Valentine for Three

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“I want something special for Valentines Day….” I said to Jay.

“Such as…”

“A fantasy fulfilled”

“Which one of those can I now make come true?”

“I want you and another man. I want to suck his cock, while you watch me. When you get so hard that you can’t stand it, I want you to fuck me.”

“While you have his cock in your mouth…?”

“Yes, Of course. I know I am delving into your fantasies.”

“Your mouth was made to suck cock. I would love to fuck you while you gave some lucky man the most fantastic blow job of his life. Who do you want to blow?”

“I really don’t know. I want to go to a bar and pick up a stranger.” I said flippantly.

“Some lucky stranger gets to stick his cock into that mouth of yours. If I was not your husband, I would be so fucking upset.” Jay retorted with a huge laugh.

“Valentines night, we can go to Richmond and go to a bar. I’ll pick out a man, and you can talk him into what we want. I know, I know, your cock is hard already. I’ll take care of that.” With that remark, I slipped my mouth around Jay’s huge cock. He always loves to think of me being a part of a threesome.

I am not a prude, but I have not been able to let myself go to this point before now. He often talks of watching me suck cock. He also wants to relive an earlier part of his life. He is comfortable knowing that I love only him. I suppose that is what makes me wonder if I can turn into the total whore that he wants. But…I am willing to give it a try.

Valentines day arrives. I awaken to the scent of breakfast, and enter the kitchen to find a huge bouquet of Carnations at the table. “This morning my slut, every wish will cum true.”, Jay says with a huge smile. With that, we enjoy breakfast. I then move to a shower. Richmond is a long ride, and I have to be perfect for tonight.

In the shower, I pamper myself. I shave, everywhere. I want my pussy lips to be smooth and totally soft for the fucking it will receive tonight. Afterward, I carefully select my wardrobe and lingerie. I chose a tight fitting black bustier and a pair of crotchless panties. I finished that look off with fishnets and a pair of black heels. Oh my! I was getting hot looking at myself in the mirror. I laid back on the bed, for just a moment, to give my clit a quick rub. Jay walked into the room. He stood there smiling and watching me stroke my clit.

“My little slut is getting horny?”, he said.

“I am. Don’t you want to give my pussy a quick fuck before we leave?”

With that, Jay had his cock at my lips. I began to kiss and suck that beautiful purple head. I knew that he was watching my every move. I sucked his cock and relished the hardness between my lips. Jay withdrew, and demanded that I turn over.

I did as he instructed. He fucked my pussy with the energy of a mad man. As he fucked my cunt, he ateşli gaziantep escort talked on and on about how he could not wait to see me sucking on a stranger’s cock tonight.

Once in Richmond, we had a very romantic dinner, and then moved our bags into the hotel suite. It was beautiful. I checked my look in the mirror, and we headed out to the bar. I was totally hot in the black dress, black heels, and black fishnets. Of course, no one knew what was beneath, but they could only begin to guess.

We went into a few bars, but there was not too much happening. We were about to give up, call it a night and go back to the hotel as we passed a biker bar. For shits and giggles we stopped in there.

I could feel the eyes in the room on me as I walked in. Hell, even the women turned there heads. Jay and I walked up to the bar and ordered a couple of beers. Then Jay excused himself to the men’s room. A tall gentleman with blonde hair and a tattoo peeking from the sleeve of his shirt approached me at the bar. He introduced himself as Chuck. We chatted a bit, and after a few beers, I got straight to the point. I told Chuck that I was looking for a third person for sex tonight. I could see that the proposition appealed to Chuck as his cock began to stiffen. I reached down between his legs and grabbed his rock hard cock, covered by Levi’s. Chuck raised an eyebrow. I quickly told him that Jay was completely straight, and that the two men were for my enjoyment only. With that understood, Chuck was more than willing to participate.

I walked over to the pool table, and told Jay that everything was set. He gave an approving look, and passed his pool cue over to a young lady at the bar. With that, the three of us left the bar.

Once back in the hotel room, Jay lit the candles while Chuck poured another round of rum shots for all of us. I chased mine down with a beer. The alcohol mixed with the testosterone in the room, and I could not contain myself. I gave Jay a look, and he knew I was asking for approval. Jay nodded. With that, I placed my hands on Chuck’s belt and began trying to remove it. Chuck laughed made some comment about me being eager. I worked my hands into his pants and wrapped my hands around that structure that I had teased in the bar. Jay stood behind me rubbing my thighs and slipping his hand between my legs to just the tip of my pussy. Jay knew that I was dripping wet by now.

“Chuck, the best thing to do now is to go along with her, and enjoy the slut that you are about to see. When she gets going, there is no stopping her until her cunt gets all that fucking that it wants.”

Chuck smiled, and worked his pants off. By that time, I had wrapped my lips around his thick cock. Jay was drinking his beer and caressing my ass and pussy lips. Jay continued to talk ateşli gaziantep escort bayan to Chuck and the conversation only encouraged me more.

I sucked that cock down my throat as if it were the last one that I would ever get to have. My dress was up around my waist, and Jay was now working on giving my pussy the licking of a lifetime. I reached around to grasp his cock in my hand while I continued to suck on Chuck’s cock.

That is when one of my hidden fantasies came true. Jay abandoned my pussy and stood next to Chuck. I now had two hard throbbing cocks in front of my face, and each of them wanted my lips to suck them. I almost shuddered in orgasm. I had a wonderful time sucking each of those cocks while jacking the other off. Both Jay and Chuck were very happy with the servicing that they were getting.

“Jay…”, I cooed with the head of his cock at my lips. “I really want you to fuck me now. I want you to fill my cunt with your huge cock, while I continue to suck Chuck down my throat.” I could feel his cock stiffen even more.

Jay moved around behind me. He took the head of his cock and slipped it into the opening of my wet cunt. He got the head wet, and moved it up to my clit. Jay knew exactly how to drive me crazy. He rubbed my clit with the head of his cock, and allowed me to have my first orgasm while Chuck had his cock down my throat. I was sucking Chuck off and trying my best to concentrate on all of the sensations, without losing site of what I was supposed to be doing.

Finally, Jay plunged his hard cock deep into my pussy. This caused me to thrust forward, and take Chuck’s hard cock all the way down my throat. Chuck grabbed my hair and began to fuck my mouth wildly. I know it was not planned, but soon both men were fucking my cunt and my face at the same rhythm. I was in a constant state of orgasm.

Chuck grabbed my head and held it still while he fucked my face like a wild man. His cock slid out of my lips and he shot his cum all over my face, lips, tits, and shoulders. Watching this drove Jay wild. His thrusts became harder and harder. Finally, Jay grabbed my hair, and pulled my head back to him. He began kissing my neck and whispering in my ear what a hot horny slut I was. With that, we both came with explosive orgasms.

My cunt lips were grasping at Jay’s cock in a way that they had never done before. I enjoyed the orgasm and had a sensation that I had never felt before. I was still horny. I could not believe it. I wanted more cock, even after the explosion that had just taken place.

Chuck’s cock was coming back to life. He laid across the bed and I climbed on top of that cock. I began to ride it like a wild woman. Jay was behind me, and I knew that he was looking for the KY.

Soon I felt Jay lubing my asshole. I knew that ateşli escort gaziantep this would be it. Many times, Jay had tried to talk me into a DP fantasy. I had always avoided it and appeased him with the fantasy of sucking another cock while he fucked me. Now, here I was, and I had no choice. Jay slid one finger into my ass while I rode Chuck. Then another finger. I knew what would be next. This was how things always began. Jay knew what to do to get my sphincter to loosen up to allow his thick cock entry.

There it was. I could feel the head of his cock at my asshole. Chuck stopped his thrusts long enough to allow Jay to enter me. When the head entered, my body shuddered. Jay worked his way deeply into my ass. I was well lubed and completely relaxed from the alcohol. It was as if all of my senses were hightened.

Soon both men were fucking me with wild abandoned. I had never ever felt the sensation of a cock in my cunt and my ass at the same time. It was far more than I could have ever imagined. Soon I was cumming. My asshole and my cunt were cumming so hard that I thought that I would pass out. Jay came first. I loved the feel of his cum filling my asshole as I always had. Jay remained up my ass, while Chuck gave a few more thrusts to my cumming pussy. Finally, he shot his cum into my cunt. The three of us laid there in a pile. It felt so good. I could feel both cocks shrinking inside of me. I was one well fucked slut. I had cum in every orifice of my body.

I must have slipped off into a nap. I was awakened to Jay caressing my tits. As my eyes opened, Jay was smiling. Jay kissed me deeply and then reminded me that there was a cock that had not received enough oral action from me. His cock was suddenly at my lips. I was renewed with lust. I wanted to ask what had happened to Chuck, but I never had the chance. Jay’s cock filled my mouth. I sucked him replaying the earlier events of the evening in my mind. This time, it was not a fantasy. This time, it was a memory. I could not wait to tell Jay that I wanted to have more three ways. I really did love the feeling of a cock filling every one of my holes. Hell, he would probably let me have a cock in my cunt and another in my mouth if I asked for it.

Jay and I fucked well into the early morning hours. I had to tell him that he was right about how wonderful it was to have two cocks at one time. As he fucked my pussy, I told him about the sensations that I had rippling through my body as both of them fucked me. It did not take very long at all for the next waves of orgasm to take over my body. I came all over Jay’s cock. I was screaming and whimpering. I begged him to fuck me harder.

Jay slammed his cock deep into my cunt. Abruptly he stopped, and pulled out of my cunt. I was about to protest when he slammed his cock deeply into my ass. The lube from earlier was pretty much dried up, so there was not much to make the path slippery. The roughness of it made me cum even harder. Jay pumped his cock deeply into my asshole. Finally, he spewed his cum deeply into me.

We both collapsed from the thrill of the events of the night. When we awakened the next morning, we began to make plans for my first gang bang. I am pretty sure that the gangbang will be my anniversary present.

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