Two Flowers

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The two of them had wanted this for far too long now. They had tried to suppress the undeniably strong attraction between them. They had tried to deny the shivers they felt when they accidentally brushed past each other at work, the increased pounding of their hearts when they looked at each other, the fluttery feeling deep in their stomachs when they thought about each other late at night. Now, two pairs of hazel eyes mirrored each other – one set shy, one just uncertain. The two girls were finally alone together after months and months of hesitation – one too reticent to express her feelings and the other having a very difficult time coming to terms with her newfound sexuality. The shy girl had eventually, with some encouragement, managed to slip a note into the second girl’s locker one day at their workplace, so she could be sure that she would have found it after:

“I know how you feel as I felt the same way at first. But now, all I feel is how much I want to be with you. If you feel the same – and I know you do – meet me outside the library at 6pm. Please show. Xx”

Of course the second girl had turned up. She had known for a long time now that the only way she could eventually ever truly accept herself was to admit it, to admit that she was bisexual; and the first step in doing that was to admit that she had feelings for her co-worker that had been building.

The first girl, the shy one, was both younger and taller than the other, with a slender and willowy physique. Dyed purple and pink hair fell to her chest in rippling waves, settling naturally over her small breasts. Her lip and nose were pierced, along with her tongue and navel. Black swirls of mascara and eyeshadow complimented a pale pink lipstick. She was wearing a black Paramore t-shirt with a little pair of clingy denim shorts, sheer tights adorned with black skulls, and high-heeled black boots, and had been leaning against the library wall with her eyes on the floor when the second girl had arrived, tapping her on the shoulder and making her jump. She had giggled, a little nervously.

The second girl had a curvy figure, with fuller breasts and rounder hips. Her hair was dyed jet-black, shorter on one side than the other, brushing her shoulders with the longest strands. She had two tattoos, a red heart on her left wrist and Latin script on her right arm. Her fingernails were painted baby-blue. Dark jeans, a blue top with lace ruffles and brown suede ankle-boots completed her look.

The first girl had taken the second’s hand, and led her from the library back to her house and up to her bedroom; pink and black walls totally covered with various pop-punk band posters, with a bed to match in terms of colour, and silky sheets. A plush black fur rug lay in the centre of cream carpet.

The two of them had sat on the bed and spoken for hours about everything. Their feelings, the shyness and the reluctance, the denial, the secrecy. Neither of them could dispute the fact that the conversation had put them more at ease with the situation, but both were still holding back. This had brought them to where they were now, hands and eyes both interlocked, but still a stalemate.

It had gone on for long enough – too long already, in fact. It had to be broken.

“Kiss me…” the black-haired girl murmured softly, almost completely imperceptible.

“What?” Her friend’s eyes widened. She was sure she heard wrong; hoping against hope she hadn’t.

“I want you to kiss me. Please…I don’t wanna talk anymore. I want this. I know that now. I tried so hard, so fucking hard, to shut you out. I couldn’t accept the fact that I had feelings for another girl. But I do. I do, and they aren’t going away. Your note made me realise something. That I’m not the first to go through this, and I won’t be the last. I was so afraid, but you…you make me feel safe…”

Her words trailed off into a tiny surprised moan as a set of soft lips met hers. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the feeling, kissing back with a fire she didn’t remember ever starting. This confirmed it; she was bi. For the first time, she didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with that.

The kiss deepened seemingly of its own accord; lips parted and tongues intertwined, one pierced and one not, both equally passionate in their exploration. Fingers tangled in hair of different colours. Two soft sighs escaped two feminine bodies, pressed together as they lay down together on the bed.

For two flowers the world finally felt complete, then fell away to what felt like heaven.

The pair of them fell onto the silken sheets, giggling happily as they continued their kiss, lips still firmly locked together. Baby-blue nails trailed softly down a pale neck. A pierced tongue flicked delicately and slowly across a collarbone. Little pleasured sounds were elicited with each movement.

The purple-haired girl finally broke the kiss. “Wait here,” she said softly. “We need music.”

“Hurry back, Daisy. I’m beginning to like this…” the other Betturkey girl said with a mischievous grin.

“Well…All Time Low or Kids In Glass Houses? The sooner you choose, the sooner –”

“You can get back to kissing me?” the dark-haired girl finished, smiling.

“Something like that, Rose, sure…” Daisy purred.

“Go with All Time Low. I think they’re touring soon.”

“Promise you’ll take me?”

Rose grinned. “Of course. And then we can go to the gig, too.”

Suddenly, Daisy’s skin wasn’t quite so pale, a creeping red flush spreading over her body warmly.


“Just put the CD on and get your cute butt back here.”

Daisy bit her lip hard. Since she and Rose had talked more openly and the other girl’s fear of who she was had lessened, she had certainly made no effort to hide the sexual desire she fiercely held. She knew that her partner had a dominant personality but had only recently seen the physical side of what that meant; whilst the pair hadn’t gone much further than kissing and light touching, Rose was clearly very keen. Daisy had always been shy about her body, but tonight it would be all hers.

Slipping an album into the player, she wandered her way slowly back to the bed where Rose waited, and who practically dragged her back onto it, their lips meeting once more as Rose rolled Daisy onto her back and straddled her, tangling her fingers in her hair and holding the side of her neck firmly, keeping her head in place as she bit and licked at her lips. Daisy’s breathing was faster now, almost a pant as she kissed back, parting her lips for Rose’s eager tongue, sucking it gently. Her hands wandered over Rose’s hips and up under the back of her top, caressing her spine and shoulders and causing her to gasp quietly. She retaliated by tugging up Daisy’s shirt, keeping eye contact with her as she swirled the tip of her tongue in little circles around her pierced navel. Daisy moaned in pleasure, biting her lip again as her body arched up reflexively towards Rose’s mouth. The beat of the music in the background played on as the two of them continued playing with each other, both trying to outdo the other in terms of teasing, Rose continuing to trail her tongue over Daisy’s skin as Daisy stroked and scratched her long nails down Rose’s back. Eventually, Rose pulled back from her lover, looking equal parts thoughtful and playful. Daisy looked a little confused.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking that I’d like to see more of you, and that you’re wearing too many clothes.”


Her response came out as an almost involuntary moan, and she blushed again. It occurred to her that she had probably spent more time blushing since meeting Rose than in the rest of her life.

Grinning, Rose tugged Daisy’s shirt up more and off over her head, revealing a pretty black bra trimmed with lace over perky B-cup breasts. She ran her fingers over it lightly, and Daisy shivered.

“Not fair,” she whined. “I want to see your body too…”

“Well, I suppose you’ve been good…” Rose whispered seductively.

“I’m always good for you,” Daisy replied in a soft voice, lowering her eyes.

It was established, even on a basic level of personality, that Daisy was usually the more submissive of the two. That wasn’t to say she couldn’t be more dominant, but she didn’t have as much experience.

Rose lifted up her own top, pulling it off and letting it drop to Daisy’s bedroom floor, putting the tip of one finger in her mouth as she did so. Her own breasts were a curvy D-cup, and her bra was red silk, tight enough for her nipples to be visible through it. Daisy felt warmth bloom between her legs.

“Like it?” Rose teased, thrusting her chest out proudly.


Daisy reached up and cupped Rose’s breasts with her hands, jiggling them a little and smiling, then stroked her hands around to her back, playing with the clasp of her bra delicately with her fingertips.

“Wanna take it off?” Rose asked, teasing the younger girl. “Wanna see them properly?”

“Please…” Daisy tried and failed not to sound too pleading in her response.

“Undo it, then. I want you to play with them. It gets me so wet.”

Rose’s words caused a whimper from the other girl as she eagerly – almost frantically – toyed with the clasp, unhooking it and slipping Rose’s bra off. Her breasts sprang free with a little bounce and were immediately covered by Daisy’s hands, stroking and squeezing and playing with the nipples.

“Ooh, like that…” Rose moaned, closing her eyes. “Don’t stop…”

She arched her back as Daisy continued to gently fondle her, feeling herself get undeniably excited. Surprising the other girl she suddenly and swiftly leaned down and bit the side of her neck, unable to contain her passion, causing Daisy to gasp in joy; she had discovered early that she liked roughness.

“Bite harder…” she breathed in Rose’s ear, flicking Betturkey Giriş her tongue up it.

Rose did so, and Daisy cried out, digging her nails into the bedsheets, squirming. “Oh! Yeah…”

“So kinky…” Rose giggled and kissed softly where she bit, sucking hard, hoping to leave a mark.

“Mmm…make me yours, baby…” Daisy gasped, writhing a little. “I’m your little bitch, forever.”

“Damn right you are.” Rose kissed hard at Daisy’s collarbone. “Take your bra off.”

Obediently, Daisy sat up, her eyes looking right into Rose’s. She ran her pierced tongue softly and slowly over her own lower lip as she reached behind her to undo her black bra, letting it drop. Her breasts were small and round, and both of her nipples were pierced with purple-studded bars.

She stretched, running her fingers through her colourful hair with an enticing look at her girlfriend.

“So beautiful…” Rose purred, leaning forward to trace Daisy’s nipples with her tongue.

Daisy moaned and gasped, closing her eyes and stroked and tugged at Rose’s hair as she eagerly kissed and licked her breasts, teasing her nipple bars with little bites and sucking on them gently.

“Ah, Rose…that’s so good…you’re making me hot…”

Rose raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Are you wet for my, honey?”

“So fucking wet…” Daisy murmured, flushing a lot at the almost-uncontrollable profanity that Rose always seemed to be able to draw from her. Outside, she hardly ever cursed. Here, it was different.

“Show me,” Rose ordered. “Strip, slow. I wanna see your pretty little pussy.”

“Anything for you, darling. You can do so much more than just see it…”

“Oh, I plan to.”

Daisy flushed even more if possible. Her skin almost felt like it was on fire with the heat of her lust. Her most intimate areas ached with desire. She had never been so damn turned-on for anyone else.

She unbuttoned her shorts and stood up as Rose let her, letting them fall down to her ankles. Her patterned tights followed shortly after, leaving her wearing only her boots and a tiny little black g-string. The wetness of her pussy meant that it clung to her, outlining her femininity perfectly clearly. Rose knelt down in front of her, trailing soft little kisses up the insides of her pale legs. Daisy trembled as Rose’s mouth moved higher, tangling her fingers in her hair, wanting more, wanting to feel her mouth at the highest point, wanting her tongue deep inside her with an aching longing.

“Please…” she begged. “Please lick it…”

“But it’s so fun to tease you…” Rose giggled, kissing just below the top of Daisy’s thigh.

“Rose! You’re mean!” Daisy squealed, squirming.

“Well…how bad do you want it?” Rose kissed the opposite thigh in the same place now.

Daisy whimpered with a little moan, squirming again. “More than anything!” she blurted.

“Yeah? Show me. Touch yourself for me. Tell me you want it.”

Daisy was sure her lip was probably bleeding by now from how often she had been biting it. With one hand, she slowly pulled the g-string to one side, revealing her neatly shaved, pierced pussy to Rose.

“Ooh, that one’s new…” Rose cooed, flicking her tongue swiftly across the piercing. Daisy gasped.

“Do you like it?” she asked, slowly stroking her fingers between her legs like she had been told to do.

“Well, I love how metal feels against my tongue,” Rose replied, winking. More lip-biting from Daisy.

“Please…I want to feel your tongue there…” Her hand moved faster, her fingers stroked harder.

“Mmmyeah…play with your pussy for me…” Rose encouraged, slipping her own hand into her jeans.

The thought of her girlfriend also touching herself, even though she couldn’t really see anything, only made Daisy’s need for her grow. She slipped two of her fingers inside herself, moaning loudly.

Rose stood up briefly, unzipping and stepping out of her jeans, showing off a pair of silky red French knickers that fitted tightly to her curvy arse, doing a little pirouette to show off for her partner.

“What do you think?” she asked, winking. “Does this make you want to finger your pussy harder?”

“Oh fuck, yeah…” Daisy’s hand was a blur between her legs as she kept her eyes on Rose’s body. The older female smiled, pleased at seeing someone touch themselves so keenly over her. Her knickers swiftly dropped to the floor, showing off a tiny little black heart of pubic hair. Daisy squealed.

“That’s damn cute!”

“I wonder if you’ll still find it cute with your face buried in it…” Rose replied with a wicked grin.

“One way to find out…” Daisy grinned back, not afraid of expressing a little of her own forwardness.

“I suppose you have been touching yourself like I asked. Maybe I’ll reward you first.”

Rose dropped to her knees and spread Daisy’s legs further apart as she lay on the bed, tugging the g-string down to her ankles and off fully, discarding it into a little pile with her own clothes. Moving her mouth slowly and tantalisingly, she trailed tiny soft kisses up Daisy’s left thigh, then back down the right one, feeling fingers entwine in her hair and pull encouragingly as she did so, accompanied by fast, short, sharp breaths from the other girl. Giggling to herself a little, she flicked her tongue out in soft, slow strokes up the pale milky skin of Daisy’s inner thigh, stopping just shy of her total pleasure zone and giggling louder when she heard a frustrated little whimper and a harder hair tug.

“Come on, Rose…” Daisy moaned, a little loudly. “Please eat my pussy. Please! I’m begging you…”

“You’re so submissive today, huh?” Rose licked a little higher, flicking the very tip of her tongue over Daisy’s pierced clit, sending a sudden jolt of pleasure through her body that made her tremble.

“Oh God…I’d be submissive every day if it meant you’d eat me out like this…”

“Looks someone loves getting her pussy licked. I’m okay with that.”

Sticking her tongue out fully, she swiped it slowly but hard from the bottom of Daisy’s pussy all the way up to the top and circled her clit again, rewarded by a loud gasp and an outburst of pleasured cursing from a girl who seemed so shy and reserved if you were to meet her in the street.

It really IS the quiet ones… Rose thought to herself with a little smile.

As she licked at Daisy again, she felt the other girl’s slender legs wrap around the back of her neck, encouraging her to push her tongue deeper – as if she even needed encouraging. Her tongue seemed to move of its own free will, softly probing and exploring, tasting and savouring. To her mouth, Daisy was a little like vanilla, and strawberries. It was delicious, and divine, and she loved it.

“F-fuck…” Daisy gasped, her breathing quick and shallow, her eyes tightly closed. “Harder…please…”

“Oh no,” Rose teased, stopping. Daisy’s disappointed whimper was a loud one. “Wait a minute.”

Rose crawled up onto the bed where Daisy was regarding her with wide eyes. She turned herself around, moved back and straddled Daisy so that one of her legs was on either side of her head, leaving her own pussy poised tantalisingly above her face, giving her a very direct, enticing view.

She looked backwards over her shoulder. “How about this? Put your tongue piercing to good use…”

Daisy nodded, maybe a little too enthusiastically. The tip of her tongue danced around Rose’s clit, pressing the metal of the stud against her highest pleasure region, and Rose cried out. Of course, her pussy had been eaten by men before but none of them had made it feel as good as Daisy was right now. She moved her hips back, sitting up fully on Daisy’s face and rocked against her mouth while squeezing her own breasts and pinching her nipples with one hand, reaching down with her other hand to stroke her lover’s pussy. It was warm and wet, and she slid two fingers deep inside, feeling Daisy groan and whimper into her own cunt and wriggle around beneath her as she did so. She pumped her fingers in and out harder and faster, bouncing up and down on Daisy’s face and leaning down to kiss and gently suck at her clit too. For her part, Daisy moved her tongue with such skill and precision, sending warm little waves rippling through Rose up to her lower stomach. The contrast between the warmth of Daisy’s mouth and the coldness of her tongue piercing had Rose’s pussy dripping wet, and she rode her girlfriend’s face hard, grinding and rocking and squirming. She felt Daisy slip her tongue deep inside and dug her nails into the bedsheets with a cry of joy, vigorously fingering Daisy’s tight hole with her other hand. The younger girl bucked and writhed underneath her, thrusting her hips up to take as much of her fingers as she could.

“Oh, Rose!” Daisy gasped, pulling back from licking her briefly. “Fuck me with your fingers! Harder!”

“Less talking, more eating my cunt…” Rose purred. “I wanna cum on your pretty face…”

“Oh God…oh God, please do…”

Daisy placed her hands on Rose’s ass and spread it for better access to bury her face in her pussy as Rose’s fingers became a blur at the same time, fucking Daisy with them fast and deep and sucking at her pierced clit again. Their moans and cries were almost synchronized as the two of them established a rhythm, licking each other almost hungrily while Rose also continued fingering Daisy hard, feeling her pussy squeeze and contract tightly around her as the younger girl’s orgasm built up.

“Rose, Rose, oh my God! I’m gonna fucking cum, Rose! Your fingers are gonna make me cum!”

“Lick me harder, Daisy! Your tongue stud feels so fucking good on my clit! Ah, I’m cumming too!”

Rose cried out as she squirted on Daisy’s tongue, splashing a little of her sweet fluids across her lower lip and her chin as Daisy eagerly lapped it up, even as her own pussy exploded into warm fire as she came around Rose’s fingers, drenching them in fluids of her own. Rose slowly withdrew her fingers from the tight grip of Daisy’s contracting cunt, raising them to her lips and sucking them with an exaggerated “mmm” sound. Daisy’s cum tasted like strawberries and candy – sweet and delicious.

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