and Tony had a cock the size of a stallion. It slipped into me like a hot knife through butter. I sat on his lap facing away from him so that Vicky had a better view as she sat recovering her composure. She teased me by holding her cunt wide open as Tony fucked me. I could see her newly shaved hole spread wide as he pounded into me and in turn she could see Tony’s hard cock giving me immense pleasure. I came after about three minutes. I got off with my legs quivering. Tony still hadn’t cum and his cock looked bigger and thicker than I can ever remember.

“Tony darling” I whispered in his ear “Vicky would like you to fuck her in the arse.”

“Would you like that Vicky?” Tony asked

“My arse is wide open for you” Vicky confirmed and as if to prove it turned over and knelt down with her head on the carpet. Tony moved over behind her and I crawled underneath where her huge tits were hanging loose. The thrill of seeing my man’s cock enter another woman’s cunt or arsehole is indescribable. I watched as the knob pushed at Vicky’s anus just like my strap on had earlier in the week. Her arsehole opened wide as Tony’s length went in. His eight inches disappeared in seconds.

“Oh shit!” She cried, “you’re big, god you’re big.”

“Can you take him?” I asked.

“You bet” came the reply. “Fuck my arse you big cocked bastard. Fuck my arse!”

I came up and kissed Tony passionately.

“Fuck my arse too” I urged

“In a minute” he promised.

“Don’t pull out” begged Vicky “Please not yet”

Tony took no notice. He slid his thick cock out and put it straight into my arse as I knelt beside Vicky on the floor. God it felt good, and because I knew it had come straight from Vicky’s brown hole it was even more exciting than normal. He reamed me twenty times at least before the bastard pulled out and went back into Vicky. He kept up this double arsefuck for what seemed like hours. Vicky and I were so close we could kiss. I also had the urge to play with her cunt and she reciprocated. When Tony was deep in her arse I put my fingers in equally deeply and could feel his cock close by in her back passage. I don’t know about Vicky but I came twice. Judging by the screams I think she doubled that.

Eventually Tony could hold back no longer. He had to cum. He was in Vicky’s arse at the time and I could see his face as the spunk started to jet into her. After a couple of spasms he pulled out and the rest of his load shot across her back. I had never seen him cum so massively in our whole four years together.

Vicky collapsed and I used my tongue to scoop up the thick white blobs of semen all over her back. It took ten minutes but I drank the lot.

Vicky was in seventh heaven. There was no question it was the best fuck of her life and I have to admit it came close for me. Tony took it all in his stride of course. You would have thought that he had double arse fucks every day of his life!

The three of us have great fun now and the thing is that whichever one of us is out or unavailable the other two can get it on. For example last weekend Tony went on a rugby tour and was away for Friday and Saturday night. As he kissed me goodbye on the Friday night he pressed a package into my hand and said:

“Here’s something for the weekend.”

Vicky came down a couple of hours later in some very sexy underwear. We had a bath together and fucked each other with the soap and shower hose. Then when we got out we shaved each other’s cunts. Vicky was a confirmed smoothie now. She had discovered how sensitive a bald cunt could be. We had a lovely meal half naked and drank some rather potent red wine. At the end we collapsed on the sofa and began to kiss each other seductively from head to toe lingering at the more interesting parts in the middle. I then decided it was time to open Tony’s present to us so we pulled apart the wrapping and found that he had left us with a fabulous double dildo. I had always wanted one. I rubbed one end all round Vicky’s labia and watched as her cunt juice visibly thickened. Then I started to insert it. Double dildos are about two feet long and I wanted to see how much she could take. Inch after inch disappeared and I grabbed the other end and put it straight into my wide open cunt. I fed it in as far as possible and our two bodies met in the middle. We rubbed cunts and started to play with each other’s tits. My 38 inches squeezed up to her 44’s and the two pairs of nipples pushed against each other. I felt full and Vicky looked equally contented so we started to fuck. After ten minutes we were both close to orgasm. Vicky leant back and the dildo slipped out of her cunt.

“Shit” she said “I think I’m too fucking wet to keep this bastard in. Hang on I’ve got an idea.”

She leant back even further and exposed her arse. She took her end of the dildo and I watched excitedly as she pressed it against her anus. The helmet of the rubber dildo prised her hole open and started to disappear.

“What a gorgeous sight” I told her.

“What a gorgeous feeling” she replied “I’m starting to feel really full”

When the dildo got half way she stopped and invited me to take part. I levered myself off the carpet and held my arse cheeks open with one hand while positioning the dildo with the other. The technique of arse fucking for me is to get the object into my arsehole as quickly as possible as the only painful part is getting past the sphincter. So I eased it straight in and moved towards Vicky with my arse swallowing every subsequent inch greedily. We met in the middle again as we did before and kissed passionately. The great advantage about this position was that we could play with each other’s cunts at the same time as the double dildo did its work in our respective rectums.

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