Three of Us

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Huge Dick

The three of us are here for sex, no pretense, no “situation,” just the three of us together to fuck, to fuck each other with everything we have, nothing held back, each of us wanting to be the implement of the other twos desires, a means for sexual exploration and as many orgasms as our bodies will allow.

We are all standing and she, with out hesitation, kisses me full on the mouth, devouring my tongue, standing to my side humping my leg. I can feel her hot pussy through her skirt and my pants leg as she pushes her juices through her panties and into my thigh.

You mount my other leg and do the same thing except when she pulls her face from mine you kiss her long and deeply less than an inch from my face, the combination of your perfumes tantalizes and intoxicates me. My arms are wrapped around you both, feeling your hair, grabbing your asses as you slide your hand inside my shirt to twist my hard nipples and then unbutton my shirt from the inside.

All six of our nipples are hard, I can feel yours through your shirts, digging in to my arms as your grind your bodies all over mine.

My shirt disappears and both of you unbuckle my belt and pants and she pushes them to the floor while you kiss my face, neck, mouth, and bite hard on my exposed nipples. My cock is suddenly engulfed in the purest of pleasures as she swallows me and sucks hard.

Four soft hands glide across my body, feeling the firmness of my ass, exploring my chest, playing with my ass hole while one mouth licks and sucks my cock and the other sucks my balls.

The mouths trade turns, alternating back and forth as my erection grows and I arch my back and Ankara Escort spray my creamy jiz. The two of you pull my pumping dick back and forth so that both of you can taste me.

As my knees buckle and I try to regain my composure, you kiss each other, sucking my cum from the others face and tongues.

You and I decide that she needs to be naked so we kiss her and pull her top over her head, with a wave of my hand, her red bra is undone and falling to the floor leaving her soft white breasts exposed to our attention, each of us sucking one of her bright red nipples.

I push her skirt to the floor and you pull her soaking wet panties away exposing a small patch of neatly trimmed pussy hair, a natural blonde, with a blood red rose tattoo just at the top of her labia.

There will be plenty of time to admire and adore her ass but now is the time for total nudity and you are still clothed. We work on you removing one article of clothing at a time and lavishly bathing the newly exposed skin in our combined saliva, pussy juice, and pre-cum. And when you are at last naked too, we all go to the bed.

We lay you on your back as I kiss your face and neck; she loves your breasts as she lingers there while her fingers expertly explore your feathery pussy lips. I stop to watch her, as you close your eyes withdrawing your visual sense to concentrate on the sensations on your skin and inside your writhing body. They say women know what to touch and I believe it as she nimbly teases, strokes, and explores your wet pussy with her dexterous fingers. You sigh and inhale deeply basking in the warmth of her soft lips on your breasts, Çankaya Escort belly, eyelids…what ever she touches with her hands, finger tips, lips, the trail of her blonde hair, her hard nipples sets your skin on fire as blood pumps from your heart raging blood deeply engorging you already hot and extended clitoris.

She grabs my hand and maneuvers my fingers inside you, teaching me a better way to finger fuck you, your respond with a joyous flow of your honey and you mmmm a sweet and simple orgasm.

I place my fingers into your mouth, fucking your face with my pussy-wet fingers, and then share the flavor with another deep kiss.

You sigh and suddenly breathe in, her tongue has slid deep into you pussy and now she is sucking on your hard hot clit. You grab the top of her head and grind your pussy into her face, with each stroke you quicken and your grunts become louder until you stop breathing and scream a second orgasm.

We rest for only a moment then lay her on her back and you mount her like a lover. Face to face, breast-to-breast, you kiss her deeply and fuck her with your penis hard clit that protrudes from you shaved labia.

My erection has returned, stronger than before, and I slide in behind you and penetrate her wet pussy sandwiching you between us. You and I are both fucking her, two clits and a cock grinding together our juices flowing. I hold your tits in my hand to feel your nipples become even harder as the two of you cum again and again.

“Eat Me,” she whispers in to your ear and so you move your face down to her open and waiting cunt. The taste is unique and amazing and you love the flavor Etlik Escort as you lap and lick her throbbing clit. You push your tongue deep into her wanting to bring the pleasure to her that she gave you, when she runs her fingers through your long full hair and pulls your face into her pussy you know that you are about to be rewarded with a fresh flow.

Her orgasm is agonizingly long as she jerks and twitches and sings her pleasure to you, giving you a taste of the joy I have when you cum on my face.

I cannot resist your beautiful ass in the air like this so I move my cock slowly in to your dark ass and slowly pump. Breathing hard you lay your cheek on her soft blonde mound, inhaling deeply her feminine perfume and feeling each individual skin cell of my hard cock as I slowly bow in and out of your wet sweet ass.

You exhale with each stroke as she slides beneath you until you are again face to face, she licks her cum from your face and you kiss deep, your thin tongues dancing inside each other’s mouths, your nipple rings digging into her soft white tits. She deftly slides her hand between your thighs and again enters your wet cunt.

With all of your might, you try to hold the orgasm away, to keep it back, knowing that when you cum, your whole body will explode in ecstasy and also that the pleasure that you are feeling now will end. Your body is racked in pleasure and as I slide my cock the deepest that I have ever been in your ass and she presses your clit firmly into your hot pussy, you cum, like a siren that starts low then ends in a screech of pleasure.

We all cum at the same time, all three of us, you are thrilled that you made her cum, as we all are with each other. My explosion rolls my eyes back into my head as your ass muscles tighten around me in your orgasm.

We fall to the bed, entwined, touching, kissing, feeling, waiting for our strength to return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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