Please Shave Me

Please Shave Me

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Well, I was old enough to know that life doesn’t always work out exactly as you want it to. Justin and I had been married for ten years and, frankly, the passion had faded. We were both deep into our careers, I was a property manager for a local upscale real estate developer and hubby managed a district branch of a large insurance company. So, we were pretty happy career-wise and financially, it was the once-every-other-week fuck that I was getting that was disappointing.

I’m thirty-two, Justin’s thirty-four, if I had kids, I’d definitely be considered a MILF. I’m an attractive brunette, five-seven, nice figure, boobs as firm as when I was sixteen (36-C, if you must know and, yes, they’re really nice, you’d just love them). Justin’s six-one, solid, the kind of chiseled look women like, just the kind of guy you’d think would go with a woman who looked like me. We look good.

And we used to fuck like crazy. I loved every minute of it, too. Now, I’m not a nympho, well, I don’t think I am, anyway. I just have a healthy, active libido. And, twice or three times a month just isn’t cutting it.

I tried a few things like changing into something more provocative when I got home after work. It worked a little then we were back to the same-old, same-old. I even tried asking him for a fuck a few times and got one about a third of the time. Not good.

So, when Justin had one of his old friends over, Adam, I was eyeing his thirty-year old bachelor friend with a rather horny eye. Now, I wasn’t thinking of going behind Justin’s back and making a pass at his old buddy, no, but his friend is a good looking guy and it had been almost two weeks since my pussy had anything in it other than my own fingers.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that a fair amount of alcohol, beer in the case of the two guys, pinot grigio was my preference, had been consumed on this particular occasion and this, certainly, influenced the general direction of how the evening went. And, no doubt, just how my thinking went at the time.

They were doing most of the talking, I was doing most of the thinking, mostly about how horny I was feeling and what I just might do to help ease the matter. I would not claim that I was thinking one hundred percent clearly at that stage as I decided to get up and go back to our bedroom and change into something provocative to see if I could get a little action.

In our bedroom, I took off my clothes, all of them, and stood in front of the full-length mirror. I do look good and as I stood there, my eyes were drawn to my pussy. Well, more to the pubic hair covering my pussy.

Justin and I do watch some porn, mostly on the computer, and just about every female now has a bare pussy, shaving is in. That’s when I got the idea to put on a nightie and go out and ask the two of them if they would like to give me a shave.

Now, I knew Justin might be a bit pissed-off but if he really got upset, then I wouldn’t let it happen.

So, I slipped on a black baby doll set that showed my charms to their best advantage and walked back into the great room, stood in front of them and asked, “Would you guys like to shave my pussy?”

As you might expect, Adam kept his mouth firmly shut and Justin just sat there for a minute or so, probably somewhat stunned at his wife’s rather sudden brazenness.

Then, he chuckled and said, “Okay, sure,” and the three of us walked down to the bathroom where I pulled off the panties and hoisted myself up on the counter and spread my legs.

Justin got his shaving cream and razor out of the drawer and I suggested, “To make it interesting for me, guys, why don’t you two get naked?”

“That’s up to Justin,” Adam replied to my request.

My hubby stood there for a few seconds, then said, “Yeah, okay, as long as we can cum on you.”

Well, a mini-bukakke party. That’s what Justin wanted but I was frankly thinking of a different repository for their cum so I answered, “Well, let’s just see what happens.”

So, they both began pulling off their clothes as I pulled off my top. Being a normal person, my interest was more toward seeing what Adam looked like since I was very familiar with Justin’s landscape. I wasn’t disappointed.

Both were hard, very hard. But Adam was shaved. I don’t really know if his cock was larger but, being shaved, it sure seemed so.

“Wow, you shave, Adam. That looks nice,” I offered.

“Learn new things about old friends, sometimes,” Justin commented to his friend.

“Maybe I should shave you, hon?” I asked my husband.

“Well, we’ll see,” Justin said and I spread my legs and he sprayed shave cream all around my pubic area which he began spreading around until he nodded to Adam to help out.

Adam’s cock was, I think, larger than Justin’s and was lighter in color. Justin’s was medium brown, like it had a tan, and Adam’s was lighter, more of a pinkish-peach color. Really quite handsome. I was hoping that the evening would afford me the opportunity to get to know it erotik film izle even better.

As soon as Adam’s fingers touched me and began rubbing the lather around, my heart rate zoomed.

They got the lather properly distributed and Adam began shaving me. I sat there on the counter thinking about what might happen and decided that whatever it was, I would go with the flow. I’ve never done anal or been much into sucking guys off but, tonight, I was on for anything.

Adam had the part above my pussy all nice and clean as he handed the razor back to Justin. I lifted my feet up to the counter to spread wide so they could get the sides and underneath. Justin took a few passes and handed to razor back to Adam, who carefully, and very sensually, I might add, smoothed down my hair before he razored it away.

Every touch of Adam’s was so arousing, sending a throb right to my middle. If he had taken much more time shaving me, I probably would have cummed.

Justin ran the water until it was nice and warm, soaked a washcloth and they began taking turns wiping away the lather, both seemed trying to pleasure me as much as wipe up the shave cream.

I let my feet down and reached for both their cocks and began masturbating them as they stood there. Then, I realized that Adam’s cock was thicker around, something I was hoping to experience internally before the end of the evening.

I released their dicks and pulled them to me, kissing each one, then holding them close as I whispered, “You’ve both got great hard-ons, why don’t you do something with them.”

Neither one did anything for a minute. I can understand why Adam didn’t, after all, even if he wants to fuck me, he’s standing right next to my husband. So, when Justin looked at Adam and kind of nodded toward me, then started kissing me from my face down to my neck as he fondled my left breast, Adam started on the other side.

Oh, yes, now I was liking this. Liking this a lot. Justin knelt down on the floor and I opened wide for him and he began licking and tonguing me. Adam, I think, was still moving slowly, not being sure of how far or how fast to go as he bent down to suck my nipple. I wanted him to know I liked his attentions so I petted his cheek with one hand and took his cock on the other and began to rub the wet tip with my thumb.

Justin is very good at giving me oral sex and tonight was no different. But, honestly, more of my attention and interest was focused on Adam. Surely, I can’t be blamed for that.

Then, Justin stood up and moved aside and motioned Adam to stand between my legs. I felt a shiver of excitement as Adam gripped his cock as he moved forward to press the tip up against my wet slit.

I looked over at Justin standing there watching and asked, “You sure you’re okay with this? For Adam to enter me?”

“Yes, it’s okay with me but why don’t you make it even better for Adam and use our bed. Then you can get up on top of him the way you love to do it. I’m sure he’ll love it and, frankly, I want to watch every second.”

“So you’re saying that we can go all the way with this?”

“That’s what I’m saying, otherwise, it’d hardly be fair,” answered Justin and I slid off the counter and knelt in front of Adam enfolding his cock between my breasts which i pressed together, dropping my chin down and taking the tip into my mouth to suck. I knew with what Justin had just said that I pretty much had free rein over where I took the evening.

I sucked him for a minute, then stood up, took his cock in my hand and led Adam to our bed, then got up over him and very slowly squatted down, reaching behind and leading his cock up into my eager pussy.

When I glanced back, Justin was sitting in a chair watching us as he languorously stroked himself.

I looked down into Justin’s eyes as I gradually pushed him into me, sending his cock deep up inside, which brought a smile to his face. I somehow thought he had been wanting something like this with his best friend’s wife for a while now.

Lowering myself slowly was very erotic, it just made my pussy feel so good, no doubt also helped my Adam’s cock’s greater girth. As I got him all the way inside, I pushed down hard and felt him touching places up inside me that have never been reached before. I swiveled my hips twisting so the head of his cock rubbed that newly-aroused area deep inside me. Oh, this was wonderful.

Adam’s hands were on my breasts and I was so aroused by now that I leaned forward for him to suck my nipples as I fucked him up and down. I looked over at my husband who seemed to be staring at Adam’s cock sliding in and out of me as his own stroking matched the same rhythm. Fucking Adam while Justin watched was making me so turned-on that I was almost crazy with lust, I just wanted to fuck this man forever.

I began fucking Adam faster and faster, my pussy was so engorged, so torrid, that I wanted to feel the rush of his cum up deep inside me.

“Mmm. Oh, Pam, oh, wow, mmm.”

Adam was moaning film izle now and was arching his hips up trying to get further up inside me as I fucked him up and down. Well, Justin wants something to see, I thought, so let’s give him something worth seeing.

Adam was getting close, just what I wanted.

“Oh, Pam, oh, I’m gonna…” and when his back arched up, I pulled up off him as his cum spurted out all over my pussy lips, just like a fountain, then I plunged back down on him and ground down, twisting my hips back and forth, as he cummed on and on.

Justin was jacking himself faster and faster, then he stopped and took his hand away and seconds later, I saw his semen come squirting out over and over.

I continued fucking Adam, whose cock stayed nice and hard, even though he had a massive ejaculation, we were just soaked in his cum between us, and soon, I knew it was going to be my turn.

When I’m on top, there’s two places where it really feels wonderful. One is when I push down all the way and twist my hips back and forth which rubs the tip of his cock up deep inside me, the other is when I am slowly pulling up off his cock. Somehow, that just feels sensational to me, my vaginal walls just seem to glow with the most wonderful feelings imaginable. And I was paying particular attention to both these favorites.

That did the trick, I felt the warmth begin to build inside me, then spread out as my nipples started to tingle, then it hit me like a flash, like I was electrified from head to toe, it was a marvelous orgasm.

“UUNH, UUNH, OHHH, OHHH, Oh, so good, yes, yes, so good, mmm,” and I dropped down on Adam kissing him over and over. I could never tell Justin but it was the best orgasm I’d had in a long time. A very long time.

After that, I was up for anything they could think of and I told them that. And leave it to Justin to suggest that they both fuck me, one in the front, one in the back. Well, now, I’ve never done anal before and said, “Um, if we do this, I want you to get the KY Jelly out of the bathroom.”

Chapter 2

Since Justin brought the tube back into the bedroom, I took that to mean that he wanted to go ahead with the front-door/back-door penetration that I was hoping wouldn’t ruin me forever.

So, I sucked Adam for a few minutes to make sure he was good and hard (Actually, I knew very well that he was good and hard, I really just wanted to suck his nice cock), then got up over him and lowered myself down on his cock and lay forward on his chest as Justin smeared the lubricant around my butt hole and then up into it. I have to say, it actually felt pretty good. I’ve had girlfriends tell me that they thought they had more sexy nerve endings in their butt than in their pussy but I really never believed them. Maybe they’re right.

Then he put some on his cock and got up behind me, also straddling Adam’s legs and pushed his cock right up to my anus. I gritted my teeth and he pushed forward. He slid in several inches and stopped. Then he started going back and forth as I began fucking Adam.

I’m not sure how to describe what I felt. Full. Oh, yes, full. Adam’s cock is larger in length and girth than my hubby’s and that alone would make me feel pretty full. On top of that, literally, seeing the position we were in, when Justin began entering my butt, he went slowly, allowing me to get used to something that size in me it’s usually empty.

So, full, for sure. Oh, yeah.

When Justin began going in and out of my ass, I was surprised at the feelings. They were highly erotic. I even stopped fucking Adam for a few minutes just to relish this new sensation, this new pleasure. It was very arousing and it felt at least as good as being fucked in my pussy. Oh, it did feel good. I never dreamed it would feel that good.

Now, put it together with the glorious feelings Adam was giving my pussy, combine it with the kinky, taboo sense of getting it both ways by two guys, and maybe you can get an idea of what it was like. It was spectacular, fucked in both holes, it just made me delirious with sexual frenzy. It was the most fucked I’ve ever felt.

And, it was one of the fastest orgasms I’ve ever had. It was just a few minutes, three or four, maybe, before it happened. Incredible. Oh, and it went on and on and on. It lasted forever, almost. And strong, it practically doubled me up. I felt like I was completely submerged in bliss, just overcome.

Adam was under me moving his hips up and down, fucking me still as Justin was doing the same from up behind me. Justin was the first one to cum followed less than a minute later by Adam as I felt so warm and loved deep inside me. We all three lay there in a sandwich, the three of us coupled together by their cocks as the feelings continued to wash over me.

After I got disconnected from both guys, I suggested that it was time for a shower and we all three managed to get in our master shower which, thankfully, was large enough. I had lots of fun soaping cocks and I had the cleanest seks filmi izle breasts and pussy I’ve ever had. I let them dry me off then we went back into our bedroom.

“What now, hon,” Justin asked me.

“How about me sucking you two off?”

They both looked at each other as I knelt down between them, gripping each cock as I began sucking Adam and jacking my hubby. I soon turned to suck Justin and masturbate his friend and kept going back and forth between them. They both seemed to be enjoying my double-fellation and I soon had a mouth full of Adam’s cum and turned my cum-filled mouth to Justin to finish him off. After I was finished, I stood up and there was a sizable wet spot where my wetness had dripped out of me onto the floor.

They decided that one would give me oral while the other sucked and fondled my breasts and they took turns so each brought me to orgasm. This was by far the most sex I had had in one session in my entire life. Adam licked me off first, then Justin. Oh, I was a happy woman.

After getting me off, they both stood up and started masturbating over me. Oh, I’ve seen it in the porn videos on the internet many times and always thought it was rather silly. But, actually, it was fun being on the bed, them on either side jacking-off over me as I was fingering myself, then seeing the cascades of cum spurt out all over my face, neck, breasts and stomach. We were all laughing and I was covered in cum.

“Help me up, Justin, I’ve got to wash this off,” I asked as he lead me to our bathroom where he wiped me off with a warm facecloth.

“Oh, guy’s I am sore. Oh, you’ve fucked me good. But, am I happy. Thank you both,” and I kissed each one as we all three walked back to our bed.

We had asked Adam to stay the night and we all three piled into our bed, me in the middle, of course, and, I must say, I was asleep in a wink. I did wake up a few times during the night, once with Adam’s leg thrown up over me, his cock pressing on me, I did lay there awake for a few minutes enjoying the feeling.

No one really woke up until about nine-thirty and we decided to have some breakfast then return to bed for one last fling.

So, we were all three naked in the kitchen, by now, Adam felt free enough to pretty much do what he felt like with me and he was feeling my boobs as I measure the coffee out onto the coffeemaker. Then, as Justin made toast, Adam sat next to me as I played with what has become my favorite body part of his.

After breakfast, we were back upstairs in bed as Justin says, “I know Pam’s favorite position is doggie-style and each of us could do her that way. What do you think, hon?”

“That sounds nice to me. Lovely, actually. And I can suck the other one. Sound nice?”

Everyone agreed and I got up on me hands and knees as Justin got down and licked me, though I was quite wet already. He got up and led his cock right up to me and pushed up inside me as Adam got in front of me with his lovely cock wavering right in front of my face. I opened as he led it into my mouth.

Both guys started fucking me as I knelt there on my hands and knees. While I was never much into sucking guys off, I was getting to view it a little differently with Adam fucking my mouth. He knelt there in front of me pushing his hips slowly back and forth, his hands down caressing my cheeks as I sucked him.

Justin, behind me, was leisurely fucking me as I felt his thumb begin to run across my butt hole. Oh, wow. The sexual eroticism I was feeling was almost overwhelming. What a night and morning this has been. When I started all this, I had no idea what I was really beginning. I wanted sex and, boy, have I gotten it.

I was mostly holding still while both cocks went in and out of me, then, I felt Justin’s index finger slowly slip into my anus.

It was like an explosion. A jolt ripped through me as a flash of white-hot heat raced across my body, it was like I was being electrified from head to toe. Every muscle tensed and I was swept over by the most intense feeling of erotic pleasure I’ve ever, ever had. It was easily the most profound and long-lasting orgasm I’ve ever experienced. It just drained me completely.

The rest of the time it was like I was in a white fog, a wonderful, white fog, being fucked by Adam and Justin until they both filled me with their love juice. After, they each pulled out and lay on each side of me, kissing and fondling and caressing me so nicely and gently as I lay between them still engulfed in my bliss.

“Think you can do it again?” Adam asked. Knowing that it might be the last time I ever had his cock inside me I said I was up for a final fuck and got up again, this time with Adam entering me from behind and Justin up fucking my mouth.

I really couldn’t say I was tired of sex at this point, Adam’s very nice, very hard cock ensured that I was enjoying him every minute he was inside me. They were fucking into me at the same rhythm, both entering me at the same times, both pulling back out at the same time. Yes, it was very sexy-feeling.

I know that the best way to get my hubby to cum in my mouth is to suck right on the tip end of his cock as I circle my tongue around it, so I told him to hold still as I sucked him.

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Daughter of the Revolution Ch. 04

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Abby awoke in the night to a strange sensation. Alec had rolled to his side and his breath was stirring her hair. She gently touched his forehead to find that he was still warm but his fever seemed to be abating. She was getting warm herself so she carefully got up without disturbing him and removed her clothes. She slid back in beside him and laying on her side, nestled his head between her naked breasts. She shivered when his warm breath tightened her nipples and gave her goosebumps on her firm tits. He groaned and snuggled in closer while she smiled happily to herself, then she slowly drifted off to sleep.

In the wee hours of the morning Alec moaned loudly, waking Abby from a deep sleep. He was laying on his back and soaked in sweat. Hurriedly, she flipped the sheet off to cool him and in the predawn light saw an amazing sight. His arms were stiff at his sides and he was thrusting his hips in the air repeatedly while calling out her name. She gasped when she saw his pulsating cock. It was hard as steel and easily 10 inches long, thicker than her wrist and topped with a swollen head that defied belief.

Rose awoke from his calls and tumbled out of bed to hurry to his side.

“Help him, Abby, before he hurts himself!” she whispered fiercely. His face was a rictus of passion and his eyes were tightly shut as he writhed, locked in a fever dream of lust.

“How, Rose? How do I do it?” Abby begged her.

Rose took his thick shaft in her small hand and worked his length skillfully. He groaned louder and rammed his hips high, straining upwards while his face grew red and he held his breath while he reached for his orgasm.

“He’s close, Abby. Here!” Rose released him and put Abby’s hands on him. Awkwardly, she knelt and stroked him rapidly and his breath exploded from his lungs as he released massive gouts of hot cum that spattered him from rigid abs to collarbone. Abby cried out in surprise at the fountain of cum that sprang from his cock. He heaved and twisted while she hung on for dear life. Her tight fists stroked him from his large balls to his hugely swollen head, and Rose exclaimed in wonder when he bathed himself in ropes of cum that seemed to never end.

“My word, what an absolute cannon!” Rose whispered in a hoarse voice as his hips slowly lowered to the bed and his arms relaxed at his sides.

“Oh Abby,” he groaned in delirium.

“Hush now, sweet Alec,” she whispered, while stroking his still swollen cock in hands slick with cum. While his breathing calmed, Rose volunteered some advice.

“He’s had what they call a wet dream. It happens to a man if he hasn’t came for a long time. It was probably brought on by his fever dreams. Now what you need to do is milk him dry. Work his shaft from his balls up to the head and squeeze the cum out of him.”

Abby awkwardly attempted to do what she was instructed but Rose lost patience.

“May I? she offered.

Abby reluctantly handed him off to Rose who was more than delighted. She skillfully worked his shaft, using her thumbs to work from the base of his shaft up to his swollen head until hot cum poured from the end and onto his belly. Abby gasped at the sheer volume that Rose produced from her ministrations. She remembered how Rose had licked the end of Williams cock and bravely leaned down over him. She covered Rose’s hand with hers to still her movement, then licked a thick wad of cum from his dripping head. She rolled it in her mouth and then swallowed it down. It wasn’t unpleasant at all she decided.

“Suck him,” Rose said huskily.

Abby looked up at her and was startled to see the look on Rose’s face. Her face and upper breasts were flushed red and her eyes were hot as she stared down at Alec’s cock.

Abby tentatively opened her mouth and tried to fit him in. She had to work at it but he finally popped inside. She did as Rose instructed and sucked on him hard. She was rewarded with a taste that she knew she’d never forget. Hot and sweet, he filled her senses and she shivered as her pussy flooded with juice. She drew a ragged groan from him, then he relaxed completely into unconsciousness.

Reluctantly, she released him and gently lowered his spent shaft to hang between his muscular thighs. She slowly shook her head and looked down at her man. He was covered in a light sweat and cum ran in rivulets off his chest and belly to stain the sheets.

“I can hardly believe what we just saw!” Rose exclaimed. “I’ve never seen a man cum so much in my life, and I’ve never seen a cock like his either, amazing!”

Just then June woke up. “What’s going on? What are you two up to?” She stood and walked over, then covered her mouth and cried out in surprise when she saw Alec’s condition. “My word! What did you two do to him?” she asked shakily.

Abby quickly explained and June burst out giggling.

“I wish I could’ve seen that. I’d love to take that load in my mouth. He looks wonderfully tasty!”

“June! How naughty!” Abby scolded, but she couldn’t help ankara evi olan escortlar laughing.

“Quick, help me clean him before he awakes. How embarrassing that would be!”

Alec awoke before lunchtime and Abby sat next to him to check his fever. It appeared to have broken and his color looked much better.

“How do you feel, honey?” she asked.

“Much better. Thank you, Angel.”

She decided she liked her new name and told him so.

“Well, you are an angel. My guardian angel, so beautiful and sweet,” he said while he gave her his gorgeous grey eyes.

She felt her heart melt and tears gather in her own. Impulsively, she leaned down and gently kissed his lips, then gave him a joyful smile.

“I’m so happy you’re feeling better. Are you hungry?”

She put bath water on to heat then fed him a light meal. Rose and June were tending the garden so she took it on herself to bathe him. He protested when she stripped him down but she’d have none of it. She removed all his bandages then got him in the tub. He sighed in relief and murmured his approval as the heat soaked into his bones.

She gently washed his battered body, taking special care with his tortured back, then bent him forward and scrubbed his hair and scalp while he voiced his pleasure. Never had he felt such a sensation of being cared for by a beautiful woman.

When she was finished, he leaned back in the tub and winced in pain as the rough wood scraped his raw wounds. Standing up, Abby dropped her clothing from her body and pushed him forward, then sat in the tub behind him. She gently pulled him back against her chest and wrapped her legs around his lean waist. She hummed a lullaby in his ear and caressed his wide shoulders until he nodded off to a light sleep, and she herself dozed off in just a few minutes.

The creaking door woke her and she looked over as Rose and June quietly came in from their labors, their eyes widening when they saw the couple in the tub. Alec awoke as well and when he saw the girls, flailed around for something to cover himself.

“Don’t worry there, sweetie,” Rose giggled. “You’ve got nothing we haven’t seen before.”

He blushed furiously, which Abby thought was quite cute.

“I was afraid of that,” he said. “I seem to remember you three cleaning me up.”

“You remember right. We’ve seen every inch of you, and there’s a lot of inches,” Rose said with a wink.

“Rose Marie!” Abby scolded, then burst out giggling helplessly and June joined in as well. “I’m sorry, honey,” Abby whispered in his ear. “We just couldn’t resist. You’re so handsome and sexy, no girl would turn down the opportunity to check you out.”

She slid her arms under his and hugged him tightly. She saw the corner of his mouth quirk and when he began shaking with laughter she knew they were forgiven.

By now the water was cooling and Abby was getting chilled.

“June, may I have a towel please?”

As she’d done so often for several years now it was an ingrained habit, Abby rose from the tub and June began drying her off. Alec watched with wide eyes when Abby let him see her naked for the first time. He caught his breath when he took in her firm breasts, narrow waist, and perfect hips. Her little round ass was exquisitely formed and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of it. Little did he know that he was next in line to be spoiled. Abby donned a white blouse and a skirt then picked up a fresh towel.

“Up with you, Sir. Your turn.” He looked at all three women who were gazing at him expectantly. Shaking his head in defeat, he gripped the edge of the tub and painfully stood up. Three gasps of desire filled the room as his lean frame emerged, his cock was semi hard, caused by him viewing Abby’s beautiful body. Abby quickly moved to his side and helped him step out. He steadied himself on her shoulder then stood fully erect. She toweled him from head to waist, blotting his wounded back lightly before Rose moved in to bandage it again.

June went to her knees in front of him and dried his legs then moved to his groin. He groaned when she daubed his cock and balls dry, his eyes tightly closed as he tried to avoid getting harder than he already was.

Thankfully for him, they finished in short order and he threw a sheet around himself in relief, then sat on the bed. June emptied the bath water and started some fresh for her and Rose. Abby eyed him critically. He seemed to be doing much better and his appetite earlier gave her hope that he was on the mend. He seemed to read her mind because he glanced up at her and gave her a beautiful smile that warmed her heart. He patted the bed beside him and she couldn’t get there fast enough to snuggle into him.

“That hot water really took it out of me, do you mind if I nap for awhile?” he asked.

“Of course not, sweetheart. Let me help you.”

He groaned and laid back while she adjusted his legs, then covered him with a light blanket. By the time she leaned in to kiss elvankent olgun escortlar him he was already sleeping. She looked down at him and felt love bloom in her breast. He looked like a handsome little boy and her heart almost broke with the beauty of it.

She heard a sigh and turned to see June and Rose watching, also enraptured by the sight of Alec. She felt a flare of jealousy and knew it was something that would have to be addressed, and soon. Being a woman of action she decided there was no time like the present.

She got up and poured three stiff glasses of whiskey, then motioned the girls to follow her outside. Rose immediately knew what was up and steeled herself for a possible confrontation.

The old man who owned the cabin had built a swing on the porch and they all three sat down on it. Abby got right to it.

“I think I love that man in there. I know I’ve only known him a few days but I’m sure we’ll be together forever, but I’m also a realist. You two ladies are my closest friends and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. There’s no way we girls can live together for who knows how long, and have only one of us be in a relationship with a man. Unless you two kidnap your own boyfriends I’ll have to share a little bit. I don’t know Alec’s feelings about me yet but I’m pretty sure he feels the same.”

“From the way he called your name last night I’d say that’s a safe bet,” Rose said with a knowing smile. “Personally, I don’t want an emotional relationship with a man. I still love William and I pray everyday that we’ll be together again in the future. Having said that, Alec is a hell of a man and I’ll not turn down that sweet cock if he offered it to me,” she said dreamily.

June piped up. “I feel the same way. Your father and I had a wonderful relationship although it was secret because of my race. I still love him and hope to see him again. I love Rose too as you know, and I’ll follow her wherever and with whomever she takes me.”

The three sat in silence and sipped their whiskey for awhile as they all thought it out. Finally, Rose spoke up again.

“Abby, before you decide if you’ll share him sexually, why don’t June and I go away for a few days and leave you two alone? After you two consummate your relationship you may feel completely different. Love and sex can really throw you for a loop.”

Abby’s eyes welled with tears. “You’d do that for us?”

Rose kissed her cheek. “Of course, sweetheart. I’d do anything for you.”

That evening after dinner, Alec was feeling well enough to sit at the table and chat with the girls. Over a glass of brandy they told him of their life on the plantation and the events that had led them to where they were currently. He looked at the three beauties with newfound respect, especially Abby. He found it hard to believe such a slip of a girl could be so deadly, even though he knew she’d killed his four captors, he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

She showed him her rapier and her eyes misted as she told of her father having it made to fit her style of fighting and her smaller frame. Alec took it from the scabbard to admire it and picked a red fleck from the blood groove, solid evidence of Abby’s skill with a blade.

Rose showed him their matching squirrel rifles and he was highly impressed that they were both proficient at loading and shooting them accurately. He turned to June next.

“And what’s your special talent, Miss June?” he teased.

She thought for a second, then stood and turned her back to the group. They could see her arms moving and they were curious what she was up to. She turned to face them and they all gasped in surprise. She’d unbuttoned her blouse and tucked the flaps inside so her firm breasts were almost completely exposed, her dusky nipples jutting out to be seen by the astonished threesome. Her cheeks were a beautiful blush color from pinching them with her fingers and her eyes were burning with a lust that shook Alec to his core. She advanced on him like a she cat while looking deep in his soul and he was spellbound when she crawled in his lap to rub her stiffened nipples on his bare chest and kiss him deeply. He let out a muffled yelp and his eyes widened in shocked surprise.

She broke out in a wicked laugh, then slid off him and readjusted her blouse. Alec was sweating buckets while the three girls were laughing gaily.

“Holy Moses, June! Where’d you learn to do that! You looked sexier than anyone I’ve ever seen.” Abby asked in wonder.

“Oh, here and there. A girl needs a few weapons in her arsenal,” June sniggered.

“And what beautiful weapons they are,” Rose said huskily while eyeing June’s abundant cleavage.

Alec was taking it all in with raised eyebrows and wondering what ever in the world he’d gotten into with the three gorgeous women!

They finally went to bed when they’d drank perhaps a bit too much, all except Alec. Abby had limited him to one drink because she etimesgut sarışın escortlar was still worried about his health. She slid naked in bed with him and snuggled in close. He was being more than a gentleman and didn’t try to touch her beyond what was necessary on the small mattress. In a low voice she explained that the girls were leaving tomorrow for a few days to give them some privacy.

The hair on his neck raised when she put her lips to his ear and whispered, “I want you to myself and I’m gonna have my way with you.”

She boldly reached down and caught his thick cock in her small hand and caressed him tenderly. He moaned in pleasure and quickly grew larger, surprising her at how rapidly he swelled in size. Feeling bold and naughty, she remembered some advice that Rose had given her in days past.

“Keep quiet,” she whispered, and silently slid under the sheet, then down his tall frame until she was nuzzling his cock. She heard a hiss of breath when she licked his cock head, savoring the pre-cum that was already dripping from the tip. She spat a little saliva on him and smeared it over his rose colored head with her thumb. When he was nice and wet she stuffed him in her mouth and sucked him gently, swirling her tongue around the rim of his swollen glans while she cupped his balls and rolled them tenderly in her palm. In less than a minute she felt him swell in her mouth and she felt his big hands twist in her hair.

Rose had told her of the warning signs when a man was close to orgasm and Abby remembered them well. She increased the speed of her swirling wet tongue and sucked him as deep as she could without choking, feeling him swell ever larger. He growled low in his throat and tried to pull her free but she fought his gentle grip, and with a deep groan he erupted violently in her mouth. She sputtered and coughed when he deluged the back her throat with thick, white, cum. She was surprised at the velocity and volume he sprayed her with and pulled up to catch a breath. He unleashed several more thick ropes that spattered her face and breasts, covering her in hot man juice. She stroked his long shaft with both small hands, marveling when she felt his shaft pulse in rhythm with the jets that painted her upper body. He tried in vain to stay silent but his groans sounded throughout the cabin, moistening the thighs of the other two women who lay listening enviously just a few feet away.

Abby lowered her head and sucked him in, milking his cock like Rose had shown her and ripping more sounds of ecstasy from her lover. She swallowed the last of his offering and smacked her lips happily, then slid up to greet him.

“My first time ever, lover. You’re absolutely delicious. I may have to do that again soon,” she teased.

He couldn’t answer because he was still panting for air. She giggled and snuggled into his side, smearing his cum over both of them, then threw a leg over his. She petted his chest and hummed a little song to him while his thumping heart slowed it’s pace. She discovered she could rub her pussy on his leg and bring herself pleasure. He became aware of what she was doing and awkwardly pushed his hand between her thighs. She smiled to herself as he seemed to be rubbing everywhere except her clit. She gently took his hand and singled out a finger, then rolled it over her swollen center.

“Right there,” she breathed. “Gently.”

He nodded slightly and took over while she sighed and kissed the shell of his ear, giving him the shivers. He cupped a breast and ran his thumb around her nipple bringing another surge of pleasure over her. She was so excited from sucking his cock that it took only a few minutes for her own orgasm to arrive. She involuntarily clamped her thighs around his hand and when her pleasure hit her like a tidal wave, she sank her teeth in his shoulder and groaned in ecstasy.

He kept up what he was doing until she exhausted herself from coming so hard. She caught his hand and tugged it free from her soaked pussy.

“To sensitive, please, Alec,” she sighed in relief. She pulled the fingers that had given her such pleasure to her mouth and kissed them tenderly.

“Thank you, honey. You’re wonderful,” she said softly, then she got up and retrieved a damp cloth to clean their sticky bodies. She laid down on him and soon fell asleep atop his large frame while he lay patiently beneath her, marveling at how lucky he was to have such an amazing woman in his life.

The next morning after breakfast, Rose and June took their leave. Abby asked them to bring some of her father’s clothes for Alec from the cache in the cave they were going to stay at. They wouldn’t fit him perfectly but they’d be able to make some of them work with any luck as all three women were more than competent at sewing and mending. His uniform had been ruined when they’d cut it from his unconscious body and he’d been clothed only in a sheet or wrapped in a towel for the last couple of days.

He was standing on the porch in his bath towel to see the girls off when June slid up and gave him another taste of her smoky eyes. She hugged him tightly and pressed her cheek to his broad bare chest, inhaling his man smell while sighing at the feelings he raised in her damp center. She gripped his tight ass and squeezed him firmly.

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Unexpected Threesome Ch. 52

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It was maybe half an hour that I lay there, looking at Ned’s sleeping face and watching his chest rise and fall as he breathed.

When I’d woken up, his nose was under my cheek, so I’d pulled my head back a bit to let him breathe more easily and for me just to be able to stare at his sleeping countenance.

His upper arm rested over my shoulder, the lower one cupped my lower breast, its contact with my nipple and the way it had tightened to his touch perhaps adding to the erotic dreams that had occupied my night.

With my lower arm comfortably under the gap between his shoulder and the pillow, I was trapped and unable to move. Not that I wanted to. I could almost feel the pulse of Ned’s heart throbbing through the hard erection captured so deeply inside me.

I watched as he drifted back to wakefulness. His eyes half opened but it seemed, before his consciousness fully returned, a more primitive part of his brain, detecting some unexpected capture of his manhood, caused his body to stretch and arc, pushing his erection even harder into me and screwing it around as his legs tightened; all accompanied by a rather satisfied hum.

Then, finally, Ned was with me, looking me straight in the eye as he whispered…

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

“You certainly crashed hard and fast last night.”

“Hard is perhaps an appropriate word at the moment. It’s almost like there’s unfinished business.”

“Oh I think we’ve had a few finishes since then. There could be quite a cum build-up in there when our bodies separate. We might drown in the stuff.”

“Well I think it needs a freshen up with new stuff to give it a good flush out.”

I was already sliding up and down on his erection when Ned replied…

“Is that right? We’ll have to try and not wake Liddy.”

“I was very good last night. I’ll be very good again this morning.”

That was a promise easy to make, but harder to keep. You’d think suppressing my tendency to scream during sex easy. For me, it’s not. But I resolved to do my best.

Ned slowly rolled me on my back, mounting me missionary style.

Taking the weight on his haunches, he nuzzled my cheeks and kissed me before nibbling down the side of my neck until he arched his back to let him suck my nipple while retaining full penetration; placing the palm of his hand over the other one.

As he started to suck it, the areola puffed into its volcanic cone while the nipple on top of it hardened and extended, until the areola was between the lips and the tip of the nipple pushed against the roof of his mouth as his tongue stimulated it.

That, with the other nipple being stimulated between the fingers of his hand, had me squirming in pleasure under him. Only then did he drop his hips deeper between my legs, partly withdraw and thrust firmly back in; the upward directed thrust raking across my g spot in a way only Ned seems to know how.

I had to bite my lip to surpass a moan. G spot orgasms send me right over the top. As he repeated it another two times, it was too much. A far from quite moan escaped me. A couple more I be cumming while screaming like a banshee.

As he pulled back for another one, I raised my head to bring myself as close as I could to his ear as mouth kept driving me crazy as he sucked my nipple…

“Flatten out or I’m going to start screaming.”

Ned knew my body. He knew what I meant. He also knew simply missionary vaginal sex was well capable of giving me a pretty good orgasm, even before the stimulation of my nipples. He didn’t have to hit my g spot as hard as he was to get there.

He did as I asked, his shaft slipping easily in and out of my well lubricated sex at a constant, moderate pace, as I gripped it fairly firmly, my breathing already growing heavy and noisy as my excitement built.

But I kept my promise. As I came I might have demonstrably raised my hips and groaned, but not loud enough to wake Liddy. Or at least she was kind enough to pretend so, since she continued to just lie there seemingly asleep.

In my post orgasmic hormonal bliss, I looked up at Ned as he kept thrusting towards his own orgasm. He was, in every sense, doing his man thing; his shaft pleasuring itself inside my body to induce it to release his seed which would then struggle to penetrate even deeper into my being in a forlorn hope of fertilizing my pill protected gametes.

I had thought he was fully aroused and hard when I first woke to feel his manhood inside my body. But I realised, as I felt his erection swell and harden further, it had been in a more relaxed state of arousal. But the pleasure induced by that additional swelling was written all over Ned’s face. Not in a smile, but in a look of complete bliss.

As I watched him move his body over me, I was drawn yet again to the way it was so pleasingly firm and muscular. There would be few guys half as old as Ned who would have a body as good as his. It was a well-earned reward for him joining me in our morning runs and exercise ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar regimes. It excited me to think that he was my male. Not mine alone because I shared him with Liddy. But that didn’t diminish that part of him that was mine.

Compared to my previous experience of male relationships, I was in a world of love and commitment I couldn’t have imagined existed.

Rather than making him come in a heaving rush, I eased the grip I had on him, trying to find that goldilocks zone of prolonging his pleasure while not diminishing the intensity of it.

His gaze was intensely on my breasts. Knowing the effect that has I him, I tried to exaggerate the wobbling of them induced by the slight rag dolling of my body as his thrusts crashed into me.

Needing to touch him, to encourage him in his desires, I lifted a hand to stroke through his hair and down his strong arm, being careful not to block his view of my breasts.

But Ned’s continued steady thrusting was having an effect on my all too sensitive body too. It didn’t seem all that long before, caught in the moment, another orgasm built and rapidly exploded inside me before I could fully control it, causing me to groan louder than I would have liked and throw my hips up violently enough to nearly throw Ned off as a prelude to grasping his butt and holding him into me on full penetration as my vaginal contractions pummelled his shaft.

As my orgasm passed and I relaxed back onto the bed again, Ned restarted his thrusting; the steady in and out movement of his shaft, each thrust brought to a sudden stop as the base of his shaft collided with my mons and vaginal opening.

I could tell Ned was starting to brew up. It’s something I love to watch. His eyes — still intensely focused on my breasts – start to squint as his lips alternate between forming an ‘o’ and pursing around a not quite silent ‘ooohhh’ sound.

He was trying to supress the groans of his pleasure, but not entirely succeeding.

I’ve seen Ned cum often enough now to know what makes a good one for him. I’ve seen him have hyper intense orgasms that brew and boil over in a flash. And I’ve seen him have ones that slowly ferment; teasing him with a prolonged cock pleasuring intense enough to elicit groans of real pleasure, but just below enough to boil him quickly over. And if we get it right — because these things are a team effort — he gets the best of both worlds; a prolonged cock teasing pleasuring, finishing with an orgasm of mind blowing intensity.

I could tell his manhood was highly sensitised. The thrusting was delivering real pleasure to him in spades and had been for a generous bit now.

I was pleased when he’d occasionally stop; holding himself on full penetration, aware that a single additional prematurely taken thrust would spill his seed before he wanted too.

Then he’d start again; the groan that accompanied that first recommencing thrust telling me everything about the shot of pleasure it set cascading through his erection and up to his brain.

My sexual demands on Ned have done nothing if not give him plenty of opportunity to practice getting the best out of his own finishes.

He’d only thrust maybe three or four times since his last pause when he suddenly burst into a flurry of crazy fast thrusting, then froze on full penetration, his leg and butt muscles as tight as a drum. I felt his manhood surge, then pulse as the first rope of seed sprayed forcefully against my cervix and Ned only partly managed to muffle the bellowing groan that usually accompanies an orgasm of such intensity.

Ned collapsed down on me, his head alongside mine as his body took control; groaning loudly as it alternatively froze him then pushed him into another short flurry of thrusting as additional ejaculate was added to the collection already in my body.

And then, the piece de resistance of a brain blowing climax, the moan inducing periodic shakes and shudders of little mini after climaxes as his balls seemingly do a final sweep of their chambers to collect every last drop of seed and send it down his shaft to join the rest in my receptive vagina.

By that time, all I can do is lie there, being a willing receptacle of something that gives him such pleasure; stroking his hair in encouragement and, when he’s completely finished, kissing and cuddling him like a mother congratulating a child on a brilliant achievement.

I like it because it makes Ned even more lovey and cuddly after we’re finished and it leaves his erection seemingly reluctant to surrender its hardness even if he can’t go another round with it.

And contrary to his prediction, we didn’t drown in the accumulated cum as he withdrew his erection. My body seems to have more than adequately dealt with whatever was deposited there overnight; although the morning’s delivery created a bit of a mess.

But as the sun rose, it was time to surrender him to the day, letting him get out of bed and following directly behind elvankent götü büyük escortlar him.

Ned put on his speedos, letting me tuck the sticky residue of his erection into them, adjusting the stretchy material to hold it stuck out horizontally and then play with it by running my hand up and down the sheathed projection I’d created before covering them with a pair of shorts and a t shirt.

We were going out to breakfast, so I wanted to put on something nice. I chose the plunging neckline, white lace and netting sheath mini-dress; the one I should wear a white bikini under to make it decent. It was one of those dresses that are mostly made of a very open weave lace, but the lace is more densely woven over the breasts and around the groin and bum to provide some modesty. And it was. To a point. But not enough if you don’t want certain things to be on display.

I put the bikini pants on — a very brief Brazilian cut – but figured on a holiday Island I could get away without the bikini top underneath. Sort of. Because, as I knew they would, my breasts stretched out the lace, opening the weave, making much of my breast not already displayed by the plunging neckline, discernible underneath and letting my nipples push through a hole they make in the weave and project to the outside of the dress. And as the lace surrounding the nipples stimulated them as I walked and the dress moved against me, they projected further; little dark brown knobs poking through.

When you’re on holidays and trying to give your boyfriend a hard-on you can do this sort of stuff. Most people passing by had to look at least twice to notice. But there were plenty of those.

Through all of this and until after we left the room, Liddy had continued to just lie there; seemingly asleep, her naked body uncovered and sprawled seductively across her side of the bed.

It’s hard to tell with Liddy whether that’s a courtesy, letting us finishing in peace, or she really is still asleep. I may not have been screaming; but there was some far from silent moaning and grunting happening. And while our activities may not have left her body bouncing around on the bed uncontrollably, a certain amount of movement must have been transmitted to her; especially as I nearly threw Ned off with one of my orgasms.

But then, we all learned to sleep at sea with a yacht rocking and rolling, creaking and groaning with the forces of nature and people on watch running around on deck above us and sometimes yelling for action. So it’s not impossible.

By the time we left to go down to breakfast, Liddy, Ellen and Harry had all joined us.

As Liddy walked ahead with Ellen and Harry and I found myself walking hand in hand with Ned, I had to ask…

“So, did you have a wet dream during the night or just get uncontrollably randy?”

“A wet dream. Until I met you, I hadn’t had any of those since I was a teenager.”

“Yea, well that’s what sleeping with your cock in a woman’s vagina will do to you.”

“Who would have guessed?”

“What were you dreaming about to trigger it?”

“I was passionately making love to you as we swam underwater. It was funny, but needing to breathe didn’t come into it. It was like we were a mermaid and merman, except you didn’t have a fish tail.”

“Were we naked?”

“Yes. Completely and very beautifully so. Our bodies were completely intertwined. I don’t think real mer-people wear clothes except in Disney movies.”

“Pity. I prefer bikini still on.”

“If my subconscious self was aware of that, it chose to defy you. By the way, you know I was pretty sure you were in the middle of an orgasm when I woke up just before I ejaculated. In fact I think it was that which triggered me. Did you have any sex dreams?”

“A whole night of them. And yes, they included dreams about having an orgasm. More than one if I recall correctly. We’ll have to sleep like that more often.”

“And what were your dreams about?”

“Variations on rolling around on the water’s edge with you as you crazily fucked the arse off me. And yes, I still had my bikini on.”

“We both seem to have water fetishes, but I think we need to take you to have a talk to someone about your bikini one.”

“You’re the best mental health assistant I’ll ever have. We both know my bikini fetish is somehow interwoven with a less favourable part of my past in a way that isn’t clear to either of us. But I think you can deal with it.”

I watched as Liddy separated from Ellen and Harry and turned around and waited until we caught up, taking Ned’s other hand as we came past. She looked stunning in a spaghetti shoulder strapped mini sheath dress. Her large perkily projecting breasts opened up a virtual cavern down the front of her dress that every male walking past was angling to get a look down.

It must be a funny sight to strangers. Most assume I’m the daughter of Ned and Liddy because I look so much like a younger Liddy and we certainly have similar tastes etimesgut çıtır escortlar in clothes. At least until they hear my British accent against her New York one. But then they probably wonder why a dad is holding his daughter’s hand with it dragged across her thigh and held against her crotch.

We went to the café along the waterfront for breakfast, not being there for long before Julie came past, and still dressed in the dress she was wearing last night. I rushed out to intercept her and have her join us for breakfast.

She was reticent because of the statement the dress made. Walk of shame and all of that. But we weren’t far from the yacht. She said she hurry there and come back as soon as she could. True to her word, she was back in five minutes, dressed in the boat’s hot pants and crop top uniform, with Issie accompanying her.

As Shelley and Adam joined us soon afterwards, we had the whole boat crew there.

It wasn’t for nothing that I’d manoeuvred Julie to sit next to me. With the raucous conversation going on, I took the chance to ask…

“Did you have a threesome last night?”

“It depends what you call a threesome. If you mean three people in the bed at the one time, no. I’m not going to get myself spit roasted while the guys high-five their exploits over me. But I did enjoy them in succession while I made the other one wait outside the room.”

“We’re you worried about them being bigger than you and not following your directions?”

“Men are a bit like horses. They might be bigger and stronger than you, but they have to be taught who’s boss and that they have to obey. Of course, you can get arsehole men as much as you can get arsehole horses. That sort of horse ends up in the knackery. It’s a pity the men can’t be dealt with the same way. But it just means you have to put a bit more work into evaluating the men before you deal with them.”

It occurred to me that there was a man in my past who I dearly wish could have the knackery solution applied to him for the good of all womankind. Still, I was intrigued.

“So how did you control them?”

“Well, I already knew them pretty well.

You probably don’t know, but in the serious racing scene there’s a fable…rule…legend…joke…I’m not sure what you call it. Anyway, it’s that the owners are rich, entitled and patronising bastards who treat their crew like scum, but they never know that the bowman is fucking their daughter behind his back. Now dad was none of entitled, patronising or a bastard, and not really all that rich, but the bowmen were certainly fucking his daughter; but even there, not behind his back.

Well, they were the bowmen on dad’s TP52.

And I just told them they have to take turns and the one who gives me the best sex gets to have me sleep in their bed overnight with a good prospect of a bit more of the fun stuff in the morning.”

“Why is it the bowman?”

“Because to work the bow on a boat like that you have to be a combination of athletic, brave, smart enough to get a complex set up right every time and cocky and crazy enough to be up there in the first place. And if you’re that cocky and crazy you’re more likely to think you’re in with a chance with the owner’s daughter and if you’re that athletic, brave and smart, she’s more likely to give you a chance.”

“So how did they go about winning the bedroom stakes?”

“Tony fingered me to an orgasm then went missionary on me. Greg fingered me, went down on me, fingered me again, and then asked if I’d like to go cowgirl on him. He gave me three orgasms and was an easy winner. And then I rode him cowgirl again this morning, so he got his reward.”

“How did Tony take that?”

“He knew the rules. He’ll try better next time. Even just watching me go cowgirl on Greg would have taught him something.”

“Will he get a next time?”

“I don’t know. It’s a bit like an Olympic village here as far as I’m concerned. A sea of eligible athletic males to graze on. All that’s lacking is the communal bowl of condoms, so you have to bring your own. And the odds are heavily stacked in the girls’ favour. So I’ll see what comes along.

What about you? Did you enjoy yourself dancing with my friends? Well, sort of friends.”

“Yes, I had a good night. But I couldn’t say I met anyone who made me wonder whether I could do better than going home with Ned.”

Julie seemed to pensively consider my response for a moment…

“Yea, he’s a dish. I don’t blame you. If he was free, I’d even give him a go. He’s fun to flirt with as it is, but it’s a pity they don’t make younger versions.”

“There’s a younger version. He has a son who’s like him in every way. But he’s married.”

“Pity about him being married. Yea, the good ones go early.”

Julie and I have been friends since shortly after we got back from the Pacific cruise. There’s much about her I admire. Certainly her awesome intelligence and confidence. And yet I didn’t envy her love life. The emotional connection and just human relationship that is so important for me seems to be lacking; at least in terms of her cruising the boat park for males to sleep with during this week.

Still, she’s young and maybe sleeping around will give her a better insight into her future more permanent partner. Certainly better than I had when took up with Frank.

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The Hedges Pt. 05.3

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Dear reader, I really welcome comments because they help me improve my writing. Tell me if it was the style, the plot, the character development or simple grammar that you did or didn’t like. Each of them is an experiment of some sort; they’re all ‘what-if’ stories. That’s why specific comments are so helpful; they identify exactly what works and what doesn’t. When writing improves it helps us all, reader and writer alike. So please continue to comment, and please be specific. Thanks, again, for reading.

The Hedges, Pt 5.3

Ken is Surprised

Denise was strangely uncertain what to wear. Staging this intervention with Ken felt kinda like going to the doctor, or making a speech, something where you should dress up a little, not just in jeans and a sweatshirt. She could benefit from any trappings of authority available so she took a minute to consider her closet. Denise had been considering what Janie’d said to Taylor about not losing her virginity, but claiming her feminine. So what made her feel sexy? Didn’t need to just pick something for Ken. She found herself wondering what Janie thought was arousing. Maybe what turned her on would also turn on the girl, something she couldn’t have imagined wanting to do yesterday.

So after some indecision Denise settled on a silk blouse in carmine red over a lacy, pink bra with the catch in the front and matching panties under a synthetic floral dress with big, bright tropical flowers running across it. No stockings, no shoes, she decided. That would keep things simple. Besides, she was proud of her legs in their natural state, firm, smooth and shapely. Ken had always liked her legs, often working his way up from her toes in the good old days. Since Janie’d opened the door to hope her libido’d kicked back into high gear. She was as tingly as back in high school before her ‘grown up’ life began.

Janie was reading on her phone when Denise came back to the livingroom and gave her a very approving look. “Nice choices, Denise, you’ve got this,” was all she needed to say.

“I’m so nervous,” said the wife, “do you want a drink? Can you drink?” She got a stiff one for herself.

“No, thanks, Mrs. G. I’ll be fine.” And the girl did look remarkably calm, considering. It was obvious a three-way was no big thing for her. Hell, a four-way didn’t phase her. Well, maybe it’d be less awkward since she was ‘experienced’. Exactly how’d she get that way so young?

Denise breathed deeply at the sound of Ken’s Camry in the drive. She steeled herself and stood tall as he came through the kitchen and into the living room.

Seeing the two women looking strangely wolfish, he stopped short, looked apprehensive. “What’s this?” he said, setting his briefcase down. Denise was dressed for something and had a drink in her hand. A scotch by the look of it. That was unusual.

“We need to have a talk, Ken,” said his wife, “and Janie, here, is going to help us come to a better understanding…”

“I don’t think I get…”

“…about last night and all our problems. Please hear me out, Ken.”

“…what she’s got to do with this?” Ken noticed the girl’s confident posture and how she looked at him so, what? ‘knowingly’ was what came to mind. Made him uncomfortable, like she knew something he didn’t. Had him on his back foot. Not to mention the memory of his daughter with her face in that little girl’s twat and what that vision had spurred him to do. He braced for the shitstorm.

Denise continued, “We’ve talked about how much I want to be able to make love to you again properly and how this problem’s been wrecking our marriage. She’s brought to me, to us, a solution that I’d like to try.” There, she’d started something.

“We don’t need someone in our business.”

“Kenny, don’t you want me to be able to take you in my pussy again? I want your cock in my pussy again! I do, I really, really, do but we haven’t been able to begin to solve the problem and Janie’s opened my eyes to something that might help.”

“Jeez, you can’t just be saying ‘pussy’ and ‘cock’ like that. This is way too personal for us to be talking about with this neighbor girl.” Stealing a glance at Janie who just smiled.

“It’s gone way past that, darling.”

“What’s that mean?” He was feeling like a drink himself.

“Please sit down and let me explain. Give me ten minutes”.

The look in his wife’s eyes was as serious as it got so Ken knew she was all-in with whatever this was. Kinda like the time she convinced him to spend a pile of extra cash on that Disney upgrade. He had to admit that it had been worth it. One of the best vacations ever. She was right that her dry twat was causing all kinds of problems. The shame of last night was fresh and here Denise seemed to want to work it out even after his bad behavior. That was a load off his shoulders. So he sat.

“I could use one of those,” he said, gesturing to his wife’s glass.

“I’ll get it!” said the girl, jumping up from her perch on the loveseat. He’d last seen her with ankarada yeni escortlar her mouth wide open in a silent howl as his daughter lapped at her snatch. Her school uniform only enhanced her lithe body, those thin, toned legs long and bronze. Maybe she had some sex magic that would help. How could he even think that?

“Where’s Taylor?” he asked, suddenly wondering if she’d somehow be in this weird conversation. Part of him shamefully hoped she would. He couldn’t suppress that he’d felt such lust for her the night before. It brought great guilt, but it was there.

“She’s on a sleep-over tonight,” said his wife with a knowing look cast at Janie as the girl brought his scotch and perched on the loveseat again, attentive and fresh. Just looking at her could make a guy feel good about the world.

Well, the women clearly had a campaign worked out and he’d just as well sit back and find out what it was all about. The scotch went down quick and hot. He felt looser.

Denise sat on the edge of the couch, turned to him, set her glass on the coffee table, took a deep breath and began, “Ken, honey, I love you so much and it breaks my heart to deny you. I miss the vaginal sex, too and I really want it back. I want your cock to make me scream like it used to do.”

Ken blushed at the language and looked between the two women, his wife earnest, the girl calm, knowing and confident. He kept his mouth shut. Denise actually referred to some notes as she began again.

“We’re out of balance, each of us and our relationship. If you think of our Selves as made up of four parts, uh, of the emotional, the physical, the mental and the spiritual and understand that when one’s off the others go off, too. See, my physical problem is what’s throwing off our emotional life….” and she continued, making a clear case for the framework of the solution, he had to admit. This whole notion of balance kinda made sense but her still wanting him badly was a bit of a surprise. She’d rebuffed him so often he began to wonder what was wrong with him. He wouldn’t ever cheat on her, but the young agents in the office were looking hot. He was afraid if one of them came on to him he’d be weak. He didn’t want that guilt, so talking about their problems was a welcome start.

But then Denise said, “So Janie will show us how to make love without penetration…”

“Whoa! Show us?”

“Yes, we’ll learn how to enjoy each other in so many other ways and maybe after a while we can do it like we used to do.”

“Wait a minute. You said she’ll show us. What does that mean?”

“It means,” said Janie, speaking for the first time, “that we’ll all have sex together until you two are happy in the bedroom.” The effervescent girl seemed not the least bit uncomfortable with this pronouncement.

“This is what you want, Denise?”, asked Ken, incredulous. “It’s OK with you for me to have sex with this girl? Wait, will you be having sex with this girl, too?” Denise blushed deep red. Were all the women in his family having sex with Janie? Suddenly he was envious and horny.

“Well, remember, vaginal penetration is not on the table,” said Janie, “though Denise can set other limits she’s comfortable with.”

Ken thought of a lot of things he could do to her ‘on the table’. But his little head counseled him that this wasn’t the time to ask too many questions or make too many demands. He sat sweating and confused as the conflicting impulses arose. Damn, damn, damn. He shook with anticipation. His body was ready even as his mind raced to catch up. The physical running ahead of the mental, he supposed, to put it in the women’s construct. Might make sense.

Denise, considering the earlier episodes with Janie, thought it seemed only fair to be OK with, well, almost anything. “I’m OK with oral, I guess,” said Denise, “touching, kissing, uh, not anal, but that’s not something you’re into anyway, is it, darling?” The woman wondered; they hadn’t been very adventurous or had even known how to ask about the other’s interests, not back when they were young and earnest, and certainly not as their marriage grew stale. Picturing her husband’s cock sliding between this girl’s lips was tweaking her clit, though, she was surprised to note. And now that she thought about it, maybe she’d entertain the idea of anal. Still reflexively trying to please Ken, aren’t you, said that one inner voice. But I might like it, so what’s the downside if we go at it carefully, said the other.

“Naw, not anal, that’s OK,” her husband said, waving his hand, looking certain. Would it be fun to persuade him otherwise? He didn’t say no to anything else. Was he sold on this plan?

Denise caught Ken’s eye. With the deep understanding of a married couple they didn’t need to speak. Longing, love, approval, gratitude and hope flowed between them in a way that had been blocked for too long. They hadn’t been so emotionally open with each other in a long time. They were both ready for a brave new world.

Before the bayan escort elvankent couple on the couch, Janie stood and let her skirt fall and unbuttoned the blouse. As her lean, brown body slowly appeared, Ken’s eyes followed. So did Denise’s. The shirttails gave peekaboo glimpses of yellow panties as Janie popped each button, her delta in a soft, cotton cameltoe. Husband and wife sat frozen, body heat rising, blood moving to their respective erogenous regions, cock trapped in boxers, nipples pressed against lacework, neck hairs rising, ears flushing pink, breath quickening. Their hands, tingling, moved toward each other’s bodies on their own. Ken squeezed her upper thigh and Denise’s sex clenched, juicing. Denise rubbed the bulge in his pants and he jerked.

It surprised him how hot it was to see his wife turned on by another woman. Denise was rapt as the blouse parted button by button until the girl stood, hands slowly pulling the fabric apart to reveal tight little titties capped in pink, hard nubs. Looked like Janie liked the prospects, too.

Denise licked her lips, craving those nipples and their spongy warmth between her teeth. Her husband moved his hand slowly upward on her thigh until his little finger found fabric, the hot and damp gusset of her pink satin panties. She shivered and felt her legs relax. Could she be as free as she’d been in the shower, as unafraid as she’d felt under Janie’s earlier attentions, as wanton as with their daughter and the Hedges kids?

The girl dropped the blouse and kicked it away, then turned to the side and thumbed the panties down, bending like a stripper, legs straight, butt out, tossing them aside and sinking to her knees.

“Don’t move, cause I’m going to do something for each of you before you can please each other, OK? Just as a warm up.” She crawled toward them.

Ken nearly tore a hole in his trousers from the inside as Janie approached. He could feel her tongue on his dick already and he oozed. Denise slipped her silk blouse over her head revealing that scooped lacy bra he liked. Where to look? A naked fawn slinking toward his crotch or handfuls of MILF boob in pink, swelling over the top like a bellows?

His wife slipped out of the flowered skirt and sat in lacy high-cut panties, unfastening the clasp between her breasts, releasing them to fall and jiggle, pips fat and red, areolae broad and dark. His mouth watered.

Janie slipped between his knees and reached for his zipper, snicking it down with practiced ease. She clearly knew how to unclothe a straining cock as she undid his belt and popped the button on his pants then felt smoothly into his fly to pull the boxers up and the cock gently down until the head reared up from his lap, red and hot and alert. The girl wrapped one hand lightly around the shaft and squeezed. He imagined his balls glowing orange with desire to empty. She leaned in and planted a chaste kiss on his wet tip and he nearly fainted. Ken’s entire body quivered.

His wife watched, hungrily, and swept her panties away, kicking those still fine legs. Now both women were naked and he sat there in polo and undone khakis. He pulled off the shirt, glad of the pool laps he’d spent in frustration. At least he could be proud of his fitness. He hoped he could impress this girl half his age, his daughter’s age. God, the one his daughter’d been muff-diving. There was a lot more to this kid than he’d imagined.

“Slide down a bit,” the girl said to Denise as she moved between the wife’s thighs, licking her lips clean of the drop of Ken’s juice. Janie looked from one to the other and smiled. “I’m going to get you each off first, then we’ll be on a plateau where we can take our time.” She said this so matter-of-factly. Where’d she get so comfortable, he wondered. Though only for a moment as, one hand still around his cock, she lowered her mouth to his wife’s nipple, bit gently and pulled. Denise gave a shuddering sigh.

Denise was still a little high from the last tongue-lapping, and apparently her body had the capacity for more. She wanted it badly and looked at Ken as Janie kissed her way down across her ribs, nuzzled her bellybutton and pressed her tongue along the crease of her thigh. Ken watched his wife’s eyes go big and unfocused when the girl opened her mouth over the labia, breathing hot onto his wife’s box. A steady ooze of juice dripped from his cock and ran over Janie’s hand.

He could see his wife’s passion rising, knew the signs of her impending peak. That was damn fast, he thought. He hadn’t watched her climax as a spectator before, too long since he’d seen it from any position. It was so hot he could barely sit still. His hips thrust on their own, reaching for the completion that penetration would give. His eyes locked on Denise’s as she rushed to orgasm, the girl grunting between her thighs as she lapped, her tight, round butt waggling. He wanted to get behind her and sink it deep.

Suddenly his wife, looking at him as she went, leaned escort bayan etimesgut over and took him in her mouth all the way to Janie’s fingers. She shuddered with her release, moaning around his cock, and he blew, going tense as each pulse of jizz raced through him to fill Denise’s mouth, her tongue writhing. Both shook, and whined as they shuddered through orgasm, cum spilling over, pooling on the couch. This was a whole different experience from the night before.

Ken threw a dozen hot pulses down her throat and she took them, shaking through peak after peak as the girl pressed her face deep in his wife’s twat, fingers pinching her nipples. Slowly, they released from the tension of mutual orgasm, sinking back into the couch, sweaty and gasping. Denise gently sucked the last of him as he softened.

Janie raised up, wet-faced and smiling, looking at the two of them with pride and caring. “Take a little rest, my friends,” she said, wiping her face on the back of her hand, “we’ll get started in a bit.” She slipped out to the bathroom, hips on a swivel, giving them some time alone.

“I enjoyed that so much, darling,” breathed Denise, head on his strong shoulder.

“Not what I thought I was coming home to, I admit,” he said, stroking her hair as she ran her fingernail in little circles around his nipples. “I’m so sorry about last night. I’m ashamed of myself, how I forced you.” He wouldn’t mention the vision that incited his impatience.

“I want to try this and make our best effort, darling. Either I get past my issue or we learn how to do without. I know we can get balanced anyway. I need it.” She cried as she spoke and that melted him.

He knew he had to master his demanding drive to fuck her and not blame her for the problem. He guessed that his emotional response was out of balance with his physical. What the women had been trying to do was change his mental position on it, show him that he could think of it differently. Well, this did seem like a good start.

Janie returned smiling to see them still cuddling. She’d gotten herself a glass of water and looked as fresh and perky as ever. Ken took a moment to look without shame at the girl. An interesting contrast to his softer wife, her lean, tanned body rested with easy grace, so comfortable naked. He never imagined having sex with someone that young ever again, hadn’t had another woman but Denise in 18 years, and he wasn’t going to miss this chance. A part of him knew he’d been pulled into this as much by this bait as the desire to get back to right with Denise.

The couple untangled themselves and each took a bathroom break, getting water, too.

“Mr. G, you don’t need those pants anymore do you?” asked Janie and she undid his belt without a trace of discomfort, helped him two-step out of them until he was nude, too. She appraised him, shorter, but lean like her dad. Hair still thick at 39, a beak-nosed man. Not tanned, but pretty hairy, the pelt thick and black and untrimmed. At her inspection, his long, narrow cock re-awakened in his cloud of dark pubes.

Denise thought how different this evening was from the last, standing naked in the living room like they’d been doing it since forever. She did feel hopeful. Janie’d turned down the lights in their absence and tidied up their clothes.

“OK, as I told Denise earlier, there are lots of ways to have good sex without penetration. You just need to be a little creative and explore some other ways to stimulate the body. Even parts you might not have used in sex before.” The couple looked at her expectantly and she felt a powerful competence. It was good to be good for people.

“Ken, come up behind Denise and let her rest back into you.”

“We’re doing this standing up?” he said, moving into position.

“Yes, and Denise, just relax for a bit and spread those feet so I can reach,” said Janie and she again sank to her knees and brought her face to the woman’s tender vulva, swiping with her tongue, then pulling back.

Denise tried to relax. Ken’s hardening cock pressed into her lower back. He won’t put it in you, Janie’d said. OK, but could he resist the urge? He was driven. Did he ‘get it’ the way the girl had explained it, this outercourse? She let her body settle as she leaned back into Ken’s embrace. Janie looked up pixie-like from the floor at her feet, her pointy little breasts alert, pink-nippled.

“Ken, you just hold Denise for now. Use your hands, ever so gently, where you can reach. Let your cock be hard, but resist the urge to thrust him, OK?” said Janie, resting her hands on Denise’s thighs. Those thighs were catching fire. Again.

Ken thought, Goddam, never had a 3-way. “I’ll try,” he said and slowly slid his hands up over his wife’s tight nipples, those dark raspberry tips he loved to chew on, hefted her heavy mams. The girl had seemed to enjoy suckling them as much as he did. He held his wife’s warm and slack body, looking down to where Janie’s head bobbed at her delta, bringing long, deep sighs from Denise.

Janie’s little fingers found their way to fondle his sack, bringing him to full staff, breathing again ragged. The girl pressed him back gently and pulled his cock down, socketing it in the hot, fleshy channel between his wife’s thighs, wet with saliva and pussy juice.

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Sur La Mer – Dans la Merde

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On the Mediterranean coast and in the shit. Danica and Keren finish recording their latest porn movie and are kidnapped by persons unknown.

This is a follow-up to my recent Sur La Mer story but can be read standalone as it does give the back story as to how we got to this point.


I take off my sunglasses and suck ruminatively on the stem, studying my cards. It must be obvious to the rest of the table that I haven’t a clue what I am doing. I am here for one purpose and one purpose alone. As my eyes smoulder into his across the green baize of the card table, he can be under no illusions as to what that purpose is.

I pull on my holder and the tip of the long, black cigarette glows red. Smoke curls up from my pursed lips and he stares at me impassively as he pushes his pile of chips into the centre of the table.

He is all in. We are the only two left. The rest have folded and I may not know much, but I know that I should fold as well. But that would defeat my purpose. I take another drag on the Sobranie and push my much smaller stack into the centre of the table. The croupier shakes her head. It is not enough to match his bet, as I am fully aware.

I clamp the holder between my teeth and open the clasp of my handbag. Gucci, of course. I pull out my room key and hold it up, the number on the long tag obscured behind my hand. A gasp goes up from the others around the table as they realise my intent.

He slowly shakes his head, then points first to the little blonde girl on my left, then to me. She gazes back, barely a flicker of emotion on her pretty face. Smoke curls up from her cigarette, also in a holder and held between gloved fingers. She reaches for the ashtray and stubs it out with a shrug of her shoulders and turns to me with a small nod.

I drop the key along with the chips and wait for the inevitable. The croupier deals and announces that Monsieur is the victor. He gathers the chips in his crooked arm and reels them in. I retrieve my key, this time letting him clearly see the room number.

I stand and smooth down the hem of my orange paisley mini-dress that barely covers my modesty. I take the hand of the blonde girl and she rises, never looking back at the table. I take a final pull on my holder and let out the smoke slowly and provocatively in his direction before turning on my heel. I leave the salon privé, dragging my companion with me.

Up in the room, she lies on the bed, naked other than her long, red opera gloves and short ankle boots. Her blonde head is propped up on a pillow and she stares at the wall, fingers drumming on the bed, more in boredom than anticipation. She picks up her trilby hat and pops it on her short, fluffy blonde locks at a jaunty angle. She looks good enough to eat.

I sit on a high-backed chair alongside the bed and wait. There is a single rap on the door and the blonde girl barely looks up. I walk to the door and open it, turning away before I can even register his presence. I step back into the room and raise my hemline. A wet trickle runs down the inside of my thigh and I let him see it, running my finger along it and putting it to my lips. I beckon him into the room and point to the chair.

As I slide onto the bed, he removes his tuxedo jacket and puts it on the chair back. He sits and loosens his bow tie as I take the blonde girl by her left ankle and pull her leg towards me. She stretches her right leg over the edge of the bed and hooks her booted foot against the side of the mattress.

For the next ten minutes we open our full box of tricks and proceed to turn each other inside out, barely making a sound. I leave my dress and my own knee-length, patent leather boots on. All part of the tease.

When I think he is ready – and when the blonde girl and I are utterly gagging for it – I roll over and beckon him forward with a crooked finger.

He rises slowly and takes two confident steps towards the bed, unbuttoning his white dress shirt.

Then his foot catches on the thick rug at the bedside and he inelegantly stumbles forward onto the bed in an undignified face-plant, swearing under his breath.

The blonde girl begins to shake in my arms and is soon giggling like a schoolgirl. She sets me off and I start to laugh. Little squeaks emanate from behind her hand as she covers her mouth and a tear runs down her cheek. Her mascara is already running.

The director puts down her camera and shakes her head. She is laughing too. “You had one job, Francois. One… fucking… job!”

Smiling ruefully, he raises his handsome head. “Sorry ladies, my bad!”

The second camera operator is already on her knees to get a different angle on his arrival. She too is shaking with laughter.

The producer, leaning against the wall, pulls on her cigarette and rolls her eyes. “Ok guys, let’s take five shall we. I think these three are going to need a moment and a little repair work is necessary for the two gigglers.”

The ankara evi olan escortlar blonde girl smacks Francois playfully on his head. “Naughty man – Danni is horny.”

I kiss her snub nose. “It will be all the better for the wait, babe. Come on, let Leonie work her magic.”

Leonie, the second camerawoman, is also the make-up girl. We are back in the game in no time and the director counts us down.

Francois gets up from his chair once more, and this time he doesn’t take his pratfall.

This time he gets it right.

Oh fuck, does he get it right?


It was late when we got back to the apartment and we were tired but happy. It was always a long day when we were shooting, but we loved every minute of it.

Danica slumped down at the kitchen table while I poured some well-earned wine. “You were brilliant today babe. You looked so good in those sixties-style clothes.”

She touched her glass to mine. “So did you. It was a great storyboard. Glad you got to see it through at last!”

It had taken a while to come to fruition after I first envisaged it, soon after I met Vanessa deLaunay, the enigmatic and mysterious woman who was now our boss and mentor.

I took Danica’s hand. “Thanks for being my little dolly-bird. You were amazing.”

She scowled. “Just don’t ask me to smoke again.”

“Erm, you didn’t technically smoke, Danni. You just held it very sexily – in a gloved hand and a holder, I might add.”

“Yuckity yuck. Looks great and sexy when you do it on screen, but Danni no likey. All smelly, smoky, yucky.”

We had recorded her reaction scenes separately in one hit, with Vanessa, our producer, smoking the cigarette down before Danni held it so that it matched mine for continuity. With Vanessa, attention to detail was important, even in a porn movie.

We had also recorded some establishing shots of us lounging around the pool area, sipping martinis, me smoking and giving guys the eye, before alighting on the man who would be our willing victim. We were shown getting a facial of a more genteel kind, cucumber slices on our eyes. There was even a brief section of us in an old Alpine A110, the top open, driving along the coast road. Sunglasses on, we were laughing, our scarves trailing in the breeze. Two ditzy little socialites on their way to gamble away daddy’s money before getting fucked silly by a handsome, well-endowed man. The car had belonged to Vanessa’s late husband Pierre and she kept his small collection in pristine condition. It was hell to drive, but the thought of piloting such a rare car was a turn-on in itself. The sequence looked great and added to the sixties vibe.

From the first wisp of smoke escaping my lips to the last dribble of cum sliding from them into Danica’s open mouth, we knew we had a winner. The first viewing of the footage from Roxie’s main camera was incendiary enough on its own and we couldn’t wait to see the other scenes inserted, along with Leonie’s second camera.

Roxie had chosen a psychedelic sixties soundtrack with some cheesy accordion passages for our reaction shots. We decided to include Francois’ stumble over the closing credits as a blooper reel, along with some of Danica’s hilarious over-reactions to having the cigarette close to her.

It was her first onscreen anal and she was buzzing. I had always struggled with deep-throating, she with her back passage, but we had worked at it on our own with dildoes and strap-ons, along with a few Internet ‘how-tos’ and were both now fully versed in those gentle arts.

I had first met Danica soon after arriving in the south of France for a holiday with my friend Tasha. It was a getaway for some sun, sand and sex between the end of the holiday season in Cornwall and the madness of the Christmas period. Ten weeks away from our mundane waitressing jobs in a Newquay hotel, letting others look after us for a while.

We certainly got plenty of the three ‘S’ words we were in search of, but it was soon apparent our limited finances were not going to stretch to ten weeks. When the money ran out, we applied for jobs at an upmarket hotel as a means of prolonging our fun. We had the relevant experience and the required language skills. I got a job and Tasha didn’t. She begged me to stay and have fun, then returned home saying she would see me at Christmas.

For various reasons, I didn’t make it back. I had only been home once in the past two years and that was for her wedding some six months earlier.

In those two years, things had changed somewhat.

Tasha Trevelyan was now Natasha Dubois, married to Richard, a French sommelier in Devon and graced with sweet little twin girls, Sophie and Elodie.

The girl who stayed in France, her friend Keren Morwenna Green, was now an upcoming porn star with a Ukrainian girlfriend called Danica Maria Antonova.

Danica was my roommate in the staff quarters at the hotel. We got on well and I liked her bubbly, fun-loving elvankent olgun escortlar character and her husky Eastern European accent. Her English was almost flawless. One night, when I thought she was on night duty, I brought back a cocktail waiter called Robert for a bit of fun.

I was just about to straddle him when the room door opened and I discovered Danica was not on night duty. Instead of running a mile, she politely invited herself to join us – to Robert’s delight and my horror.

She came on to me as I rode him, having long been bi-curious. Despite my best attempts to dissuade her and tell myself it was wrong, it just felt so right. It was a revelation and thereafter, we were inseparable.

At least we were until she got a job down the coast at an exclusive bolt-hole for the well-heeled – a small island resort on the Cote d’Azur called Sur la Mer – literally ‘On the Sea.’

I was devastated when she left, but four months later, I was alongside her once more as she wangled me an interview and somehow I was accepted.

It was hard work, but the idyllic surroundings and the view back over the short causeway to the shore and the distant Alpes Maritimes made it all worthwhile. We were soon back to our old ways and days in Nice and Monte Carlo were a reward for our labours.

I had been at Sur la Mer three weeks when I met the woman that would change my life forever. I was on room service and delivered a bottle of champagne to a villa occupied by a thirty-something English lady with a dark, brooding, sexual beauty. She was flirty and fun and made sure I was under no illusions that she was very interested in sex, and very interested in sex with me.

The third time I met her, it was at the end of my shift. She invited me to stay for a glass of champagne. I left three hours later a different person. Vanessa had promised that if I chose, she could introduce me to a life I could hitherto only dream of. There would be no coercion – it was purely consensual and no-one was forced into anything.

At the time, I thought she was merely a rich guest and I wanted to believe her. She had said the same things to Danica and she was of the same mind as me.

In the end, we both committed to her and said we would give it our all.

She was good on her word and the night we made our first porn movie in a spectacular rooftop suite atSur la Mer, she told us the truth.

She acted like she owned the place because she did own the place.

It became hers when her husband Pierre met his untimely end in a powerboat tragedy some twelve years previously and she now used her idyllic home as a recruitment centre for her main interest in life – sex.

Since then, Danica and I had made almost fifty features between us and had done many live shows for rich clients who like that sort of thing. Parties on Vanessa’s yacht in Monaco were now commonplace for us and when we were not making movies, we did escort work and were wined, dined and fucked for obscene amounts of money.

We were living the dream and sometimes had to pinch ourselves to believe our luck.

Soon after I met Vanessa, I couldn’t shake an image of her that formed in my head. She smoked black French cigarettes in a holder and with her brooding sexuality, I often imagined her smouldering across a roulette table, smoke curling from her lips as she eyed up James Bond. When I was more confident in my work, I mentioned it to her in the hope that she would come out of retirement. She had made a number of movies back in the day but was now firmly behind the scenes.

I was hoping to be the empty-headed dolly-bird that would assist her in her seduction. She loved the idea and the sixties feel I was trying to evoke but refused to go back in front of the camera.

She had such a sexy, almost arrogant upper-class English drawl. “You do it, Keren darling. You smoke so sexily and lovely little Danica can be your ingenue. I’ll get on to Roxie and Leonie in the morning and we’ll rustle up a nice stud for you two sweeties to ravish.”

As Danica said, it had taken a while to get there, but it had been all worthwhile. I looked across the table at her, unable to believe my luck that I loved this vivacious little bundle of joy and she loved me.

Her head drooped. “Danni sleepy.” She drained her wineglass and we got up from the table.

It was a given that she was sleepy. I had never known anyone who could crash out at the drop of a hat like she did. I knew what was coming next. It was our nightly mantra. She reached up and put her arms around me.

“Danni sleepy, but she’s got something left in the tank for lovely Greenie. Lovely Greenie got something left for little Danni?” If she had not had sex already that day – an admittedly rare occurrence – she would be ‘poor little Danni.’

My response was as ever. I kissed her little snub nose. “Always, Danni – always.”

I led her towards the bedroom and we both stopped in our etimesgut sarışın escortlar tracks at a sharp rap on the apartment door.

Looking at her watch, she set off down the hall. “Bit late!”

It was very late and alarm bells began to ring. “Leave it babe.”

She looked back over her shoulder. “Might be old Monsieur Blanchard next door. His wife is not well at the moment. Best check.” Her eye went to the spy hole. “No-one there!”

Before I could react, she opened the door and looked out. I had a bad feeling and was about to tell her to come back in when she froze as a shadowy figure stepped into view. I heard a little gasp, then she crumpled into his outstretched arms. My blood ran cold as he gently lowered her to the floor and stepped over her prone body.

I tried to scream as he walked down the hall towards me, but nothing came out. I assumed it was a ‘he’ by the size of him, but he wore a shapeless boiler suit and a truly terrifying clown mask. I hate clowns with a passion and almost fainted at the sight of the leering face surrounded by a messy halo of red hair.

He took something from his belt and held his arm towards me as I stood, backed up against the doorpost and frozen to the spot in fear. For a split second I thought he was going to shoot me. He did, but it was with a spray gun and not bullets. A fleeting sting in my eyes and nose was accompanied by an acrid taste and smell. I was vaguely aware of my knees buckling, but I didn’t know then whether I hit the floor or he caught me as he had Danica.


My dreams were vivid but very bad. We were being thrown into a van, bouncing uncomfortably. Someone stood over me as though they were doing face-painting. I dreamed of Danica painted like a cute little fox, she telling me I was a rabbit. I also dreamed of being sprayed in the face again.

I woke with stinging eyes and nose but mercifully no headache. For a moment, I wondered why I was sitting up in bed then reality crashed in and I began to tremble.

I was in a dimly-lit room, sitting in a chair and I was secured to it, hand and foot. Danica and I had begun to use restraints in our sessions and I had used them enough in my fledgling porn career to know that the Velcro ties around my wrists and ankles meant I was going nowhere. It didn’t stop me having a futile tug at them, but I soon gave up.

I was relieved to see Danica, sitting a few feet away in a chair opposite mine, her head lolling on her chest. Thick industrial tape covered her mouth and also prevented me from calling out her name properly. I could move my fingers and head but that was my limit.

It took me four goes to get her to wake up, her name muffled to two inarticulate syllables by the tape. I increased the volume each time as my panic grew when she didn’t awaken.

Finally, she stirred. There was a little dribble of saliva on her red t-shirt and she looked around for a moment before letting out a long moan into her gag as it was her turn to recall our harrowing abduction by persons as-yet unknown.

We had become adept at communicating with our eyes when on camera, so I immediately understood when she rolled her eyes around the room and shrugged her shoulders.

I shook my head to indicate I had no idea either. Her response was to blink her eyes slowly, twice. I came back with three blinks. Her blinks said, ‘love you.’ Mine said, ‘love you too.’ A tear ran down her cheek and I longed to be able to hold her in my arms and tell her everything was going to be alright, even if I didn’t believe that myself.

We sat for a few minutes in the semi-dark wondering what on earth was happening, then both cried out as the room was filled with sound. It took a moment to realise it was a cell phone dialling out.

If Danica was wide-eyed with fear before, when the phone was answered her eyes nearly popped out of her head as we both recognised the voice.

“This is a private number known to only a few. Who are you and what do you want?”

There was a brief pause then a metallic click and a sound like static. The voice we heard next filled both of us with utter dread and fear. It was harsh, metallic and clearly modulated somehow. I had heard things like it on drama shows and now I was part of it. I almost voided my bladder in fear.

It was a flat, monotone and made my skin crawl. “Vanessa deLaunay, please listen carefully. You have something that belongs to me and I want it back. I have asked nicely many times and you have refused to listen to me. Now the gloves are off as I have a bargaining chip of my own.”

Danica and I stared at each other in disbelief as the grating monotone went on. “I have something you will want back, so let us make an arrangement and we can all walk away happy.”

Vanessa’s response was filled with fury. “You have nothing I need or want, you lying, thieving chancer. I have told you before, I am not letting you scam me and I have no intention of listening any further, please do not-“

The voice cut her off. “If you end this call, you and two young girls will regret your decision for the rest of your lives. You may have longer to live with the regret than they do. I am about to send you images that will make you see sense. Please take a moment to reconsider.”

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Party Favors

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The wheels of a rolling chair scuffed against the floor in her dorm room. Turning her attention away from her desk and her makeup mirror, Amanda stared at the clothes on her bed for a few seconds, shook her head, and sighed.

Amanda had been, in a word, incredulous.

It wasn’t that she didn’t find the outfit that laid there to be sexy. If it was anything, it was that, even above being what she would call a costume. All that it consisted of was a microskirt that she was sure wouldn’t be able to cover the entirety of her rear end, and a piece of cloth that might have been a shirt if she squinted at it, but the more she looked at it, the more she doubted it. The underwear she was wearing, red lace in the very case that she got lucky tonight, was less revealing than the outfit that she had been given by him; her tank top obsoleted the shirt.

Amanda understood that this was supposed to be a college frat party. It was the perfect time for her to let loose, to forget about the incredibly rigid standards her parents had set for her; it was a place where showing skin was paramount, but even wanting to escape from the stresses of her life, this was going too far for her. It felt exhibitionistic in all the wrong ways. To have chosen it herself would have been one thing, but to have someone pick it out for her was what put it over the edge for her. It felt wrong.

Pulling her attention away from her thoughts, her phone buzzed against her dorm desk. She saw her phone screen light up, and it was from James.

Are you excited for tonight’s party?

Amanda let out a small huff. As much as she wanted to thank James for bringing this party to her attention and giving her the much needed post-midterm relief she sought, it was the one message from him in their conversations since he brought it up that didn’t hold that mildly repellant yet wholly intangible vibe that radiated from his messages. She couldn’t bring herself to scroll up the messages, the flurry of texts much more green than they were grey, but even the messages above held this kind of gross current to them.

You should go as a schoolgirl.

I’ll give you the outfit. Promise.

And give her the outfit he did. This miserable excuse for an outfit was entirely his design. The only aspect of it which was any bit interesting was the glasses, which were beside her phone on the desk. At least those could be useful. She wished that he was able to read the disinterest in the messages that she sent, and that every solitary ‘k’ was a request to leave her alone; regardless, he was able to get it into her hands through campus mail and a messaged dorm number.

It would have been one thing if she knew James; she did know him, but only as a fellow student that shared the same Biology class in their first term of college together. She only had his number because they were a part of the same study group, one that James had pushed to make himself, consisting of himself, her, and a few other people. Compared to how many texts he had sent her, he practically didn’t even exist in the group chat, leaving the others to make it into a personalized hodgepodge of test answers and biology memes. It felt like an excuse to get to know her better by barging into her personal space, and the texts he sent regarding the party felt like a recapitulation of that bullshit.

Rolling her eyes, she gave yet another disinterested reply; as much as she didn’t want to deal with him, she knew that being quiet would mean that she was out of a ride for the party.


Almost immediately, her phone buzzed in her hands; it was another message from James.

Great! I’m on my way 😉

Amanda put her phone down, feeling the slightest need to grab her hand sanitizer. There was that vibe again.

And looking at the outfit on the mattress, barely breaking up the floral pattern on her sheets, she felt it once again, a dawning realization as to why he had been so adamant on having her dress up as a schoolgirl and have her wearing something that worked more for a porno than a frat party. He didn’t even have the respect to make sure the outfit worked; the big ribbon looked straight out of something from an anime. She reached as far as she could and picked up the clothes, keeping them as far away from her as she could before putting them in the trash. She knew that she could cobble something together that was better than that ill-informed disaster.

Opening her closet, she already found what she was looking for.

Numerous business-related meetings and interviews had already supplied her with all the clothes that she could have possibly wanted for her outfit. Sets of blazers and pencil skirts she kept in her closet made only choosing which would look best on her for the night difficult, in various different colors and makes. She chose a black polyester set, one that she remembered getting long ago back in high school.

Putting it on, it was tight, but not too bad. Keeping a few buttons ankara dansöz escortlar undone on her blazer, she noted the peeking white of her low-cut tank top, the slightest bit of edge to remind her that this was for a costume party instead of an interview. Even with the peeking cloth, it was also too tight for any other occasion, hugging her curves just enough to provoke but not enough to cause discomfort. Her skirt was much the same; while it hadn’t been the miniskirt that James requested she wore, it barely covered her thighs; the pair of black sheer leggings she wore did the job better and only went up to her mid-thigh, and even then there was a peek of uncovered, tawny Korean thigh when paired with her heels.

This might not have been the costume that James had in mind, but Amanda certainly liked it a lot more. Bringing a finger to the bridge of her nose, she adjusted her glasses–the one thing James got her that she actually wore–, surprised that she could see out of them perfectly.

Her lips curled up into a bright red-lacquered smile. She could feel herself wanting to grab the ruler on her desk and smacking it against the wall as if it were a blackboard. It didn’t hurt that “Doctor Cho” had such a nice ring to it, especially as she said it aloud to herself, even if it did elicit the slightest of giggles. Bringing her hands to the back of her head, she quickly pulled her thick black locks into a tight bun that rested on top of her head. Her smile grew more; it looked like she was about to get tenure, and she hadn’t even finished her bachelor’s degree yet.

Although it was conservative, it was definitely better than looking like a character out of a porno.

She rolled her shoulders as much as she could with her outfit on, testing the limits of her range of motion, and turned her body slightly, giving herself one final once-over. She smiled at herself as she struck a slight pose, sticking one of her legs in front of the other and bringing her hand to her glasses, as if she were a teacher who had been informed of something and had to pivot to it immediately. It gave her a sense of power and control, one that made her cheeks flush a slight bit more pink than her blush.

This was going to be a fun party, she could already tell.

Before she could strike a final pose in the mirror, she heard the door knock. A mixture of excitement and trepidation increased her heart rate. James had arrived. She finally had a ride, but the closer she approached the door the more the urge of walking to the frat house filled her mind. She swallowed the thought as she grabbed onto the doorknob, telling herself that she promised him–as much as she felt pressured to do so–and pulled it open.

James had the same idea as her: on his lanky, pale body he donned a pair of black slacks and a light blue button-up shirt, tight enough for his muscles to bulge through the cloth. His blue gaze was originally bright, but as he scanned her, a bit of the edge softened, and the smile on his face shrank just a bit. He looked down at her, even if it weren’t for the difference in height. He nervously brought a hand to his short, brown locks, gingerly scratching them as if looking for something to say.

“Hey, James!” Amanda tried her best to feign excitement, but felt it come easy to her; something about his diminishing enjoyment gave her a bit of additional energy.

“Hi, Amanda,” James replied. “I thought you were getting ready for the party tonight…” There was a slight teasing edge to his words, and he lifted an eyebrow; his smile grew just a bit more, as well.

“Oh, this?” She asked, looking into his eyes like she was trying to see herself in the reflection of his pupils. “I made a few last-minute changes to my costume. What do you think?” She stuck her foot out and brought a hand to the bridge of her glasses, striking the same pose she did before in the mirror, but with a brighter smile on her face.

James averted his gaze, clearly disinterested in the whole affair. “Oh, yeah, well, uh, it’s nice.”

Amanda squinted for a moment before straightening herself up, keeping that smile on her face. “Thank you!” She closed her eyes and made her smile larger, hoping that he didn’t see the burning rage in her gaze; could he have been more obvious about his distaste in her outfit? “You look great too!”

“Th-thank you!” He perked up, and as Amanda opened her eyes, she was treated to James smiling. “I thought it would be a perfect match for your costume!”

There came that alien urge again, this time directed straight at her gut. It took everything in her power not to grow weak at the knees from that statement. The smile, no matter how innocent it looked on James’ face, looked like a shit-eating grin with those words coming out.

“It still is, though,” Amanda said, trying to hide the extent to which his words knocked the wind out of her sails. “Twin professors, right?”

She gave a nervous smile and a peace sign, nerves elvankent saatlik veren escortlar turning into slight amusement watching James’ blood boil. His eyelid twitched and his hand curled up into a fist, squeezing into itself just a bit before he relaxed.

“Right,” came his final answer, his tone bereft of any emotion. “Twin professors.” It sounded like a defeat coming from him, and a victory for her. Regardless, he turned slightly and extended a hand out to her, looking towards the nearest exit of her dorm building. “We should get going.”

Amanda looked at his hand for a few seconds, and then back at his forlorn expression, and back at his hand. And then the excitement came back.

“Let’s go!” She said, her words almost echoing throughout the hall as she grabbed her purse and stepped out of the dorm room, walking right beside him.

As they walked through the hall, Amanda couldn’t help but feel a slight pang going through her chest whenever she felt James’ hand graze against the back of hers. It always felt accidental, but at this point, she wasn’t sure she could be sure about that. Even as she took the slightest step aside, he would follow her, letting his hand graze against hers as if trying to make some level of gesture towards her.

Ignoring it, Amanda started the conversation. “So, are you excited for the party?”

James answered, albeit after a slight pause. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I be excited for this party! It’s the biggest one of the year! As long as the cops don’t come along I expect it to be a lot of fun!”

“Same here,” Amanda said. “The most fun part about costume parties is seeing what everyone decides to wear.”

“Uh, yeah,” James remarked, as if his voice was about to trail off into a tangent.

“I’m still surprised we decided to go with the same thing, though!” Amanda added, the slightest of smirks forming underneath her smile. “Two professors at a college party! Imagine that! Or maybe you’re a teacher assistant?”

James’ eyebrows furrowed as he turned to look at her, only to be met with a cheeky brown gaze back.

“Kidding, of course.”

James forced a chuckle and looked forward. “Yeah, I wonder what everyone else decided to wear. People really are full of surprises when it comes to this sort of thing…”

Amanda wanted to shake her head; the only “surprise” here was if she decided to wear that glorified lingerie to a party. Alas, she had to keep up her appearances as the upbeat professor, for now. “But that’s the fun part! You don’t go to a party without hoping for something surprising to happen, right?”

At that point the hallway had ended and they were at the elevator, which James immediately called the first chance they got. He let out a sigh and leaned against the wall while waiting for the elevator to come to them.

“I guess. Not all surprises are good surprises, though.”

Amanda shrugged. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to the party to have a good time.”

James stayed quiet until the elevator pinged and the doors opened. Inside there were a few people wearing casual clothes, college students who were spending the night in ways different from going to a party; and they were the ones who looked more ready for a party of any kind. Amanda slipped in first, and James followed, as if waiting for an invitation. After a prolonged silence as the group descended to the ground floor, they had all made it to their destination.

James tried to grab Amanda’s hand and lead her out of the dorms. Amanda thought it was an accident and brushed him off before he could step foot out of the elevator. At least, that was the excuse she had in her mind. Between the actions James had taken, the outfit he had chosen, and his words sounding like a high school actor who was forced to improvise after a few key props were lost on opening night the moment he saw her improvised costume, Amanda knew that there was one thing that was needed for her to have a good time at the party.

And that thing was to leave James behind as soon as she could.

Thankfully, either because he had taken the slightest bit of the myriad of hints she had shown since the text messages or because her costume was quite warm and asking if she needed to be warmed up in any way was unnecessary, James stayed rather quiet as they left the apartment, letting the music of the cool October winds fill her ears. It wasn’t what she would call that late, but the moon was already starting to rise from the horizon, bringing with it a sea of stars whose beauty was covered by the streetlights that lit the sidewalk. Amanda smiled, and turned to face James to make some level of conversation.

“It’s so pretty out…” She marvelled as they walked past a local café, the scent of pumpkin spice filling the air.

“Yeah,” he said. “Fall’s pretty nice, isn’t it?”

“Mhm,” Amanda nodded before they continued their silent walk, the slight breeze once more etimesgut azeri escortlar grazing their faces. Amanda slipped her hands into the pockets on her blazer, keeping them warm; she also felt reassured as her right thumb toggled a small bottle of pepper spray. “It’s my favorite season.”

“I’m more of a summer guy myself,” said James.

“Summer’s way too hot.” Amanda remarked. “I like being able to wear layers.”

“I don’t,” James coyly teased as they approached an intersection. Amanda followed as he turned right and walked past a lane filled with cars until he stopped at a red sports car. Pulling out his keys, he unlocked his car, and the car remarked with flashing headlights and a distinct beep.

“Is this yours?” Amanda asked, her eyebrows rising slightly.

“Sure is,” he said as he walked towards the driver’s side and opened the car for himself. Amanda opened her door and peered into the car, adorned with leather upholstery and enough leg room. There was no speck of garbage, but whether that was how it always was or how it was because he knew she’d be riding with him, she wasn’t sure. She slipped into her seat and closed the door behind her, making sure to buckle her seatbelt.

James shut the door behind himself and slipped the key into the ignition, making sure to do it slowly before giving Amanda a look that made her want to undo her belt. She took a deep breath and bit her tongue; the party’s only a mile or so away, she reassured herself, slipping her right hand back into her pocket and cradling the pepper spray. She really hoped that she didn’t need to use it, but as James had said before, not all surprises were good surprises, even if there was a difference between her choice of outfit and having her party ruined by needing to use a self-defense weapon.

Amanda had never been more thankful that James was the kind of driver who needed both of his hands to be on the steering wheel. At a few moments, he had pulled his right hand back and towards the center console, but it was only to grab onto the gear stick; Amanda looked down and noticed that he drove an automatic. Regardless, his fingers slowly ran up and down the shaft in a manner that seemed teasing. Whether or not Amanda was pulling things out of her head or if James was genuinely trying to tease like that, she didn’t know, and she didn’t care; she turned her attention towards the window, watching as the road grew more clogged the closer they got to the frat house; a giant mansion with colorful lights pouring out of its windows with a bunch of cars in its lawn was hard to miss, and James parked as close as he could to it.

“You brought your ID?” James asked.

“It’s in my purse; don’t worry,” Amanda reassured. “Did you?”

“Mhm,” James nodded as he opened the door and got out of the car. He started walking towards the house, and Amanda opened her own door, slipping out of the vehicle and taking a breath of fresh air.

It was only then that she realized how much James’ car smelled of Axe, her lungs retroactively burning now that she had a chance to smell fresh air. Even if there was the whiff of beer and sweat radiating from the house, it was practically unnoticeable compared to the inside of his car. Amanda let out a small cough into her elbow before heading towards the entrance of the house, up the car-filled driveway and letting the sound of muffled bass grow louder the closer she got to the door.

As she walked up to the door, she could feel James try once more to graze his hand against hers. She stepped away from him right before they were at the porch, where two bulky men wearing dress shirts and black capes stood watch.

“Hello,” said one of them in a bad Eastern European accent. “I vant to see your ID.”

Rolling her eyes, Amanda grabbed her wallet out of her purse and showed him both her student ID and driver’s license; she had heard from a few friends that they checked those at the door to make sure that everyone was at least 18. As a sophomore, it was of no issue to her, and she was let in. She slipped her stuff into her bag and kept it close to her as she entered the darkened foyer of the house.

The music grew clearer the moment she pushed open the door, and the woosh of hot stale air hit her body. The telltale mixture of body odor and opened beers filled her nose; she came at the perfect time, where the party had enough people for there to be games of beer pong going on, but not late enough for there to be any people who were completely wasted. She closed the door behind her and looked around, seeing a few tables set up with people in various costumes playing pong and two teams of sorority girls dressed as cats playing flip cup. For the time being, she merely looked around the front area, walking around and scouting the place while keeping one hand on her bag and the other on her pepper spray.

At the very least, she was able to leave James behind, but she had to be on her toes when it came to a party like this. Perhaps it would have been best to come with some other friends instead, but James had been first and James had been persistent. He definitely hadn’t been persistent enough where it counted, though, thank the fucking Lord. That was at least one lecherous pervert whom she didn’t have to deal with tonight.

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My First 3 Sum And End To Dry Spell

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Big Balls

I was now up north and living with the woman I had mentioned. She was a beautiful woman with nice tits. And a pussy that was sweet as honey. Our sex life was good. We got along great. She didn’t work and was on medical disability from work. We spent a lot of time together. We both loved to cook and would help each other with dinner. We made a killer pizza from scratch.

This was a year of a dry spell from men and cock. Even though she was beautiful and excellent in bed there was still that desire. The need for the feel of a hard cock in my mouth. And mine in another mans mouth. But it was not to be.

We would go on trips to places of interest. Being the area was heavily wooded with State Forest we would go for walks in the woods. One day on a walk through the woods we stopped and kissed. I slid my hand up under her blouse and started playing with her tits. She started moaning and rubbing my cock through my pants. It wasn’t long and she was squatting and undoing my belt and my pants. Within seconds she had them and my underwear down around my ankles. And a few seconds later my cock buried in her mouth. She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch as the old saying goes. She sucked me for a few minutes than stood up. She walked over to a tree and dropped her ankara yabancı escortlar shorts and panties and leaned up against the tree. I waddled over and put my hard cock up to her wet pussy and slid it in.

“Yes”, she said. “Fuck me hard.”

“This is so wild doing it in the woods,” I said.

“I love you so much,” she said. “Love that you will do things like this with me.”

“Anywhere is good Baby as long as it is with you.”

I was silent after that. So was she. We concentrated on making it the best fuck we have had. And it was. Being in the woods and not knowing if someone would come by was exciting as hell.

She was moaning loudly and I knew she was close. So was I. So I started pounding her hard and fast. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she let out a loud moan. I knew she was cumming and the grip her pussy had on my cock drove me over the edge. I started shooting ropes of cum into her hot wet pussy. Pounding her until I had unloaded every drop.

“Oh Honey.” “That was wonderful,” she said. “That was my first time ever doing it in the woods.”

“Mine too.” I replied. “It was so hot Babe.” “It won’t be our last.”

Unfortunately it was. After about 8 months together I realized she still had the hots for an old ankara yeni escortlar flame. A younger man from her past. It became obvious when she hired him to do work on the roof. I could tell by her actions when he was around. We ended splitting up and the next few years were pretty much uneventful. There was a few more women in my life over the next few years but nothing ever worked out.

I had met a few women online and even moved to Texas for a bit to be with a woman. That is where I had my first 3 sum. Her and I split up as she was the super jealous type and I got tired of being accused. So I moved out and got my own apartment. I had my computer hooked up and started placing ads on Craigslist and searching ads. Shame they stopped allowing sex ads. I got contacted by a couple who lived in the same town. We exchanged emails for about a week then decided to get together.

They were about my age and about the same body shape. We were all a tad overweight. They invited me in and we sat and talked for a bit. Then once we were all comfortable we moved to the bedroom. We proceeded to get undressed and get in the bed. She had a nice set of tits and he had a nice cock. Here was my chance to have again what I was so missing for several years. sincan oral yapan escortlar A hard cock in my mouth. It started out with her laying on the bed and him licking her pussy while she sucked my cock. After a bit he lay down and she rode his face and I got my first taste of cock in several years. I was in heaven.

I took his whole cock in my mouth and savored the taste and feeling. I was bobbing up and down on his cock like a kid with a new lollipop. We decided it was time for him to try sucking mine. This was his first time. She slid down and buried his cock in her pussy and I positioned myself beside his head. He took my cock in his mouth and took a little of it in. He was inexperienced and wasn’t sure if this was what he wanted. After a few minutes he decided he couldn’t go any further so it came to an end. At least I got to feel my cock in another mans mouth again.

We didn’t get together again during the time I lived there. I heard from them again some months later but I had already moved back to Michigan. He wanted to give it another try. I would have if I was still living there. But my Dad got really sick in 2004 so I moved back to help my Mom take care of my Dad. That takes me to the time where I moved up north again after my Dad was able to take care of himself again. The company I worked for was building a new store in Tawas City so I put in for a transfer and got it. Got an apartment and this is where I got back into enjoying what I was missing. Sucking cock. Watch for my next tale to come soon.

Thank you for reading.

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Julia’s Preference

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Author’s note: This is a fictional story that includes sexual themes. The sexual descriptions in this story take place between adult characters aged 18 or older.


I had only worked at Brothers American Gas for about three months before my co-worker Helen started really opening up to me. She and I shared a small, single-window office that faced the side of the property; the two of us were the entirety of the Brothers customer service department.

“I could really use a good fuck go get me out of this Monday funk, how about you?” Helen popped her head up from behind the monitor, her greying-blonde hair crowning a sly grin and a pair of mischievous blue-grey eyes under heavy eyeliner. I smiled back, trying to hide my slight blush at the sudden remark (although the remark certainly wasn’t out of character for her, especially lately).

“You have no idea.” I avoided eye contact, thinking about William back at home. I haven’t yet broached the subject of my boyfriend, if you could call him that. We got closer after the first two times we fucked. We still fuck, and he gets me off one way or another, but I’m still not getting the satisfaction I need. After graduation, we both moved into a small rental one town over. He goes to school online and works part-time from home, while I’m stuck looking at propane orders and, thanks to Helen, fantasizing about getting pounded.

Lance, our new inventory lead popped his head sideways through the doorway before walking the rest of his body into the frame. He was a tall man probably in his late twenties, always joking around, slightly doughy in the middle, but kept it together well enough that he looked fairly slim when he bothered to dress a little nicer than usual. I lost several pounds after graduating and found myself starting to pay a little more attention to others’ bodies as a result.

“Afternoon, ma’am. Afternoon, ma’am. Some scan forms for the both of you.” He sauntered into the room, tipped his imaginary cowboy hat, and flopped the short stack of papers on Helen’s desk before sauntering backwards out the door again. Naturally, Helen and I both humored the poor guy with a, “Thank you kindly,” but we were both preoccupied with something a lot more intriguing than his cheesy western affect.

“Oh my God, Julia, did you see his dick?” Helen whispered loudly before tip-toeing over to gently close and lock the office door. “He was side-piping like I’ve never seen, and I don’t even think he was hard!” I nodded, the image of his thick cock pressed between his thigh and his form-fitting khakis still fresh in my mind. “Ooh, I bet he’s uncircumcised, don’t you bet? Maybe we could convince a guy to take a peek for us at the urinal, huh?” She let out a youthful yet devilish giggle, fanning herself for effect.

“How can you even tell? It’s not like he took it out; he wasn’t even in the room for more than a minute.”

“Oh honey, believe me, when a circumcised guy is side-piping, you’ll know. The ridge of his glans shows through and it’s practically a dick billboard.” She leaned back in her chair and let out a soft, slightly quivering sigh, seemingly lost in fantasy for a moment.

“I don’t know,” I paused, suddenly embarrassed about William, although not sure why, “My boyfriend is cut and I’ve never seen anything like that before.” Helen perked back up at the mention, leaned in with a mischievous grin, resting her elbows on the desk.

“Boyfriend? You’ve never said a word about having a boyfriend; how long has this been going on?” I blush hard, but dish most of the story behind William and me, the time we fucked at the school and how I came on his chest. I didn’t mention my issues with his little prick or the day Greg came over and I fucked them both. Still, she had a proud look about her, as if she knew something about me that I didn’t.

“Well, color me surprised, Julie. Here I was thinking I’d have to get you together with little Scotty!” Scott was Helen’s son, who just turned 18 almost two weeks ago. I’ve never met him, but sometimes he drives his mom to work and back, and I’ve caught a glimpse through the window. He’s pale, almost pinkish-white with ragged, wavy near-black hair.

“Already trying to stick him with some poor girl, huh?” I smirk and she matches my expression, blushing herself for the first time since I started working there.

“Actually, lately I’ve been keeping him for myself.” She notices my look of confused intrigue, and leans in a little closer, lowering her voice. “I know I should feel horrible about this, but…I had sex with Scotty, and it was fantastic.”

“Oh…wow, uh…when did all this happen?” I was stunned, but intensely curious about the taboo of it all.

“Well, it’s a little complicated, but we’ve actually done it four times now. Now I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out! I haven’t been taken care of in that way since before his father passed away. He wanted Scott to look like him down there, you know, but I insisted that we leave our son intact, at least until ankara iri göğüsleri olan escortlar he was old enough to make that decision for himself.” She paused to fan her face a bit and compose herself. “Well…long story short, I caught a glimpse of him drying off after a shower Monday night, saw all that luscious skin drooping off the end of his tool…it almost looked a little goofy, but my curiosity got the better of me, and I guess you could say the rest is history.”

My jaw had dropped as she dished her story, turning into a slight grin once it clicked in my mind what she was saying.

“Wait, so are you saying you fucked your son four times in two days? And this was all because of his foreskin? What…h-how good was it?”

“Oh my God, Julie, it was unbelievable. It was like…having sex for the first time, only better. I don’t think I could explain it without showing you firsthand.” As she spoke I saw little Scott pull into a parking spot outside and give his signature little double-beep of the horn to let Helen know he was ready and waiting. She spun around in her chair to give Scott an enthusiastic wave through the window before spinning back to face me.

“So, what do you say? Forget about the bus; how about I let Scotty give you a ride home?” She winked at me, as if she already knew how much her sparse story turned me on. I made a show of reluctantly agreeing, and before long the three of us were off.


Helen was obscenely open about her antics with Scott on the drive home, and I noticed Scott blushing bright red nearly the entire trip. Before Scott pulled into the driveway I warned them both that William would be home already, and Helen simply smirked, cradling her chin between her thumb and forefinger as if deep in thought.

As soon as the front door closed, Helen gently ordered her son to strip down, right in the center of my living room.

“Where’s your man?” She asked with her hands on her hips with a faux ‘girl power’ attitude as her now shirtless son struggled to untie the knots in his shoes. “I wanna do a little comparison; show you what this is all about if you catch my drift.” I kicked off my own shoes and without a word, bounced down the hallway to fetch William.

I was already giddy with excitement, thinking back on the last time we had a guest of this kind and hoping to maybe have a regular playmate of sorts. By the time William and I had rounded the corner back into the living room Scott was standing fully nude next to his mother. He was every bit as pale as William, a tad shorter and slightly more toned in the abdomen. They could almost pass for brothers aside from their hair and, of course, the wrinkled pucker of foreskin at the end of Scott’s member.

“Ah! Now here’s the man I’ve heard so little about! I was planning on having you strip down next to little Scotty here, what do you think about that?” William snapped his gaze away from Scott’s package and blushed, scratching the back of his head and shooting a bashful glance in my direction.

“Heh, well I don’t really do much thinking; I usually just do what Julia says.”

“Wow, smart man! Sounds like you’ve snagged yourself a good one, Julia.” William looked at me again and I gave him an affirmative nod to dress down. Scott stood in place, tugging downward at the underside of his foreskin as if it were a nervous habit. The act caused his modest member to grow to a moderate size; not yet erect but the little button pucker of a penis had grown into a true hanging dick. His foreskin hugged the form of the glans and the underside drooped down low where Scott had been habitually tugging. William leaned over to slip his underwear off and looked at me expectantly.

“Well go on and stand next to Scott.” He bashfully obeyed and immediately the differences were clear between them. William’s little acorn head sat atop his balls, nestled closely against his body after being exposed to the open air, the skin of his shaft wrinkled and bunched up just behind his glans. Helen gasped softly and sat on the edge of our overstuffed couch.

“My goodness, will you look at that, Scotty?” William and Scott looked down at each others’ groins, then bashfully made eye contact. “They really got you good, you poor thing! Come closer and let me have a look at you.” I sat on the couch and Helen waved for her son to stand in front of me the way William was now standing and facing Helen. She lifted William’s flaccid member up on the side of her forefinger, as if it were a small songbird perching there.

“It really is a stunning difference, wouldn’t you say, Julia?” William was not-so-subtly catching a glimpse of Helen’s cleavage, having a clear view down her blouse. His little songbird quickly perked up and lifted off Helen’s finger, already fully erect. Helen smiled sweetly at the little fella that was now pointing directly at her. She made a small ring with her thumb and forefinger, giving a gentle squeeze to the base of his member before trailing downward to cup elvankent götü büyük escortlar William’s taut balls with her fingertips, her painted nails softly grazing his scrotum. “It’s awfully cute in a way, don’t you think? Although it really is a shame how much is missing.”

Scott kept glancing shyly at his mother and William, his own member slowly stiffening. I mimicked Helen and lifted Scott’s member up with my finger to observe his skin-covered glans and the way it hugged the form of his head. Partially erect like this, the tip of his foreskin hung over his head just enough to form a mysterious opening that I could peek into and spot a glimpse of his head. Still mirroring Helen’s actions, I held her son’s balls in my fingertips; they were about the same size, but hung much lower and swayed when he shifted his weight. Soon enough Scott’s dick was standing at full attention and looking directly at me from behind a ring of pale foreskin.

“See how much more there is to play with, Julia? From the looks of it, circumcision makes fellas a bit smaller overall.” She gave William a couple gentle squeezes at the base of his dick to see if he would grow any further, to no avail. She appeared to be right, too. Aside from William’s missing foreskin, they were almost the same size; Scott was just slightly thicker around and perhaps half an inch longer.

“Yeah, it looks a little strange, but it does seem a little fuller. And I guess I never realized before, but it definitely looks more natural.” I gently pinched at the wrinkled tip of his foreskin, “It has a kind of flow to it, y’know? No tan line or anything.” Helen looked up at me for a moment with a tilted head.

“Oh, that’s a cute term for it!” She let out an airy laugh and lightly traced around the dark ring on William’s still stiff member. “That’s actually his circumcision scar; you can see William’s is almost halfway down, so it really shows just how much they took from the poor boy.” Helen continued teasingly tracing her fingernail around William’s scar. William was blushing noticeably, occasionally shooting glances at me as I cautiously explored little Scotty’s intact member.

I noticed Scott watching his mother tease at William, his stiff member practically bouncing in place. Clumsily prodding around Scott’s foreskin a bit, I took the underside between my fingers and tugged at it a bit like I’d seen him do earlier. Scott bit at his lower lip, a large bead of precum forming at the tip of his member before dripping down to glaze the inside of his foreskin.

“Ooh, looks like someone’s getting a little worked up!” Helen grinned slyly over at me.

“Little Scotty’s always fiddling with himself like that, but I’ll bet it feels a lot better to have someone else do it, isn’t that right?” Scott simply nodded, still biting his lip and arching his back just a bit. Getting a little more comfortable with this strange new cock, I wrapped my thumb and finger around the midpoint of his shaft, gently peeling back his foreskin for the first time.

A bizarre sensation overcame me as I watched his glistening head start to emerge. Without warning, his scent hit me like a slap in the face. Not that it was a revolting aroma, simply that I hadn’t expected it. In fact, after a moment it became much more familiar; it smelled almost like me. It smelled like sex. Slowly, quietly, I breathed in deeply through my nose and, closing my eyes just for a moment, I swear I could smell us together. His sex mingling with mine, hanging thick in the air after committing the most primitive, carnal act of sheer pleasure. Of course, I knew it was all in my head, but the instant I opened my eyes, I realized the scent of his uncircumcised cock was making me wet.

I quickly composed myself, gave a quick glance over to see Helen tenderly playing with the smooth, shaved little coin purse on William, who was simply standing at attention, shaking just a bit with nervous excitement as he awaited whatever may come.

With one hand still wrapped around Scott’s cock, I brought my other up to cup around his balls, feeling his full package as I began pulling his foreskin back the rest of the way. He was stiff, and I could feel him throbbing in my hand, but one small flap of skin still hugged around the crown of his head. Wanting to see him fully exposed, I tugged downward a bit further, quickly letting go after hearing what could only be described as a pitiful whine coming from Scott.

“Oh! Careful there, Julia. Little Scotty needs to be handled a bit more gently than William here.” Scott was wincing, his foreskin already rolled itself back over his head, and he rubbed his underside with a single finger. A bit of an overreaction if you ask me.

“Just like with us ladies, Scott needs a bit of ‘warming up’ before he can really come out and play. That frenulum of his is a fun little toy, but it can sting if you get too carried away.” Like a fool, I stared blankly at Helen, not yet understanding what she meant.

“Oh etimesgut çıtır escortlar honey, I’m so sorry. I forgot this is your first time with a whole penis. Scotty, pull that back again and let’s show Julia your frenulum.”

Scott obeyed, lifting his member near vertically and smoothly retracting his foreskin. His bright, glistening head emerged once more along with that same aroma that was now beginning to make my thighs quiver as if it were a reflex. I leaned in closer to Scott’s groin and saw there was a curious band of skin that seamlessly connected the underside of his head to the inside of his foreskin. I touched it, sliding the tip of my finger down the length of it and sending a shudder down Scott’s spine. I was fascinated; it looked unfamiliar, almost frivolous, yet somehow I already understood it as perfect, natural…arousing, even. Helen must have seen the look in my eyes.

“The frenulum is that little string on the underside of Scotty’s dick that makes him leak so much precum. Go ahead and slowly glide his foreskin up and down a bit.” I nodded and rolled his foreskin back over his head, completely covering it before peeling it back, exposing all but the crown of his head just like before. “See how his little frenulum stretches when you tug him back? It helps to keep his sensitive glans covered, too.” I lifted my hand off and watched as Scott’s frenulum graciously pulled his foreskin back up, snugly covering half of his head.

As his foreskin settled into place, Scott tilted his head back slightly and let out a soft hum of pleasure, another dab of precum forming at the very tip of his head like a glass bead.

“See now? I told you there’s a lot more to play with when it comes to uncircumcised boys.” Helen winked at me and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Yeah, you’re right…it’s a lot more complex than I had imagined.” I rolled Scott’s foreskin back all the way over his head and gave it a few playful tugs here and there, peeking up to see his reaction. “A little strange, but I think I like it.” She and William both looked on as I curiously stretched her son’s foreskin. After a moment Helen lifted William’s member up to get a better look at his underside, frowning with a look of pity.

“Hmm…that’s a shame. Some circumcised fellas still have a frenulum, even if it’s just a piece. Looks like poor William here lost all of his, but I’ll bet this little patch of scar tissue is still his most sensitive part.” With two fingers and a thumb she pinched a wad of skin on the underside of his member, just below his glans and tugged downward firmly. She began to roll it between her fingers, but without warning William let out a pathetic whimper and began cumming. Helen lost her grip on the patch of skin and his little member bounced up, flinging strings of warm cum on her face and cleavage, soaking into her work blouse. William was clearly ashamed, his eyes clenched shut and his face beet red as the last of his seed dangled off the end of his member.

Scott stared wide-eyed at his mother, clearly straining not to laugh or make any wisecracks. The scene must have turned him on a fair bit, however; he was suddenly leaking enough pre that it had pooled around the opening of his foreskin and started to drip down to the floor in one long strand. Helen pursed her lips, taking a moment to regain her composure.

“Ugh…well, I guess that just goes to show that circumcision doesn’t make guys last any longer.” She looked down at her chest, hesitating to touch the mess on her clothes and skin. She lifted her eyes off her chest to see William’s spent, already softening member dribbling the last of its cum onto the floor before flashing me a half-hearted smile.

“William, don’t just stand there. Help clean up your mess.” I snapped at him, hoping that the mood hadn’t just been ruined by his hair trigger.

“Oh don’t worry about it, honey.” Helen lifted her blouse up and peeled it off over her head, revealing her soft, pale belly and voluptuous breasts, practically flowing over her bra. She wasn’t overweight, at least not compared to me a year or two ago. She had what could best be described as a motherly figure; a little padding on her stomach and sides that was mostly hidden under her work attire. A few subtle age marks and wrinkles hinted at her age; something both boys here certainly didn’t seem to mind one bit.

“Julia, why don’t you get comfortable on that chaise lounge and let little Scotty show you a thing or two.” She shot me a wink after using the inside of her blouse to wipe her face and chest clean. “Since William here already had his fun, he can stay and help return the favor. How does that sound?” She teasingly dabbed at the tip of William’s now completely flaccid member, his little acorn head resting above his balls, still damp with cum.

“Now that sounds like a plan.” I grinned and stood up, grabbing Scott by the wrist and guiding him to the chaise on the side of the living room, already so eager for more that I could feel myself beginning to soak through my underwear.


The chaise was oversized and could comfortably hold two people, and it pointed inward toward the center of the living room, so I still had a clear view of Helen and William, and William could see Scott and me. Not private by any means, but then again, where would the fun in that be?

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Football and Other Games

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Dave and Cindy were getting ready for the party. He was having several friends over to watch the Super Bowl, and she was helping him with the treats. This should be a great game, he thought. Chicago, Dave’s favorite team, was playing against Denver and they were projected to win by two points.

Dave and Cindy had been dating for several months. They had met when he was driving to a friend’s house and steered around a moving truck parked in front of a house with a For Rent sign in the front yard. Just as he drove past the tailgate, there was a crash and a scream and a torrent of profanity. Dave hit the brakes so he could get out and check if anyone was hurt. When he looked into the truck, he saw a woman with her back to him, sitting on a short stack of boxes and looking down at a broken TV. Obviously, she had dropped it and the screen had all but shattered.

As he called out to her to see if everything was okay, she let out another torrent of profanity, ending with, “Can’t you see that NOTHING is okay?” Then she stood and turned to look at him. Dave saw a beautiful woman in her early thirties with long blonde hair and a slender, shapely body that stood slightly taller than average. She wore tight jeans below and a tight tee shirt above, and really Dave liked what he saw.

He was suddenly motivated to help, so he climbed into the back of the truck with her. She allowed him to join her because she saw a tall man about forty with a handsome face and a full beard that was closely trimmed. He had a good build; not muscular but clearly he had muscles. And she liked what she saw. Two hours later they had emptied the truck and placed most of the things in the rooms where she intended them to be. They shared a beer. Then they shared dinner. Then they shared each other.

The relationship had gone from friendly to romantic to loving in a shorter amount of time than Dave expected. It was true that both Dave and Cindy had been married before, so they both knew what they liked and didn’t like, but both of them seemed to have recovered from their past marriages. It was seldom that either made references to their previous spouses, and it was seldom that either showed any residual effects of their previous marriages.

Cindy’s husband had been abusive and Cindy tended to react when she saw a man treating a woman harshly, whether it was in a movie or in real life, but that was understandable. And Dave’s wife had left him for her girlfriend after more then twelve years of marriage, resulting in him distrusting most women. And that was understandable, too. But other than those two holdovers, neither showed any real baggage from their previous marriages. As far as they could tell, they had a healthy, romantic relationship. And as far as anyone else could tell, they had a perfect love life.

Dave was a writer and made a good living at it, even if it was not an extravagant living. And Cindy was a real estate agent and made a good living at that, even if it was not an extravagant living. Between their efforts, they made more than enough money and they could take the time off they wanted so they could enjoy that living.

All their friends knew that Dave and Cindy were serious about each other. When they went out for drinks, his friends couldn’t convince Dave to even flirt with another woman. And when Cindy went out with her friends, they were amazed that she showed no interest in any of the men who tried to flirt with them. In short, Dave and Cindy showed all the signs of a committed marriage but without the ring.

It was about an hour before the game, and their friends would begin to show up any time. Jim and Karen would probably be the first to arrive. They were best friends with Dave and Cindy, and were likely to be over at Dave’s house sharing food and fun on most weekends. They lived only a block over in the same suburban neighborhood as Dave’s house, close enough to walk over frequently. In warm weather, they felt free enough to invite themselves over to use the pool in Dave’s back yard. It was not unusual for Dave and Cindy to return from the store to see Jim and Karen, or even Karen by herself, enjoying the pool or laying beside it enjoying the sun. And Cindy often chided Dave for enjoying entirely too much the fact that Karen had an awesome body, which she freely displayed in tiny bikinis. But despite the joking, Cindy trusted both her boyfriend and her best friend.

Everyone was expected to show up sometime after Jim and Karen. Dave and Cindy had the snacks ready. Cindy had baked several of her specialty finger foods, and Dave saved for himself the difficult job of preparing the Corn Curls and pretzels and potato chips. In addition to the snacks, Dave had purchased seven cases of beer and several bottles of serious alcohol. There was his personal favorite, Crown Royal. He had a large bottle of the Canadian whiskey on the counter, plus three more hidden in his bedroom. Crown Royal was expensive enough that Dave didn’t want to share too much of it. As an alternative, Dave had purchased five bottles of Southern Comfort ankarada yeni escortlar and two bottles of Johnny Walker Red.

In addition to that, there was a selection of vodka and rum and bourbon and even Jägermeister, for those who liked shots. But mostly they were going to have beer. Dave had purchased four cases of dark beer and four cases of American lite beer. And Dave’s favorite beer, Amberbock, was properly represented by two additional cases. And with all the alcohol, Dave had rented several cots to host the friends that shouldn’t drive home after the game. As far as Dave could plan and prepare, they were ready for the game.

The refrigerator in the kitchen and the backup refrigerator in the garage were both filled with drinks and snacks and dressings and dips. The oven was on warm with Cindy’s specialties being kept there. And the best treat of all just walked out of the bedroom. Cindy had changed into a special outfit for today which was a little more revealing than she normally wore in front of Dave’s friends.

Dave was struck once more with just how beautiful this woman was. She was apparently blessed with good genes because she had a slender and shapely body without exercising too often. Her breasts were a large C-cup that both jutted out for the world to see and hung just a little because of their impressive weight, and Dave really considered them perfect. And even more exciting were her nipples, which always stood out, but grew to more than half an inch of proud perfection when she was excited. And she was obviously excited today.

As Dave stared at her, Cindy smiled shyly. She held out her arms at shoulder level and slowly rotated, giving him an opportunity to look closely at what she was wearing. She knew that Dave always enjoyed showing her off when they went to a bar or restaurant, and she admitted to herself that she enjoyed being shown off. So she had decided to wear something that let her show off today.

Her blouse was white and slightly transparent, enough to show off the lacy bra underneath but not enough to display the freckles on her boobs and her back. Still, it showed enough cleavage that her freckles were easily visible anyway. In addition, those awesome nipples were doing their best to pierce the thin material of her lacy bra and nylon blouse. She wore a short pleated skirt that flared out, almost like a high school cheerleader’s skirt. The skirt was short enough that Dave knew Cindy was going to have to sit carefully if she wanted to keep from showing off her panties, which he could only hope she was wearing.

As Dave was staring in appreciation at Cindy’s chest, Jim and Karen walked in the back door. Jim was Dave’s closest friend and had been for more than two dozen years. They had been through some dangerous times together, running some secret missions for the government in some South American countries, and both knew what it was like to depend on the other to watch his back. As was true for most men who had seen action together, they were more than just friends.

Karen was a recent addition to Jim’s life. They had met a year ago and moved in together a month after that. Karen was a sultry beauty in her mid thirties who clearly enjoyed being beautiful. She wasn’t egotistical about it at all but had simply accepted the fact that she was beautiful, and was comfortable with the attention it brought. Dave sometimes wondered if the two of them were practicing monogamy or were into a more open relationship, but figured it wasn’t any of his business. If Jim was comfortable with Karen showing off her body, or even sharing that body, then Dave had nothing he needed to say about it.

And Karen was clearly dressed today to attract attention. She wore a tight leather skirt that extended less than halfway down her thighs. Her halter top barely covered her boobs from the front and offered lots of side-boob when she wasn’t facing you. The material was not at all transparent, but it was light and thin and put her erect nipples front and center. And Dave could tell that when she would bend over to get her drink or to offer someone else a drink, her boobs would be wonderfully displayed. Dave and Cindy knew that Karen was not bashful about showing her body, but this was going to be her best show yet. For his part, Jim just grinned.

By the time their friends were arriving, the food and drinks were ready. Dave and Jim had moved enough beer and ice into a cooler for at least the first quarter, so Jim had declared the party preparations were accomplished to his satisfaction. Karen had bent over at the waist to inspect the cooler, and Dave noticed that she wore no panties. This was more than a little unexpected.

While the four of them had been a little free in sunning themselves beside the pool, even to the point of both women going topless one afternoon, the women had shown no signs of exhibitionism when they were inside the house. Maybe a little provocative when they went out to a club, but nothing more than could usually be seen on the women around them. But Karen bayan escort elvankent in a miniskirt with no panties was pushing the envelope a little, even for her.

Dave looked at Cindy and noticed her staring at Karen for a few seconds, and then turned and merely grinned at him. For just a moment, Dave wondered at Cindy’s staring, but just then the doorbell rang.

Frank and Joan walked into the living room uninvited. They were also friends with all four and didn’t wait for the door to be opened. Dave had to pause for a moment when he saw Joan, knowing she was never accused of being bashful, but he almost gasped at what she had chosen to wear for the game. A pair of white Daisy Duke shorts cupped her ass tightly. The white tee shirt she wore was almost transparent, giving a clear view of her breasts and the darker skin of her areolae. Her nipples barely poked out and Dave found himself hoping that their hardness would change with the excitement of the game. Her boobs were at least a D-cup and they bounced and swayed magnificently as she walked into the room. Jim, Karen and Cindy all stared at Joan and then looked at Frank. He simply grinned at them and shrugged his shoulders. Joan noticed the exchange of glances.

“What? Can’t a girl dress comfortably in front of friends?” She acted as if there was nothing unusual in what she wore. Dave responded with a wry grin.

“And clearly we are all going to be better friends after today.” Not to be outdone by his friend, Jim offered his own comment.

“I always said that transparency in a relationship is important.” He chuckled at his own joke, but no one else did. And while no one followed up that comment, Dave noticed Joan and Karen exchange a quick look. Then everyone got busy moving drinks and snacks closer to the couch and arranging chairs in the family room.

Dave’s house was ideal for hosting events like this. He was quite proud of it because he had designed the house. An architect friend had transformed a crude floor plan into a wonderful house. It was large, built in a U-shape. Down one side were three spare bedrooms and two bathrooms. Down the other side was the library that served as his office, and the master suite with its own large bathroom. The base of the U-shaped house held the kitchen and a large family room for entertainment. Separating the kitchen and the entertainment room was a long breakfast bar and a hallway connecting the two side wings, with the entertainment room being sunken six inches lower than the hallway.

The main attraction of the entertainment room was a wall with a huge stone fireplace. On either side of the fireplace were sliding glass doors that opened out into the screened-in pool area. And the fireplace was currently covered by a wide movie screen. Dave used a powerful projector connected to his laptop when he made presentations in his management seminars. And today, that powerful projector was attached to his cable TV system and would project the game in high definition to the screen. It was a full eight feet wide and six feet high, giving an awesome view of the game.

In the center of the room with its back to the kitchen, was a long couch. There were two comfortable love seats ar right angles to the couch, plus several more chairs from the dining room for the rest of the guests, all centered in front of the screen. At least, centered as much as seating for twelve people could be centered in front of an eight foot screen. But the layout of the room and the ample seating promised everyone a good view of the game.

Dave saw that Jim, Karen, Frank, and Joan all made a beeline for the comfortable couch, laying their claim on that very valuable piece of real estate early. He also saw that when Karen quickly sat down next to Jim, her right boob bounced entirely free from her halter top, which she only casually adjusted. And the others in the group noticed it, too. Her lack of apparent concern over her boob finding temporary freedom raised the sexual tension in the air noticeably.

Just as his friends claimed the couch, the doorbell rang again. Dave opened the door and saw the newest additions to the circle of friends. Terry and Sherri entered the house with Sherri wrapping her long arms around Dave. They were newly engaged, and would be the youngest couple in the group. Terry was 24, standing tall and muscular. It was obvious he worked out because his biceps stretched his short sleeves to their max and his tee shirt clearly showed his tight and chiseled abs. Further, his shorts showed heavily muscled legs, which were impressive by anyone’s standards.

Sherri was 21 and an inch or so taller than Terry. She wore loose workout shorts and a tight button down shirt, but her shirt wasn’t buttoned at all, merely tied at the waist, which showed off an ample amount of her silicone-enhanced breasts. Sherri would clearly make the proverbial trophy wife when Terry was promoted to full partner in his father’s very successful law firm. The two of them had been to Dave’s house only once before to enjoy escort bayan etimesgut an afternoon pool party, and Dave was almost embarrassed at how tiny her string bikini was. And the small amount of material seemed even more revealing because she was so tall. Dave guessed that she was right at six feet, with Terry being about an inch shorter.

Before Dave could close the door, a shout from outside made him pause. José and Maria came running up the sidewalk, burdened down with bags and a cooler. Almost breathless, they dropped everything just inside the door and took a moment to hug Dave. It was good that Dave was comfortable with hugging men because José wrapped him up in a bear hug that threatened to crack some ribs. After that, Maria’s hug was almost a caress.

José wore the tee shirt and shorts that was typical for him when he wasn’t wearing his scrubs at the hospital Emergency Room where he was a trauma doctor. At first, Dave wasn’t sure José could come because of his busy hospital schedule, but his seniority allowed him to schedule the day off. And Dave couldn’t help but be glad the two of them could be here because he really liked looking at Maria.

She was of medium height and quite slender. Her small breasts were probably only an A-cup, but her nipples were nothing short of awesome. And those nipples were extremely apparent as they tried to tear through her tee shirt. It was very stimulating to feel her soft embrace, while feeling her hard nipples almost poke holes in his chest. It seemed that no matter what she wore around him, Dave could see the largest nipples of his experience quite easily.

And José seemed to not care how much skin she showed or how prominently she displayed those impressive nipples. Maria’s long dark hair was pulled into a pony tail, which had found its way over her shoulder and fell down her chest. Yet it managed to stay to the side, merely draping over her shoulder, so that it didn’t cover either nipple. Dave couldn’t help but grin over the buffet of female flesh that was collecting for this football game.

Playing the host, he ushered José and Maria into his entertainment room to make sure everyone had been properly introduced. Suddenly, there was a loud knocking, almost pounding, at the door. This time Cindy was closer to the door so she went to answer it. Dave knew this would be the last of the couples, and noted that the game would start in less than ten minutes.

To his surprise, Cindy didn’t usher one more couple into the room; she ushered two more couples into the room. As Dave looked at her, Cindy only shrugged. Adam and Barbara walked into the room and Adam immediately began talking.

“I am so sorry to spring this on you but our best friends showed up in town just a few minutes ago and I couldn’t leave them by themselves. Dave, we have known Eric and Sarah for more than ten years. They were going to show up tomorrow and stay for a week, but they decided to surprise us and arrived a day early. Will this be a problem? I brought more beer and pretzels to make up for the unexpected mouths.” Adam looked embarrassed at the turn of events, but Dave assured them that there was plenty of beer and food, and two more chairs from the dining room would not be a problem at all. Introductions were necessary as Sherry went for the additional chairs.

Adam and Barbara were the typical suburban success story. Adam owned the lawn mowing and landscaping business that many of the neighbors used, and Barbara handled the bookkeeping. Between them, they employed six more workers and made it clear to all their customers that they only employed legal Americans, unlike their two main competitors who employed mostly illegals. Adam was very conservative in his political views and everyone who knew him was aware of that. But he made up for that by doing excellent work at a fair price and all his customers loved him.

Dave sometimes suspected that many of those customers loved Barbara even more. She was simply gorgeous. Slim and very shapely, she hand-delivered the monthly invoices and often helped with the landscaping projects. And there was no escaping the fact that she knew plants. She was not only window dressing; she was as much a part of the business as Adam was. And at 38 and 35 respectively, Adam and Barbara had plenty more years of hard work ahead of them.

As she typically did when working, Barbara was wearing a tiny red bikini top with very snug white shorts. Her trim figure was enhanced by her perfect B-cup breasts, which filled out the bikini top beautifully. And her ass had to be the tightest and most beautiful ass Dave had ever seen, made even more distracting by the tiny shorts she wore.

As Adam introduced their friends, it became obvious that they were going to be a fun addition to the group. Eric seemed to have a funny one-liner for everything. And they really were funny; he had them all laughing in seconds. He even cracked a joke about Barbara’s bikini that had Barbara laughing so hard that her smallish boobs were bouncing as much as their small size allowed. Dave glanced over at Sherry and had the pleasure of watching her ample boobs bouncing, too. She caught his glance and tried to hold her breasts for a moment, but then smiled and let them loose again to continue bouncing. Her casual wink held more tease than Dave would have expected.

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Big Cock Graduate

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Female Ejaculation

Doug graduates from college, dumps his controlling girlfriend, and discovers the attraction of confidence and a big cock. The first part introduces some of the main characters. There is some voyeurism, group sex, and anal sex. Future chapters will involve some incest and mild domination.

This is the start of a second story series after the story line of Neighborhood Moms and Daughters. It is totally unrelated to this series of stories but if you like this, please give them a read.

Many thanks to kenjisato who is my editor and made this better.

If you have comments, please add them and consider rating and favoriting the story. I appreciate the feedback and interest which keeps me writing.

All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Chapter 1: Graduation, New Direction.

I threw my cap into the air with three hundred newly minted engineers. School was done. A new life was about to start. I shook hands with and hugged my friends. We had been through tough times and hard projects together. We had learned to work as a team; and college had expanded our minds to what was possible in the world and what was possible with our lives.

We milled around after the ceremony and I found Andrew and Cathy, who were my closest friends in engineering. I lifted Cathy off her feet for a big bear hug. She was a five-foot waif and I was a six and half foot athlete.

Cathy said, “When you lift me up to your height, I am always amazed at the change in perspective from up here. Especially in a crowd.”

Andrew and I embraced, and he asked if I had gotten the lease for the house, that we were all going to rent together in the city.

I said, “Check your inbox. It is signed and delivered. I am moving in this weekend. I start my new job on Monday.”

“No rest for the wicked,” teased Andrew. “I have another interview on Friday and will be there next week. Speaking of no rest, I have to get to the business school grad to see Nancy walk across the stage.”

Cathy asked, “Has Nancy found a place to live? I know she has a job lined up to start in a week or so.”

“Not yet,” Andrew said. “If she crashes with us for while, would either of you mind? She would pitch in with help, I am sure.”

We both had no issue with Nancy and quickly agreed.

I said, “Just don’t let Linda know this plan.”

Cathy gave me a quizzical look and asked, “Why not?”

I rolled my eyes and said, “She wanted us to live together after school and is super jealous that I am going to live with you and Andrew, and not her. If she hears that Nancy is there as well, she will blow a gasket. Speaking of Linda, I better get over to her grad ceremony as well.”

Cathy and Andrew both shook their heads a bit as I talked about Linda. They disapproved at how controlling Linda was. I did agree with them, and this was why I hadn’t agreed to move in with her.

Cathy took off with Andrew to see Nancy’s grad. Cathy had introduced Nancy to Andrew, and they were tight as well.

When I got to the arts grad, Linda was just posing with her huge class for the big group picture. As the group broke up, she made a beeline for me.

She jumped up and gave me a huge hug and passionate kiss, pressing her body into mine. “I love how easy it is to spot you in a crowd. If we ever get separated, I just look for your head above all the others.” Linda said, “Let’s get out of here and celebrate.”

Linda didn’t have many close friends, so we headed back to her apartment. She shut the door and threw her grad cap on the chair. She licked her full lips and then grabbed the bottom of her grad gown and revealed that she had only worn shoes underneath.

Linda had a great body with large, firm breasts which were now capped by stiff brown nipples. She crooked her index finger at me and said, “Get that gown and clothes off, I want some graduated engineering cock in me now!”

Who was I to argue? I stripped quickly with Linda helping me and then when taking my last sock off, she pushed me so I would fall onto her bed.

Linda grasped the base of my member and gave it a few pumps. “I love your huge nine-inch cock, Doug. I knew it would be huge when I saw your hands and size fourteen feet. It fills me completely.” She gave it a quick lick and then crawled up me to straddle my face and lower her trimmed pussy onto my waiting tongue.

I loved eating her pussy and only wished that she would reciprocate more on the oral side. When she was close, I pushed her over the edge by pushing a finger into her ass.

After she came, she moved back and mounted my now raging cock. After she got off again, I orgasmed in her pussy.

Linda loved sex, but it was certainly more on her terms.

I didn’t really know any better, as she was really my first girlfriend.

I had lost both my parents in my last year of high school. While other kids were partying it up, my twin sister Ally and I, did funeral arrangements and split up the meagre estate. We had ankara moldovyalı escortlar both been accepted to colleges that were far apart. Luckily, we both had full scholarships. I was recruited for volleyball and she was a star swimmer. We agreed that focusing on college would get our minds off of the tragedy we had experienced. I did not get to see enough of her as she was equally consumed with school.

Trying to combine an engineering degree with a varsity sport was hard work. I had to keep my grades high to maintain the scholarship and so my first couple years at college were a hard grind.

I met Linda early in third year when the grind had lessened, or I had, at least, learned to deal with the workload more effectively.

Linda was nice to me and we got along well. As mentioned, she loved sex, and taught me a lot. How to please a woman with foreplay, my mouth, and my cock. She could be adventurous and on one memorable weekend, we tried anal sex which was a real turn on for me.

Linda also tried to dominate my free time. She couldn’t understand that I had to do work in groups and part of this was spending some casual time with them. This was how I connected with Andrew and Cathy.

After our little romp, Linda rolled off of me and went to the washroom. She returned and threw a damp cloth at me saying: “Wipe up, we can’t have you all crusty when we do this again tonight.”

I laughed and said, “You would still take me, crust and all.”

She came and laid down next to me and took the warm cloth from me and started to clean up her juices off of my face and then around my groin. While wiping, she asked, “Have you signed that lease yet? You know that we could both share the bachelor apartment I have.”

I answered in a frustrated voice, “Linda, we have been through this; you are on the other side of the city and it would mean commuting over an hour each way, every day.” I didn’t add that I was feeling a bit stifled with her and wanted to make other friends and develop some of my own interests.

“I could make it worth your while,” she said provocatively. “I would blow you to orgasm once a week and even let you put that monster in my ass once a month.”

The frustration in my voice intensified as I said, “So, if I move in with you, you will put me on a schedule of blowjobs and tolerate something I want to do once every month?”

Linda clearly wasn’t hearing my tone and said, “I will even throw in a titty fuck. I don’t want you living with Cathy. She has eyes for you, and I don’t trust her.”

This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. I got up and started putting on my clothes in silence.

Linda finally realized something was wrong, and said, “Doug, what is wrong?”

I looked at her and shook my head finally saying, “Linda, we have a big problem with trust and respect.”

Linda was confused and asked, “What do you mean? I love you and want to be with you.”

I said back, “You may love me in your way, but it is deeply flawed. You love sex, but you only love it your way. You don’t reciprocate on oral and now have reached a new low by using sex as an incentive to get me to do something I don’t agree with.”

Linda had gotten a cross look on her face, but I pushed forward, “The second area is trust. When you say that you don’t trust Cathy, what you are really saying is that you don’t trust me.”

Linda’s temper flared and she yelled, “I didn’t say that I didn’t trust you! I offered up blowjobs and anal because I thought it would be fun.”

I was losing my temper as well, and said, “If you thought blowjobs were fun, you might actually try them more than once in a blue moon. I don’t want you to do them because you feel you must; I want you to do them because you want to. On the trust front, you didn’t say you didn’t trust me, but all your actions and conniving speak otherwise. I am going to go join my friends and we can talk next week after we have moved.”

I walked out as Linda screamed, “Yeah, go run to your little pixie! She won’t fuck you like I do. She might not even like guys.”

With that, I closed the door and texted Andrew and Cathy. They were out for dinner on the patio with Nancy, and would save me a chair. I joined them as they were ordering main courses and powered off my phone. I added my order along with pint of beer.

I spilled my guts to them about Linda. I shared the rationing of oral program that she proposed.

“Wow, you really need a new girlfriend. Reciprocal benefits are just table stakes in any relationship I have ever been in,” Nancy said, as she winked at Andrew.

They were all sympathetic and understood what a big deal it was. My mood brightened with them and by the end of dinner, we were all laughing and telling stories. Andrew begged off to see his folks which left me with just Cathy and Nancy.

They both confided in me that they thought this break was great for me.

Cathy said, “Doug, you are a great guy. You are smart, athletic, sincan ukraynalı escortlar good looking, and above all, kind. Women will flock to you once you get your confidence back. Linda was controlling in a bad way. She was insanely jealous, selfish and you can do so much better than her.”

I choked up a bit as Nancy added, “Cathy is spot on. Linda has monopolized your time and got you when you were vulnerable. Spread your wings. You have graduated and have a great job lined up. Plus, you have friends who will help.”

I gave them both meaningful hugs of thanks. We capped off the evening with a round of shooters and then headed back to our apartments.

I got up the next morning with resolve. I had to pack and get my stuff in my beater of a car and make the three-hour trek to the city and my new life. I turned on my phone to almost twenty text messages from Linda and three voice mails. I read and listened. Her anger increased progressively through all the messages and ended it, all with a final, “FUCK YOU.”

The move to the city was uneventful. I was the first to move in as I didn’t have anywhere else to go. Cathy arrived on Saturday, and Andrew arrived on Sunday. I helped them both get their stuff situated.

They were both glad to see that I wasn’t too upset about the break-up. I shared with them Linda’s final send-off and they both laughed.

Andrew said that his interview had not gone well on Friday. The company was reconsidering the expansion hiring that they were doing. He wasn’t too down about it and had another interview mid week. He added that Nancy would be arriving on Monday as her place had fallen through.

Cathy and I both started our jobs on Monday. We were both junior engineers at different tech companies. I was out in Technology Park and she was downtown. Nancy was going to work for a bank, downtown as well; so they would sometimes commute together.

Time flew that first week with all the work of setting up, both in the house and at work. My colleagues seemed great and started calling me ‘Stretch’. The only downside at work was that it was a largely male environment. This might be a good thing as mixing work with love could be trouble. This made me think of Cathy who I found delightful, but thought that starting a relationship with her would destroy the great thing I had going living with my friends.

Andrew had his interview that week for a multinational company developing tidal energy installations. He was hopeful to hear more by early next week.

On the weekend, we found a local watering hole that suited us all. Over a dinner of wings and beer, the girls started teasing me about going on dates.

I told them about work, and they agreed that I shouldn’t fish off the company pier.

They suggested online dating as a viable option in a new city. I didn’t have a clue on what to do, or which app to use. They both laughed and said that my naivete was cute. They ran me through the choices from hook-up to serious matchmaking.

I declined the hook-up sites, as I always had craved connection, and chose a popular site where I needed to do an extensive profile with pictures.

On Sunday, I worked on a profile and scoured my phone for some pictures. I answered the questions and added some sports shots from volleyball and cropped some pics where I had been with Linda.

Nancy had seen me working on it during the day as she prepared for her first day on the job. By the end of the day, curiosity got the better of her and she asked if she could see the profile. I was happy for the help and turned my laptop towards her.

She looked through and started shaking her head and furrowing her brow. She looked up, smiled, and said, “You really are an engineer.”

I had a questioning look, and she turned the laptop to me and said, “You need to be more creative in how you describe yourself. You just went with the facts and didn’t make them playful or humorous. Your pictures are all crops of time with Linda or sports shots.”

Cathy walked by, and Nancy drew her in to the conversation and critique. Cathy was initially more on my side about the facts, but she was eventually swayed by Nancy who had a flair for marketing. They then both made me dress up for some pictures on the front lawn and against a white wall.

Nancy and Cathy were a bit critical of my clothing and suggested a trip to a suit store. “Your clothes are all too loose on your body. The shirts don’t show your physique and your pants are baggy. You can’t just wear sweats anymore.”

I complained that getting clothes for a six-foot six person was harder than they might imagine. To get shirts that fit my neck, they would blouse out around my body.

They sympathized and said they could still work with what I had.

We took some head shots and full body pics. They even got me to go shirtless for one shot which they said wouldn’t be on the front page of my profile, but would help when the ladies saw my chest and abs.

It was getting elvankent minyon tipli escortlar late, and we packed it in after they hit submit on my profile. I thanked them both for the help.

Nancy said, “We will get you fixed up with a good starter girlfriend and get you prepared for the big leagues.”

Work was ramping up quickly and I wasn’t getting home until late for the next couple of nights.

Wednesday was a big day in the house. I got home at dinner time to find out that we were all going to the pub. I changed into casual clothes and we all walked to the pub. Nancy and Andrew were hand in hand ahead of us.

Cathy whispered that something had happened in Andrew’s second interview.

We got to the pub and all ordered pints. Nancy and Andrew both had concerned looks on their faces.

I broke the ice asking about the interview.

Andrew talked about how exciting the company was and how much they liked him. I was waiting for the ‘but’. He finally dropped the bomb that they had offered him a great job, but it would require him to move to Scotland where they had a tidal power installation. He was torn up about the decision as it would mean that he would leave us and more significantly, Nancy.

Nancy was firm in saying that he should take the job and that their relationship could survive. She added that he wouldn’t be letting us down, as she would just take over his room in the house.

Andrew tried to say he shouldn’t do this; but we could tell that he wanted the role, and it was only Nancy that was holding him back.

Nancy broke his resolve with the idea that if he stayed here for an inferior job, he would always resent her to some degree, and she couldn’t live with that.

Andrew relented. He would likely leave for Scotland by the end of the week.

We all toasted luck to him, but I knew we would miss him.

The next nights were quiet in the house as Andrew prepared to leave. I was sitting with Cathy in the kitchen, when she asked how the dating profile had worked out?

I admitted that I hadn’t paid it much attention, but had seen numerous messages pop up.

She demanded that we review the responses and wanted to help me weed out the bad actors.

I passed her my laptop and she got to work.

Cathy was a virtuoso on the computer and had windows with profiles tiled to one side with my message history on the other. There had a been over a hundred responses and she quickly started discounting many.

Phrases like: ‘too old’, ‘dominatrix’, ‘skank’, ‘gold-digger’ and ‘bimbo’ came out of her mouth as she cut the chaff.

I joked that she shouldn’t just dismiss bimbos. She looked at me seriously and said, “You were the one who didn’t want to swipe right on pictures,” and then broke into a playful grin.

She handed the computer back to me and said, “There are ten left. Let me know what you think.”

I went through the profiles she had left up. The women left were all attractive and had a decent education. I narrowed it down to five and showed Cathy.

She looked through the five and cut one more out saying, “This one seems nice, but I think she might be too controlling, and you definitely don’t need that after Linda.”

I agreed and she handed back the laptop and told me to rank them.

Top of my list was a woman whose name was Tracy. She had beautiful red hair, white skin, and pepper of freckles across her nose. She was in early childhood education. The only downside was that she lived about an hour away.

Cathy thought this would be good for my first outing.

Nancy came by and Cathy drew her into conversation. Nancy largely agreed with Cathy. Her only thought was that Tracy might be on the other end of controlling. She thought about that for a second and then said, “That might be the perfect thing. Doug needs to learn to demonstrate confidence and he might have to show that to get anywhere with her.”

Nancy and Cathy worked out a couple of witty messages to send to Tracy.

At this point, I was just along for the ride as my beautiful housemates pimped me out.

While they were discussing message wording, I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was looking too far afield for a girlfriend. Cathy was very attractive and smart. The comment about fishing off the company pier came back and I held my resolve to not disrupt the house.

I sent the messages to Tracy as directed by my pimps and she responded enthusiastically.

We all took Andrew to the airport on Friday and wished him well.

Chapter 2: Tracy

I gave Tracy a call that night, with the girls trying to listen in. We agreed to meet on Saturday. Cathy and Nancy gave me a pep talk on being more assertive. They said that they loved that in their partners and would bet that Tracy would be looking for this, as well.

I was going to pick her up as she didn’t have a car. I found out through the call that she was twenty, had recently moved here from the east coast, and was now working as a nanny for a well-to-do woman. She had her own apartment which adjoined the house where she worked.

Tracy was quite engaging on the phone, and talked about her big move to the city after graduating in early childhood education. She hadn’t met a lot of other single people since moving, as her job had her with kids and parents most days.

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