Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 03

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I just turned twenty, was in a relationship for almost two years to a hot older commanding bitch who was ten years my elder. We had great sex but she left me for an older and richer man. I also lost my job at the law firm were we both worked, probably due to her efforts, I was just an office person there. Now I’m out of a job and have to move out from sleeping on her couch soon. So this morning I was alone, drinking, naked and searching the web for work.

I somehow found myself on this peculiar list and saw a job opening for a live/work deal if I would be two gay’s guy’s ‘Gal Friday’ the ad said. Pay was great, however there was a catch. They lived a ‘clothing optional’ lifestyle, so they and I would be working naked.

Here I was now completely naked, sitting on my trench coat when I got into my boss’s Silver Tesla. He then took me for a ‘taste test’ which in case you’re wondering meant he gave me a blow job!

Oh my God it was the best frigging cock sucking experience I ever had. I’m now waking up from that bliss and recalling how I got to be sitting naked in his car, at noon in front of my apartment.

“Hello sleeping beauty. You not only look yummy, but you taste it as well,” I see his thick pink tongue gather up the last bit of my cum on his lips. “You are definitely a keeper.”

We pull away from the building and head off, where? I ask and it is in the City about a half hour from here.

“Reach behind and check out what I picked up, get that white bag with the box in it.”

I do as instructed and inside is a shoe box. I open it up and find a pair of platform shoes. The plastic bottom part of the shoe is all fire truck red with maybe six inch heel. They are the ‘fuck me’ style of shoe, backless and open toed with just a single band of clear plastic across the front. I imagine that it would look like you were standing on this red platform which magically adhered to your feet, since the clear plastic would be invisible. Fondling the shoes makes my dick twitch.

“You like them?”

Do Gay guys dress up? I wonder what he’d look like wearing those. He already seems close to six feet, he’d be a giant in these. “Oh yeah, they are hot. Definitely hooker shoes.”

“Good. Glad you approve. They will be your everyday-around-the-house shoes.”

What? He wants me to dress up? Those bags in back have more stuff like this? Oh Hell. I’m an idiot!

CD! Cross Dressing. ‘Passable CD’ refers to me being a passable Cross Dresser! That stuff is for me! Shit! Shit! Shit! All those questions about if I was willing to take on the feminine role! It was all literally true. I’m going to be dressed up like their ‘Gal’.

“Scooch your butt over.” I comply and my bare butt rest against his clothed hip. “I like working a stick while I drive.” With that he begins to fondle my prick as we drive. Oh man it feels good.

“Hey, honestly now,” I ask as he slowly works my cock with his strong black hands, “do you really think I could pass as a girl?”

“Oh definitely,” David answers. “You gave me your measurements, you have a great shape, and since you are an ass man, you must have realized that you have a real hot ass. You must know that any girl would be jealous of that ass you have.”


“Oh yes. On top of that, you have lovely eyes, long natural lashes, and a cute small nose and great lips. You are a natural woman.”


“Once we get to our place I can show you, I have some make up and nail polish and you just watch how you transform with a little attention to details. You’re flat chested but that is sexy in a nubile young thing like yourself. Now settle back and relax, little one and enjoy it.”

I just shut up and try and take it all in. He’s not just pulling my leg about all this? Well, hey he is pulling something…my cock…I guess he must be for real, he picked me for this gig. So, far this Gay thing is no big deal. He gives great blow jobs and he knows how to handle a piece of meat. Oh yeah…I can live with this.

We finally get to his place and park in the garage. He does manage to keep me hard and hot without letting me cum. Man he is good.

“Wear your new shoes, try them out, and help me carry these bags inside.”

I set the shoes down and step into them. I have a natural balance even when drunk, and so I am able to stand up in them without falling on my face. Wow. I feel so fucking sexy and powerful in them.

I then quickly glance around the garage to make sure we are alone. I forgot I’m completely naked standing here. But I don’t really care at the moment. I even don’t care that I have a raging stiff one.

I take a few hesitant steps, sort of afraid they’ll slip off my feet. But I quickly realize that my toes underneath the band keeps the shoes on my feet, especially this pair of platform heels. Then I figure out that the higher the heel most mean there is a steeper angle that my feet have to be in when wearing them and that insures that they will stay on. I always wondered about that. These are cheap but so fucking slutty. I feel like some hot Demetevler Escort whore in them.

“Well, what does my little girl think about her new shoes?” David grins as he checks me out.

“They feel great. Sort of natural.”

“Good. Now, you might want to put on the coat…but you don’t have to, it’s up to you,” he says with a wicked grin. “Then grab the bags, will take our floors private elevator and up we’ll head to the top of the building, that’s our floor.”

As I wrap the trench coat tightly around my body and tie the belt I spot two hunky guys who looked like they just came off the beach, a blonde and a brunette wearing expansive sandals, cut offs and tee shirts. They wave at David as we all head to the elevator. We walk up to an elevator at the end with a security camera, intercom, and electronic door controls.

David wipes out his electronic key and says, “Boys, I got this,” and the elevator door opens and we all step in.

There is only a up and a down button. As the two beach hunks nonchalantly thank David as they step in and just as nonchalantly undo their cut offs and step out of them now it is revealed that they both were going commando.

I try not to stare too hard at the two big pieces of meat dangling on display as they are calmly naked from the waist down. They then take off the tee shirts to get completely naked. Man, oh man they have hot firm bodies with those gym-tits and their nice large nipples.

David leans over and whispers in my ear as the two now naked studs joke about the day so far.

“We share the top floor with a couple who runs the most successful gay porn studio in the country. We both have our servers also located on our floor. They throw great parties.”

We arrive at the top and the toy studs walk off the elevator carrying their cut offs and tee shirts as they head down the hall. I just stare at their naked butts as they disappear behind a door. David was enjoying the view as well.

Then, we walk to what must be our office. Once there, David just as nonchalantly sets down his bags and undoes his pants revealing he is wearing a teal thong. He slips that off as well steps out of it and slips out of his brown leather loafers.

There is a pair of black leather four inch heel pumps with stiletto heels waiting by the door. He expertly sets his feet into them.

“Could you be a dear and pick up after me and take in the bags?” He then begins to strip out of his shirt as well as he walks insider. I just am a bit taken back at all this casual nudity. I pick up his clothes and all the bags and barely manage them all as I am still getting use to walking in my own pair of platform heels.

Once I Step into the open door I see a huge office and live space. Very contemporary ,all stainless steel, and glass with black and white trim. A modern kitchen, leather couch, and huge flat screen TV, large glass shower area in the back, near what must be the bath room and dressing area. Huge closets and cabinets. Glass dining room table, which seems to also serve as a conference and work space. Computer monitors and equipment along one wall. A king size canopied four poster bed in back, with another set of futon coaches encircling it. A cozy intimate arrangement whereby anyone on the futons or the canopy bed would be in view of the other. All vaulted high ceilings; It’s just an amazing space.

“Do you like it?” David says as he seems to be proudly displays not only the room but his hot black body with those shapely black balls and eight inch cock dangling between his legs.

“I am impressed by it all,” That is for sure, man what a fucking amazing looking cock he got. “Where should I put all these?”

“Put them on the master bed for now, we need to get rid of what body hair you do have, so follow me into the shower.”


I walk over to canopy bed, now fully use to walking in my platform heels. David follows behind me in his black pumps, the sound of our heels echo in this room. I set everything down and then walk over to glass enclosed shower, which is more like a small room all to itself. I am about to step into the shower, when David tells me to stop, “Silly girl, take off the shoes, you won’t need then in there.”

Oh yeah. Duh. We get into the shower, it has built in seats in the wall, and those shower heads on cables so you can hold them. He turns on both heads and the warm water cascades down our naked bodies.

“Okay, raise up your arms, I’ll do your underarms first,” David says approaching with shaving cream and a razor.

As he applies the cream he says, “Nice, very little body hair. You’ll be easy to maintain this way,” He then masterfully shaves the hair off. “Now, the fun bit, getting you nice and smooth down around your crotch.”

He kneels in front of me and begins to apply shaving cream to my balls and all around my cock. Damn, I’m had way too much to drink. I’m all buzzed and turned on at the same time. I’m just standing here in his shower letting this good looking Otele gelen escort naked gay black guy fondle my cock while he shaves me smooth. He is oh so good at this.

His wet warm hands are all over me balls and erect piece of meat as he deftly shaves me smooth. Before I know it, he’s done.

“There, you didn’t have much pubic hair, so it was a quickie. You’ll have to maintain this state of smoothness by touching it all up each morning understood?”


He then rinses me off and kisses the tip of my cock head.

“Let’s towel off and get to work.”

We step out, he tosses me a towel, and we dry off.

“Ahh…I need to take a leak,” I say.

“Well so do I and this is a good time to explain some things. So, step back into the shower and lay on the floor.”

I don’t quite understand but I open the door and lay down. He gets in with me and stands over me; I can look up at his cock and balls dangling over me from up high.

“We, my partner and I,” David calmly explains holding his cock and pointing it at me. “Are what you call Alpha males, though he is ‘The Alpha’ of the place. To use a metaphor, he’s the king of this castle, which makes me the queen, and that makes you, our handmaiden. Now, do you know how dogs mark their territory?”


“They do so by urinating on it. They urinate to mark thing. They by this act are declaring something is theirs by peeing on it. We will do the same with you. I’m going to mark you. Now, you said you had to pee, correct?”

“Yes, rather badly.”

“Well take your prick in your hand and hold it pointing toward your face, that’s it. Now, relax and just go ahead and pee.”

“Huh? Here? Now? I don’t get it?”

“It’s called water sports, or golden showers, or piss play. Here it is a way to mark domination. You are territory, ours. The scent of urine will help remind you of that. Now, relax and just let it come. Close your eyes and just let yourself go if you need to.”

I really do have to pee but this is way weird. What the fuck… I suddenly feel a hot forceful stream hitting my forehead and soaking my hair.

“What the fuck?” I exclaim as I breathe in the scent of piss. I open my eyes and see David is pissing all over me. “Oh shit.” I then lose it and begin to piss as well; my own stream of golden fluids is very pungent from all the beer I’ve been drinking.

The warm piss hits my chest and now two streams of golden pungent urine is soaking my skin. David is able to shoot his stream of piss onto my cock and my hand. Damn I really had to go and we both seem to just have had a belly full in us. The nutty stench is everywhere, as the fluid seems to stick to my skin. Finally we are both done.

“There. You’ve just been marked.”

“Can I get up and dry myself off now?”

“Get up yes, dry off, no. You’ll get use to the smell.”

He steps out of the shower and steps into his black pumps and directs me to pour us both a glass of wine. I get out of the shower, still dripping from the piss as it runs down my legs, I step into my platform heels and head over the kitchen area to get us that wine. I need it.

“Let me find two more of your presents,” David says.

He rummages through the bags and presents a set of pink lace thong and bra. “Here try these on. I’m sure they will fit you. I have an eye for taking the measure of a man.”

I take the panties and bra from him and look at them. They are soft and oh so sexy. I realize he wants me to wear them.

Fuck. I sit down in a chair, slip the feet through the thong’s opening, and work it up my legs. I stand up and bring its thin strap to settle in my butt crack as I pull it into place and settle my cock underneath the lace front. I’m surprised at how they feel. Man, they are nice. So sexy.

I pick up the bra as if it’s an object from another planet and try to recall how to work it.

I fumble a bit and then just close my eyes, channel my Ex and my inner girl and manage to get it on. I open my eyes as I adjust the cups to fit over my little lumps and nipples.

“You’re very cute and hot.”


“Yes, check yourself out in a mirror.”

I walk over to a wall mirror and do just that, looking first over my shoulder to admire my ass in this thong. Wow. “I’ll be damned I do look hot!”

“I knew it. Come over to the vanity table back here and bring the wine glasses.”

I pour us the wine and carry it over. The sounds of our heels echo in this large room as we walk.

“Sit down.”

I do so and see a whole array of makeup laid out on the table.

“Later I’ll teach you how to get made up. Something you will have to do every day. You are a working girl now.”

The wine must be getting to me. This is all too much, but I just sit here and let him control me.

David with skill and flare, chatting away explaining how it is all done quickly applies the pink lipstick. He says he might as well do the whole thing. He does me up and then shows Balgat Escort me how to take it all off. Then we begin again.

I learn how to take plain Jane or Jesse in my case and transform her, I mean me, into a stunning natural beauty. I can’t believe how I look. David has great insight into color and the rich pink lipstick, the tint of blue on my eyelids, my lashes are now long and pronounced, a bit of color for my checks and oh my God. I can’t believe it’s me. It is love at first sight.

I finish my glass and then he tells me to take off my heels. He does up my toes and hands with a matching nail polish and tells me to let it dry and be careful as I step back into my heels.

As he settles in front of his lap top to begin to work, he tells me that the working of this home is my domain. Food, laundry, keeping it tidy and clean, I’m a live-in-maid, cook and bottle washer as well as secretary. I must be drunk, ’cause I’m getting use to the smell of urine on me. I go about learning my way around the place and put his clothes away as well as my own coat. I keep looking at myself in mirrors and other reflective surfaces, as I can’t believe what I see, this really hot chick strutting about the place.

I end of making us some lunch and setting it on the table for us to eat. I put my lap top on the table and I’m bending over to set it up and get it connected to the Wi-Fi. David is hovering behind me. The screen reveals my one of my AHH picks of a collection of young thing, long blonde hair cascading down her back touching the tip of her butt, wearing a white wisp of a thong in her nice full wide ass, standing with her long bare legs in yellow leather stiletto high heels, she has one of those heart shaped asses that makes your heart ache they are so erotic.

“Such a great piece of ass,” David mutters.

“Yes she does have a great one. “

“Oh, yes, she does have a nice ass as well,” David says as he gently fondles one of my ass cheeks.

Oh. He first meant my ass. I blush. I try and ignore his hand, but my cock perks up and strains within the lace of my thong. “I have collected a huge set of pics like these, I hope you don’t mind them.”

“Oh no. Perfectly alright. I need to stick something into the hole in your back side over here, let me get it,” David calmly says.


Holding a flash drive. “I just need to stick this in, don’t panic, there will be plenty of time for other hard things and other holes.”

He slips it in with familiar ease and explains how to log in to the office network. He explains how I can read the incoming emails and get to the office calendar to set appointments and inform them of jobs that need to be attended to. All the office is paperless and he shows me how to store and check files, where to keep bills, how to send them out, and such. A lot of stuff. I can see why they hired someone for the long hours, maintaining this place and the secretarial/office tasks is a full time gig.

David asks for another glass of wine and I pour the two of us a glass as he returns to his work.

I go about straightening up the place as he works. Still trying to wrap my fuzzy mind around this gig. I admit to having a thing about high heels and lingerie, especially if they show off her assets, as far as I’m concerned her best assets are her ass, though I never imagined I would be dressed up like one of those girls. I do feel very sexy and when I look at myself, I get aroused. I would want to hump that hot nubile young thing, that is me staring back at myself in the reflection.

How David can concentrate on work with me prancing around like this, I can’t imagine. He must have incredible self-control. I don’t think I could keep my hands off someone who looks like this. It all is very confusing and very arousing. I have a hard on that is straining my lace thong to the limit. I just want to stoke off so badly.

I settle into some computer office work for a while, trying to get used to the feel of the thong’s fabric pressing into my ass.

David gets up from his computer and stretches, showing off his hairless muscular black body. “I need a break, go to the bed and the left side end table. There you will find a bottle of Karma Sutra oil and bring it back here.”

I do so and return with it. “Now, go get some pillows and sit on the floor in front of my chair,” he says as he takes the bottle of oil.

I again do so and kneel on the pillows. From here, I can’t help myself, I am staring directly at his huge eight inches of cock, and it has me fascinated. I’ve never been this close to another man’s meat and his is such a specimen. Even flaccid he is a solid sausage.

“This is Karma-sutra oil,” he takes out the cork top. “It has the scent of chocolate and exposes to the air it gives the wearer a sense of heat on the skin. Use it on my cock, stroke me off, edge me.”

Well this is something I am good at, though I never did someone else. I take the oil and dribble it along his shaft starting at the base and working my way to his cut cock head. I set down the oil and gently allow my fingers to glide along the solid bareness of his thick rod.

I can feel the veins begin to throb as I make contact with him. I wrap my hand around the fullness of his prick and slide up and down taking the measure of it, enjoying the girth and weight in my hand. It becomes quickly a firm solid hard mass in my hand as I work him up and down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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