The Studio Ch. 06

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Julie could hardly catch her breath. Just an hour earlier her roommate of a week, Lani, had basically forced herself on her. What began as an innocent little game between the two of them turned out to be a lesbian tryst as Lani restrained her and had her way with her. Crazy thing — she loved every minute. Loved it so much, there was an encore performance, only this time Julie didn’t fight her. She wanted it. She wanted to savor every second of her Sapphic desires welling up deep in her soul.

“Okay, its my time to do you! And I get to tie you up and have my way with you,” Julie beamed.

“Sure,” was Lani’s one word reply.

Julie took the kerchief that Lani had fastened around her roommate and slipped it on Lani’s head covering her eyes. Lani laid back in the bed and placed her arms to the sides awaiting Julie who took each wrist and carefully tied it to the bed frame just as Lani had done with her. Then she sat back and looked at the young girl, now fully restrained and helpless before her.

Lani was gorgeous. Over the summer her Hawaiian skin had really tanned, and while there were tan marks where her bikini line was evident, she had a mocha color about her skin already. Two nice firm breasts capped off by erect dark nipples, already standing proudly on her breasts like two little berries. Lani had dark black hair which fell just below her shoulders, and though covered up now, big brown eyes. There was something inviting about her eyes.

As Julie surveyed her victim, she also couldn’t help being drawn to her shaved pussy. There was no stubble, no hint of hair. Just a gorgeous, pretty pussy with two plump lips which glistened in the dorm lighting. Julie had never been attracted to girls before. Her focus on guys and her boyfriend Travis in particular but there was something about her new roommate. Something which stirred her down below.

Since she had arrived on campus, just over a week ago, Lani had been working to seduce her. Wearing less and less around the room until eventually she was parading around in the buff — naked as could be! Julie had tried to ignore her advances and for the most part did. But while she would never admit it — Lani was already having an effect on her.

Now, Julie had crossed that line. Lani had introduced her to sex with another woman and she loved it. Now for the first time, she would savor another woman – taste her, have her. As Julie took in her prize, she watched as Lani gently tugged at the restraints. Only a minute had gone by but Lani was becoming anxious herself.

“So now I have you… all tied up. Maybe I should leave. I’ll leave the door propped open, so anybody could just look in.. and here you are. All tied up, naked, exposed. You would never know who was in here. Never know who it was looking at you… maybe taking advantage of you,” Julie went on.

“Ummm. I didn’t know how dark you could be. That’s pretty kinky baby. So will you have your way with me first… or just leave me here?” Lani posed.

Julie smiled at her prey. She felt so in control. “I think, ….. I think I’ll have my way with you first,” she dripped. Julie threw her leg over Lani much like her girlfriend had done with her just an hour ago. She bent down and kissed her roommate on the forehead, her nose, and then let her lips softly touch down on Lani’s full lips. The two kissed. Lani opened her mouth and Julie didn’t hesitate plunging her tongue into Lani’s awaiting mouth.

Julie had never kissed another girl but it seemed so natural with Lani. It was if they had been together for years and it was just an extension of their love. Julie slid down and now lay atop of Lani, their bodies sliding together as she kissed her as passionately as she had ever kissed another person. There were no thoughts of Travis, her boyfriend. Just this gorgeous, sexy woman under her.

Julie broke their kiss and began moving down her body taking a position at her breasts. She eyed the left tanned breast which sat firmly on Lani’s chest, topped off by the hard brown nipple which begged to be sucked. Julie took it in her mouth. It felt so good! She sucked the little nub and then flicked it with her tongue drawing a sigh from Lani. “Ummm, I think someone else has sensitive nipples. You like that don’t’ cha’ baby?”

“Yes, yes I do,” Lani groaned.

Julie kept up oral assault going back and forth between the two breasts. She loved how they felt in her mouth, how she was making Lani feel. She loved the control she had over her knowing Lani was completely restrained, helpless.

Julie could have spent the rest of the night sucking and licking Lani’s tits but she wanted her prize. She wanted her first taste of another woman. She had tasted her own juices on Lani’s lips but in moments she would savor her first pussy. She wanted it – had to have it as she slid down Lani’s tight belly, stopping to lick her stomach and allowing her tongue to wash across her cute belly button. Lani’s stomach drew in and she moaned loudly as Julie dipped her tongue in the little Sincan Escort button!

Moments later, Julie was an inch away from Lani’s wet pussy. She lay her head down on Lani’s thigh and stared at the prize before her. She let her fingers trace the lips, dipping inside drawing a sigh from the young girl. Julie took a finger and placed it in her mouth, tasting for the first time the love juices of another female. Then, she moved closer and placed kisses on her plump lips.

Julie kissed Lani’s smooth pussy and then let her tongue dip between the folds. Lani was already wet and Julie lapped up her juices. It was the sweetest, most intoxicating thing she had ever tasted. She moved her face in closer, plunging her tongue into Lani’s most sacred treasures.

“That feels so good…so, fucking good,” Lani moaned as Julie now was lapping, stopping only to suck on her little hardened clit. “God, you taste amazing,” Julie responded.

Lani crossed her legs over Julie’s back, drawing the coed in. “Yes, baby….eat me. Do me with your tongue…there, oh right there,” Lani directed as Julie was a woman possessed. Just as Lani had done, Julie took her fingers and worked Lani’s pussy, plunging them in as she sucked on her clit, kissing her pussy, savoring her juices.

“You taste so fucking good, I love your fucking pussy. I love it so much,” Julie sighed as she worked her fingers in and out of Lani’s pussy causing wet sloshing noises.

“Cum for me. I want you to cum like I did. I want to make you cum.”

Lani tugged at her restraints, her head rocking back and forth as her new student was bringing her to an orgasm. It had been weeks since Lani had sex and for the better part of a week she had lay in her bed frustrated it was taking so long to complete her seduction of Julie, But now her young lover was bringing her to an orgasm, devouring her pussy, sending her into a frenzy!

“Yes Julie, Yes, fucking yes, that’s it….eat me, do me,” Lani cried out.

Julie was sure her two suitemates, if they were in the next room, could hear them but she didn’t care. All she wanted right now was to get Lani off. To feel like she had just minutes earlier.

“Cum for me. I want you to cum,” Julie directed as she plunged her tongue into Lani’s wet well.

Julie didn’t have to be told as Lani’s body rose off the bed. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Lani screamed out. Julie moved up the bed quickly covering her mouth with hers, as much to silence her roommate as to pleasure her. She was sure Lani’s screams could be heard outside the room. Maybe if someone heard them, they would assume Lani had simply brought someone back to the dorm but there was no doubt they were heard!

“Damn, everyone on the hall can hear you,” Julie snickered as she pulled Lani’s blindfold off.

“I’m sorry,” Lani admitted. “Fuck, you had me so worked up. Are you sure you’ve never eaten pussy before,” she chuckled.

“No. No I haven’t but I know I’ll be doing it a lot now,” Julie smiled back as she kissed Lani.

“Untie me,” Lani directed.

“I don’t know, maybe I want to keep you tied up like this. That was fun,” Julie teased. “You can tie me up anytime babe,” Lani responded.

Julie reached over and undid the restraint and then likewise on the other side. Now untethered, Lani wrapped her arms around Julie, “I’ve wanted this so bad. That first day I saw you. Damn I wanted you,” Lani confided.

Julie lay beside her, their eyes met. “I,” she hesitated for a second then began again, “I felt something between us. You weren’t like anyone I had ever met. So pretty, so exotic…”

“So Japanese?” Lani teased.

“Stop it. You’re making fun of me now. Its not like we have a lot of Hawaiians in Duluth!”

“I’m sorry. I’m not picking. Actually, I love your innocence. That’s another thing that attracted you to me,” Lani admitted.

Julie smiled and then leaned forward and kissed her quickly on the lips, their eyes meeting again as they stared deeply back at each other.

“Seriously, that first day I met you. You were different. I’ve never been attracted to girls…other women. But there was something about you. And then you started walking around the room naked!” Julie raised her voice emphasizing the word naked.

“I was trying to get your attention. I had to work hard to get you in my bed,” Lani laughed.

“So now what?” Julie asked.

“Now, we have fun. We do what we want. What you want? Like I said earlier, if its not your thing. Well, I won’t force myself on you anymore,” Lani said softly.

“Yea, like we can put that Genie back in the bottle,” Julie responded. “I loved what we did tonight. I did. I never, ever thought I’d do anything like that but now. Fuck, you’ve showed me a side of myself that I never knew and I don’t want to go back. That was amazing” Julie confided.

“Even if I had to almost rape you? Tie you down and force myself on you?”

“Well, there was that!” Julie chuckled. “But I did get to tie you down and maybe later I can rape Escort Ankara you!”

Julie kissed her again and then got out of bed.

“Where are you going?” Lani asked.

“Brush my teeth, turn out the lights and go to bed….” Julie informed her… “Or did you have something else in mind?”

Lani got up and agreed she needed to brush hers as well, “I want you to stay in my bed tonight.”

“The beds are too small,” Julie shot back. “We’ll push them together,” Lani countered.

“And if Hannah or Gwen sees our beds together what will they think? That is, assuming they didn’t hear you already… or the rest of the hall!”

“What do we care what they think?” Lani retorted spitting out the paste, bending down and taking a handful of water to her mouth and spitting it out. She moved behind Julies’ naked body, her pussy grinding against Julie’s backside. “Not in here!. They’ll hear us,” noting the other girl’s room was just beyond the door and the light escaping under the bathroom door. “Okay, we’ll do it, but lets be quiet,” Julie warned.

Lani and Julie went back in their room and moved some furniture around and then moved the two beds together. Shoving the beds into the corner, really opened up the room. Then Julie cut off the light with only the outside night illuminating the room as she slipped between the sheets. Lani held her tight as they kissed and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Lani was surprised the next day after returning from classes and her afternoon swim to find Julie laying on their now double bed, on top of the sheets, stark naked, with the vibrator they had used last night buried in her pussy. “Fuck, I didn’t think you were ever getting back here,” Julie whined.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to be greeted like this or I would have been home a lot sooner,” Lani chuckled.

“All I could think about in class was you. What we did last night. I’ve been horny all day,” Julie confided. “Well, we’ll have to do something about that want we?” her roommate responded.

Lani put down her books and began peeling off her clothes. When she too was naked, she lay down on the bed between Julies outstretched legs and began gently licking her pussy. “Damn, baby. You shaved. You shaved it all smooth,” Lani gushed.

“I did that for you. I wanted it nice and smooth for you!”

“It’s pretty. I love it,” Lani beamed as she removed the dildo from Julie’s cunt and buried her face in her wet folds. “Damn, you’re already so wet!”

“I’ve been drenched all day, It’s all I have been thinking about I told you! You have me so fucking worked up,” Julie admitted. Lani spread Julie’s legs and worked her tongue up and down the wet fold’s of the coed’s pussy.

After a few minutes, Lani stopped and moved up Julie’s body coming to rest inches from her face. Then looking directly in her eyes. “Baby, I want to be your first. I know you said you were a virgin. I want to be your first.”

Julie looked at her strangely. “My first? How?”

Lani got out of bed and walked to her dresser. She pulled out a black leather harness and walked back over. “You know what a strapon is Jules? I want to fuck you with my cock.”

“You have a cock?”

“I have a nice cock,” Lani smiled. She walked back over to the dresser, her back to Julie and fastened what looked like a flesh-colored dildo into the harness. Then she stepped in and pulled the leather straps up her legs. When she turned around, she had a 7″ cock dangling from her waist.

“Oh my God, you do have a cock and that mother fucker is huge!”

“Yes, it is. Think you can handle it?”

“I can try,” Julie giggled.

“I want to do something first,” Lani asking.

“What? I’m cool with it,” Julie shot back.

Lani walked over to Julie’s side of the room with her dresser. There was a picture of Travis — her boyfriend. I don’t want him watching us. Can I put it up?” Julie looked for a second and then silently nodded her head. Lani took the picture and slid it in the top drawer of the dresser and walked back over. “And that,” as she pointed to her wrist. “The watch he gave you. I don’t want anything to remind him of you. Just us. I want it to be just us…okay” Lani asked, her head cocked slightly.

Julie looked into Lani’s big brown eyes. She didn’t even think about it. She lifted her wrist and undid the catch. The watch slid into her hand. Taking it she heaved it into the corner of the room on the floor and smiled back at Lani.

Lani smiled back. Taking some lube she coated the phallus and then moved between Julie’s outstretched legs. “I’m going to go real slow baby. Just a little at the time.”

Lani placed the head of her cock at Julie’s opening and pushed just the head in as Julie moaned. Then a little more, as she now went down on her hands and knees, hovering over Julie’s body. She bent down and kissed the coed’s heaving breasts and took her puffy nipple inside her mouth. As fascinated as Julie was with Lani’s body, Lani loved Julie’s as well.

Then she instinctively Eryaman Escort Bayan moved her hips closer to Julie’s with more of the cock sliding in causing Julie to sigh a little, and then more, and finally it was Julie who closed the distance. The cock was now completely buried in Julie’s pussy.

“I never dreamed it would be a woman who took my virginity!” Julie gasped as Lani began moving her hips back and forth, in and out. “You’re mine now Jules. That pussy is mine. No man will ever fuck you like me, like my cock,” Lani panted as she moved up to Julie’s mouth and their lips locked together.

“It is yours. It’s all yours now!”

“Not Travis’s?” Lani responded their lips sliding together.

“No, it’s yours. I’m yours,” Julie moaned as Lani pushed her tongue deep into her mouth and Julie sucked it. Lani beamed! She couldn’t be more happy as Julie thrashed under her.

“I’m fucking you Jules. Fucking that hot pussy. And I’m going to keep fucking that pussy. Its mine now.”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Julie exclaimed.

Julie wrapped her legs around Lani as the two slammed together, their bodies making a loud wet smacking nose each time they came together. “Fuck me Lani. Take it, take it baby, take my pussy…” Julie cried.

Julie came hard. It was the most intense feeling she ever had as wave after wave consumed her. Lani allowed Julie to calm down before she withdrew the cock from her pussy. The lips quivered as they gave up the silicone cock which was coated in her juices.

“Oh my God. I cannot even describe how that felt,” the young coed gushed. “I told you. Only a woman can make another woman feel that way.” “I believe you,” Julie countered as she kissed Lani and then collapsed back on the pillow.

It was perhaps two weeks later that Julie was downstairs in the dorm laundry room when Lani walked in. “I saw your note that you were doing clothes. How much longer?” Lani inquired. I’m just about to put the wet clothes in the dryer,” Julie shot back.

Lani took a long look at Julie. She was gorgeous even doing mundane chores like laundry. She was wearing a bright yellow top with no bra as Lani could see the outline of her breasts and her nipples protruding through the fabric. Lani loved her dressing like that and often encouraged her to go braless. With her firm breasts, she didn’t need a bra for support. Julie also had a pair of white satin gym shorts and little yellow flip flops to match her top.

Lani walked over and stood behind Julie holding her in her arms as the coed began taking wet clothes from the wash and placing them in an adjacent dryer. “Baby, I’m working here.”

“So am I,” Lani shot back.

Lani kept rubbing her and allowed her hands to move under her top grabbing a breast and squeezing her nipple. “Stop it Lani. I’m trying to do our Laundry.” Julie tried to keep her mind to task taking more of the clothes and tossing them in the machine. Then, in almost one motion, Lani pulled her satin shorts along with a white thong down her legs.

“Lani, stop it damnit. Somebody will come in here and see,” she warned.

Lani bent down and lifted her feet out of the shorts one at a time and then in the dryer. She then turned Julie and pulled the top over her head leaving the little coed in her yellow flip flops.

“What the fuck are you doing. I told you people come down here!”

“Let them,” Lani shot back as she took the items and tossed them in the dryer along with the wet clothes. “Tell you what. Cum for me and Ill let you dress.”

“You’re fucking insane, Give them back.”

“Nope, not until you cum for me,” Lani shot back.

Lani turned the girl and held her. “Play with yourself. Make yourself cum and I’ll give you the clothes back,” Lani smirked.

“Please, please don’t make me do this,” Julie pleaded. “Stop with the fake tears, You love it. Now cum for me. Play with yourself.”

Julie leaned her head back on Lani’s shoulder as she started to stroke her pussy, already damp from being exposed. “That’s it baby. Rub that little clit, show me what a naughty little slut you are.”

Julie plunged her fingers deep in her pussy. As sordid as this was, she did love it.

She loved when Lani would make her take her panties off in a restaurant or bar and give them to her. Recently they went to the student center and listened to a female guitarist as Lani fingered her pussy under the table. Though it was dark, Julie sensed that a few others in the room, including the entertainer knew exactly what she was doing. Now here she was forcing her to play with herself in the laundry.

“Let me taste you,” Lani instructed.

Julie raised her fingers up and Lani closed her lips around them savoring her delectable juices.

“Shit I’m so sorry,” came a shriek as Julie turned her head to see a young coed in the doorway. She had dropped her basket of clothes, now scattered on the floor. “I’m so sorry, sorry to walk in….I’ll be just a second.”

Julie tried to move but Lani held her firmly in place. She had never been so embarrassed but apparently neither had the girl who was busy scooping up the garments from the floor and placing them in the basket.

“I’m so sorry,” the girl said as she looked back at Julie and Lani and then hastily made her exit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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