Suburban Wife Ch. 05

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This is the continuing adventure of a couple as they expand and grow sexually while staying with a dominatrix and her servants.

Special thanks for AC for helping edit this chapter. Constructive comments about the story and the characters is welcome.

The sun had not yet crested the horizon, and John was slowing leaving the depths of his dream. He had been fucking Julie’s ass and was just about to blow his load. He was awake enough to know that he had a hard-on and reached down to stroke himself. It was too early for his wife to be awake, so he figured he would get in a little self-pleasure while she slept. If John had been more awake, he would have noticed that the dream of his cock going in and out of Julie’s tight ass felt a little too real. He figured it out when he grabbed a handful of his wife’s hair instead of his cock.

Kelly looked up from her husband’s cock when she felt handfuls of her hair being pulled. Locking eyes with her husband, she continued sucking on John’s dick with the power of a commercial vacuum. In no time he was grabbing fistfuls of sheet and pumping his load into Kelly’s hungry mouth. Kelly climbed up her husband’s chest and gave him deep kiss. John tasted the salty remnants of his own cum and then his wife cuddled up with him and went back to sleep.

The couple slept for another two hours and eventually awoke to the sounds of the waves and the birds.

“Good morning sunshine. I hope you liked your early morning wake-up.”

John smiled and kissed his wife. “You can wake me up like that every morning if you wish.”

“How does your head feel? You seemed to have drunk a lot last night. Do you even remember any of it?”

The questions were specific, as John was hoping to start a conversation with his wife about fucking the servants and having a lesbian romp with the other women. He was certain that his wife would try to ignore the questions, but he was not going to let her do that this morning.

“My head feels fine. How is your head?” Kelly reached between the sheets and down her husband’s chest and quickly found his cock. Wrapping her fingers around the soft penis, she squeezed and then pushed her index finger between his testicles. Kelly continued to squeeze as she gave her husband an inquisitive look.

“Cat got your tongue this morning? It seemed to work just fine last night as you were rimming my asshole!” Kelly added a more forceful squeeze to her husband’s cock which was slowly growing in her hand.

John winced slightly as the pressure from his wife increased even more. The conversation was not going as planned.

“My head feels fine, especially with your hand on it. It would feel even better if your lips were locked around it. I answered your question, now you can finish answering my questions.”

Kelly wondered how she could answer John’s other question. She could lie to him and claim that she had way too much to drink and most of the night was fuzzy after the first movie. A lie was an easy answer, but it was still a lie. The other option was to admit to fucking Anne, Julie, and Trisha, as well as the servants. The truth would certainly cause friction with John, who was still pissed about her fucking the servants at the pool the day before.

It was obvious that her husband would be pissed, regardless of her answer. Then a thought occurred to her, turn the question back on him. Ask him why he left the theater and why he did not join the carnal delights when he came back from the beach. Kelly saw her husband lurking near the entrance to the theater as she was on top of Trisha with Morris pumping his cock into her from behind. Could this be used to her advantage to stall?

“Yes, I remember that we had a great meal and that you absolutely hated the touching romantic movie we watched together. It sounds like our date from three months ago. You remember the one where you spilled your drink on my dress at dinner?”

“Yes, I remember the date and the spilt drink. If you recall, you kicked my shin under the table and that is why I spilled my drink. Now, answer my question.”

“I do recall kicking you in the shin. Do you remember why I did it?”

“No. You are avoiding my other question.”

“I seem to recall that you were staring at a blonde with enormous fake tits wearing, a dress that was about two sizes too small. Do you remember that little part of our romantic date?”

Damn thought John, his wife was trying to change the subject again and finding fault in something that he did months ago. This was something new for Kelly, since she was usually very forgiving about his peeping on other women. He was equally as forgiving about his wife’s tendency to ogle and flirt with young, college age men.

“Yes, I was looking at the blonde. Now, please answer my question.”

Kelly squeezed her husband’s cock even harder than before and drove her index finger deeper into the middle of his ball sack. John opened his eyes wider, fighting the competition between his will power and her hand strength. escort bayan As his wife’s grip tightened even more, the blood that should have been flowing to his cock was redirected to other parts of his body. However, a small corner of his mind was thrilled by the painful sensation.

Suddenly the pressure was gone, as his wife released her death grip on his penis.

“Fine, you win.”

“I didn’t think this was a contest.”

“You win; I will stop squeezing your cock.” Kelly started to roll out of bed when her husband grabbed her arm. It dawned on her while she was still holding his penis that leaving the bed would be the best way to avoid the subject of fucking the help. It seemed that John was intent on getting some response from her.

“Alright; I did have too much to drink last night. I remember watching lesbian porn and having my first bisexual experience and then getting pumped full of cum by the servants. I also remember seeing you lurking in the corner. Why didn’t you join us? I am certain that Trisha would have loved having you fuck her in the ass. I see the way you stare at her body. You see her as a piece of meat just waiting to have cum pumped into her butt.”

Not only was Kelly going to turn this around on him, but she was also going to bring in his obvious desire to have sex with Trisha. How would her husband respond? That response could spell disaster for her vacation, depending on his response to her accusation of wanting to fuck Trisha.

“I do not see her as a piece of meat. I see her as beautiful, sexually charged woman.”

“That sounds a lot like “piece of meat that I need to fuck” to me, honey. Would you like to revise your response?”

“No. As to why I did not join you, that question is best answered by Anne. I was watching for a while and decided to join the group. I was not happy to see my wife getting fucked by other people, but I figure that if you could have strange cock, then I should be able to get some strange pussy. Before you accuse me of it, yes…I thought about fucking Trisha in the ass. Like I said, I started removing my clothes when Anne caught my attention and then put up her hand to stop me. She continued to hold up her hand, locking eyes with me, while she pumped Julie with a strapon. That is why I did not join you. “

Kelly kissed her husband on the lips. “Baby, I’m sorry that I got mad at you. I cursed at you last night when you left, thinking that you did not want to join the group and that I was the reason. I promise that I will talk to Anne later today and mention to her that I am okay with you joining the group when we have sex.”

“I didn’t realize that I needed your permission to join the group. Speaking of permission, let’s talk about what you are doing.”

Crap thought Kelly, this was not going the way she wanted it. Flashing her “I’m sorry” sad eyes at her husband, she pondered how best to respond. Thankfully, a knock on the door broke the silence and tension in the room.

“I will get it. I will be right with you.” Kelly climbed across her husband’s chest, ensuring that he caught an eyeful of her bald pubic mound. Kelly looked for something to wear when she answered the door. Realizing that everyone in the house had seen her naked, she stopped looking and walked over to the door and opened it.

“I hope that I am not interrupting anything?” Anne walked into the room dressed in pair of shorts and a tank top. Kelly was thankful for the distraction, so she did not have to continue the discussion with John. It was obvious that it was heading toward a minor or possibly a major fight with her husband. She had a hard time recalling the last time the two of them had really fought over something, and she’d be damned if she could remember what it was about. Kelly was fairly certain that the impending fight would be about her fucking servants, and it would likely be serious.

“I just wanted to make certain you were up and coming to breakfast. We normally eat about now and I figured that I better come up and pull John’s cock out of your tasty pussy.”

“We were not fucking this morning. I did suck John off before sunrise, but he did not return the favor when we woke up. We were just talking. I’m sorry that we are late. We will be down in a minute, won’t we, honey?”

“Yes dear, we will be down shortly, Anne.”

John rolled out of the bed and headed to the shower. As he passed his wife who was still talking to Anne, he grabbed her naked behind and kissed the back of her neck. While he was there, he whispered in her ear that the discussion was not over and that they would talk later.

With John out of earshot, Anne gave Kelly a sheepish grin and asked if she had interrupted something.

“No Anne, you did not interrupt any sexual antics. However, your timing was perfect as the conversation with John was heading toward an argument over me fucking your servants. He seemed a little upset about not being able to join the action last night. He got really defensive when I accused him altıparmak escort wanting to pump a load of cum into Trisha’s asshole.”

“I know that Trisha would have loved to have him fuck her in the ass. As for him not being able to play with us last night, he will just have to get over it. I’m certain that he will be happy when he does join the group. Last night was about exploration of the female form. I hoped you enjoyed yourself.”

Anne leaned in and kissed Kelly. It was partway between a friendly peck on the lips and the deep passion of last night’s tongue play.

“We will see you downstairs in a minute.”

Closing the door after Anne departed, Kelly stood for a moment wondering what was happening. Her husband was being more forceful than usual and was determined to pick a fight with her about fucking the servants. Normally, John was one to avoid confrontation in the house. He figured that it was easier to just give into Kelly than it was to start and attempt to win a fight with his wife. The weird thing was that he did not shy away from confrontation with anyone but his wife. He was the negotiator all of the executives turned to when they needed to close a deal. Her husband had the ability to sniff out the proverbial “blood in the water” and move in for the kill on a business deal. At work, her husband reminded her very much of Anne. He had a warm exterior but cold heart when dealing with clients, just like Anne’s demeanor when dealing with her servants.

Turning on her bare heels, Kelly headed to the shower. Arriving just as John was finishing up, she walked into the shower when he opened the door to leave. She gave her husband a peck on the lips and a rub on the cock as they passed in the shower. It seemed that his mood had turned even more sour as he stewed under the hot water. John did not even acknowledge his wife’s small peace offering.

Kelly spent a couple of minutes washing her hair and then her body. Paying particular attention to her pussy and ass, she made certain to rub the soap covered rag between her pussy lips and around her asshole. It felt good to rub her clit as she recalled the previous night when Julie flicked her tongue across her swollen button of pink flesh. Kelly may have spent too much time fingering herself, as John had already shaved and put on clothing by the time that she was out of the shower. In fact, he was not even in the room.

Kelly called her husband a jackass under her breath. He should have had the decency to wait for his wife to finish getting ready. As she finished drying off, Kelly left the towel hanging on the rack by the tub. The full length mirror revealed the fullness of her breasts and the smooth skin of her pubic mound. Like the day before, Kelly did not bother covering herself while she dried her hair and brushed her teeth. No makeup today she thought to herself. She would have foregone clothing altogether, but Anne insisted that guests be dressed for breakfast and dinner. I am really starting to like being nude she thought to herself.

Walking to the closet, she eyed her choices of clothing for the day. Since she was going to be naked in less than two hours, she decided that underwear and a bra were not needed. A short skirt and a loose fitting white top accentuated her ass and allowed her breasts freedom to move. Kelly finished the outfit with a pair of wedge-heel sandals.

Kelly arrived at the table just as Morris was bringing her husband a large cup of coffee and a pastry. Like the day before, the naked servants took Kelly’s breakfast order. This time, John watched to see if his wife would stroke the cock of the young servant. Kelly began to reach for it almost instinctively, but pulled her hand back realizing that it would just aggravate her husband even more. John saw his wife beginning to reach up for the cock, but then pulled her hand back and all he could do was to just shake his head.

“I trust everyone slept well last night.” It seemed as if Trisha was late for breakfast as well. She greeted everyone with a kiss on the lips, including John who rebuffed her attempts to tongue wrestle with him.

“It seems that John is in a little bit of a sour mood, so I apologize for his less than friendly demeanor.”

“I am not in a sour mood.” The truth was obvious to everyone and he had a hard time convincing himself of his own lie. “I was just trying to finish chewing the food in my mouth.” It was bullshit and everyone knew it.

“Trisha, he is upset because he did not get to join in on the fun last night. I think John had his sights set on pumping sticky man-juice into your ass. John may like big tits, but his second most favorite part of a woman is her small ass.”

“Ummm, that’s good to know. I love having a cock in my ass and the feel of warm cum coating my insides. I will have to keep that in mind.” Trisha winked at John and blew him a kiss.

As they ate breakfast, Anne discussed the need to send Julie off shopping today and wondered if Kelly and John mudanya escort might be interested in helping her with the various errands. Anne promised they could see the town, market, and the tourist spots.

John liked the idea of spending the day with Julie. He still had the visual of Anne fucking her assistant with a strap-on from the night before, and he liked being near this ball of sexual energy. Kelly however wanted to stay at the mansion because she knew the servants wouldn’t accompany her out in town. She was starting to enjoy playing with their cocks. In the end it was agreed that the couple would accompany Julie and then come back for some time by the pool in the afternoon.

“Kelly, I will meet with Julie for a couple of minutes after breakfast to give her my list. Do you and John need to change into comfortable clothing or are you ready to leave?”

Kelly thought about the fact that she was not wearing a bra with a somewhat translucent shirt, but figured what the hell. Kelly had never exposed herself in public, but the thought of someone catching a glimpse of her nipples sent a shiver down her spine ending in with a warm tingle spreading in her crotch.

“I’m ready to go right now. How about you, honey?”

“I would like to change into a different pair of shoes, but that should only take a minute.”

Anne finished her eggs and then wiped off her mouth with a nearby cloth napkin. “Please give Julie 15 minutes and she will be ready to go.” Anne rose from the table and headed in the direction of her master suite with Julie following close behind.

“Please excuse me. I need to change my shoes.” John walked away from the table, leaving Kelly and Trisha alone.

“Is John really pissed that he did not get to fuck me in the ass last night?”

“On some level his is pissed about that, but I think he is mad overall. I know he is mad about the servants pumping me full of cum. It was a good thing that Anne knocked on the door to tell us we were late and see if we were coming to breakfast. She stopped a big argument from exploding into a yelling and cursing match.”

“You realize that you were not late for breakfast and that I was five minutes early.”

Kelly and John had taken off their watches and turned off their cell phones prior to boarding the plane in Miami. Neither of them had any idea what time it was because they did not want to be a slave to the hands of a clock. Kelly wondered why Anne would have come up to the room to tell them that they were late for breakfast when it wasn’t time to eat.

“If we weren’t late, why did Anne come up to our room?”

“You haven’t figured it out yet, have you?” Trisha raised one eyebrow at Kelly as she questioned Kelly.

“Figured what out?”

“How Anne knew you and John were fighting and that you might need rescuing.”

Kelly pondered that question for a moment. It did not dawn on her that Anne’s timing was impeccable in stopping a brewing fight. How could Anne have known that John was about to start a fight with his wife?

“Still can’t figure it out, can you? Did Morris mention the intercom system when he showed you around the first day?”

Recalling the tour of the house and their bedroom was a little hard to remember, as her mind kept returning to the first time she held Morris’ cock. Yes, she remembered that Morris said something about pressing the intercom button and one of the servants would be up to help. Did Anne have the ability to turn on the intercom system? Were the servants monitoring their conversations? My God…Anne or the servants had been listening to her and John. Kelly was mad and at the same time thankful. Anne’s snooping kept the couple from going ten rounds of a verbal boxing match.

“The servants don’t listen in all the time, just when situations like this morning are anticipated. I suspect that Anne figured John was pissed after last night and being told that he couldn’t fuck me. I guess she was right.”

Kelly was still a little put off by the fact that Anne listened in on the conversation.

“Don’t take it too hard. Anne is trying to help you, just remember that fact.”

“I guess you are right.”

John and Julie returned about the same time and the couple was soon following Alex to the car. The ride in the limo was filled with discussions about the island and a bit of information about Julie. It seems that Anne met her few a years before when she was still living in the states. They found a mutual attraction because of Anne’s domineering manner and Julie’s highly charged sex drive.

Julie described how Anne seduced her, providing the young woman a glimpse into being dominated by a woman with a strap-on. It had been Julie’s first time getting fucked by a woman with an artificial cock, but not her first roll in the sack with a girl.

Julie also described how she discovered her overpowering sex drive by accident. She explained that like most normal college freshman, she had sex while in high school and continued to expand her horizons once she moved into the dorms.

A female friend said that her roommate got them invited to a fraternity party. Julie originally said no to the invitation, but a cute guy from one of her classes was a member of the fraternity and encouraged her to go to the party.

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