Pharaoh’s Curse Pt. 03

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Pharaoh’s Curse

Trouble in New York — The showdown!

Part 3

Thanks to WAA01 for the edits.


Wilma was walking down the sidewalk having stopped over at the store three blocks from her daily walk from work. Its why she liked working as a kindergarten teacher, she got off two hours before her peers. This way she could keep her figure, and splurge on the little habit she’s grown fond of. Biting her lip at how her little peach throbbed, still feeling her stepson within her. She couldn’t sleep with Andrew too often; Wilma didn’t want to be stretched out to where Julian couldn’t get any pleasure out of her. Then she would be failing in her wifely duties. Not something she was going to neglect, however, that didn’t mean she wouldn’t have her stepson’s cock in her mouth every chance she got; biting her lip, recounting the times Andrew tasted her quivering mound as she swallowed his rod. Wilma was frozen in her tracks at the sight of her stepson. She didn’t think he would be back so soon. Then her eyes fell upon the woman who was hugging him.

“What is she doing here?!” Wilma growled in her mind. She was not enjoying how that woman had her hands on her darling stepson. “Andy!” she called out, waving to him as he turned to look at her.

“Hey, Mom,” Andrew called back, hearing his mother huff in annoyance, which only caused a smirk to form on his lips at the sound of it.

“Why do you let her call you Andy and not me?” Alexandria (preferring to go by the name of Alex instead), pouted as she crossed her arms.

“Because for the past three years she’s been my Mom,” Andrew said, plainly.

“I didn’t think you’d be back so soon?!” Wilma said, as she wrapped her stepson in a warm hug. Shooing Alex off with the wave of her hand behind Andrew’s back. Enjoying the look in her eyes as she had her hands all over her son. “I hope you haven’t had lunch yet? I stopped by that little shop you love and picked us up something, I just didn’t think you’d be home this soon,” Wilma said bashfully, brushing her hair behind her ear as she pulled away from him.

“Sweet! I love that place,” Andrew said, the sound of his rumbling stomach caused both women to giggle.

“I should get back to the museum,” Alex said sadly, hating leaving her son in the hands of Julián’s new wife. “We have a lot to catalog and get ready for the grand opening,” she said, stepping up to her son. Peering out the corner of her eye as she brought her son — her son — into a warm hug; letting Andrew feel the breasts he had sucked on just thirty minutes ago pancake against his chest, her rock hard nipples digging into his pectorals. Nuzzling his neck silently telling that woman her son belonged to her, and she wasn’t giving her son up without a fight. Her breath hot in his ear as she began to pull away. Her lips danced along her son’s cheek, enjoying how that woman’s eye was twitching as her lips lingered on Andrew’s right cheek. “I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning,” Alex said lovingly, as she held her son’s face in her hands. Wishing they were back at her apartment in Cairo where she didn’t have to hide her affection for her baby from the world.

“Okay… Mom,” Andrew said, noting how her sky-blue eyes lustered as her thumbs brushed along his cheeks as the word left his lips.

“Come Andy, let the good Doctor go play with her bags of bones,” Wilma said, casting an evil glance at Alex as she looped her arm around Andrew’s right. Firing off her opening salvo in their war to win Andrew’s attention.

“It must be very stimulating for you to be in charge of like minded peers,” Alex shot back. “Andy?” Smirking at Wilma’s hateful look, knowing that she was the very first one to call her boy by that name.

“Hmm?” Andrew hummed watching the invisible sparks fly between the two of them.

“Do you remember when you were five we made a little song about your name so you could spell it all on your own?” Alex asked, as she stood in profile to him. Hoping that his eyes were undressing her, not that he didn’t already know that underneath her clothing she wore nothing.

“No.” Drawing out the word as Andrew scratched the back of his head. “Wait… you mean where you showed me how to write it in hieroglyphs?” he asked, as his mother nodded.

“You will always be my baby Andy; don’t you fall for that woman. She can’t give you what I can, now can she?” Alex asked cocking out her left hip at him, speaking in ancient Egyptian, so very pleased that they had their own form of communication. “We both know you love being with me. You love how my pussy wraps around that hard cock of yours. Don’t bother denying it because you know it’s true. Tomorrow, when we’re done, I’m going show you just what that woman will never do for you. Bye sweetheart, I’ll call you later tonight,” she said, as she climbed into her waiting car.

Wilma was fuming as the two of them spoke in a language that she couldn’t understand. How she hated it! escort kartal Still, that woman was leaving and she had Andrew all to herself. Doing things to him that she would never dream of doing. That cock of his would never leave his doting mother, now would it?

“Come Andy, let’s have lunch and you can tell me all about your trip to the museum,” Wilma said, as she smiled a friendly smile at their doorman as she and Andrew ambled over to the elevators.


“So tell me Andy, just what is this grand opening going to be about?” Wilma asked, her grey eyes peered over the rim of her glasses, her fork plunged into her salad as Andrew chewed on a bite of his greasy burger.

“They’re going to show off what was found at the temple and what was in the tomb I rediscovered,” Andrew said after swallowing, then munching on a fry he closed his eyes, enjoying the tastes of home.

“Nothing beats home does it Andy?” Wilma stated in a sultry tone as she reached across the table. Her hand covered his, her thumb softly brushed the back of his hand.

“It sure doesn’t, you can’t get this in Egypt,” Andrew sighed, shooting his stepmother a coy smirk.

“You know what else you can’t get in Egypt?” Wilma purred lustfully as she rose from her seat. Her ankle length skirt brushed against her legs as she walked around the table. Her light blue silk blouse didn’t do a lot to show off her alluring body, then again, she did teach kindergarten. Parents weren’t very pleased if she dressed like a slut around their children. Plus, she had all the men she would ever need, so she didn’t need to dress to impress the few hot guys who worked at her school. They couldn’t compare to her Julián or her sweet, hung son. “Egypt doesn’t have me there,” Wilma cooed as she gently caressed his face. Her soft, velvety lips captured his, tasting the lingering salt from his fries. “I’m your mother now Andy, I’m going to take very good care of you,” she said, her eyes gazing into his, wondering why that pomegranate scent was always around him.

Watching how his eyes followed her as she sank to her knees. “I bet she won’t do this for you, will she Andrew?” Wilma asked, as her fingers lowered the zipper of his pants. “She won’t make sure this big, hard, fat cock is taken care of, will she Andy?” she inquired, staring intently into his eyes as her hand stroked his rod. Feeling her mound moistening as it grew in her hand. “You want your mother to suck this cock, say it Andy, tell me how much you want my lips wrapped around this thick root!” Wilma purred hungrily.

“It’s one of my dreams to feel my cock gliding through your mouth. Watching you swallow every drop of my cum…” Andrew sucked in a breath as Wilma engulfed his cock.

Those grey eyes of hers gazing up at him as her lips glided along his ten and a half inch shaft. The sound of her tongue working her saliva around his rod resounded in their kitchen as her head rocked along it as her hand worked in time with her bobs. Her tongue moved up the back of his cock, her eyes never leaving his. Swirling her tongue around his crown loving how his pre-cum tasted. How she just wanted to sit on it yet, she needed time to regain her tightness from the fucking Andrew had given her the day before. Still, that didn’t mean she didn’t love the taste of her stepson’s cock in her mouth. Her hand squeezed out all his tasty cum as it flooded her mouth. Her hunger burned in her eyes as she teased that crown of his. Sucking on it to get out every last drop of his cum. Wilma was not about to let any of it go to waste. Andrew’s cum belonged either in her mouth or deep in her cunt.

“Now Egypt can’t give you that, can it?” Wilma cooed lovingly, smacking his deflating cock against her lips before returning it to his pants.

“N-No it can’t,” Andrew panted as he came down from his orgasm.

“Good. I want you here with us, always Andy,” Wilma said, knowing if he left she would be missing out on that fat cock of his.

Andrew remained silent unsure if he should tell her about how he had been asked to travel with the exhibit and then go back to the dig at the temple. He didn’t even know how he was going to tell his own father about it. He knew his father wouldn’t be too pleased knowing he would be leaving — if he decided to go — in less than a month. He also knew they wouldn’t be able to come with him given their jobs.

“Think about it okay Andy, or maybe we can get the neighbors to move out and you can buy the place if you want your own,” Wilma said, her hands gently rubbing Andrew’s thighs. She would do, and be, anything for him. She knew Julián would soon get too old to please her as his wife; she couldn’t blame him for that he was after all nearly fifteen years older than she was. She didn’t want to live out her forties sexless. Not that she would leave Julián because of it. It would, however, put a very big strain on their marriage and she wasn’t about to lose him, or Andrew. So she planned on making sure that she became a very big uğur mumcu escort part of Andrew’s life. Plus, with the three hundred million sitting in his bank account she knew Andrew was already set for life, and if she played her cards right, hers too. Its why she had stopped taking her birth control pills. Not to trap Julián or Andrew, whichever — she hoped it was Andrew — one got her pregnant. That way only she would know who the real father was and, if she timed it right, it would be Andrew, so their child could be taken care of by both of the men in her life. Her head turned as she heard her phone ring within her purse. “Give me a sec, okay?” Wilma cooed, winking at Andrew as she rose.

“Hey baby!” Wilma said excitedly, into the phone. “Yes, he got home just when I did,” she stated, “Andy says hi.” Blowing him a kiss before walking out the room. “What?! Tonight?! I don’t know Julián; I mean didn’t we just go to one of those functions like a couple nights ago. Where you complained about how dull the people were?”

“I know honey, but I’m trying to see if we can land the contract with the museum to promote Andrew’s find. Just think of the fame this will bring him?!” Julián said, with a smile in his voice.

“Since you put it that way, I’ll be there for Andy’s sake. So you best keep those old vultures from pawing at me like they were the last time,” Wilma teased.

“Oh, I’ll make sure you’re kept nice and close to me,” Julián whispered in a seductive tone.

Moving into their bedroom, although true she did sleep with both of them, some things were only meant to be heard by her husband. “Does that mean, you’ll take me up to your office again and fuck me like a dirty, little, slutty whore?” Wilma purred, reaching down gently rubbing her moist little peach.


“Are you going to stick that tongue deep inside my hot, wet pussy as I writhe on your desk as the lights of New York bathe my body,” Wilma panted as she rubbed her panty clad mound.

“You know it baby.” Wilma bit her lip at her husband’s sultry tone. How she loved it when he would take her up to his office and fuck her on that desk of his. To make her bask in the power he had within his company.

“When do you want me there? Do I have time to run to the salon?” Wilma asked, as she twirled a strand of her hair around her finger.

“7, you think that will be enough time?”

“I think I can swing it on such short notice,” Wilma said, teasing her husband. “But what about Andy, he’ll be home all by himself?”

“Honey, that boy can take care of himself for a few hours. Andrew got quite good at it before and after I met you.”

“You sure, it just feels wrong leaving him all alone when you and I are enjoying our night out? I just want to be a good mom to him,” Wilma said, allowing some of her fear to leak through.

“Honey, have you seen my son smile when you come into the room? The way he looks at you like a mom? You are doing fine sweetheart.” Wilma could hear the smile in her husband’s voice. She too felt her lips lifting at his words.

“Okay, if I want to look my best then I best head out,” Wilma said, noting the time.

“Alright. I’ll see you when you get here, tell Andrew I love him, and to order a pizza if he gets hungry. He can afford it!” Wilma laughed along with her husband, she and Julián were still so flabbergasted at how rich Andrew had became over a week ago.

“Okay honey, let me tell Andy where I’m going and call the salon to see if they can fit me in. Then I’ll rush my tight, little ass all the way over there,” Wilma purred.

“I can’t wait.”

“Andy?!” Wilma called out to him once she left her bedroom after changing into the dress she was going to wear that night so she didn’t have to rush home to change. “Me and your dad won’t be home until late.” Feeling her mound throb as Andrew looked over at her from his position on the couch. His hand hung in the air as he was in the middle of channel surfing. Watching how his eyes moved down her sexy black dress.

“You sure you’re going to be back late tonight?” Andrew asked, with a sly smirk.

“Do you like it?” Wilma inquired, doing a slow spin for him. Her cheeks heated as she heard his whistle.


Biting her lip as she noted the bulge in his pants, wishing she had time to properly take care of it for him; yet she would miss her appointment if she did that as much as it pained her to not be tasting his cock right then. “Now you behave while we’re gone, no raging parties while we’re out, or you can clean the mess,” Wilma said, in a teasing manner as she wagged her finger at him. How it warmed her heart seeing his smile reaching his eyes.

“Yes Mom,” Andrew uttered, feigning a groan.

“That’s right Andy, I am your mother,” Wilma said, in a seductive tone as she walked along the back of the couch. Remembering how she rode that cock of his on it. Recounting how full she felt as their cocks stuffed her to the brim. Passionately çavuşoğlu escort kissing her stepson, she couldn’t wait until Thursday. That was when she’d be ready to take him again. “I bet she won’t do that for you,” Wilma whispered as her lips pulled away.

Andrew remained silent about what he and his mother had done, and probably will continue to do. He knew no one would understand. Sure he and his father had one threesome, yet it wasn’t like they were fucking each other like he and his mother were. Plus, he had a suspicion that his father still had some… if not lingering, feelings left for his mother. After all, they were together for fifteen years, five with just them alone before Andrew came along. Then his mother leaving to follow her dream, which broke his father to pieces.

“Don’t stay up too late Andy, okay?” Wilma cooed lovingly, wondering why he wasn’t answering her. Was she trying too hard to earn his love as his mother? Was her frustration at his real mother getting in the way of things? Should she tone that down while she was in town? She rightly didn’t know. She’s never been a parent before, she just didn’t want to hurt him, or say or do the wrong thing.

“Be careful, okay? A hot little woman like you… mmm… makes a man’s mind think of naughty things to do to you,” Andrew said, his thumb brushed along Wilma’s right cheek.

“I will Andy,” Wilma whispered nuzzling the palm of his hand. “Don’t wait up!” she called out as the front door closed behind her.

“I thought she’d never leave!” Andrew leapt from his seat as an alien voice surrounded him. Shielding his eyes as a blinding light filled the living room. Peering through the gaps of his fingers, his eyes ran up the god’s bronze tanned legs. The pleated shendyt stopped just a few inches above the knee, a solid gold belt was wrapped around his waist with a waxing and waning moon as a buckle. His chest was thin, yet Andrew could feel the power emanating from his body as his eyes moved upward. Noting the two foot thick book tucked beneath his left arm. Arching an eyebrow as the being had the head of an Ibis, although, if Andrew looked closely, he could have sworn it was the head of a baboon.

“Thoth[1].” The name was whispered in his mind.

“Hush you!” Thoth snapped; his golden eyes flared banishing Onouphrios back to the depths of Andrew’s soul. “I warn you young Pharaoh, Onouphrios isn’t to be trusted. Take what he shows you with a grain of salt. Onouphrios only wants what you have.”

“What’s that?” Andrew asked, lowering his hand.

“You’re alive, and he is not.” Andrew got a feeling Thoth was looking at him like an idiot for not even thinking about that. “You must learn how to use the power of the Pharaoh, or those before you shall try to wrestle your body away from you. I’m sure you’ve felt someone,” those golden eyes gazed at him, “trying to rip you out of your body,” Thoth said, with a glare.

Andrew took a dry swallow, remembering that very feeling at the museum. Looking down at the ring on his right hand, recounting how it had banished whatever it was at the time. “Okay… Isis said something about you helping me… learning how to use this?” Andrew said, holding up his right hand.

“I can,” Thoth nodded, “I am after all the god of magic and wisdom.”

“So… I’m like magic or something?” Andrew didn’t like how Thoth’s beak dropped open and something he could only assume was laughter emanated from his mouth.

“No… however, you do have the power of every Pharaoh that’s come before you at your beck and call,” Thoth said, in a teacherly voice. “That includes all their knowledge as well.”

“So… the reason I knew where Nefertiti’s tomb is, is because she was actually the Pharaoh?” Andrew asked, trying to wrap his mind around it all. Pinching the bridge of his nose when Thoth nodded. This was so not what he thought his life would be like.

“Shall we get started young Pharaoh?”

“Might as well,” Andrew sighed.

“Excellent.” Andrew had no idea why he got a little unnerved by that single word. Watching Thoth as he brought that strange book before him, the pages of that odd tome rustled as it opened on its own. A twinge of fear crept up his spine as the book began to float in the air. “Come along now young Pharaoh, knowledge awaits,” Thoth said, spinning the book around.

“What the…?!” Andrew muttered as he watched as his body was pulled apart like grains from a pile of sand.


“Damn that foolish Merenptah[2]?!”

“Wait?! Is that me?!” Andrew asked himself as he looked upon the rippling image of an old man staring up at him as he stood at the edge of the barge as they sailed up the Nile.

Feeling his head turning to the left and the stern nod. Watching his men (what Andrew perceived as his men), tossing over an offering to Sobek[3] as they cruised through the waters of the Delta. Knowing if his great-grandfather had been stronger after Rameses II’s death then the foolish priest wouldn’t have risen up against him; and he, Psusennes, wouldn’t have been exiled to the Lower Kingdom. He should be ruling from Thebes like the Pharaoh’s of old not from Tanis (He had renamed the city once he moved Pi-Ramesses[4] to its current location.)

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