Take Me Again

Take Me Again

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Big Tits

I got home from work before and hurriedly prepared my little surprise, laying out everything on top of the queen size bed’s comforter. I tugged off my work shirt, my belt, but left my pants on. You’d be home soon, but just the thought of what I had planned made my cock so hard and thick under my khakis and boxer briefs, I thought it’d explode in anticipation. Idly, I rubbed myself, feeling my cockhead already wet with precum.

Fuck, I was so horny for you!

Minutes later you came home, kicking off your slip ons as you dropped your purse onto the kitchen counter. You called out to me, and I responded, asking me if I wanted a glass of wine. I said sure, but bring it into the bedroom.

You entered our bedroom with two glasses, but stopped abruptly when you saw me sitting at the foot of the bed, and the objects resting on the bed next to me.

Pair of handcuffs, the key, a burgundy silk scarf, a soft rubber cockring, and my rolled up belt.

I grinned wickedly, and your face flushed, but you managed to swallow half your glass before setting them down on the dresser.

“Take off your dress and bra and panties,” I said. “And get on the bed, on your hands and knees.”

As you did as I asked, I stepped over to the dresser and drained my wine glass in three swallows, my eyes fixed on you as you stripped naked. Your nubile body, smooth supple skin never failed to fan the flames of my arousal. Your small but perky breasts jiggled a bit as you climbed onto the bed, but your large darker pink nipples drove me even more aroused. On all fours and sliding to the middle of erotik film izle the bed with parted legs, I could see the fleshy tender folds of your luscious labia beckoning me to taste, to plunder hungrily.

Groaning, I yanked my pants off, tugging down my boxers. My cock bobbed free, thick and erect, the bulbous tip greased with shiny, viscous precum.

Oh fuck, I wanted to take you right fucking now…but not yet. First things first.

I walked up to the bed and picked up the cuffs and scarf, and stepped around to the right side. You gazed at me with eyes smoldering with lust, but also with a slight tinge of…fear…apprehension? But you were also horny as fuck. I knew your pussy was already dripping wet.

I cuffed your right wrist to the nearest bedpost, went around to the left side and did the same to your left wrist. Your head and shoulders lay on the bed, on your knees with your ass in the air…ready for me to take you…however I wished.

But before I applied the scarf as a gag, I needed your warm wet mouth on my throbbing cock, but since I didn’t want to cum too fast I slipped on my cockring, nestled all the way at the base. It trapped more blood in my raging erection and made my cock veins bulge protuberantly.

“Suck me,” I said as I knelt next to your face and you opened your mouth wide to devour me, whimpering and moaning. Tongue lashing my sensitive underside, licking my slit, tasting me, relishing me. I grabbed your head, sinking fingers into your lustrous hair and moved your luscious mouth up and down my taut shaft. You purred deeply around my film izle rigid man flesh, saliva and precum glistening along it.

I pulled away, my cock popping out and you playfully licked at it like a lollipop.

I snatched up the scarf and tied it around your face. I decided not to gag you but cover your eyes. You whimpered some more, your lithe body quivering in sheer excitement. I slid behind you and reached up to finger your pussy. Wetness dripped from you in fat droplets.

I fingered you, getting you hotter, then smeared your slippery juices up your cleft and around your sweet puckered ass. After I did that I pressed up against you, grasping my engorged cock and shoving myself inside. You gasped as I groaned deeply. I began to pump in and out, rhythmically, slow and even, and pulling almost out all the way before slamming home, harder now, our flesh slapping together. I knew you would be cumming shortly, very soon, as you gasped and cried out, but not yet…oh no, not yet…and I pulled out of you wetly.

Grabbed the belt, wrapping a third of it around my right hand, the buckle enclosed in my fingers. “Tell me you want it, baby.”

Gasping, you said, “Want…what?”

The looped end swung down and slapped your right ass cheek and you flinched, crying out shrilly.

“Wrong answer…tell me!”

Panting harshly, you utter, “Mmm, what…I don’t know…”

Down went the looped belt, smacking your left ass cherk, leaving a matching red mark. You flinched and shrieked, your body thrumming.

“Tell me you want my cock…in your ass!”

You hesitate, seks filmi izle and I slap the belt down again twice more, on both ass cheeks, and you cry out, “Fuck yes, baby…please fuck my ass…I want it so badly…I ache for you to take my ass!”

With my left hand, I reach down and cup your fleshy drenched pussy and rub your slippery fluids up your cleft and liberally grease up your ass. Teasingly, I nudge my thumb tip inside, loosening it. You shudder and moan in delicious abandon.

I press my swollen plum sized cockhead against your puckered ass and push inside an inch or so, and you tense up, hissing at first, and I push in further until half my girth is inside and you purr loudly. I slide inside all the way, relishing how different you feel as opposed to your pussy but soft and tight, like your pussy.

I began to pump in and out, and lift the belt, slapping your ass cheeks but not too hard.

“Harder, please fuck my ass hard, baby…oh yes…fuck yes…take my ass…make my cum!”

And I did, fucking you ass in long hard thrusts and dropped the belt to grab your slender but shapely hips, slamming into you as I lowered my right hand down and around to rub your pussy and clit…and it didn’t take long as you screamed and exploded in orgasm, squirting so hard you drenched my legs and the comforter.

Oh fuck yes, baby…and I slipped out for a moment to yank off the ring and jam my cock back inside your ass, thrusting deep, hard, and my white hot buildup couldn’t be withheld any longer and I bucked against your ass, grinding, grunting in guttural gasps as I shot my huge cum load endlessly into your sweet, tight, sexy ass.

After a time, sweat coating our bodies, chests heaving, I unlocked the cuffs and untied the scarf and we collapsed together in a satiated tangle of limbs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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